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Comicbabe battle Round 3 - Four Fantastix winner Bonus round - the big Lyja solo post

So lately I have reworked a few of my old posts on the blog and one of them is the COMICBABE BATTLE post about the Fantastic Four massitas . I added way too much pictures to the old post but because I didn´t want to delete all the pictures again I put them in this post and put a link in the old post. So here is the long version of it and I hope you enjoy it. 


When Ben Grimm returned from the planet of the Beyonder he found his girl Alicia in the arms of another guy : Johnny Storm. This time it was Johnny´s turn to be " the other guy " who ended up marrying the ex - girlfriend of the idol of millions. It was later revealed that it was not the real Alicia Masters he had married but a skrull who had taken her place.

When Johnny found out he was really pi$$ed and left her to rescue the real Alicia Masters from the scheming skrulls and Lyja seemingly died during that mission. She later returned together with the skrull who had initiated the whole plan but discovered that she still loved Johnny.

It got much more complicated than that involving her getting pregnant with Johnny´s baby or better his egg. Sounds weird and WAS weird.

Anyway in the MC2 universe they´re married and have two kids.

Now what´s the reason that Lyja is my number 1 ? She is extremely hot, her body´s booming and she green like everyone´s favorite Jade giantess but does she really look hotter than Susan ? No, but because of her shape shifting abilities she can look as hot as Susan Storm does. Or She Hulk.

Or any other woman in this ranking or any of the previous COMICBABE BATTLE editions. Really. She can look like any woman in the Marvel universe. Or in the normal universe. Any celebrity, movie star, tv star.

Think about it : not only the hot actresses of Today but also classic screen legends like Marylin Monroe, Jane Russell, Sophia Loren, Barbara Bach, Bella Cortez and so on when they were in their prime. Or Raquel Welch.

Or Heather Thomas who everybody had on their walls when I hit puberty.

Another tv cult siren from that time was Markie Post on NIGHT COURT

and FALL GUY where she stole the scene from sexbomb Heather Thomas every time she donned a bikini, which was thankfully quite a few times.

You could re - enact the scene from INSIDE OUTSIDE where this young stud is hitting on her and she says no. I have to admit I never saw the full episode but I like to think that in the end Terri Michaels ( that´s who Markie Post plays on the show ) turns out to be cool because she has learned that life can be shorter than you think and you have to enjoy it.

So she appears in the bar the young stud goes to in her best " eff me " dress that leaves nothing to the imagination and all his friends are speechless. Especially when she leaves with him to do ..... guess what. 

Coming back to Lyja, she can be any ethnicity may it be afro american,

( I casted hip hop babe Vanessa Wilson as Storm because of her incredible butt - open the picture below in a new window to see it in its full glory )

 or caucasian although there are many possibilities there like spanish

or for example russian which is kind of extraordinary in its own way.

Or how about them swedish girls ? They´re said to be constantly horny.

I don´t think the same is true for czechoslovacian ( but still - WOW ! )

french girls, although I wonder if french girls are especially good at " french " since it´s their " native tongue " so to speak. This may be just a cliche but there must be a reason why it´s called french and not cuban.

There are also italian women who have a fiery temperament

or german girls who seem distanced on the outside but who can be real volcanoes once they get fired up. I wouldn´t mind sweating with Verona.

If you want something more exotic and erotic there are mexican girls

or cuban girls like telenovela star Aylin Mujica who I first discovered on MARINA and who was on the cast of one of the shows with the best name ever SIN TETAS NO HAY PARAISO ( without tits there´s no paradise ).  

Ah, yes, exotic women. Well, there is mixed latin girls like swimsuit model Claudia Verela ( I couldn´t find out anything more specific, sorry )

hawaiian girls like supreme fitness / swimsuit model Sasha Ogata

as well as haitian girls like ethnic glamour model Fibi Love

indian girls and I don´t mean native american ( I guessed with this one )

and girls from the dominican republic who are famous for having the best asses in the world. Looking at this picture of Rosa Acosta I must concur.

Now my kryptonite are those asian sexbombs that just drive me crazy

especially if they are of mixed origin like Akira Lane, descendant of a hawaiian father and a japanese mother, what a wonderful combination !

You know, usually I´m more of a breast man than an ass man but I think Akira´s tight bubblebutt could easily change that. What a firecracker !

So in addition to being of any ethnicity you can think of Lyja can be every woman you know and any you can imagine. The typical girl next door

as easily as the tattooed waitress from the pool hall of bad reputation,

the roommate with special benefits ( you can forget Mila Kunis ),

the cheerleader ( a role play standard that will never go out of style ),

or the high school teacher / principal you always had a crush on.

She can be every shape, size or form. Tall, small, more voluptuous

( download Ana Rica´s pool shark picture set in HQ here , NOT SAFE FOR WORK !!! ) or thinner like lean, mean, bikini model Jenny Poussin.

Either a more normal looking european lingerie model with black hair,

a girl with blond hair, muscular legs and glasses ( think sexy librarian )

a brunette ( football coach who loves contact sports and body checks )

or redhead. Or ginger like I have since learned from Doctor Who.

Every video game crush you ever had - Lyja can make it possible.

Any sci fi babe you lusted after, either as the actress who plays the role

or as the character from the show ( like sex borg Seven of Nine ).

She can wear the outfits they never dared to put on the television

she can even adapt her entirely to your sexual preferences, pal.

Aliens from any corner of the galaxy of any color, shape, size, form and even some kind of sexual slave elf / magical succubus is a possibility.

Now you may think how real can it be if you know it´s not the real deal. But you have to keep in mind that even the Fantastic Four couldn´t tell the difference between Lyja and Alicia . And if it looks like a duck, sound like a duck and feels like a duck who cares if it´s really a duck or not ?

It´s the same thing with breast implants. Women are always talking about how they are not " real " and call them fake. Like we men would really care about things like that. Like the Rock would say : IT DOESN´T MATTER IF THEY ARE REAL. They are there and that´s all that matters.

I mean what do I care if Janet Jackson or Pamela Anderson or someone else had a boobjob ( and I´m not saying they did ) ? In my situation all I can do is look at them - if I´m very lucky. That´s all. Just look at them. And not up close and personal but instead on pictures on the internet or in men´s magazines or on television series like BAYWATCH or in movies.

So I don´t care if they´re " real ", how much they had to pay for them or how they might feel in the highly unlikely event that I would not only be in the position to touch them but - and that´s a big but - in the much more unbelievable event that someone like Alyssa Milano, Elvira, Halle Berry

or Valerie Cormier would let me touch them. I´ll cross that bridge when I come to it. That´s been my philosophy in life so far and I´ll stick to it.

And don´t tell me women are any different. They just have different labels for what´s " real " . Like Robbie Williams. Have you ever tried to tell a girl that he´s not " really " writing all those wonderful songs ?

That he´s not that good a singer ? You know that Queen song Somebody to love ? If you remember the QUEEN TRIBUTE concert you know that George Michael did sing it. And he´s a really good singer. But his version was not half as good as Freddy Mercury´s original version. Okay, now Robbie Williams did a cover version of George Michael´s song Freedom and he totally butchered it. Because he has not a tenth of George Michael´s voice. So Robbie Williams is just a tenth of George Michaels who´s maybe half as good as Freddy Mercury was. Which doesn´t add up to that much.

But chicks all over the world faint when they see him as if he was the greatest singer in the world. I mean when you really look at it he´s the dork they kicked out of TAKE THAT who was too stupid to just say " no " . But women don´t care about that. Or that Eminem doesn´t " really " stand behind his lyrics. He´s just a really short guy who cried like a little baby when he thought he had to go to jail. Not like the tough gangster rapper he always pretends to be. Who only spent two weeks max in a trailer park in his whole life. It´s all about image and not one iota about substance.

So I guess everybody has his own definition of what´s real and what´s not. Sorry for my little rant but I just get kind of carried away talking about breasts. Back to the topic of comicbabes the pictures you have seen are just a tiny fragment of the possibilities you have with Lyja.

Which is why I just had to make her the number one fantastix female. Not just because she´s totally breathtaking in her normal, " real " form but especially for her versatility. You just can´t compete with that.

And that´s the end for this category, I hope you enjoyed it. Up next we will take a look at all the hot ladies I put in the SPIDERGALS section. Peter Parker may have what has become known as the " Parker luck " but boy, does he come in contact with a lot of hot spandexclad bunnies. But we will talk more about that in detail when the COMICBABE BATTLE continues.

As I have redone a big part of the post I want to add some videos like I do with the newer posts. I want to start with camgirl sexy Giselle ( the hot blonde you can see above ), I could only find this video of her bouncing around in a raptor on YouTube but I think you can still see her big talents.

And since I have no pictures of asian girls in the post ( this was obviously written before the fourth reworking ) here´s a video of Jasmine May.

I also want to include this video of Ana Rica. I have included a download link above for her pool shark set and you can download some sexy videos here . Like with her pictures some are NOT SAFE FOR WORK but there are also some movie reviews there and a video from the ComicCon 2011.

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