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Recycled covers : Gespenster Geschichten

While I was doing the VAULT OF HORROR post I came across all the still unused recycled covers from GESPENSTER KRIMI and since this seems like a good time to continue the series - with Halloween coming up and all that - I decided to make a post focusing on GESPENSTER GESCHICHTEN.

If you have read one of my previous posts on recycled GESPENSTER KRIMI covers you know what this is all about and can skip the next paragraphs.


For all others, GESPENSTER KRIMI was one of the longest running horror dime novel series in Germany ( from 1973 to 1985 ) by BASTEI Verlag which also published a lot of comics of which GESPENSTER GESCHICHTEN was its most durable ( from 1974 to 2006 ). One of its most successful horror pulps is JOHN SINCLAIR and while the series where it started has been canceled JOHN SINCLAIR is still going strong with weekly novels,

monthly pocket books and audio dramas. The current audio dramas are the second series, there was a short lived ( because it was pure horror - and not in a good sense ) tv series, a computer game and even an unsuccessful comic series that started within GESPENSTER GESCHICHTEN.

Now as you can see by the covers above since they published horror pulp novels as well as horror comics they often used the same covers on them which is not surprising since the readers of their horror novels are not necessarily the same as readers who indulge in Bastei´s horror comics.

And there´s always the dreaded deadline so whenever you can re - use an already existing cover, sometimes with some alterations, you take it. In any case these posts were not possible without a website I found a few years ago that had all the covers that were used more than one time. Sadly I don´t remember which website that was and I also can´t find the bookmark so I can´t put up the link. If somebody knows where this website is please contact me so I can give credit where credit is due.


Okay, I hope I didn´t keep you waiting too long so let´s start right away. The first cover from this post from GESPENSTER GESCHICHTEN 1083, He wrote their names into .... The Book of The Damned and other horror stories is a variation of JOHN SINCLAIR 84 The Book of Horrible Dreams.

The chair behind the writing skeleton was erased, therefore a full moon and the guy behind it in the tunic with the urn was added. On this compilation of THE YEAR´S BEST HORROR STORIES - SERIES V the cover was again used without changes apart from the fact that it was mirrored.

And on this cover of spanish comic ESCORPION - Tales of Psychological Terror the chair disappears again and the guy in the tunic is back.

And a similar cover was on PROFESSOR ZAMORRA 91, The Books of Lucifer although this skeleton definitely keeps better company.

With GESPENSTER GESCHICHTEN 969, The Wolfman of Texas and other horror stories we come to the first one of three classic horror monsters.

He also appears on GESPENSTER KRIM 37, The Wolfman

issue 58 of DOSSIER NEGRO - Graphic Tales of Terror and Suspense

and issue 4 of Skywald´s SCREAM where the werewolf is a cannibal.

With GESPENSTER GESCHICHTEN 401, Under the Spell of the Living Mummy and other horror stories we come to our next classic monster.

A similar mummy appears on ALUCINE, Beyond Suspense by Bruguera.

This mummy also appears in two more versions although with both arms stretched out. There is the one that appears on GESPENSTER KRIMI 381

where the crouching woman was modeled after Catherine Deneuve.

Catherine is also on the cover of this spanish paperback called Narrations Twins of Terror : The Mansion of Death and other Tales by Jon Hanlon.

The other version of the mummy appears on issue 16 of GORDON BLACK.

As you can see there is a different woman here which can also be seen on GESPENSTER KRIMI no 272, Lucifer´s Brother written by Frederic Collins

and Murray Comics´ first issue of SWAMP MONSTER.

Our next one is like the granddaddy of the recycled covers. This particular vampire appears on GESPENSTER GESCHICHTEN COMIC - SONDERBAND 43

and TONY BALLARD 30, Vampire Terror by horror master A. F. Morland.

Now I don´t know where the sleeping woman was taken from but the vampire is from the movie poster of the mexican horror film EL ATAUD DEL VAMPIRO ( The Vampire´s Coffin ) with German Robles from 1958.

Okay, the OTHER movie poster for EL ATAUD DEL VAMPIRO.

He pops up on the cover of GESPENSTER KRIMI 267, Village of the Dead

JOHN SINCLAIR issue 1227, Vampire Drama as well as on 

the pocket book Transylvanian Conspiracy, Eight Thrilling Terror Tales.

He also on spanish mag HORROR together with the Frankenstein monster

and SOS ( Stories of Terror, Intrigue, Mystery and Suspense ) 24.

And that´s all for this edition of recycled covers. But don´t fear, there are still more than 450 covers left so there will be a few more posts coming.

Since we ended this post with EL ATAUD DEL VAMPIRO here´s the US version since I thought that is the one most readers can understand. The only version I could find is from the Commander USA presents show - no idea what that is. I think I will check out the original version on YouTube to see if the high rating on ROTTEN TOMATOES is so well deserved.

Another well known movie vampire is Christopher Lee as Hammer Films´ Dracula who presents the documentary 100 YEARS OF HORROR.

Since I already posted an episode of COUNT DUCKULA here is the first episode of The Ketchup Vampires, a really ridiculous kiddie cartoon show.

One of comicdom´s most famous vampires is Vampirella which is in big part because of her costume which was basically a micro bikini before micro bikinis were invented. Here she is portrayed by the very bouncy ( you´ll se what I mean in the video ) fetish model Bianca Beauchamp.

And speaking of micro bikinis : Today I had to leave the house to get a doctor´s appointment and it was colder than the Fortress of Solitude outside. To remind us of the nice sides of summer here is a bikini contest featuring hot girls with incredible bodies in the tiniest bikinis imaginable.

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