Sunday, December 07, 2008

A blogger´s gotta do what a blogger´s gotta do

So you may have noticed that there has been no new posts since I came back to Germany. At least on this blog.

I´ve done two on my other blog but it took three times as long as on the laptop. Working with this computer again is like going from driving a car to......well, not driving anything.

Aside from that I had a lot of other things to do which is only natural if you come home from another country after nine months. Yesterday for example I spent most of the day cleaning up my desk. That doesn´t mean that I spent like all day on it. It just means I did not much else. Since I´m back in our so called " office room " - which used to be simply my room before my brother decided we need a room for drawing which is to say that he needs a room for drawing - I have been waiting to have ten minutes alone to write a quick post.

But the fact is that my brother spends almost 24 hours a day in front of his computer which - another brilliant idea of his - is just behind my computer. So if I am sitting on my computer he´s sitting right behind my back which means that none of us has much room and we have to squeeze into what little space there is. Meaning that mostly I do the squeezing. My brother doesn´t buy into this whole " try to co - exist with other people " concept. He´s only looking out for number one.

He does leave the house on occasions but mostly when I´m doing other things like eating or watching tv with my mother or sleeping - because I got tired of waiting. Aside from that he´s always sitting in front of the laptop and watching muscle porn or movies on YouTube or movie trailers. Which of course can´t be done with headphones. For someone who can´t work if there is the slightest noise he sure doesn´t have much consideration for others. Like I said : looking out for number one.

He´s also the one who always tells me to stop writing this blog because I should do a website and earn lots of money with it. The idea of doing something without getting some immediate revenue is totally alien to him. That´s why I´m always suspicious when he comes with another of his great ideas. You see no matter how great they sound you can be sure of two things :

1. - the one who does the work is going to be me.

2. - the one who reaps the benefits is going to be him.

So I´m usually not very excited to participate in his plans to make a name for ourselves in the german comic scene. With all the stuff we have already done before and behind the scenes if the german comic scene WANTED to give us some kind of recognition they would have already done so.

I mean we are the ones responsible that independent comics in Germany are now in color. We laid the groundwork for that and did all the work necessary - which took us one whole year.

Never got any thanks or any kind of recognition. And I´m not writing this because I´m bitter ( which I kind of am ). I´m writing this to show you how the german comic scene works. You think as a comic fan that all the things that happen in schools with the jocks and the geeks are behind you when you enter the comic fan world. But the truth is there are the popular comic guys and then there is the rest. And if you are a popular comic guy in Germany you can write a column that´s just full of nonsense but as long as it´s you and the right three guys like it it gets published and you become famous.

But that´s not what today´s post is all about. There are some things I wanted to write the last few days and now it´s time to catch up. True to form I will have to write the stuff first and add some pictures later because my family starts harassing me with stuff I " have to do " now that I have gotten up. Which of course is just a cheap plot by my brother to get me out of this room so he can do his stuff on the computer.

He always tells me that I have to write more important stuff on my blog to impress the german comic people......which on the other hand is very difficult to do since he´s always sabotaging me and preventing from doing more posts in the first place.

I know, I´m whining a lot today. But who cares ? It´s not that I have much readers to begin with or that my brothers are even reading my blog. Just recently I discovered that my younger brother never read anything I wrote in my blog. But that´s understandable since I´ve only been doing it for more than TWO YEARS. That´s longer than most blogs are around. Two years of fighting against windmills, the elements and even the gods themselves. Well, if I can be something that´s stubborn.

So time to wrap up Today´s first post. That´s right. Instead of doing another odds and ends post where I cram all the different stuff in one tiny box I´m doing a few shorter ( well, short for me as you can already see by this one ) posts because.....well, the stuff I´m going to write about deserve their own posts. And I´m not going to compromise this blog just because I have to catch up on a few things. That is after all business as usual on this blog. So enjoy today´s megapostblogging. Who knows ? If things don´t change this will be a regular thing. The BIG SUNDAY MEGAPOST or something.

My computer has just erased the last paragraph I wrote and is slowly going mad, replacing the letter y with the letter z and other stuff. So I am ending this before he completely selfdestructs.

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