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Things to do while waiting for The Doctor

The new season of Doctor Who hasn´t started yet but because re - watching old episodes can become really old really fast here´s a list of other TARDIS you want to check out. TARDIS in this case means Totally Awesome Random Internet Stuff.

Of course there are a lot of comics about DOCTOR WHO but to tell the truth, so far there is none I can really recommend. If you have read my previous reviews of Doctor Who comics, both trades I have read so far were really not as good as I hoped. The only DOCTOR WHO comuic I really liked was the 100 CENT issue but since I haven´t gotten around to order the trade THE RIPPER ( in which the story is continued - I think ) really nothing I can ask anybody else to pay money for it.


We all love those Top Ten lists and there are also a lot of YOU KNOW YOU`RE A DOCTOR WHO FAN lists out there which go from ten point to 100 different answers to even more. Here´s my Top Twenty list of reasons that you know you´re a Doctor Who fan IF :

20. You actually pay attention in science class.

19. You’re genuinely confused when your attempt at using psychic paper doesn’t work.

18. You look in the phone book for anyone named Sally Sparrow

17. In 20 years you will force your children to watch Classic Doctor Who episodes.

16. Your answer in Clue is the wasp in the library with the lead piping.

15. You were genuinely disappointed when you found out you couldn’t major in jiggery pokery.

14. You’re very disappointed when you look at a screwdriver, as it is not sonic enough.

13. You imagine time as one big ball of wibbley - wobbley, timey - wimey stuff.

12. You stare down angel statues whenever you see them and possibly warn others not to blink.

11. You know what Time Lord Rock is, and you think Chameleon Circuit is the best band in the world.

10. You say ‘ Team Dalek ’ in response to ‘ Team Edward or Jacob? ’ questions.

9. You search the town for blue police boxes.

8. You want to go to England for Christmas to witness the next alien invasion.

7. You tried fish custard.

6. You bought a fez because they’re cool.

5. Whenever anyone says ' I don't want to go ' or ' Get out of the way ' you start wibbling and have to excuse yourself to go cry in the bathroom.

4. You vote John Saxon

3. Having two shadows is a death sentence.

2. !

1. Bad Wolf.

And if that was not enough here´s a list You know you are a Doctor Who fan ( 50 points ) or one explaining You might be a Doctor Who fan ( 100 points ) and there´s also the You know you are a Doctor Who fan blog ( ongoing ) for the hardcore Doctor Who fans. Also I found this You know you are an american Doctor Who fan ( with music ) list but I´m not sure how much of that is translatable to other countries.

Now there are those who want to skip all that so here´s a YOU KNOW YOU`RE A DOCTOR WHO FAN video.

The music was provided by Chameleon Circuit and you can listen to the full THE DOCTOR IS DYING song here :

So far I haven´t found a website where you can get CDs by Chameleon Circuit so if you don´t live in the UK ( where I imagine everyone having lots of Chameleon Circuit CDs and constantly watching Doctor Who and having just tons of Doctor Who related stuff ) you have to check them out on YouTube. They are totally worth it.

Which brings us to out next part, namely a lot of Doctor Who related stuff you can find on YouTube ( yes, there´s a lot of crap on YouTube but I always say you find what you are looking for there ) that´s absolutely free and - unless you live in the UK - totally new.

Doctor Who - Music of the spheres ( live )

A part of an edition of The Proms hosted by Freema Agyeman, my favorite companion ( she´s so hot ! ) - which one I haven´t found out yet - where David Tennant interacts with the audience as The Doctor. There is another version of this on YouTube with just the David Tennant bit but it doesn´t make much sense when it comes to the interactive part.

Doctor Who - Attack of the Graske

Speaking of interaction, this is a special that´s a bit like an interactive game / quiz that you play with your remote control. It doesn´t make as much fun to simply watch because you can´t really interact but hey, you get to be The Doctor´s companion for the duration. Isn´t that in itself worth it ? And yes, the alien is the same as in the previous clip.

Doctor Who at The Proms

And since I already mentioned The Proms this is the 2010 Doctor Who Special Edition of The Proms, with the new music of the Matt Smith series featuring Arthur Darvill, Karen Gillian, Matt Smith and a host of aliens and monsters. Really a MUST SEE if you like the music of the new show. I have watched a lot of the Doctor Who Confidentials and Specials online but this is one of the few ( together with the Doctor Who Confidential that features Neil Gaiman ) that I downloaded to watch again and again and again.

I don´t think I posted the Doctor Who Confidential with Neil Gaiman and I also couldn´t find it on YouTube. It´s probably the fault of GEMA that you can´t see it in Germany but you can download it to watch it at home here or here .

Doctors Who on Children in need 1985

Doctor Who - Children in need Special 2007 - Timecrash

Doctor Who - Children in need 2010

The weakest link - Doctor Who Special

David Tennant hosting the Nevermind the Buzzcoks Doctor Who Special

David Tennant on The Paul O Grady Show

David Tennant on The Graham Norton Show

Matt Smith on The Graham Norton Show

Karen Gillian on Craig Ferguson´s Late Late Show

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