Monday, January 12, 2009

new links Monday

As you may have noticed there are three new links in the link section. And if you haven´t......well, I´m telling you now.

I know that not everybody checks out the link section on a regular basis. I know, I haven´t got that much links that you can´t keep track of new additions but I hope that changes soon. And I also want to show my appreciation to the fellow bloggers who have included me in their link roll.

I´m doing them in alphabetical order although that´s not how the links are ordered on my blog. Right now I just put the newest one on top and I think I might put them in alphabetical order when I reach like 25 links. Yes, I´m lazy so what ? So, the first one is one I have already mentioned : BOB MITCHELL IN THE 21ST CENTURY.

According to the tagline it´s a blog about " comics, films, beers and stuff " which I think covers essential everything that´s important.

The second new link is to COMICS MAKE NO SENSE and if you need any proof of that statement just check out the daily entries. Or read AVENGERS DISASSEMBLED.

By the way, am I the only one who keeps hearing " Dis - ASS - embled " in his head ? Anyway, not only can you find hilarious comments on comics on the blog but also the crazy ads that were included. Which sometimes makes me wonder what really goes on in those ad agencies. Whatever it is it either involves a lot of alcohol and loose women or some kind of weed you can smoke. Or both.

Last but not least is GREAT CEASAR´S POST who also provides interesting commentary on comics new and old and has convinced me that I have to check out AGE OF THE SENTRY. It sounds like a fun read and with the DC universe and Marvel drowning in a tidal wave of gloom, doom and death that´s something I need more of on my pull list. Hmm, Gloom, Doom and Death that sounds like a new team of supervillains. But with my luck Stan Lee already used them. Well, these are the new links and I hope you check them out because at the moment I don´t manage to post on a daily basis.

Thanks guys for putting a link on your blog for TALES FROM THE KRYPTONIAN ( as I fear I´m going to benefit much more from it than you ) and I wish you much success in 2009.

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