Friday, April 30, 2010

So what´s up ?

It seems my posting quota has finally declined to one post a month - or less if I can´t put up a post Today. Tomorrow is the first of May which here in Germany is Labor Day which means demonstrations, protest rallies, vandalism, fighting but most of all : a holiday.

This year it has fallen on a Saturday which is not so good for normal people but really good for people like postal workers who have to work on Saturdays. Usually this wouldn´t make a big difference to me but since the 6th of April I´m participating in a course from the Unemployment Office to reintegrate jobless people into the normal world. Sounds worse than it is but the downside is that I now have a weekend and as always the weekend´s waaay too short.

Especially if my brother´s friend is visiting. It´s not that I don´t like him or I don´t like the movies he brings to watch them here. The problem is that the time he stays here is time that´s missing from my weekend because once again I have to wait till they are finished and have to stay up very late. In short words : the better his weekend is the worse my weekend becomes.

At least I managed to go to the comicshop today which means going to Stuttgart where I could get a copy of the HEAVY METAL issue with the VODOO DERIVATE story I translated ( see my last post ). I know - some money for the job wouldn´t be bad but I think I have to have patience in that departement. Till it arrives I have time to decide whether I will frame it or spend it all on comics.

At the comicshop I managed to get a copy of DIE STURMTRUPPEN ( so war Pappis Wehrmacht ) a german comic series one of the participants in the course read some while ago but never got another one. The comic is about the german army during the First World War and was very popular during my military service. And it probably still is. There are two things german soldiers should read : THE ADVENTURES OF THE BRAVE SOLDIER SCHWEJK, which is a terrific book that was turned into a movie with the great Heinz R├╝hmann and STURMTRUPPEN. The weird thing is that although both take place during the First World War they are pretty much still up to date. It´s frightening how little has changed.

First I thought I had to go down to the catacombs or get a copy of DIE STURMTRUPPEN from the collectors corner for a lot of money but then I found some issues in the half price section. Or the " comics by weight " section how it is now. I also got a few comics from my pull list ( although I forgot the CAPTAIN AMERICA issue ) and a handful of flyers for GRATIS COMIC TAG. I know, in Amerika you already had your FREE COMIC BOOK DAY but here in Germany it takes place this Saturday on the 8th of May - one week later. Well, you would think that with all this the weekend couldn´t go wrong but nothing would have been farther from the truth.

Like I said, my brother had invited a friend, they watched movies all night ( because my brother - naturally - didn´t deem it important to mention that I was still sleeping on the living room couch ) and I didn´t get any sleep although I was dead tired. So on Saturday I slept for most of the day and the rest of the day there was a big discussion and at the end it was decided that everybody needs his own room - again.

I have always said that it´s impossible to live with my older brother in the same room because he only knows how to squash people till they have no room left. Well, it seems that others only agree to my opinion when they are forced to face the facts. So I spent Sunday emptying the wardrobe, disassembling the wardrobe, reassembling the wardrobe, filling the wardrobe, emptying my secretary ( which contained about thousands of comics ), moving the secretary, filling the secretary and moving the computer. Then I spent the next two days cleaning up the secretary and I´m still not finished. I had originally planned to finish a translation for HORST.

I haven´t done much in that departement in the last few days so this week I started to translate two pages every day. I wanted to try and finish it up this weekend but - as you can see above - all my plans were for naught. Sometimes you just can´t win. It´s true, I have my own bed once again. But I´m so used to sleep on the couch that I haven´t slept much the last three days. I think it´ll be at least two weeks till I will be used to the bed again.

I also didn´t have an internet connection for the last days and only now managed to install it. Which means that I just spent two frustrating hours trying to get a connection till my brother found out that I had put the internet cable in the wrong socket - which was a blind socket.

Initially I wanted to write something about the last trades I got, like OLD MAN LOGAN, but I´ll leave that for the next time. Then we´ll finally talk comics. Promise.

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