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Best of the rest : what didn´t make the cut

Yes, I just had to cut some of the links from my best of list but I still think some of them might be interesting for my readers new and old.

I really thought I could eliminate more to shorten my BEST OF THE BEST post considerably, but at the moment I don´t know what is expendable from the post. Who knows ? A few days down the line things might look different. In any case, after working on this for three days I´m entitled to a break, especially since it´s Good Friday and I have to work Tomorrow.

So without any further ado here are the other links of interest :

The good, the bad and the ugly compares three animated DC movies, Batman Gotham Knight, Superman Doomsday and Wonder Woman.

Not really a great post but rather an interesting one deals with ADAM HUGHES` LOST GEN 13 COMIC and I tell you where you can find this gem.

A Halloween post that goes from Edgar Allen Poe illustrated by Bernie Wrightson and Richard Corben to interesting posts about guns to  hot celebrity birthday babes Jamie Gertz, Lauren Holly and Gabrielle Union

to some reading recommendations for Halloween to cult tv series SLEDGE HAMMER which was not only hilarious but also had stunning sexbomb Anne Marie Martin playing the scorching Dori Doreau on the show.

We continue with comic pimping. A lot of posts deal with comics I want to promote because I think they are great or they are offered at a bargain price at amazon. Not all of them are really extensive and some of them also cover other topics. So the ones I culled are about Bendis All New X - Men , Mark Waid´s Daredevil , Hulk - Red and green by Jeph Loeb, Arthur Adams and Frank Cho, Wednesday Comics, iZombie and Hellboy House of the Living Dead and the mega crossover event Avengers vs X - Men .

Another series I read as a kid was The Phantom by Lee Falk and there also is a post about him . It´s the first of a series to be continued.

Talking about pop culture icons, one about which I have written many posts is of course The Doctor and I wanted to include some of the posts just to show that we talk Who here. But going over them I noticed that it´s basically just me talking about my experiences with watching Doctor Who or reading the comics which are probably pretty boring to other people. My Who posts were  IT`S A BIG WHO - NIVERSE OUT THERE , THINGS TO DO WHILE WAITING FOR THE DOCTOR and KNOCK ON TORCHWOOD which is about Torchwood, Paul Grist and The Doctor.

Some readers seem to enjoy my travels so here are some posts from my last trip to Spain : HOME AGAIN , MEANWHILE IN A LITTLE VILLAGE IN SPAIN - which for some reason is my fourth most popular post  - probably for the nice pictures of Elvira, Stacy Kamano, Anastacia or Jewel Santini.

Or it could be my review of the tv show Human Target. One more post from Spain : SO MANY COMICS SO LITTLE TIME

Another area of interest for my readers seem to be comic conventions and Free Comic Book Day or the german equivalent GRATIS COMIC TAG.

I decided to cut the posts from Free Comic Book Day 2009 because they are redundant. But since they are the most popular post of all times - if you can believe that - here are part 1 , part 2 and the the big finale . Much more painful was getting rid of the following bunch of posts :

I continued my reports from the greatest comic convention in Germany in 2010 with My second Erlangen diary - day 1 and Day 1 continued . I never got to the second day but maybe I can still finish it since I found my notes on this comic convention and a few others just recently while cleaning up. And I didn´t have more luck in 2012 since I only managed to cover the 1st day ( I think ) in Suddenly : Erlangen ! and My Erlangen crash course . One reason why readers might like these posts are that apart from these posts about the Stuttgarter Comicbörse in 2009 , in 2010 , in 2011 in May and in November I don´t get to pimp current comics from Germany often.

With the german version of FREE COMIC BOOK DAY I wrote about what really went down that day in my Top 10 things not to do on Gratis Comic Tag post and one about the Muppet Show comic by Roger Langridge that also has a recommendation for the DARK AVENGERS hardcover by Brian Michael Bendis and Mike Deodato. Back then it was offered at amazon at half price but the current price of 37 bucks is still not bad for a 50 dollar book. Another account of one of my odysseys on Gratis Comic Tag is Now that you´re naked, why don´t you jump into this field of cactuses ? a fun read ( well, not for me ). And here is a post about my one and only trip to the Comicbörse in Leonberg which didn´t go any better and in which I talk quite a lot about the old 80s POWER MAN and IRON FIST comic book.

More about german comics can be found in ACH DU LIEBER ! MEINE GERMAN COMIC READS and my rant about tv series and german superheroes . This post is partially about german comic artist Gerhard Seyfried and the rest is about my recommendation of Stan Lee´s Amazing Marvel Universe, a book that talks. Literally ! THE VOICE OF STAN LEE

TRIPPING THE RIFT is of course about the animated cartoon show with that title and the sexy Android Six. Another cult siren post is BETTY OF TWO WORLDS about Betty Brosmer, of the most famous pin up models of the 50s who was one of the first models to receive residuals every time her picture was published and the first one to own rights to her photos and magazines. In the 60s she married fitness mogul Joe Weider and for some strange reason it´s one of the most spammed posts on this blog.

And finally I have to include the 20 days later - the all butt edition and the HAPPY BIG CULO DAY 2014 ! posts, mainly because they really are not among the best posts I ever made. I included it in the list for pure self indulgence and just because I can. But let´s be honest : you didn´t really think they were going to make it, did you ? Still worth checking out....

And finally I wanted to mention that I tried to fulfill the multiple requests ( by one reader ) for HQ pics of Leslie Easterbrook in a wet t - shirt from

POLICE ACADEMY 4 - CITIZENS ON PATROL in my last post but these are the best I could find. If you find any in better quality please let me know.

To end this post here´s one of the funniest clips I found on YouTube lately, a crossover between DEXTER and DEXTER´S LABORATORY. It´s hilarious.

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