Tuesday, November 18, 2008


Yes, today I spent most of my time on old posts. Yesterday I did some maintanence stuff on my other blog and realized that I had not checked all the old posts on this blog the last time I did the big overhaul.

I had added some tags but somewhere along the way I didn't check if all the pictures were in the right place. I posted a link to a COMICBABE BATTLE post where the pic was too close to the title so I corrected that. Well, going over the COMICBABE BATTLE posts I found out that this was the case in most posts. So because I wanted to fix that before returning to Germany I spent most of my day on that.

I have also begun to read all the old posts to check for spelling errors ( there are still quite a few left ) but for today I'm finished. I have to do one more complete overhaul for the tags.....but I have to postpone it to some other day. I think I have to add more tags. The idea was that I would a tag on every post where I write a lot about.....say Green Lantern......and by clicking the tag you can read all of the posts about Green Lantern.

Well, now I think that I should post a tag about Green Lantern in every post where I mention Gren Lantern. So that anyone who's interested in who this guy may be can just click the tag and read all the other posts. The only case where I'm going to be a bit more careful with that is Power Girl who's mentioned in every other post.

Now you might say that this is a lot of work for old posts but I recently got a comment for a post about X - STATIC which shows that even old posts get new readers. Tomorrow I will be busy with the new solicitation images so maybe next time we can start the next round of the solicitations.

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