Thursday, April 05, 2012

Happy Easter !

Today just a short post to wish all my readers happy holidays. Right now I´m taking a much needed break from my hugely popular Moebius posts, but don´t despair there are at least two left to come.

Initially the plan was to stay away from the internet because I haven´t slept very much during the last days but I wanted to get this post done. Just a few days ago I finally tried the option thingie that lets you write something and post it at a certain time but since it´s always confusing to wrap my head around that whole CET / AM / PM thing I´m just writing this in real time - as always.

With 6 posts in one month I have the highest post rate since November last year but I´m not sure what my next post will be about. Judging from the comments on my last post there are quite a few fans of Karl May´s work like WINNETOU or DURCH´S WILDE KURDISTAN and it might be interesting to do a post about it. I mean there are the books, the movie adaptions and the comics based upon the books. I remember reading a comic version of the adventures of Kara Ben Nemsi Effendi but for the life of me I can´t recall the name of the comic.

Another thing I have in mind is doing a post about those german comics I read when Condor was printing the Marvel comics again in Germany and those issues were my sole source of Marvel stuff. I found a few covers during the research for the last post and I have to say I bought quite a lot of them. Not knowing the source material I had no idea how good the translation was of if they left out pages ( which happened quite a lot in german adaptions of US comics ) but the quality of the stories they selected was top notch. Just look with which comic they started.

Now there may be some readers who say : " Hey, what´s up with Doctor Who ? It´s been ages since you mentioned it. "

Well, probably not but it´s still true. I haven´t written about the good Doctor lately which of course doesn´t mean my enthusiasm for the series has diminished. I´m still trying to get my fix of Whoness and in my quest to that end I even managed to get some comics. Yes, that´s right. I regularly check out the bargain section and while some books stay at a good price for a long time ( like the AVENGERS WORLD THRUST hardcover still offered at 9.18 EUROS or the AVENGERS BY BRIAN MICHAEL BENDIS : HEROIC AGE oversized hardcover offered at 22.95 EUROS containing AVENGERS PRIME and the first six issues of AVENGERS and NEW AVENGERS ) some of them are going very quickly.

So quickly in fact that the last ones I got from the bargain section were gone after a few days. The comics I ordered were TALES OF THE GREEN LANTERN CORPS VOLUME 3 ( a 19.99 $ book offered for 8.63 EUROS ), DOCTOR WHO CLASSICS VOLUME 7 ( a 19.99 $ book offered for 7.84 EUROS ) and DOCTOR WHO - WHEN WORLDS COLLIDE ( a 17.99 $ book offered for 6.49 EUROS ). Which was 57.99 § of comics for 22.46 EUROS so I was willing to try out those Doctor Who comics. Of course the GREEN LANTERN trade was good with solid art by Joe Staton although I would probably not have bought it at regular price.

The DOCTOR WHO CLASSICS was a bit weird to read since it recolored reprints of older Doctor Who comics starring the seventh Doctor portrayed by Sylvester McCoy. I´m not very familiar with this one since I have only seen two things where he appeared in : the THE FIVE DOCTORS special and the really bad DOCTOR WHO pilot where he´s the current Doctor at the beginning and then regenerates. Interesting stories with a variing degree of art quality but it was strange to read the adventures of a Doctor to which I had no connection. Maybe I should try another volume with the first Doctor.

Now DOCTOR WHO - WHEN WORLDS COLLIDE was indeed a Doctor I´m very familiar with since it had the Matt Smith incarnation as well as his trusty sidekicks Amy and Rory Pond ( I love it how Rory always says he´s not Mr. Pond and the Doctor insists yes, you are ) but I got a bit of mixed feelings from this one. I had bought the 100 PENNY edition of the first issue of this series and was very eager to read the first trade THE RIPPER but this was kind of meh.

I liked the first story with art by Mark Buckingham and the idea of a goalshooting duel to the death but the rest of the trade left me a bit unimpressed. The story was clever enough but while the art managed to capture the main characters likeness the blocky, minimalistic line just didn´t work for me. Maybe just a minor detail but it bothered me through the whole story. But all things considered not a bad investment.

As for the proper Doctor Who television series I finally managed to get my brother to watch the second season of David Tennant and we still have a few specials to go before we come to the Matt Smith episodes. As for my personal Doctor Who watch I´m still watching season two of the original series and my next episode is CRATER OF NEEDLES from THE WEB PLANET. I just haven´t been able to warch an episode in the last days because I have been too busy as always. As for new episodes there are none as of this date but the new trailer for season seven has been released and it looks like it´s going to be as thrilling as ever.

Last but not least I have one of those celebrity birthdays that manage to annoy some of my readers. Krista Allen, who also was on SMALLVILLE, CHARMED and X - FILES ( in the episode FIRST PERSON SHOOTER she played vr honey Maitreya as well as the real life original stripper Jade Blue Afterglow ) celebrates her 41st anniversary. She is probably best known for her role of Jenna Avid on BAYWATCH HAWAII.

BAYWATCH HAWAII was a BAYWATCH spin - off like BAYWATCH NIGHTS and man, BAYWATCH is like THE ultimate babe tv show. No kidding. No other show had more actresses who were featured in Playboy or playmates who had a guest role. Apart from that the show had every hot babe there is in one of the episodes.

If there was a hot babe during the time the show was produced you can bet that she´s in - at least - one of the episodes. And so it´s no wonder that Krista Allen was added to the Who´s Who of male fantasies that was going through the revolving door on that show with names like Pamela Anderson, Carmen Elektra, Tracy Bingham, Teri Weigel, Jenny Mc Carthy, Jasmine Bleeth, Donna D´Erico, Kelly Monaco, Brande Roderick,Stacy Kamano, Nicole Eggert, Mitzi Capture, Gina Lee Nolin and Erika Eleniak.

I just recently got the sixth season on DVD from amazon, which is the one with Carmen Electra. They have most of the seasons for less than ten bucks now but at the moment I have to pay my old orders before I can get new stuff. This whole amazon thing is just too tempting because they have all these comics and DVDs and Blue Rays so cheap. The last thing I ordered, and which will probably arrive next Tuesday is the second volume of ARCHIE - THE MARRIED LIFE by Norm Breyfogle but I just had to get it.

The first volume was just incredible ( although I still have to write the review on it and the other Archie comic I got ) and the great thing about these telephonebook sized volumes ( 320 pages ) is that they include both storylines, the one where he´s married to Betty and the one where he´s married to Veronica.

I just couldn´t wait until this new volume comes out and if I can find the time I will probably re - read the first volume before diving into it.

Like I said, I could have ordered more seasons of BAYWATCH but right now there is a lot of other stuff I haven´t watched yet like the second season of THE DUKES OF HAZZARD or as it´s known in Germany ONE DUKE SELDOM COMES ALONE ( Ein Duke kommt selten allein, don´t ask ) starring SMALLVILLE´s Pa Kent John Schneider, season one of AIRWOLF, seasons one and two of TRIPPING THE RIFT or season five of THE FRESH PRINCE OF BEL AIR ( Jail bait sexbomb Tatyana Ali totally rocks ! ).

Does she have a booming hardbody like a teenage Janet Jackson or what ?

Man, with that terrific body and a voice to match Tatyana Ali´s the total package - and I´m not talking about Lex Luger. You work that body girl !

Although she still could take some grinding lessons from Janet Jackson.

Especially this move is very popular with the male audience members.

Back to Tatyana Ali she really bOObed all out in later movie appearances :

Okay, I know all the DVDs I bought is a lot of stuff and maybe I went a bit overboard with those " 2 complete tv seasons for 20 bucks " offers, on the other side I missed the boat on GALAXY RANGERS ( one of the best animated series ever ) and I´m always bummed out when that happens. In any case, I think that the BAYWATCH seasons will be either keep their low price or get to it later but I can wait for that. Right now I got the most important one with Carmen Electra and plenty of stuff to watch.

I hope you also have enough things to watch over the holidays as there is either nothing on tv or they are showing all the good stuff at the same time. Like always the post got a bit longer than planned and I hope you´re not too bored by now. Happy Easter !

For all those who might find them without entertainment the next few months Today´s video is the animated movie THE HOBBIT from 1977 that was never released in Germany. A rare find that I stumbled upon while watching the ARZACH RHAPSODY episodes from one of my previous posts. Which you should really watch because they are quite fascinating. But now, welcome to Middleearth my fellow travelers.

edit : the video was deleted , I hope you already watched it. For those who haven´t, here is the intro from the movie. It was all I could find.

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Terry Hooper-Scharf said...

Ahh, you need to get AVENGERS FOREVER by Busiek and Pachecco -have you got it? Incredible work and just like the Busiek/Perez regular Avengers run Marvel crapped on it all. Pity.

Your next non-Moebius post? German super heroes and how youngsters (and not such youngsters) can be fooled into believing Mykros, Photonik and Wastl were German!! :-(

Have a good Easter!

Anonymous said...

I dont know what to say. This blog is fantastic. Thats not really a really huge statement, but its all I could come up with after reading this. You know so much about this subject. So much so that you made me want to learn more about it. Your blog is my stepping stone, my friend. Thanks for the heads up on this subject

Anonymous said...

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SUBZERO said...

Hey Terry, of course I have the AVENGERS FOREVER series by Busiek and Pacheco, it´s one of my favorite Avenger comics. I even bought the spanish hardcover way back when because they only had the trade in english at that time ( no hardcover ) and almost every page was misprinted in that edition.

I don´t know how such a big company like Marvel can do an edition without a specialist giving the final go. I mean it´s not something that would bother a normal reader but ever since I worked in a printing company I can´t read comics that have this fault.

Anyway, I don´t know if they managed to correct that in the new edition but the spanish hardcover has nice glossy paper and all the necessary annotations. So whenever I want to read it again, I just pull it out.

I also have all the single issues of the series but ever since I got them signed by Carlos Pacheco I´m a bit hesitant to read them.

As for my next non - Moebius post, I finally managed to get a copy of ESSENTIAL FANTASTIC FOUR 7 and thought that as long as I´m still reading the INCAL series ( one album a day ) I could continue the ESSENTIAL ESSENTIALS posts. Last time I hinted at the coming of GABRIEL and that´s a storyline I remember fondly.