Monday, February 17, 2014

Happy Big Culo Day 2014 !

Yep, that´s just typical for me : I missed Valentine´s Day butt I managed to do a post on Big Culo Day ( although only bare - ly ). I´m not sure what that says about me besides that I´m male, not dead and still single.

( art plug 1 : picture above is by kiwine whose deviantArt link you can find here but BEWARE, the gallery contains ADULT CONTENT )

Ass always I didn´t really prepare in advance so I just quickly gathered all the pictures of babes with sexy butts I could find ( and when I say quickly I mean I didn´t spend more than an hour on it ) and we´ll see how far we come before it´s time to go to bed. For those not familiar with Big Culo Day, it´s an ongoing annual event that was initiated by fellow blogger Jotace from EL BLOG DE JOTACE and which is all about big butts.  Yes, any cheap excuse to put ass pictures on the blog so let´s get to it.


Originally I wanted to safe this for my next post on Power Girl butt since it looks like that´s gonna be a while - and there will be still tons of Power Girl material left - I´m going to put it here. I´m not sure if it´s a meme that´s going on the interwebs butt I have found several pictures where Power Girl´s cleavage is not in the usual place. Here´s the first one by - art plug 2- BobbyRubio ( BobbyRubio´s deviantArt gallery link ).

In the gallery are some sweet drawings like one of Jamie Alexander with her now famous dress from the THOR : THE DARK WORLD premiere.

For me one of the best dresses on the red carpet so far this year although - keeping with the topic of this post - the best part is the rear.

Back to Power Girl and her derriere, my second pic is by Joe Gravel, an artist some of my longtime readers might be familiar with.

Now while it´s not that difficult to find him on the net it is rather difficult to find some pictures that are safe to post here, so I´m not including a link here. Which is a damn shame because his stuff is not only very sexy but outright hilarious. Especially if you know your comics continuity.

Our third picture is by Budd Root and I also can´t remember from where I got this one. So there´s no gallery link on this one either. Sorry, guys.

Budd Root is of course best known for his CAVEWOMAN series which he doesn´t draw anymore. Art Adams once said, that if he had been smart he would have done a comic like CAVEWOMAN instead of MONKEYMAN AND O´BRIEN. A hot, super strong chick, giant gorillas and dinosaurs.

Anyway, the book has been on hiatus for many years after Basement Comics suddenly went away ( one of my longest gaps in my various comic collections is the one in CAVEWOMAN - PANGEAN SEA ) but it has returned at its new home at Amryl Entertainment. I only found out last year by accident when I was browsing one of my online comic shops. It´s not as good as with the man himself at the art but Rob Durham and Devon Massey are doing a very good job and now that there are two artists dividing the chores comics are coming out on a more regular basis. And Budd Root still does the occasional nude cover. I just hope that sales are at a point where they can start putting the old stories into trades.

Coming back to Power Girl, the last one is by CallMePo, who I have featured a few times on this blog but here´s the obligatory gallery link anyway ( obligatory warning : this one also contains adult material ).

And that´s all about Power Girl for now, I just hope I can post more of her stuff - which has piled up a lot in the last few months - very soon.


Yes, I know what you must be thinking right now : WTF ? Is this for real ? We´re talking about a kid´s show here. Now while that is true I was just recently re - watching the show when I noticed something strange.

Now I´m not an expert on all things Marvel but so far there hasn´t been an established ethnical background for S.H.I.E.L.D. boss Maria Hill ( well, sometimes boss depending on the storyline ), I think in all the comics I read she was always depicted as the regular white caucasian female.

When I was re - watching the episodes I noticed that somebody apparently decided that with a name like Maria she has to be a latina and gave her a butt to put Beyonce and J - Lo to shame. I´m not kidding. I literally had to take a break because I was getting a boner. Here´s a pic from the show.

Man, she really got some serious back. I wonder if she got sexed up to use her womanly wiles on horny Tony Stark, to get him to cooperate.

Thanks to SO EASILY DISTRACTED for providing the picture and proving that I´m not the only one who got extremely distracted by Maria´s booty.

So that´s my Big Culo tv tip for Today and with that we´re again at the end of the post, rather sooner than later because I spent a lot of time looking for pictures since I couldn´t prepare for this. Happy Big Culo Day.

As we couldn´t end this post without a special Big Culo video, here´s one I came across a long time ago. It´s a burlesque dancer who could give stripper wannabe Miley Cyrus lessons in twerking. Enjoy the show !

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Remember : you can´t say " happiness " without saying " penis ".


Terry Hooper-Scharf said...

Hmm. Yeah, I think Maria Hill is supposed to be latino -going by the skin colouring in some of the comics. But then they re-bootied everything. See what I did there? The Wasp in that series also has a curvy bottom but you are right, Maria Christina Hill would give J-Lo a run for her money.
Now, you may be suffering from butt blindness but....WHERE is the blog header??????
And may I just add that in that burlesque video the performer heinously violates a bow tie. Dash it all, is nothing sacred...though she wears it better than Dr Who!!

SUBZERO said...

I think the blog header is where it has always been. Or am I missing something ?

Terry Hooper-Scharf said...

Well,when I click my Tales From The Kryptonian link there is no header just straight into...
Monday, February 17, 2014
Happy Big Culo Day 2014 !

So if you are seeing a header why am I not?? Its weird but definitely not there from my viewing. Or I've gone blind from Daniela Katzenberger sitting on my face....nope. It just aint there.

Terry Hooper-Scharf said...

Just used my sister's laptop and did a search for your blog and voila -NO HEADER. :-/

SUBZERO said...

Very strange indeed.

Terry Hooper-Scharf said...

Yep. Your header definitely gone.