Thursday, January 29, 2009

new links Thursday

Time again for some blog introductions since two new bloggers have accepted to do a link exchange with yours truly. Again, I hope you find something interesting on their blogs as you check them out but don´t forget to come back here.......I need every one of you !

The first one is I´D LIKE TO STAY HERE AND BE NORMAL by fellow blogger Dana who is the first girl ( or should I say woman ? ) who agreed to exchange links. So far there are only two entries whichs means that :

1. all I know so far is that she likes Excalibur cosplay and the band Joydivision

2. you can get in on the ground floor on this one and read it all from day 1

Let´s welcome her to the blogging community and please - no trolls.

The second one is also kind of a premiere since it´s my first spanish blog exchange partner. Yes, I have finally added another country to my plans for world domination.

YO DIGO NO ! is of course written entirely in spanish and has nice articles about spanish comics and also travels to New York City. Man, am I the only spanish comic fan who hasn´t been to New York or at least an american comic convention ? For my readers in the United States this is probably not so interesting but for us readers in europe it´s always nice to read these travel diaries. Especailly if they are that entertaining.

As for spanish comics although I always try to include as much stuff as I can about it ( someday I have to finish my series about the Salon del Comic de Barcelona and Classicos DC : the Brave and the Bold ) it´s always from an outsiders point of view. But on YO DIGO NO ! you get input from somebody who´s got the inside scoop. Because I´m not the typical comic buyer ( or movie goer or music listener ) because when I go to Spain I especially seek out comics from spanish artists.

I can get all the european or american or german comics when I´m in Germany. So when I go to spain I want stuff from local artists especially on conventions. There is a lot of national talent in Spain and even if I´m not so lucky with some artists ( more about that in my review of JAZZ MAYNARD ) most are really nice. Okay, I´m beginning to rant when all I wanted was pimpin my new blog links.

Go check them out and if you have a blog and want to exchange links drop me a line. And if you want to send some review copies my way ( you hear me Marvel, DC, Image, Dark Horse etc. ? ) I´m ready for some heavy pimpin. Next time we will hopefully come to more comic content. In the last few weeks I have really posted a lot of linkheavy posts. Which was one of the reasons for the long MADMAN post. That and because everybody has to check out that book.

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    Nick said...

    Hi. I'm trying to build up a readership for my new blog, too, so I'd be happy to exchange links with you. Seems like you've got a solid site here...I haven't read much yet, but your Madman post was very cool.