Monday, November 17, 2008

Googeling myself resurrected

Right now I'm going over my posts because I lost my big post about Destiny's Child on my other blog. It's a bit weird to see the old posts on my other blog because the first ones are rather short and only have a few things that I added here. The difficult thing has always been to decide which posts to put there and which ones to put here.

One of the more difficult ones was the post about googeling myself which contained a lot of comic related links and stuff. The only reason I put it on my other blog was that there were some clips and pictures of Traci Brooks. Well, I have recently done a new post about her on my other blog and the link foor her webpage that I included doesn't work anymore.

So there's no reason to have it on my other blog anymore. Here's the post about googeling myself :

Originally written on the 18th of July 2007

Today there is no topic on my mind so I spent my day editing the past two posts ( that had a lot of writing and syntax errors ) and googleling myself. It provides for endless hours of fun to just type your own name into the search engines and wait for the results it comes up with.

Looks like I´m giving a press conference. Or I´m black.

From time to time I like to read about my accomplishments on the internet and it´s always interesting to read facts about yourself you didn´t know. Like that you are a student who has helped to resurrect a lost language. Or that you are an excellent bottle of wine that goes for 18 bucks. It´s nice to know what you´re worth and what people are willing to pay for you.

The other reason ( besides learning that you are a plastic surgeon of some reknown ) is that I´m also googleling my blog to see where I´m mentioned. And to give props if I somehow forgot it. Which can happen. I´m only human. Almost perfect - but still human. The first thing I found was an entry on el rantiblog the blog of the fanzine rantifuso. The name of the entry is " 100 % of the germans read rantifuso " and they mention my review on my blog of their fanzine I bought at the Salon del Comic this year. And they kind of tear me a new one which I.....well, kind of deserve because I didn´t get some of the stories. Just call me stupid. But like I said there is potential for greatness there and it wouldn´t surprise me if they were playing in the big leagues one or two years down the road.

They were even so nice to post a link to my blog. The only thing that confused me was that apparently my name is Hans - Joachim but there are far worse names to be called in german so what the heck. Here´s the link to their entry where you can read all about Hans - Joachim´s little blog

  • Hans Joachim blog

  • Another blog that mentions me is the blog Polencomics of Pavel Ortega the writer / artist / mastermind / genius behind the wonderful spanish independent comic EL SENOR K. Since last I visited some parts of my review of his comics have been posted on the blog ( altough before I could correct them ) together with a link to my blog. Thanks Mr. Ortega. Here´s the direction

  • Polencomics

  • Yes, you never know how many readers you really have. It seems that

  • one of my post about Black Panther

  • was used as a reference in a debate on a message board regarding the existence of a certain german word.

  • the link

  • It´s nice to be recognized as some kind of authority. Regardless of what.

    And I stand by my original opinion : " Lieberstesh " is not a german word and in my 39 years living in Germany I have never heard anything sounding remotely like it. Well, nothing that makes any sense. And you can quote me on that.

    And that´s all we have time for today. Maybe you try it yourself - who knows ? You could be a famous inventor without knowing it.

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