Friday, December 07, 2012

Posts delayed due to new shelf porn

Well, it seems my old blog layout is going to stay for a while longer because it IS getting colder and colder here in Germany. So far I didn´t have to deal with a lot of snow at work but I guess that´s gonna change Tomorrow as it´s snowing outside right now.

Now there has been a long gap since my last post which has something to do with the shelf porn in the title. I have a new bookshelf which is actually my second one. Just last month I got a new one via amazon but it was a really small one so I decided I had to get one more.

But this one was going to be bigger so I went with my Mom and my brother to Ludwigsburg to look for bookshelves. First we went to ROLLER but they didn´t have any good ones ( I wanted one that has an actual back board ) so then we visited IKEA. If like me you have never been to IKEA ( which is probably 3 people in Germany ) you can be somewhat overwhelmed because it´s like Disneyland for furniture. They have a restaurant, a section where you can buy food and even a little cinema where you can drop off your kids. Man, it´s so big I almost got lost.

To cut it short : I found a bookshelf I liked but the thing is at IKEA you either take the furniture with you - for which we didn´t have the car - or you get it delivered which costs an extra 70 bucks so the cheap bookshelf you found isn´t so cheap anymore. But since my mother also got a new cupboard for the kitchen and we got both in the same delivery it wasn´t that bad of a deal.

Okay, so I have a new bookshelf that´s really big and sturdy and where you can vary the size of the shelves so I´m rearranging all my stuff, dusting off old comics in the storage room and finding all kinds of little gems I totally forgot about. Like my trading cards. The thing with collecting comics or stuff in general is that - unless you live in Playboy Mansion - you always move from one room to the other. In my case I always tried to arrange my stuff so I can get to the things I need very easy but then something new has to go into the place and you start working somehwere else. And then all the stuff you so cleverly arranged is out of reach forever. And then you forget about most of the things.

Like the trading cards which had some really big exclusives in it. And with big I don´t mean moneywise big but those really big cards which are 9 separate cards together which you would get with your copy of ADVANCE COMICS.

For the younger comic readers out there, ADVANCE COMICS is the catalog we used for ordering comics before DIAMOND crushed all the opposition and became a monopoly. And ADVANCE COMICS did not only have trading cards, they had all kinds of FREE comic things like small preview comics and various sketchbooks. I found a lot of those together with a dozen or so from WIZARD when it was still a print comic and since they are all very rare I put them in a bag and they will get a special place in my collection. So I have to go through all of that stuff.

But right now I already have the top half of the new bookshelf full with comics and trades. Especially the trades took almost one week because you wouldn´t believe how many trades a guy can collect in under 20 years. The thing is that I have all the trades split up at three different locations in the flat. So I first had to order them by series, then put all the ones I don´t read so often or I don´t like where they are not that easy to reach and then pick the ones I read very often and put them close at hand.

I also had to sort all of my drawings which was a lot of work because they were all over the place and a lot of them are oversized so I can´t put them into the new folders I bought. And with folder I´m talking about a portfolio folder with separate foils for the pages. I had two of them with 20 foils but I bought 4 new ones that have 40 foils. Which is were all the good stuff is going.

There are also three sturdy briefcases where I´m putting older stuff but I´ll use the new folders for all the drawings I want to keep handy. Not to dis the two old folders but they are the regular A4 size so I can´t put some of my drawings in there. The new folders are a little bigger in that departement so I can fit almost all of the pages there.

But it still is a task more akin to one of the twelve labors of Hercules so I was all kinds of busy with that. Like I said, normally I would have already written the next post about the Comicbörse in Stuttgart which was another of my strength - sapping endeavors. But I just couldn´t get much sleep since and I have noticed that it starts to affect my concentration. Usually I use the days I don´t have to work for relaxing, catching up on sleep and so on. But on Tuesday my mother insisted on assembling the new cupboard for the kitchen so I was walking around like a Zombie at work on Wednesday. Yesterday I almost managed to do nothing but then I finished sorting my drawings and now at least that is done but my back was killing me. As usually mother is complaining a lot right now because I got the new bookshelf so I don´t have so many things on my table - and with things she means comics - and now my room looks like a bomb hit it. But I had to get out all the stuff that has accumulated in my writing desk throughout the years and I´m going through it all so that when I´m finished I can work again there. It will probably take me a few weeks if not months but it will be worth it at the end. So it´s business as usual.

Now since this post really doesn´t have a subject I´m going to post a video that most people have probably seen but it´s just too cool not to post it. Did I say cool ? I meant awesome, mindblowing and just totally Airwolf. It´s Dragonball Z done right.

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I´m tellin´ you, Titania, it ain´t comin´ no matter how hard you tug on it.

Thursday, November 22, 2012

Jamie Lee Curtis striptease on TRUE LIES

If you are a longtime reader of this blog you have probably noticed that I can get carried away with certain things, mostly sexy women in real life or comics. There are some I mention over and over again like Power Girl

or certain actresses like Jamie Lee Curtis and especially her sexy striptease in the Arnold Schwarzenegger flick TRUE LIES.

I made an entire post about that and I often mention her, at least once a year whenever I´m doing a post on her birthday. Since I´m a perfectionist I´m always trying to improver her cult siren post or add new things to it.

Just last month I added over 20 GIFs. I also thought about adding new pics to the old post but it´s already too long as it is. Originally I wanted to link to another website but I couldn´t find one that had all the best pics - and that was also safe to post. So I´m putting them all here for those readers that want to see them. I tried to put them in the right order but I´m not sure if I succeeded. To really be sure I would have to watch it frame by frame and I´m too tired to do that now. I already watched the clip a dozen times and there is a point when you just have to let it go. You may notice that some pictures may be smaller than others because I could not find them all in good quality. Some look the same but are different frame sizes or qualities. Since I´m trying to collect all the best pictures in this post please contact me if you have any pics of better quality.

So these are all the pictures I have at the moment and if I find any new ones I will post them here. If you want to read more about Jamie Lee Curtis and TRUE LIES just follow the link at the top of the post and like I said, if you have any pics in good quality I haven´t posted contact me.

Since I can´t post a video of Jamie Lee Curtis ( yeah, post her clip from TRUE LIES , how original is that ) I´m posting two videos of one of the hottest MILFs on spanish television : the french sexbomb Marlene Mourreau . Yes, she´s from France but she´s been in Spain since I can remember so she´s practically spanish. The thing with Marlene is she looks better with age, no kidding, wasn´t as hot when she was younger.

She has been a guest or presenter on many comedy shows and game shows and she was even on the spanish version of SURVIVOR. She still does fantastic live performaces and is notorious for her scandalously skimpy outfits like the one in her legendary performance as a bellydancer where she has a metal bikini thing that only covered her nipples. You can see all the rest of her boobs. I couldn´t find it on YouTube but thankfully I had uploaded the clip to the old boobie blog - although I had to go through all my old e - mails to find the HTML version of it. Now sadly the quality of the clip is not very good but I managed to make this animated GIF to give you an idea of her show. Marlene causes erection in perfection.

And here is the full clip of Marlene´s sexy bellydancer routine.

I did find some other performances on YouTube and you can download Marlene Mourreau´s megasexy performance of Tom Jones´ SEX BOMB


 First up three videos with the younger Marlene Mourreau :

And here´s the older and much more sexier Marlene :

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