Thursday, May 19, 2011

Generation Lost - LOST

You may have noticed that the last post looks a bit different then the last time you saw it. Well, that´s because somehow blogger deleted the post about JUSTICE LEAGUE GENERATION LOST.

Well, not really deleted it. Then I would have noticed it right away. It more deleted the finished version with all the added text, the added pictures, the added links to various podcasts, the videos, etc., etc.

Instead the post that´s on the blog now was the first draft I posted because it was late and I had to finish it the next day. So I posted it and added some stuff on the next day. And posted it again. And on the next day I also added some stuff and finally managed to finish it. My readers may not know this but sometimes I work for a whole week on such posts all in all. And there have been no posts on this blog since the JUSTICE LEAGUE - GENERATION LOST post because I was so proud of it I wanted to keep it up as long as possible. I even wanted to mention this in the intro for my next post but I thought it woulfd be about the GRATIS COMIC TAG 2011 and not about blogger deleting my post. This was one of my favorite posts and I thought about adding it to the NEW TO THE BLOG links. But thanks to blogger the finished post doesn´t exist anymore.

I mean they even deleted the comments that were there. That clearly shows you that I didn´t have to do anything with it. Or do you really think that if I somehow had deleted the finished version and posted the draft version that would also erase the comments ? No, me neither. So I´m TRYING to restore the post but since I also forgot to save the HTML - like I usually do with such important posts - I´m positive I won´tz be able to re - write what I did. If anyone out there has the textversion of the finished post it would be extremely helpful but I doubt it.

I´m sorry for all the blogs who have put up links to the post and are now wondering what happened. And I´m also sorry for all websites and blogs I mentioned in the post and whom I thanked. I´m not dissing you and I´m not ungrateful. The text where I mentioned you are not here anymore but it´s not my fault.

After I have finished with the last post I´m going to take a look at my other posts to see if there have been some changes in them too. And this time I´m going to save the HTML to be sure. Man, I´m really depressed right now. I believe it will be a long time before I´m ready to do a new post.

Today´s video is more for my german readers ( sorry ) and it´s one I have been itching to post. There have been no new episodes from A COMICBOOK ORANGE but for german comic readers PAPIERTOURIST has already done his second video where he presents interesting comics.

His reviews are short but in - depth, entice you to read more and even have animated artwork from the comics. In this episode he reviews DRACULA, CHEW, DIE BRUDERSCHAFT DER KRABBE, ROCKETEER, THE WALKING DEAD and TIBILL - DER LILLING. Why is such a show not on tv ?

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