Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Happy Anniversary !

Today is the big anniversary ! One year and 58 posts of pure comic blogging goodness.

It hasn´t always been easy but I somehow managed to hang in there. I feel a little bit like the Spartans in the 300 movie.

True to form I had some problems with the internet today so I spend a lot of time burning data on discs, deleting the saved files and defragmentating the computer. But now I have 4 GB free space so I´m all ready to go. It´s almost 21.00 as I´m writing this and I hope I can finish it in one sitting before THE UNIT starts.

Now this shouldn´t take long because today I only wanted to thank my loyal readers, my sometime readers and anybody else who just landed on my little blog because he googled Power Girl. Hey, I can´t afford to be picky with my loyal readership of 3 fans. Now I was very sad when I found out that two of my links are out of business. The first one is RedJazzRadio which was my favorite music podcast who was canceled because of some legal problems. I still have left the link available because there are now some links to other Jazzpodcasts and Videocasts.

The second one is Phil & Lamond´s Comickolumne which is still up but which will not be updated for the forseeable future. That´s really sad because I have always enjoyed their reviews which were 99 percent spoilerfree which is something I can´t stress enough in today´s day and age. It was only in german but for all german comicfans it was an undispensable resource especially for the ones who could not afford to read all the comics involved in such crossovers like 52 or CIVIL WAR. The actual content is still available so all my german readers should check it out. Now I have thought about trying to fill that void but i´m busy with this little blog as it is. And I´m not prepared to get back to writing in german.

Anyway, today I only wanted to thank my readers especially the ones who have left a comment. It´s always nice to get feedback especially when people don´t agree with me. Keep on sending me your comments. So what lies in the future of TALES FROM THE KRYPTONIAN ? Since I´m going to Spain at the end of this week I will finally get to read the SUPERMAN / BATMAN issues by Carlos Pacheco and the following storyarc by Ed McGuiness. So I hope to be writing a bit more about one of my reasons for the name of this blog. More SUPERMAN. And besides that 2007 has started very promising.

With 52 and CIVIL WAR turning out so fantastic the comic landscape has become interesting again. COUNTDOWN and THE INITIATIVE are preparing to pick up the pace and with such great series like GHOST RIDER and THE BRAVE AND THE BOLD it can only get better. Frank Cho is doing MIGHTY AVENGERS, Paul Pelletier has moved on from EXILES to FANTASTIC FOUR ( I should REALLY star reading that book ) and Adam Hughes is working on ALL STAR WONDER WOMAN.

Of course there are also some bad news because some books haven´t come out for six months or more. ULTIMATES 13 has still not come out which may have something to do with the fact that Joe Madureiras and Ed McGuiness are working on season 3 and 4 simultanuously. I just hope that Marvel doesn´t plan to hold off publishing till all three are ready to flood the market. Because I think that readers might lose interest if it takes too long. Other late books are SQUADRON SUPREME ( which may have been canceled and nobody told me ), ALL STAR BATMAN AND ROBIN ( which I guess is good news for some people ) and the gaps between issues of ALL STAR SUPERMAN are getting longer. But let´s focus on the good side. Every month those books don´t come out is a month where I have to spend less money or I can invest in other books. And at the moment it seems to me that there are more good comics out there than you can read in one month.

So I hope that the second year of TALES FROM THE KRYPTONIAN will be better, brighter and much more entertaining than the last. And that it will only be the beginning of many years to come.

Today´s clip is one of the funniest things I found on the internet in a long time.

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