Friday, October 23, 2015

Were - Week Tribute : 13 Werewolf covers

Over at DIVERSIONS OF THE GROOVY KIND our old friend Old Groove has just concluded his Were - Week with a gallery of 13 werewolf covers. So I thought I could also come up with 13 covers that feature werewolves.

Now I could have just gone to my horror folder and pick 13 covers that have werewolves in them but where would have been the challenge in that ? So instead I went through ALL my folders, the superhero comics first to come up with some rather unique choices for this werewolf gallery. 

Some of the covers are taken from my favorite series.

With others I haven´t the foggiest idea what they are all about.

Of course there were some classic series I just had to include here.

But what might be classic to european readers might not be to others.

The same goes for german readers - I just can´t do this post without including an issue of the cult series GESPENSTER GESCHICHTEN.

And speaking about classic cult series : you can´t have a werewolf cover gallery post without Marvel´s Jack Russell a.k.a. WEREWOLF BY NIGHT.

Of course I also want to include newer series like LOBSTER JOHNSON.

Got you there ! You probably expected a different Spider - Man cover, one with Man - Wolf, right ? Sorry, but he´s gonna get his own post next.

We´re almost out of JLA casting posts so that means until I can finally finish the alternates post that´s it. I know that some people will be sad because they are afraid that they have to suffer through a drought of babe less posts while others will be quite relieved. But fear not my pervy friends, there will be enough booty around here and this one´s for you.

I wanted to include a DAREDEVIL cover since the Legion of Monsters were in Mark Waid´s run but I already posted it. Luckily I found this one.

And we close the post with Marvel´s MONSTERS UNLEASHED !

This has been a real FIGHT CLUB post : first it took me two hours to find all the covers, then when I started to post them my internet connection kept breaking down so I had to close everything and restart my laptop. Then I had to update my anti virus software which meant another restart. Then I had to update the anti virus again. So what started out as a quick post with just a few covers has become a herculean task which will probably not be finished until six o´clock in the morning. IF I´m lucky.

So Today´s video section is all about werewolves and we start with the best known american Bronze Age werewolf comic, which is of course WEREWOLF BY NIGHT and I even found a video with the master himself.

Here´s one about the first issue of the WEREWOLF BY NIGHT series.

In this video from POPS COMIC BOOK VAULT you can see a lot of the original comics. I have to admit that so far I haven´t read much of the series but one of the ESSENTIALS I recently bought is volume 2 ( it was only six Euros ) so I hope to brush up on this. Not many people know that Moon Knight started in this series as a werewolf hunter which is the reason why he´s wearing silver, not white like most people think.

I wanted to include a video from the EC comics but I couldn´t find one. If you know about one please tell me so I can include it in my next werewolf post. Anyway, maybe it´s better this way so I don´t have two comic videos in this post. Nevertheless here´s a werewolf video from the TALES FROM THE CRYPT tv series, the episode is called Werewolf Concerto.

I thought a long hard time if I should post what is probably the worst adaption of the EC comics ever. TALES FROM THE CRYPTKEEPER ( simply called TALES FROM THE CRYPT in Germany ) is one of those series where you can actually see the hte producer wet their pants before they cut out anything that might disturb kids - or at least their overprotective parents. The fact that cautionary tales don´t work if they don´t scare people seems to elude them. I watched an episode that almost made me puke because the two protagonists were confined to hell because they skipped school. Wow, that seems a bit harsh. I´m just glad that they never caught me. Anyway, this cartoon is so bad you have to see it with your own eyes to believe it. And this episode has werewolfes in it.

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