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Am I my brother´s comickeeper ?

I´m writing on this particular entry of my comicblog for one week now.

I started to write it one week ago because I stumbled upon some pictures about STREET FIGHTER II which is a series my brother used to read ( and I read his issues ) but it vanished mysteriously from his pull list. He´s been meaning to put it on his pull list again and get the issues he missed. And every time I remind him of that ( or the fact that he is still missing issue 4 of THE SENTRY ) I ask myself : Why do I always have to remind him of this stuff ?

Anyway, that was the initial thought that got me started but every time I wanted to post it some other topics crept into the foreground like the death of comics or CASE CLOSED. Or I had to do other stuff like changing the tires on the car because it´s now summer. Which of course I had to do because my older brother uses the car more often then me but he´s completely useless when it comes to fixing the car. And I´m the one who learned the business of car mechanic anyway so it is my duty to do it. We put on the tires for summer ( which means I did it and my brother watched ) and when we were finished we found out that one of the tires was flat. So I had to change it again. Anyway, I don´t want to complain too much because my brother went to the garage to have it fixed the next day alone and even paid for it. And he cleaned the whole apartement last week. Okay, that was only because he expected a visit from a friend but he did it nonetheless. All that stuff has nothing to do with the original post which got sidetracked too often. But now I´m finally going to post it. I mean it.

As to the title : yes, in my case I am my brother´s comickeeper because he´s just as useless in this area as the other one is with fixing cars. I´m always praying nothing happens to him while he´s driving with the car since he can´t even change the wiper. Well, nothing too serious at least.

My younger brother has tons of comics but he just keeps them on stacks along with all his game magazines, anime DVDs, console games, CDs and whatnot all over his room on every table or other surface. He likes to buy the comics and read them but that´s it. He doesn´t like to put them in order and since I do and have a little more free time it usually is my job to wade through all the issues floating around and put them into chronological order, put them into nice boxes and thus prevent them to get destroyed. Because he never thinks about what happens to them after he reads them. They could get mangled and he wouldn´t notice. Of course I´m not only doing this out of the goodness of my heart. It´s sometimes the only way to find the issues I´m looking for so I´m mostly doing it for myself. The other day I was sorting through them and I found some issues I wanted to read but didn´t find earlier. So it is sometimes like a small treasure hunt for me. Which doesn´t mean I won´t use it as leverage. So now we come to the part I initially wrote :

Why is there so much violence in the world ? Someone said : All men are brothers ( not like " in the hood " brothers more like " all in tha family " brothers ) and I think that the answer is right there. Who ever thought all men being brothers is a good idea never had a brother. Kain killed his brother Abel and you better get with the programm if you want to survieve the experience ( a little Claremontism in honor of X-Men week ). No war is fought as ferociously as the war between brothers. But really, there is one thing brothers are good for : swapping comics. Since my brother is also reading comics we try to ensure we don´t have the same comics on our pull lists which is not always easy but usually we manage somehow. This way we get to read twice as much comics. So from my brother´s pull list I read this week :

ULTIMATE SPIDER-MAN 92 This title was on both our pull lists but with issue 50 I decided that it was time to reduce the titles on my pull list. It´s enough if one of us buys the title and since my brother had the first Spider-Man run with Mark Bagley in his collection he stayed with the title. What gave me the opportunity to keep one of my titles. Issue 92 is the second part of the Deadpool storyline. I´m always anxious to see the ultimized versions of the 616 characters and although there were some weak issues I haven´t read a bad one yet.

WARLORD 2 I´ve been reading comics for over 20 years now which means I remember the previous series. The one with the good art by Mike Grell. Although only nine or twelve issues were ever translated to german the series is still one of my alltime favorite comic series and I always hope to find some issues on the Stuttgarter comic fair or in Erlangen. So it´s especially painful for me to read the new series done by Bart Sears who in my mind is still the guy who did some spectacular art on X-O MANOWAR from VALIANT comics and who still draws the best version of Power Girl. I guess I will keep reading out of curiosity to see what happens next since I don´t have to pay for it.

Issue 1 / Issue 2

BLUE BEETLE 1 There is not much I can say about the series at this point. To my taste the idea of " young unexperienced hero has to learn the ropes " has already been done with Kyle Rayner as Green Lantern or far superior with INVINCIBLE at Image. So far the book looks promising and intriguing.

SPIDERGIRL 97 This is one of the series I´m jealous of being on my brother´s pull list. I just love Spidergirl. This is THE best Spider series. Better than ultimate, amazing or whatever. And to think that I practically had to bend his arm to put it on his pull list ( which I would have done without hesitation ). Of course it will be canceled at issue 100. Well, this just helps to make one of this old, cranky and bitter comic guys out of me you see at conventions going : " Comics used to be much better in my youth. " Which actually is true.

Issue 84 / Issue 85 / Issue 86 / Issue 88 / Issue 89 / Issue 90 / Issue 91 / Issue 92 / Issue 93 / Issue 94 / Issue 95

ANT 5 This is one of the rare success stories that happen in the comic industry once in a while. One guy has an original idea, manages to publish it against all odds and everybody loves it. The series gets published by a bigger company and has bigger success. If you don´t know ant you probably live under a rock in a desolate desert on some post apocalyptic alternate earth with no comicshops anyway. It is one of the most original takes on a superhero of the last years and the main character is a hot chick. Which never hurts.

THE SENTRY 7 Only one issue left to the end of the series. At first I was afraid it would be just a rerun of the original series only with better art by John Romita Jr. But in this series we get much deeper into the mystery behind the most powerful superhero nobody knows. I don´t want to spoil anything but right now I can´t wait to see how it turns out.

Issue 1 / Issue 2 / Issue 3 / Issue 4 / Issue 5 / Issue 7

MOON KNIGHT 1 I was never that big of a Moon Knight reader. I read some of the Siencewicz issues ( don´t crucify me if I spelled the name wrong...please ? ) when they were released in Spain but apart from that most of the golden days of the comic was before my time. I read the issues done by some guy inked by Tom Palmer and stayed till the end of James´Fry issues ( who I was a big fan of back in the day because his style really stood out ) . And then I also read the mini series by Mark Texeira which confused me a little. But that was basically it. So far the new Moon Knight is really interesting because it seems that Mark Spector can´t get any lower. Of course the art by David Finch is excellent and in itself worth the price of admission. A series that almost ended on my own pull list.

  • Issue 1

  • PLANETARY 25 No need for comments on this one ( Yes, I know that´s not the actual cover ). Everybody knows it, everybody loves it. Everybody is sad to see it end with issue 27. But that´s how it is. The Sentry ends, Spidergirl ends, Strangers in Paradies ends and the Thing is already in danger. But there are always new and interesting comics coming out so I don´t think I have to worry. But if you want to support the Thing series and participate in the PULL MY THING movement go to your comic dealer and put it on your pull list. And even if it is only to read the big poker game issue.

    Tomorrow it´s time for another visit to the comic shop so the next topic will probably be the continuation of my pull list. Wow, I finally finished this post. So till then, always remember : With great power comes great responsibility !

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