Tuesday, September 30, 2014

( Over ) 40 year old blogger strikes again !

You may have noticed that TALES FROM THE KRYPTONIAN looks kind of different for a few days now . Especially the pictures seem to be bigger.

I can assure you that´s not a problem you have with your browser nor has blogger gone all wonky. The fault is entirely mine because I have been working on my old posts again. Yes, now that I´m still fiddling with the GIFs I have added ( once again, I know ) some stuff on them olde posts.

And I would like to say that to make things easier for my readers I have decided to make some changes. But the truth is : I´m old. I´m definitely not getting any younger and while I was spending so many hours going over the old posts I have noticed that I can´t see the pictures right. Now part of that may be that most of the pictures are just there to break up the long text passages. When I started this blog I looked at a lot of other blogs to find out what would be the best layout. Back then my focus was that it should be easy to read and since I noticed that the blogs that were easiest to read were the ones where the text is interrupted by pictures now and then that was the layout I adapted. Which was okay back then.

The thing is that lately there are some posts - like the last one about Bob Layton´s IRON MAN run or the Black and White post about Will Eisner´s THE SPIRIT - where it´s not only about the text but in great part, or even greater part about the art. And it would be a real shame to talk about how great the art is and then to only post tiny pictures. I know, if people want to see them in a bigger size they can open them in a bigger window. But, let´s be realistic here, how many of my faithful readers really do that ?

And sometimes the pictures are really small in their original size and can´t be seen better if you open them in a new window - but I can show the bigger on the blog. Now this seems to be a rather new thing because it doesn´t work with the really old posts. So I´ll not redo ALL the posts.

There are also some cases where the quality of the original picture is not good and doesn´t look better in a bigger size. Or I can´t make the pics bigger because they would go beyond all the stuff on the right hand side like the links and the blog archive and the " most popular post " things.

So all the pictures in that section have a space limit. I know, once a new post comes along the posts go further down so all that is not a problem anymore. But I try to see each post as its own entity because you can never be sure if somebody reads it on the blog or just found this one post. I would like to think that everybody who finds a post of TALES FROM THE KRYPTONIAN on the internet heads immediately over to the blog but I´m not so sure. And even if they all head over to the blog with the length most posts run now there are never more than three or four posts on the first page. So at least every third post lands on the top of the blog, so that I have the problem with the right hand side again. And the order always changes so it eventually affects every post I write. So I treat each post like it would be on the top of the blog and avoid further problems.

That said I will change the size of the pictures where I think it will work better - like on posters, black and white art pages and where I can get a picture in good quality - and sometimes I will use the option to put it on the blog in the original size. I know this can be really big but there are some pictures like Yaya Han in her Chun Li outfit where I especially picked really big pictures so you can see all the detail work on the costume.

Of course there IS the problem that with too many pictures of hot babes, cosplaying or otherwise - and in a bigger size to boot - this blog could become oversexed but as always I rely on my readers to give me a boobie excess warning before things get out of hand or blown out of proportion.

Now I have also noticed that the blog takes longer to load which I think has to do with the bigger pictures and some of the GIFs I have added. But according to some of the comments I have gotten so far my blog was already loading incredibly fast before so that I think with all the added features and the bigger pictures it´s a small price to pay. So don´t panic.

Which brings us to the end of this special announcement. I will now continue with going over the old posts - at least the ones that are in the " most popular posts " section and the ones I chose to include in the " best of the best " links at the end of the post. IF I can make the pics bigger.

I know that the next post would be about death in comics but I thought I needed to address this first. I hope that I don´t loose too many readers because of this and that some people out there might find it easier to read the posts now. Like I said, if you have the feeling that I have gone overboard with certain pictures sent me a comment. It´s always difficult to keep this blog from become another version of my old boob blog. And speaking of my old boob blog, I didn´t mention a celebrity birthday in my last post since that was all about Bob Layton´s IRON MAN but Lysette Anthony celebrated her 51st birthday on the next day. You probably know her from her appearance in Mel Brooks DRACULA - DEAD AND LOVING IT spoof. She´s the only reason why the movie will still be remembered.

Also, if you like the changes I have made you can drop me a comment as well. I´m not sure if I will keep the new look permanently but for the time being I think it´s an improvement. Yep, another post that is not comic oriented but with fifteen posts this month so far I´m already waaaaaaaay above the average monthly posting rate so I think I deserve some leeway.

Now you may have noticed that there are two link for LOS COMICGEEKOS in the link section now ( psche, like the people who visit the blog are really so bored they need to check out the link section meticulously ) that´s because they have a new page just for the episodes now. I have kept the old link to their blog because you can find all kinds of cool stuff there like massitas en cosplay or videos like the japanese Doctor Who.

Since we´re on the subject of Doctor Who I want to post this video of The Hillywood Show ( no idea what that is ) where the tenth Doctor crosses over with The Rocky Horror Picture Show in a timelord / timewarp smash.

And I can´t end this post without some cartoon so here´s EL INCREIBLE HULK - EL RETORNO DE LA BESTIA. As the title suggests it´s in the latino dubbing which is a real bummer for my non spanish speaking readers ( sorry ) but I always get a big kick out of it since it´s a hoot and a half.

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Terry Hooper-Scharf said...

I think you've been messing with Halle Berry's breasts. uhhh, I mean, uh digitally "enhancing them"! Or is it my eye-sight? Hmm. Look forward to your post on death in comics!!

SUBZERO said...

Well, I do a lot of things but I did find the picture of Halle Berry on the internet as it is. I think it was a gallery on DeviantArt by mpcato234 but I didn´t put up a link because there are some NSFW pictures in it ( like a similar picture of topless Halle Berry ).

Yeah, don´t use the words " look forward to " and " death " in the same sentence.

Terry Hooper-Scharf said...

Look forward to Death. You've never used an Epson SX130 printer have you? I've spent four hours trying to get the machine to accept...Epson cartridges....still won't work. Halle Berry don't need no enhancing dude. I remember when DeviantArt was about ART...like my page!
erm....now back to impact technology on that printer (impact technology as in a hammer!!)

SUBZERO said...

No, I don´t think I´ve had the pleasure of that particular EPSON printer but I´ve had my share of battles.

No, Halle Berry really can´t be improved. That´s why I seldomly look for fake nude pictures of certain celebrities on the net. Most are not done very good and the real thing often looks ten times better even if it´s partially clothed.

You know, I´m kind of rethinking the whole thing with the bigger pictures. It seems the problem with the eyes was only a temporary thing and after looking at a few posts I don´t think they really benefit from all the pictures being bigger. In some cases it may help but as a rule I think I´m staying smaller.

And I´m too lazy to go over ALL the old posts. I´m nearing post 500, dammit.

Terry Hooper-Scharf said...

He he he....I'm nearing post 2,031. And, yes, certain covers or pieces of interior art can benefit from larger size but I'm sure we've all sat there thinking "I wish it was bigger" (oo-er)

SUBZERO said...

Yeah, well, if I would put the videos that I include at the end of the posts in their own posts I could easily double the number of posts but I don´t really do those short posts.

When I´m looking at some old posts they are sometimes shockingly short but Today I don´t start a post if it´s only going to be a short one.

Unless it´s some public information.