Saturday, February 20, 2010

new links for the weekend

Since I still don´t have a new computer I thought it was time to do another link post so that you have something to read over the weekend. As always I have scoured the web to find some content that might interest my readers.

Bendis big finale on his Avengers Opus

Six years ago Bendis started his stint on Earth´s Mightiest Heroes with the premise of revamping the Avengers franchise and boosting sales. Now he´s going to begin the last chapter together with superstar artist John Romita Jr in a new ongoing series. You can read more about it here but be careful, there are some spoilers involved.

You may have seen some shilouettes that were given as promo materila but since I don´t like to speculate here are three candidates :

Also talking about the Avengers ( among other things ) is Tom Brevoort in this interview with Sean T. Collins on ROBOT 6.

Meet the new boss - same as the old boss

With SIEGE well under way it´s time to look back at the dark times at Marvel over the past year and see which big impact it had - or not. Over at THE WEEKLY CRISIS guest poster Warwick Johnson ponders the question if Norman Osborn´s DARK REIGN has really been that evil which is a really funny and thought provoking read.

SIEGE - Marvel´s newest fiasko ?

Since I already mentioned SIEGE and how little DARK REIGN accomplished from what it set out to be here´s a nice analysis from COMIKS DEBRIS about what DC and MARVEL are currently doing wrong - not the least of it forgetting that it´s not 2005 anymore. Seems the more those comic companies emphasize that the next big crossover WILL matter the less impact they really have. Or has DARK REIGN come up in that many Spider - Man stories lately ?

Reinventing the wheel - again

Speaking about mistakes by DC, I´m not so sure if FIRST WAVE - the new series by Brian Azzarello and Rags Morales - is such a good idea. I mean DC just went through INFINITE CRISIS and FINAL CRISIS to make their universe easier. And now they´re starting again to make it complicated.

On top of that the idea of a pulp version of the DC universe doesn´t seem so novel to me. Of course Rags Morales will guarantee that it looks good but we will have to wait and see to find out if this will enrichen the DC universe or not. At least they will use othe pulp characters like DOC SAVAGE or the SPIRIT again which is always a plus.

You can read more ( with some spoilers ) on PUBLISHERS WEEKLY

Kick some....well, all the good jokes are done

Sinc e we already heard of one of John Romita Jr´s collaborators here are two interviews with Mark Millar about his upcoming KICK ASS movie and other things comic. I haven´t read the book since I already missed most of the series and am now waiting for the release of the collected edition. I also have been avoiding most movie trailers so I won´t be spoiled which means that I can´t tell you if I like it or not.

And that´s all for this edition. I hope you have a nice weekend and I´m just about to watch this week´s episode of SMALLVILLE.

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    collectededitions said...

    I agree that I'm not convinced FIRST WAVE is such a good idea. Admittedly, it's sounded more and more interesting to me as I've read about it, but I'm just not convinced there's a great audience out there for it, and it saddens me when new DC series come out, last only a couple issues, and then disappear. But, maybe there's a pent-up demand for pulp series out there; crime dramas, albeit set in the present, have fared well lately in the market.