Sunday, November 30, 2008

Rebuilding again

Yes, once again I´m starting from scratch. Thank god I left the laptop in Spain so I can use this old fossil of a computer again. And luckily all the bookmarks and other important programmes have been erased.

I just couldn´t stand to seamlessly continue where we left off instead of spending weeks to get everything up to working speed again. So, I´m just back a few days and already my brother has me jumping through hoops to impress the german comic scene and " make a name for myself ". If such a thing really was possible it would have happened years ago with all we´ve done for the german comic industry.

Well, he still hopes that if he just nags enough that I will someday become famous and shine my light upon him. I´m not holding my breath. I mean we were talking to the guys from Comicgate and they were like : Oh yeah, we´re interested. Just send us an link to your blog. Ouch !

You would think that after more than two years of writing the best comicblog in Germany people would know about it but that´s the german comic scene for you. But enough about that, before this turns into one of my usual longwinded rants this is just a quick note to let you know that I will return as soon as possible.

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