Sunday, June 12, 2011

DC relaunch news - finale

So since this is not only a Sunday but Whit Sunday I´m only doing a short post Today. Tomorrow is also a holiday and I´m sure most people will just relax and prepare for the start of the week.

Here at TALES FROM THE KRYPTONIAN, Germany´s best comicblog, we want to use this opportunity to post the final chapter about the DC relaunch. And with " we " I mean " me " because I´m the only one contributing to to the awesomeness of this blog.

So here are the latest news, articles and musings about the DC relaunch :

  • dc announces omac, western and wildstorm titles

  • tony bedard and ig guara launch new blue beetle series

  • dan jurgens interview about new jli and green arrow books

  • judd winick writes black batman in new batwing book

  • steve cornell on demon knights

  • We have the final details of the DC relaunch , the complete list of the 52 new DC titles and ROBOT 6's John Parkin has gone to all the trouble of mapping out which creators and books are being published before the relaunch adding up which creators and books land after the relaunch, noting major shifts to come for creators and characters.

    As the whole line - up is now known the first ones have already taken a look at what the new DC looks like. Greg Hatchers at Friday from the Cheap Seats takes a look at the new DC that explains DC´s new strategy from the publisher´s point of view in detail and has lots of interesting thoughts on the subject while Kelly Thompson´s look at the new DC is more concerned about how the female point of view is represented - or better almost nonexistent - in the new announcements.

    To round things up Dean Hacker has a few interesting bulletpoints about the new DC and there is a survey asking Which new titles will you buy ? . I have already participated myself ( so far only 3 titles have made it on my list ) and I´m anxious to see the results next Wednesday. Heh, see you next Wednesday, right, John Landis ?

    Last but not least THE LINE IS DRAWN has another hilarious mash - up, this time their own versions of new DC number 1s of which my favorite - so far - is DARKSEID WITH AN AFRO. I mean, the title alone sells this book.

    Now it looks like there will be a lot of empty spots in my reading schedule, which won´t make my online comicshop very happy since most of what I order online is from DC.

    Although if I know myself and what a hypocrite I can be there is the possibility that I will read more DC titles than ever by the end of this year. I mean, who knows ? I bet when DC started it´s new line of books after CRISIS ON INFINITE EARTHS there sure were a lot of fans that weren´t too happy about it.

    But it´s where I and a whole generation of new readers came in and it´s now considered a golden age of innovation and creativity by many. I wish I could say that this is the last I will write about DC comics in the near future but there are some things I haven´t addressed yet. Like the fact that there are some books that deserve to be put out of their misery ( I think I mentioned 1 or 2 ) or which books I´m going to miss.

    And if the new DC really goes as bad as me and a few others fear it could be the perfect time to catch up on all the back issues or check out the series you never got around to read. Right now I got the first trade of Vertigo´s I ZOMBIE ( which thankfully will be continued as far as I know ) and with every issue of TINY TITANS I can get my hands on I´m more convinced that it´s the best Titans series out there at the moment.

    Since the last few videos have been from the Muppet Show here´s another one, this time with german movie cult siren Elke Sommer.

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