Tuesday, February 16, 2010

What it is

So there haven´t been any new posts since the first week of January. With the access to a computer rather limited till I can afford a new one it´s rather difficult to prepare all the stuff - which usually takes a few days.

Another thing that was playing havoc with my posting schedule was that I wanted to wait till I had finished another HORST translation. Well, the main problem was that it was a rather long one. And to add another wrinkle to it there was a character that talked with an austrian accent which I decided to translate to my version of " ghetto lingo " Dolemite stile. Well, for the spanish version I went even further and decided to translate it to castellano which added another two weeks. Which I promise to never do again. It sounds okay but I´m still not 100 percent sure if all of it is correct.

I don´t know why but the translations take me longer and longer. Right now I have started another ten page epic - in english - and I should have finished it for some time now. But something always comes up. Two weeks ago I first had to go to the unemployment office on Monday and then to the doctor on Thursday to get a date for surgery. Usually I try not to go to Ludwigsburg more often than once a week because it´s very expensive. But it just couldn´t be avoided. Right now I have to look for a new laptop but with the little money I get and my health problems it´s just difficult. In January my bank billed me for activity costs which took almost all my money so I had to wait with spending money till February.

Another thing is that without daily access to a computer I am so far behind on news that it´s not even funny.

So no solicitation posts, no news post and since there haven´t been any good bargains at amazon since my last post about it.....it´s just difficult to find something to write about at the moment. And on some days I´m so depressed because of the weather here in Germany ( always cold always snowing ) that I don´t feel like writing at all. I´m not getting much sleep either so on some days it´s difficult to walk or think straight much less think about writing. Okay, A COMICBOOK ORANGE has started it´s new season but I´m already three weeks late with that announcements. I could write about some of the comics I have re-read since I ran out of new comics to read. But since they are old comics that´s not a pressing matter.

I thought about doing this on a new segment titled THE WORLD´S BEST COMICS or doing a CrossGen special about RUSE, ROUTE 666 and NEGATION ( since these are some of the books I read ) but it´s better to wait with atarting new segments till I have a new computer. Another book I re-read was KANE but I made the mistake of ordering issues 19 and 20 with my last order from blackdog ( to get ULTIMATE X 1 which of course was sold out ) before finding out that there are two trades left that I haven´t got.....and they start with number 19. So maybe I can get my money back for those two issues in any case I´ll wait with my post about KANE till I have read the two trades.

So anyway, the reason why I´m writing this is that the german version of Halloween has started ( called Karneval, Fasching or Fasnacht depending on which part of Germany you live in ) but instead of going partying with a selfmade disguise I had a shoulder operation. Yes, can´t get enough of the surgery. On Monday ( Rosenmontag ) I had the surgery ( with general anaestetic ) but instead of staying at the hospital like last time I had to go home afterwards with a drainage in my shoulder.

Now I don´t know if that was because the hospitals are full at the moment because of the many injured people now that there is so much snow. Maybe it´s because the german health insurance has to save money. My brother said it was because I´m unemployed. I´m not sure if that´s true. In any case it was very weird walking around with a tube in my shoulder and a bottle.

Today they pulled the tube out and put a patch on it but it really hurts. In two weeks they have to remove the stitches and I hope I´m feeling better till then.

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    Anonymous said...

    jesus,man,just take care of yourself and remember Spring and then Summer are on the way. I know that doesn't help much but it's better than getting depressed [I'm bipolar].
    Just hang in there and here's hoping your shoulder gets better soon.

    SUBZERO said...


    at least surgery is over now and the healing can begin. I guess I´m just a bit cranky for missing Fasching. Right now I´m more concerned with the fact that I may be a clone since I don´t remember anything about the operation.

    Maybe that´s how they plant sleeper agents.

    " You had an accident Agent....I mean Mister Smith. Any problem with your memory implants....I mean your memory is because of that. "

    Terry Hooper said...

    LOL! Sadly,the major op I had in 1984 I do remember. I thought I'd dreamt waking up in surgery but when I said to the surgeon later:"I hope you never used that instrument you dropped without cleaning it" he went white!
    Just take care of yourself Agent Subzer 09098/Clone 43!