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Science Fiction cult siren Jolene Blalock

Today one of tv´s hottest sci fi babes, Jolene Blalock celebrates her 40th birthday. She is of course best known for playing T´Pol on ENTERPRISE.

From all the alien sexbombs on al the different Star Trek tv series T´Pol is on the top of my list. STAR TREK VOYAGER stuck Jeri Ryan and her big tits in a skin - tight suit in the show after Season 3 as 36DD drone of Borg

Seven of Nine but ENTERPRISE just went and put the alien blow up sexdoll in the main cast of the show right from the pilot episode. Thanks, guys.

Sub - Commander / Commander T'Pol was the hottest vulcan sexbomb in the history of the universe and Enterprise's version of said Barbie of Borg ( read more about Jeri Ryan and the hot Star Trek women in her post ).

Under an agreement with the Vulcan High Command and Earths Starfleet she was placed aboard the NX - 01 Enterprise as Science and Executive Officer, serving under Captain Jonathan Archer. However she would eventually be brainwashed into " serving under " Commander Charles ' Dubya ' Tucker the Third, while under the effects of Trellium D.

I mean a Trellium - drugged out, semi emotional vulcan love slave with great curves and a killer rack- what's not to like about that ? Commander Fucker.....I mean Tucker had mul - t´pol orgasms thanks to the forbidden vulcan sexmassage....I mean T´Pol´s vulcan " body relaxation massage ".

Although I have to say T´Pol was also needy for Tucker´s earth meatpole because while Phlox gave her the idea to practice the vulcan massage it was T´Pol who went all " Kama Sutra on acid laced steroids " on Tucker.

She was so turned on by their midnight olympics that she had to use the old " it´s just for scientific reasons " schtick to bang him into submission.

Not that he put up much resistance to her since he´s been whacking off to her body since their first sessions in the decontamination chamber.

He even slipped Doctor Phlox a few bucks to get some quality time alone with T´Pol in decontamination like most of the horny males on board.

But he only managed to get her to strip and put the detox lotion all over his body with her boobs the first halfdozen times. It was totally worth it.

he had managed to convince her that it was an ancient earth custom )

Okay, she didn´t repeat the sex experiment after finally banging Tucker silly ( which is the first rule of every scientific research - not having wild sex......but to repeat the experiment ) but it is not know if it was because of disappointment or because she was afraid she would like it too much. And in the mirror universe he even helped her out during Pon Farr.

There is this rumor that Pon Farr,the thing that turns all female vulcans into absolute nymphos worse than a cat in heat, was just a cheap attempt by the writers to get a bigger male audience. Well, I`m up for anything that lets T´Pol show her naked body. I bet the line to her bedroom goes through the whole ship during that period of the year and all the male " members " of the crew are taking turns at her as long as it lasts. Too bad the " Captain´s privilege " means he can cut line whenever he wants.

Now Pon Farr sounds hot and all, but I´m not sure I could wait another seven years before a lass like T'Pol wanted to explore her biological urges again. Although you would probably need seven years just to recover again from getting banged silly by T´Pol every day during Pon Farr.

Jolene Blalock's Vulcan portrayal helped keep Star Trek : Enterprise in the limelight, but it was her time spent in decontamination rooms and applying " neuropressure " to colleagues that re - ignited my warp engines.

Reading some online threats you could think Jolene Blalock was the first actress on Star Trek who was brought in to sex the show up. But as a matter of fact Marina Sirtis was on tv long before rocking the cleavage and the best parts of some episodes were Marina breathing heavily.

There are even some online rumors - but there´s probably no truth to it - that her role was supposed to be the ship´s telepathic sexdoll. In the first draft Deanna Troy wasn´t the ship´s counselor but rather the " ship´s consolation officer " a orgasmic priestess from the planet Betasex skilled in all known sex techniques to be used by the male crew for stress relief.

Because of their telepathic abilities the women from Betasex were ideal prostitutes and they also had a very high pain threshold and were very resilient so their clients could do them really hard. Which happened very often when they were working at some mining outpost frequented by sexstarved aliens with dozens of huge schlongs or slimy tentacles.

Anyway, that´s just a silly rumor and there´s probably nothing to it. I mean the whole concept would never have passed american tv censors.

What is strange is the fact that for someone who is just supposed to give people advice she wore a pretty sexed up outfit that would totally defeat the purpose of counseling. All her male customers would be thinking about ripping her uniform off and banging her brains out and knowing it would be really uncomfortable. I guess the reason why they only made her kind of telepathic was that if she knew what the male crew members were thinking she couldn´t walk ten feet in the Enterprise and would never visit the bar. Speaking about the bar, if her role was to give people sage advice why did Guinan do basically the same ? So while still unverified the idea of Deanna Troi not only as the ship´s cleavage but also the ship´s adult entertainment system does have its merit. On the other side we know that the holo deck was used for the same thing. It´s so confusing.

What I could verify is that in the original draft Deanna Troy was supposed to have three breast, Tasha Yar had an unhealthy sexual crush on Wesley Crusher and Captain Picard couldn´t help but noticing  the ship´s Doctor Beverly Crusher´s natural walk resembles that of a striptease queen. Oy. Anyway, click here for more GIFs of Doctor Crusher´s and Deanna Troi´s space yoga and The 21 Times Dr. Beverly Crusher Was Your Fashion Idol

That´s all for Today´s post, happy 40th Jolene and many happy returns !

For Today´s video section I have found some clips where T´Pol and Trip are getting it on. Oh, it starts so innocently enough with ye olde " Aych, me got a pain in me back ! Can ye help a poor gal out, mate ? " schtick.

Here she is all ready to take it to the next level. It´s purely scientific.

Another clip if you want to see how T´Pol is when she´s really horny.

What´s better than hot scantily vulcan babes in the decontamination chamber with asian babes ? Scantily clad vulcan babes duking it out with also scantily clad asian babes fight club style. This episode impressed me so much I even wrote a post about it ( it was almost nine years ago ! ).

Last but not least here´s something from the actual Star Trek movie universe, the lovely Alice Eve on the Craig Ferguson Show where she promoted INTO DARKNESS. And she´s wearing a very distracting dress. 

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