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JLA casting : Marlene´s european edition

We have another finished post not only means it´s time to carve another notch in the belt but also another JLA casting post comes. Which in this case is another solo post in what seems to become a neverending series.

I guess it´s my own fault for being such a damn perfectionist that I not only want to put the best stuff I can into these posts ( pictures, videos, links ) but also everything I can find that´s even remotely comic related.

Now this post is kind of a strange one in the sense that it starts about american comics - namely the JUSTICE LEAGUE EUROPE comic by Keith Giffen, J. M. DeMatteis and Bart Sears - and then continues with the european theme as it goes to spanish comics ( and one might argue der german Comicalben ) by way of Today´s hot Justice League of America candidate MILF Marlene Mourreau who was born in France but spent most of her career in Spain. So we´re kicking it totally european style Today.

One of the clever things the writers did on JUSTICE LEAGUE EUROPE was play with the situations that arise when americans - in this case super powered americans - are abroad and especially when they are in France.

I don´t want to bash americans or talk about the strange relationship they have with France - on one side they think all french are scaredy milksops who can´t wait to surrender themselves but on the other hand if you want to conquer american women just use a fake a french accent and they are swooning. Which explains why Gambit has such a huge fambase, cherie.

It´s kind of schizophrenic that on one side american don´t think very much of the french populace but where food, movies, music, art and even comic books are concerned they look to France for the gold standard.

Anyway, what I wanted to mention about americans when they are abroad is that usually they don´t speak the language of the country they visit. And why should they go to the trouble of learning another language when they speak the easiest language. And everybody in the whole wide world speaks english, right ? Well, there are bound to be problems when the members of the european branch of the Justice League wind up in one of the places that has the same attitude towards foreign languages : France.

To save themselves from further embarrassment and as a sign of goodwill all members of the Justice League Europe ( except Elongated Man a.k.a. Ralph Dibny who already speaks french ) have to attend french classes.

Unbeknownst to our heroes a group of their arch enemies ( that´s easier to use than arch nemesisses, nemesissies ? ) have the same problem.

Of course they all end up in the same class which leads to one of the funniest issues of the series. But that´s not the only way the used the european setting. They introduced the french super heroine Crimson Fox who was basically Batman but with a few twists. While the Crimson Fox was also rich in her secret identity she didn´t become a hero to avenge someone´s death but because she thought it would be fun and exciting. And the Crimson Fox was many women, in fact two twins who owned a parfume company and both fell in love with Metamorpho. Both of the ended up dead at the hands of a super villain and in the Green Lantern series a third Crimson Fox was introduced in the ONE YEAR LATER story who said she was related to the first two Crimson Foxes but that was never elaborated and now with the NEW 52 I don´t think it will be.

And that´s enough comic book foreplay for Today so let´s get started :

Marlene Mourreau as Crimson Fox ( Vivian and Constance D'Aramis )

I already mentioned Spain´s ultimate MILF Marlene Mourreau in this post where you can find much more videos with her hot live performances.

French actress / singer / exotic dancer Marlene Mourreau would be my choice for Crimson Fox and not only because she looks like her famous namesake. Or because she was in the SEARCH FOR POWER GIRL series.

She´s just absolutely hot, in fact one of her clips was even too hot for french tv and couldn´t be shown before midnight. Seeing her it´s hard to believe that she never did any porn but I think she would be great in her role. She got the look of the perfect trophy wife who´s a hurricane in the bedroom but you can´t get. I bet her " french " is extremely satisfying.

Unlike some of the other cast members I would take Marlene from her later period as her boobs got better with age and she looked hotter than when she was younger. She turned into one of the hottest MILFs on the tube ever so it´s no stretch to cast this foxy lady as the Crimson Fox.

And yes, I have used the picture above before in my post about all the german Condor Comics Verlag published but since I never got around to explain how Marlene Mourreau was connected to that I thought longtime readers would like to finally get the answer to that question right here.

Now you are probably anxious to find out about spanish sexbomb Marlene Mourreau´s comic connection since I have already mentioned it twice.

Model, pin up, dancer and actress Marlene Mourreau was born in Neuilly - sur - Seine, France on the 19th of April, 1969 and her father was the driver of german singer and actress Marlene Dietrich so he named his daughter after her. Marlene´s career began in 1985 when she was elected as " First Maid of Honor of Miss France 1986 " which was followed by a three year long model career with the agencies V. I. P. and Metropolitan.

In 1990 Marlene took her first striptease steps on television with the erotic programs VENUS, EMOTION and SEXY ZAP for station M6, some of these were later broadcast in Spain where she spent most of her career.

During the 90s Marlene came to spanish tv screen under José Luis Moreno with whom she worked on various programs. One of her first tv jobs was co - presenter of a weekly show with Jesús Vázquez that was broadcast on autonom channels so Marlene could show her naked boobs every episode.

You´re probably asking when I´ll come to the comic connection. Well, the combination of funny but average looking guy and hot sexbomb who takes her clothes off occasionally was so successful that Marlene co - presented another show NO VEAS which was a funny sketch show with Pepe Viyuela .

Here´s the only Marlene clip I could find on YouTube from NO VEAS :

And Pepe Viyuela played Filemon in the spanish hit comedy ( number 1 in cinemas that year ) MORTADELO & FILEMON : THE BIG ADVENTURE .

Now the movie was the first adaption of F. Ibanez´ classic MORTADELO & FILEMON comic ( it´s one of Spain´s best selling series ) with real actors.

The series was published as CLEVER & SMART by Condor Verlag and it was so successful they did a 2nd edition at the same time as the regular one.

And that´s Marlene´s comic connection : you could say that she presented a tv show with the guy of one of the most recognized comics in Spain.

So now that this is cleared up here is a video from one of Marlene Mourreau´s hot live performances. This one is from french tv.

Our next video is the spanish trailer for MORTADELO & FILEMON : THE BIG ADVENTURE. Some people outside of Spain were disappointed because the story was not so good but the stories in the comics were neither. They were just there to provide ridiculous moments for Mortadelo to don the most incredible costumes and the slapstick gags. I think the movie was very good at adapting these gags visually to the screen. 

In 2008 a second movie was made with the title MORTADELO & FILEMON : MISSION SAVE THE EARTH where Benito Pocino, the actor of Mortadelo was changed with actor Edu Soto and it was not as good as the original.

Which may have been the reason why the third movie MORTADELO & FILEMON VERSUS HORNY JIMMY from 2014 was computer animated.

Because the comic was so popular in Germany here is a video for my german readers - if I got any left - from DAS PHANTASTISCHE PROJEKT.

And to close things out here´s an episode from the successful cartoon series that I picked at random since I don´t know which ones are good.

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