Wednesday, December 10, 2008

There are no new Batman stories !

Usually I don´t just link to other blogs but I just found a post on FORTRESS OF FORTITUTE about Batman 112 that basically tells the story of BATMAN R.I.P.

Now it´s nothing new that some supervillain drugs Batman, then carries him to the nearest loony bin just to pretend that the whole Batman persona is just part of a mental disorder. There was a story like this in the LEGENDS OF THE DARK KNIGHT series and it has been used on a few occasions. What´s so fascinating about issue 112 is that although it was done decades ago they manage to do it in eight pages. And it actually makes sense.

Now the reason I had to mention it at all ( everything for a cheap post ) is that while it is pointed out that the villain behind it all is also named Milo the Fortress Keeper doesn´t mention the most important and uncanny thing. That he also has a striking resemblance to a wellknown actor who played the archvillain of a certain webhead ( that rhymes with Bean Bobblin ).

Anyway, here´s the link :

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