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John Buscema´s Top Five Avengers covers

Because of high popular demand by one readers we continue with the Top Ten AVENGERS covers from the run by Roger Stern and John Buscema.

I know that it says Top Five in the title but that´s mainly because I wanted this to have a different title than my first post and it feels kind of weird calling this the top ten when we only have five covers left to do.

Now as I said on my last post abut this I didn´t do a ranking because it´s difficult enough to bring this down to a top ten as it is. So keep that in mind as we go along. But before we come to that there are a few things - from the last post and otherwise - I want to address. First off there is good news on the reprint front because Marvel has announced that THE ENTIRE series of SHANG CHI : MASTER OF KUNG FU will be republished in four omnibus hardcovers. The first one is scheduled for June 2016 it will be 696 pages thick and will contain SPECIAL MARVEL EDITION issues 15 to 16, MASTER OF KUNG FU 17 to 37, GIANT SIZE MASTER OF KUNG FU 1 to 4, GIANT SIZE SPIDER - MAN 2 and material from IRON MAN ANNUAL 4.

Which is a weird coincidence because I was planning on commenting that while we all thought this series could not be reprinted due to copyrights to Sax Rohmer characters issue 29 of MARVEL TWO - IN - ONE was included in volume two of the ESSENTIAL series and that has Shang Chi guest starring and his father Fu Manchu IS even mentioned in the story.

Now that the reprint is announced that is a moot point. I guess I see the news with a crying and a laughing eye - as the germans say - because the most I had hoped for was a few ESSENTIALS or Epic Collections since they included POWER MAN AND IRON FIRST in that line. And while my fanboy heart is jumping for joy because one of the best Marvel series ever finally gets the royal treatment it deserves this is not good news for my purse since this will mean four books which will cost 125 bucks at least. The way prices are at amazon these days it will probably be higher. Which means I might have to buy these from a comic book store at the regular price. Of course this also has a tiny silver lining because if my usual online comic store has it this will mean I can get 12 free comic books with that order. So you see, everything has a negative aspect and a positive aspect.

Another fly in the soup is that because the omnibus books reprint the comics in chronological order it will take until the end of volume two to get to the issues by Mike Zeck which is the part I´m most excited about. Especially since I can´t find any more back issues from that period. But that also means that volumes 3 and 4 will be the best omnibuses ever.  

And if you´ve never heard of this series and want to know what this old geezer is so excited about this time read this excellent post from Peter Marinari´s CRUSHING KRISIS that tells you all you need to know about this cult comic or check out the ESSENTIAL MASTER OF KUNG FU tumblr .

Now I really hate to praise Marvel at one moment and to scold them in the next ( okay, I don´t but it sounds good, doesn´t it ? ) but they fumbled the methaphorical ball once again with the FANTASTIC FOUR - INTO THE TIMESTREAM Epic Collection. In my last post about John Buscema´s AVENGERS covers I mentioned that writer Walt Simonson pulled of a difficult thing when he managed to put the prologue of a story in his upcoming FANTASTIC FOUR run into his last issues on the AVENGERS title.

Well guess what ? Into the Timestream IS that story and once again the AVENGERS issues are not included in this trade. I mean I get it that they try to keep the series apart in those Epic Collections and maybe they didn´t want to confuse the readers ( he said with a nervous quiver in his voice more trying to convince himself than anybody else ) but if they can cram four issues of FANTASTIC FOUR VS X - MEN into my FANTASTIC FOUR - ALL IN THE FAMILY trade which don´t have that big an impact on the following issues they can also put a few AVENGERS issues that are a prologue into a trade. So while I may buy more Epic Collections in the future ( no pun intended ) INTO THE TIMESTREAM is very low on my list.

Speaking about older posts you may have noticed that the last celebrity birthday post about mexican telenovela cult siren Aylin " La Culona " Mújica kept appearing and disappearing over the last few days.

That´s because originally it was supposed to be part of my John Buscema Top Ten Avengers covers post but it became so large I decided to give it its own post. But while I did finish the John Buscema post it was much too late and I was way too tired to finish the post with Aylin Mujica. So after I had published it I set the post back to the draft version. The following day I tried again to finish it but because I wanted to include some animated GIFs and because I couldn´t find any on the internet I had to make them myself so I had to put it back into the draft version again. You see, I still have most of the episodes of MARINA on my laptop - one of the few perks of being lazy. But this meant I had to go through all 140 episodes and don´t you know, of course the most important scene I was looking for was in episode 122. This time I managed to make all the necessary GIFs and even put them in the post but I could not finish the video section of the post. But because I was already tired of posting this and setting it back to the draft folder I put it on the blog as is was and finished that part Today.

So if you have been on the blog or if you usually visit my site from Terry Hooper´s COMIC BITS ONLINE blog you may have seen Aylin Mújica´s post disappearing and reappearing but if you have just visited Today you will not have noticed anything special. Man, the last few posts have all been two posts on the same day which is a bit taxing but I think we can agree that where MILF massitas Jamie Lee Curtis and Aylin Mújica ( in her case the M in MILF stands for Mexican ) are concerned all the work is worth it.

I thought that in my last post about this I went too much on a tangent at some point but it seems that my readers want to hear more about the particular issues. And while there is some stuff I want to keep for my upcoming longer posts on John Buscema´s second run on AVENGERS - like the fact that the first american issue I got from this run did NOT have a John Buscema cover at all - I will once again add a few pages and panels from the comics in question as well as some links where you can read on.

So because I have probably lost fifteen percent of my audience already with all this boring administrative stuff let´s start with our first cover.

And there came a day, a day unlike any other, when Earth's mightiest heroes and heroines found themselves united against a common threat. On that day, the Avengers were born - to fight the foes no single super hero could withstand! Through the years, their roster has prospered, changing many times, their glory has never been denied! Heed the call, then - for now, the Avengers Assemble ! 

The Avengers have always been about change and like their roster the leader has changed in every new permutation of the team. Those issues are always the best and this cover does a good job of presenting all the possible candidates if you look at it in detail. Up front you have Captain America who has filled that role a few times and who would assume the role again without any question. Since he is also the most confident and self assured members of this team he assumes the leading position.

Right behind him on the right side - from the reader´s point of view - is the trusty Black Knight his sword drawn, showing that he´s ready to take the mantle of leader. He would probably not be the first to nominate himself for that position but if push comes to shove he would also not shirk his responsibility. On the other side we have Monica Rambeau who went by Captain Marvel back then ( probably mainly to keep the copyright for the name back then ) and who went through a whole laundry list of names since then that´s just too long to list here. She was the newest member on the team - well, the newest OFFICIAL member on the team since Doctor Druid was still not an official member at that time - and it looks like she´s hiding with a bit of trepidation behind Cap. Which is reinforced by the box with the bar code in front of her. This may be one of the first times I have seen the bar code box used as a design element on a cover. Nevertheless if you look at Captain Marvel´s face you can see that she doesn´t look in the slightest unsure of herself or intimidated.

She was one of my favorite members of the team and it´s not spoiling too much to say that this issue is a big spotlight on her character and her decision to become one of the most successful leaders of the Avengers.

Now right behind them we have Thor, one of the mightiest Avengers who has been the leader before even if not as often as Captain America. Being the warrior - which is accentuated by him holding his hammer - he is prepared to lead the Avengers into many glorious battles still to come.

Of course the next person on the cover - the sensational She Hulk - might have one or two things to say about that. Jennifer Walters is always a fun character - see her sly smirk on the cover - who is not going to stand for anybody bossing her around not even the mighty god of thunder himself.

Which brings us to the final person on the cover, Doctor Druid. Now some people have said that they don´t understand his purpose on the team.

" So this Doctor Druid dude he´s kind of this bald guy in a robe with mental powers but not the really good ones like Doctor Strange. "

Yeah, that about sums it up nicely. Bald guy in a robe ( sometimes even a fat bald guy as some artists have drawn him with a kind of pot belly ) that works as a psychatrist and goes on talk shows and is basically a second rate Doctor Strange. Which is only natural since he was Stan Lee´s first tryout for that very character. In his first appearance he wasn´t even called Doctor Druid but Doctor Droom but because that sounded too much like the preferred sparring partner of Marvel´s first family his name was changed to Doctor Druid. He first appeared as a monster hunter of all things in AMAZING ADVENTURES 1 in June 1961, drawn by Jack Kirby and inked by Steve Ditko. Which makes him older than the Fantastic Four. 

Now the first time I saw Doctor Druid I didn´t know any of this. Which was in the pages of THE INCREDIBLE HULK 210 by Len Wein, Sal Buscema and Ernie Chan who became the new regular inker with that very issue.

They went on to do one of my favorite runs on the title which I absolutely love and which would make one hell of an omnibus book. Just think about it : you got Jack of Hearts, you got Bi Beast and the Constrictor, you got April Sommers ( who looks strikingly like german actress Elke Sommer - a coincidence ? ) Jim Wilson and the great magician Kropotkin ( not to be confused with the Tropopkins, the monsters in STEPMONSTER, a movie with Amy Dolenz about which I wrote in this post . By the way, I´m still looking for info on who did the art for that comic and any good scans of it ), you have a band of misfits going up against the Circus of Crime and even Robinson Crusoe ( kind of ), pirates and a whole bunch of monkeys.

If that is not the greatest run on HULK then I don´t know. But that is the topic for my Hulk posts to which I will return now that I have finally bought ESSENTIAL HULK volume 6 which is the best volume ever because you get all these great issues and a few more in one fantastic trade. If you only buy one ESSENTIAL HULK trade, by God, let it be this one. By the way, I still have my french editions of these issues COLOSSES EN FURIE and thanks to the ESSENTIAL book I can now tell you exactly which pages are missing there. Because as usual the french left out some pages. As did the germans. I don´t want to make it seem like only the french cut some pages from their editions of american comics. It also happened in german comics from Hit Comics to Williams even all the way to Condor.

But let´s get back to Doctor Druid with the splash page from HULK 210.

He made his debut in AMAZING ADVENTURES 1 and you can see that he was a tryout character for Doctor Strange because his origin was weird.

While he is a psychiatrist when he returned to the AVENGERS title with issue 276 ( his return ? yes, we´ll talk about his later ) he must be a regular doctor when the story I AM THE FANTASTIC DR. DROOM ! opens because he is there with his colleagues in the City Medical Club where he overhears a conversation about a tibetian lama who requested the aid of a medical doctor from the United States but all the other doctors thinks it´s absurd to travel halfway around the world just to treat one patient or are too busy. So our good doctor decides to go in their stead which has me assuming that at that time he was a regular doctor. Because it makes no sense for Doctor Droom to fly to Tibet if he can only give him some psychiatric help. " Okay, I know you´re dying but how do you feel ? " 

Oh, but it gets better. Doctor Droom also flies to Tibet because he has always been fascinated by the ancient powers of the ancestral druids. But wait, weren´t the druids celtic ? Like in Ireland and stuff ? That´s right. But they kept no written records so Doctor Droom began studying the tibetan monks since they DID at least keep oral records and maybe they had passed on the same secrets that the celtic druids had possessed.

Am I the only one who finds this strange ? Oh, I want to know more about the druids but because they did not keep any records why not just study the tibetan monks ? I mean, they are both kind of mystic and foreigners and maybe I can learn a bit of this kung fu stuff while I´m at it. This is like a diehard Marvel guy suddenly reading VALIANT´s X - O MANOWAR instead of IRON MAN because they both have armor. Not that I would be against Marvel readers trying out new books from another company. 

So I have to question how dedicated Doctor Droom really is about this whole druid thing when he´s ready to switch to studying tibetan monks.

Which he does at the drop of a hat. He´s all like " they didn´t keep any records anyway so I might as well do something else " and then he just ASSUMES that the tibetan monks had the same knowledge as the celtic druids as all those mystic types are part of the same club anyway. Which is an incredible longshot on his part. And kind of racist but they also up the ante in that regard later on. When our Doctor Droom arrives at the remote temple where the lama lives he is welcomed by the lama´s chief aide who tells him up front that he is not getting paid as the lama has no money. Of course the good doctor is disappointed but since he cannot refuse to treat a sick man he agrees to give him a freebie. Then the aide tells him that he must leave his instruments behind. Oh, and take his shoes off while he´s at it. At this point a simple doctor´s visit turns into something out of a The Shaolin´s Thousand Chambers of Death movie.

To reach his patient he now has to walk barefeet across burning coals and fight a gorlion which is a gorilla / lion hybrid ( I kid you not ) and finally climb onto a balcony using one of these indian ropes you see in movies that is suspended in the air. So when he finally reaches his patient he finds out that it was all a con, that his patient was not dying but merely really old and tired. The lama reveals that he is earth´s protector against evil mystic forces and that everything Doctor Droom did was a test to see if he was a suitable successor. Instead of giving him a piece of his mind about how he bs - ed him Doctor Droom accepts the offer and the lama gives him mystical powers by transforming him - into an asian guy. WTF ?

Even the guys at Marvel must have realized how racist that was because when they reprinted that story in 1976´s WEIRD WONDER TALES the art was changed to give him the look we all have grown accustomed to. And the lama didn´t turn him into an asian but awakened his mystic powers.

And they also changed his name from Doctor Droom to Doctor Druid. As you can see his origin story was very similar to Doctor Strange although they changed enough in Doctor Strange´s origin so that it actually makes sense. Doctor Druid had a few stories in the first six issues of AMAZING ADVENTURES but after the changed reprint in WEIRD WONDER TALES he disappeared into obscurity until he resurfaced in INCREDIBLE HULK 210. 

And some people say it would have been better for everyone involved if he had stayed in comic limbo because nothing good came from his return.

We will probably talk about the infamous end to his short career with the Avengers further down the line but let me tell you he´s really been put through the wringer. But right now there´s another mystery to unravel. When he appears in the pages of AVENGERS 276 he goes to help the Avengers because " there is an old debt to be repaid. " Now for the longest time I didn´t know what he was referring to but - once again thanks to the guys from SUPER MEGA MONKEY`S MARVEL CHRONOLOGY - I found out that it goes back to AVENGERS issues 225 and 226 in which the Avengers helped Doctor Druid on a timey wimey adventure that ended up returning the Black Knight from the middle ages to the present day.

Okay, back to AVENGERS 279 which is where this long rant started. Roger Stern brought in Doctor Druid onto the Avengers roster as an all kind of purpose guy who could do whatever the story needed. As a doctor and psychiatrist he could help them out in a medical crisis or treat problems of the mind and his powers were vague enough that he could levitate, hypnotize people or speak with them telepatically. And unlike Doctor Strange he wasn´t so powerful that he could solve every problem with just a spell. Which is one of the reasons why Doctor Strange hasn´t had a long ongoing career like other superheroes. He is most often used as a deux ex machina character who comes in at the last moment and saves the story by doing impossible things like declaring that there is no such things as chaos magic when he just spend a few months mastering it. Writers find it hard to come up with something that makes him work up a sweat.

Back to Doctor Druid, in AVENGERS 279 he plays the role of Doctor Who´s companions which means he is there to give the reader some exposition dialogue and he also provides the comic relief with a practical joke.

Now I was never quite sure if there wasn´t some kind of implied sexual tension between Doctor Druid and She Hulk since this was never pursued.

It certainly looked like that with the way Doctor Druid was often teasing her and vice versa but aside from the obvious hints the story went into other directions. While this scene serves to show readers that Doctor Druid will not be the stuffed shirt character on the team many feared him to become - going with the usual trope of brainy but boring types - and also give John Buscema the chance to draw the, I must say sensational She Hulk in a bikini ( my god, he drew some howt women ! ) you can see a mischievous streak in Doctor Druid that may just hint of his upcoming abuse of power. The Black Knight knows that this is not a good idea.

Now while Doctor Druid is not eligible as a candidate for leadership of the Avengers we already catch him thinking what he could do with such a team. So his thirst for power and his vanity are established early on.

On the cover he is the one who stands all the way in the back because you know he´s not going to become the new team leader unless all the other members are wiped out. You could also say that the sinister look on his face and the way he stands behind the others is a hint about his upcoming evil machinations but I think that´s reading too much into this cover.

Wow, with all this stuff about Doctor Druid we only did one cover. In my first post I managed to do ten John Buscema covers, in my second post I only did five and in my third post I´m down to one. I feel like the guy who is hired to paint the centre strip on the highway and gets called into the boss´ office because on the first day he managed to paint sixteen miles, on his second day he only painted seven miles and on the third day only one mile. When his boss asks him why that is he tells him that every day he got the paint tin farther away. So you may forgive me for ending this topic for Today but there are still four more AVENGERS issues to cover.

As always I have to give props to the many websites that helped me make this post, firstly Doctor Druid´s wikipedia entry , his Marvel wikia page and COMIC BOOK LEGENDS REVEALED 260 which helped straighten out his complicated origin and provided much needed art ( you can see more pages from his first origin and the retold version at the link above ). There are also some posts about Doctor Druid I came along while doing this post which are not very positive. Nobody really likes so it´s no wonder that ARMAGIDEON TIME has him under Nobody´s Favorites : Failed Prototype , KNIGGIT.NET calls him Marvel´s First Failure and the A. V. CLUB goes even so far as to include him in their list of 18+ Avengers you won´t see in a movie . Although I have to say that it is an injustice that they included Thunderstrike, the Black Knight, Stingray and the Great Lakes Avengers in that list. And I´m sure that Terry Hooper will be appalled to see his favorite Avenger Gilgamesh among those rejects. 

Since I mentioned Shang Chi in Today´s post and it is Bruce Lee´s birthday here is Carl Douglas with the original KUNG FU FIGHTING.

I thought I had already posted all John Buscema videos but then I came across this one about making the CONAN comics which John Buscema drew for decades. His comics were some of the first US comics I ever read - or flipped through since back then I could not read them - and they will always be the gold standard for me. I´m still looking for a good reprint version of my favorite issues. Dark Horse started publishing a recolored version but while the first issues were mindblowing by volume six or seven the printing was dirty, the colors were mudded and flat.

Speaking about John Buscema´s CONAN our pal Old Groove has posted WHAT IF 13 - What If Conan the Barbarian Walked the Earth Today ? Unlike most comics from that series it is done by the regular art team. 

Not much to add to this one but I guess everybody has seen the movie.

One of the movies I´m most excited about for 2016 that is not comic related. CREED already played in most countries but in Germany the release date is January 2016. Just when you thought Sylvester Stallone was all done with Rocky movies. I guess the big success of the last one made them do another one although this is not really a Rocky movie.

Since I was just recently reminded that I´m an old man here´s a video to show you just HOW old I am. This is an episode of AM LAUFENDEM BAND hosted by one of Germany´s biggest Showmeister, Rudi Carell. I watched this as a kid and it was on one of three tv channels which was all we got.

There was DAS ERSTE, the first tv channel that had to adhere to the official educational mandate for the public, DAS ZWEITE DEUTSCHE FERNSEHEN, the second tv channel which was created to outbalance the first tv channel where political news are concerned and lastly DAS DRITTE which was more local tv shows. I picked this episode because they have Heinz Rühmann, Pierre Richard and Sexbombe Ingrid Steeger as guests.

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Pym has his uses, Shadowman but I wouldn´t trust him with anything ..... important !

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Happy birthday cult buttocks Aylin Mújica !

Since it has gotten much too long to keep it in the JOHN BUSCEMA`S TOP TEN AVENGERS COVERS post I have finally decided to give cuban actress Aylin Mújica and bubblebutt sexbomb who turned 41 Today her own post. 

Right now you're probably going : Aylin who ? WTF ? Now what's he talking about ? And before I spent a few months in Spain looking for a job I would have been the same. Longtime readers may remember that I mentioned that when I was in Spain I was not exactly in a highly populated area. So let me illustrate that further : maybe you know or you have heard about the city called Barcelona. It is one of the big Metropolises of the world.

Looks nice, doesn't it ? But that´s not where I was. Well, a little more to the Costa Dorada lies Torredembarra, a town that's your basical tourist trap but that still has a lot of places to go and shops and all kind of stuff. We used to have a small apartment there but that's another story.

Not as good as being in Barcelona but not bad either. But that's also not where I was. That was a totally remote are called La Pobla de Montornes which is an even smaller ..... just think Smallville but not as technological advanced. The streets of La Pobla look something like this .....

Now you might say : okay, that's not so bad. I haven't finished. This is La Pobla but ..... I was not actually IN La Pobla I was in an even more remote area that's outside the town. In fact you have to take the car and drive ten minutes to get to the town ( and I´m using that term very loosely here ) or walk for half an hour. And the streets look something like this :

So, when I came to Spain that year the plan was to go to the comic convention in Barcelona, rest a few days and then go back to Barcelona to find a job. What I didn't know was that my mother had planned to use the remote location to put me cold turkey on comics and since I had spent all my money at the comic convention I was stuck in the middle of nowhere. If Torredembarra is like the ass of the world then La Pobla is the pimple on that ass and where I stayed was the hair on the pimple on that ass.

And when I had read all the comics I bought there wasn't much to do but watch television because I didn't have the laptop yet. My only source of entertainment and hot chicks was the television which is not as bad as it sounds - it could have been german tv. Now on spanish tv I like to watch telenovelas. But not the remakes. I like to watch the originals which are mostly done in Argentina and which sound very strange to spanish ears.

They have a tendency to accentuate the " r " very much which was so hilarious on one telenovela I watched many years ago where the main female character was named Rebecca which of course was material for lots of funny sentences like : " Rrrrebeccca, me hassss rrrrrobado el essssposssso. " Anyway, another reason why I like to watch argentinian telenovelas is that they always have at least two ultrahot latin babes who have a wild catfight in at least every third episode - that's obligatory.

Maybe that's what's wrong with german tv series : there are just not enough hot catfights. The telenovelas are written very simple which means that they use all the television tropes like the evil twin seperated at birth, the child from a rich family that gets adopted and later she has sex with her own father without knowing it and the priest who must keep the identity of the serial killer secret because .... you know the drill.

Everything is black and white and the bad girls are really bad. One of the telenovelas I watched ( since it´s been a long time that I was last in Spain I´m not sure if it´s still on but I found some episodes on the internet - although with hungarian dubbing ) was MARINA and Aylin was the bad girl. And let me tell you when she's bad she's really good. She apparently loves to play the bad girl and she shamelessly uses all her womanly charms ( and her sensational body ) to get what she wants.

When she's on screen reprimanding her maid and servants or menacing people to kill them you can't help but get a hard on. Her sexy eyes are sparkling, she's breathing heavily, her breasts are heaving a lot in her mega cleavage that only covers what is necessary and her firm boobs are almost popping out just millimeters away from a wardrobe malfunction or a nippleslip ..... but Aylin Mújica´s best feature is her incredible derriere.

Yes, this hot massita has an ass that's just inhuman : 36 - 24 - 35 ( ! ) . I remember that once my mother insisted on watching one episode of MARINA with me ( and let me tell you nothing is more of a downer than watching hot chicks with your mother ) where she tried to dissuade me from watching the tv show by pointing out how big and round her ass is.

Oy ! Let me tell you something women of the world : trying to convince a guy that some woman is not sexy by pointing out how big and round and juicy and whatnot her ass or breasts are ? That is not going to work. In fact, that`s what turns us on, okay ? You might as well try to keep your son from screwing the girl next door by telling him she looks like a porn star with her 40GG boobs, what a total nymphomanic slut she is and that she gives the best blowjobs in the country. That´s like free advertising.

I didn't catch all the episodes since these telenovelas go on forever but I caught a few good ones with Aylin in hot lingerie and showing her booty.

Of course the show also had what I call " the Chloe effect " which means that Aylin Mújica was trying to get the main male character of the telenovela to marry her who instead was pining all the time for his lost love Marina ( who got out of jail where she was for a murder she didn't commit but she confessed because she thought her son had done it and the priest knew the identity of the killer but ..... well, it's complicated ).

Like Clark on SMALLVILLE who only has eyes for Lana and doesn't realize that Chloe would spoil him for all women the guy from MARINA is always trying to get back to this boring, unattractive and really annoying chick when he has a piece of grade - a latin ass in his bedroom just waiting to screw his brains out. If I was him I would just let Aylin do whatever she wants to me. I mean she would probably kill me within a few weeks with her sex drive and rule the world in no time but hey - what a way to go.

Normally I put the wikipedia or chikipedia links on my posts but since there is almost no information on Aylin Mújica there here's the entry :

Aylín Mújica is a cuban born actress, model, and ballet dancer who lives in Mexico City, Mexico. She has been married three times and has three children. Her first marriage was to Cuban musician Osamu, with whom she has a son, Mauro, born in 1993. Her second marriage was to mexican tv producer Alejandro Gavira, with whom she has a son, Alejandro, born in 2000. On September 24, 2010, Mújica married actor Gabriel Valenzuela with whom she has a daughter, Violeta, born on April 6, 2010. During the summer of 2012 Aylin and Gabriel Valenzuela announced their divorce.

Aylin began dancing at the age of 8 years. She studied folk dance, ballet, choreography and music at the National Ballet School. At the age of 15 she entered the Higher Institute of Arts where she studied drama and at 18 years, she studied at the International Film School in Havana, Cuba. In 1992 she traveled to Mexico to kick - start her acting career there. She began working as a model in television commercials and video clips of singers like Marcelo Cezán, Willy Chirino, Albita Rodriguez and others.

The actress has posed nude in the spanish magazine Interviú1 and also appeared in a photoshoot in H PARA HOMBRES . In January of 2010 she appeared nude in EXTREMO magazine and in March of 2013 she did a nude photoshoot for the mexican edition of PLAYBOY magazine, proving that she had still an incredibly spectacular body at thirtyeight years old.

Mújica also appeared in several Mexican TV shows, including TV Azteca's morning weekend TV Show TEMPRANITO and the telenovela AMOR EN CUSTODIA. In 2006, the actress began working for Telemundo. She was offered an antagonist role on PECADOS AJENOS but she declined before accepting and was replaced by Catherine Siachoque. She worked in the soap opera AURORA in 2010. Her most recently appearance was in the hit telenovela CORAZON as the main antagonist. But the best title of all the telenovelas Aylin has been on is SIN SENOS NO HAY PARADISO which translated to english means Without breasts there is no paradise.

During 2014 Aylin Mújica, appeared on SECRETANDO 2, a web-telenovela, playing Daniela. So happy birthday Aylin and thanks for the mammaries.

Our next video shows that sometimes truth really is stranger than fiction because how high are the chances that two latin sexbombs with two incredible bubblebutts celebrate their birthday at exactly the same day, have exactly the same age and their first names are almost identical ?

I´m talking about Aylen Alvarez who has one of the best butts around.

Okay, let´s go down the checklist. Are they both latin sexbombs ? Aylen Alvarez is from Cuba - check, Aylin Mújica is from Mexico - check. Awesome bubblebutts : Aylen Alvarez 37 ( ! ) check, Aylin Mújica 35 ( ! ) check, their first names sound similar and both turned 41 Today.

Since I can´t write much about Aylen I put her in the video section.

Thalia is one of the biggest stars in Latin America and I first saw her on the spanish tv show SORPRESA SORPRESA ( surprise surprise ) where famous people surprise their fans. Although it was before my exile to Spain I want to include her since she helped through these hard times.

Thalia is the total package because she has the soul of a saint, the voice of an angel and a relentless body made for sin. Her moves on stage drive men crazy and although she does not fall into the usual blonde archetype with big breasts she could easily multiply the circulation of any gentlemen magazine with her classic curves. Because she just oozes sex appeal from every pore but without coming off as cheap or dirty. I think I have talked enough about her so here is one of her famous hot live performances.

Like I said Thalia is also one of the biggest recording artist in spanish speaking countries ( to list all her accolades would bust the length of this post but if you have some extra time you can read her wikipedia entry ) so it´s no wonder that she did the songs for the spanish versions of ANASTASIA ( in spanish and portugese or brazil - I´m not sure ) one of my favorite animated movies. I have to buy the spanish version the next time I´m in Spain if it includes the language version for Latin America.

As you can see in the clip above the dress from ANASTASIA suits her much better because of her breathtaking measurements. She would definitely be perfect in the role. Too bad they didn´t make a movie version with her since she also had a long acting career and is one of the most famous actresses from the most famous telenovelas at the 90s seen around the world. Anyway, to help you cope with that disappointment here she is on a tv show from Brazil rocking that skintight dress. She definitely works it !

Another hot massita from spanish tv is Ivonne Reyes who is not also incredibly sexy but hilariously funny, a combination that is not as unusual in Spain than it is in Germany. I think here you can count them on one hand. Which is not supposed to be any kind of segueway to a comment about Ivonne Reyes who is - as we say in Spain - tastier than bread.

Also unlike most german celebrities Ivonne does not shy from showing her incredible body like in this clip even if it´s only in underwear.

And to show you that she still got it here´s a more recent clip with Ivonne Reyes showing off her incredible bust size on LA SEMANA MAS LARGA.

Another incredible blonde spanish sexbomb is Marta Sanchez who I wish I had caught on tv more often. She definitely sings at the top of her lungs.

Last but not least here is a video from LA PARODIA NACIONAL, another show I watched religiously during my exile. It is a show where political topics were turned into satirical songs to the melody of famous songs.

I guess this kind of songs became popular among the spanish populace during the restrictive regime of Franco and while in Germany most people still have the mentality of helpless peasants in dealing with the state and its elected representatives the people in Spain are much more distrustful of politicians. It´s one of the reasons why there is no real investigative journalism in Germany aside from a few exceptions like Günther Wallraff.

Anyway, during the time I was watching it LA PARODIA NACIOONAL was one of the most popular shows on tv and there were always five teams competing with each other for best parody of the week. The lyrics of the songs were written by viewers and interpreted by various artists of which LAS MIRANDAS was my favorite group - for obvious reasons. The show was a nice way of keeping up with actual topics ( which were always explained before the song and most often they did a little report with a hidden camera or an inquiry ) and see some hot women at the same time.

You can find a lot of these clips on YouTube and I picked the one below because it´s one in better quality - the show is rather old - with the hot sister team of Laura and Patricia Ugarte a.k.a LAS MIRANDAS in a really hot outfit and because it´s about a scandal from that time where gas stations cheated the customers in regards to how much gas they put in the tank. Yes, gas and money is a topic that will always be important.

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John Buscema´s Top Ten Avengers covers

Since the response to my Big Christmas Contest has been less than I anticipated I have time to continue with the top ten AVENGERS covers, this time from his second run with Tom Palmer and writer Roger Stern.

I wanted to do this after dinner but I got distracted and sorted all the stuff for the upcoming MARVEL VISIONARIES posts. As I have mentioned I am really frustrated right now because Disney doesn´t want my money.

Okay, not in general. They would be just too happy to take my money - the problem begins when the question arises what to spend it on. You see, Disney would like me to spend all my money on all their great Marvel NOW books and new Epic Collections and omnibus books. And I want to spend it on comics I want to read like AVENGERS 81 which IS available in a nice, expensive MARVEL MASTERWORKS edition. Theoretically. In thesis the comic was printed and it could be possible for me to find it. In reality it is not. Either you can´t find it or it goes for hundred or two hundred bucks. So what do you do instead ? You buy MARVEL VISIONARIES books which does not give you exactly the issues that you want but at least you have some good ones in there. To read. Because if you want it for the art you better get the MARVEL MASTERWORK edition ( which is not always available so this becomes a vicious circle ) because the reproduction on some of the issues in the MARVEL VISIONARIES books is really bad.

But that´s not what this post is about. I don´t want to repeat the criteria by which I choose the covers again since you can read all about that in my first post but there is - as always - another wrinkle added to it. While all of the points from my last post still apply this time I also tried to include covers where I had the original black and white art by John Buscema and Tom Palmer and as usual I´m posting them with the colored versions. So keep that in mind while I start the run down with the first cover. As last time I couldn´t do a ranking - it was difficult enough to pick ten covers.

You will notice that a lot of the covers I chose have people standing around. Which with a lesser artist might be boring but John Buscema excelled at people striking a pose. No matter if they were triumphant, crazy or celebrating it would all come out through their body language.

Firelord is looking really majestic and defiant shaking his fist at anybody who dares provoke him while Hercules - as the strongest and the most impetuous - is the first to engage him. The Black Knight, being the more laid back team player is coming close behind with the drawn Ebony Blade.

He was a character I always enjoyed since he was one who seldom sought the attention and the glamour many others had but he always pulled his weight and was one hundred percent reliable. For me has emphasized what an Avenger should be so in this respect he was kind of my Hawkeye. Plus the whole knight and chivalry motif reminded me of the comics I read as a kid like SIGURD, CAPITAN TRUENO or EL GUERRERO DEL ANTIFAZ.

Back to the cover to AVENGERS 258, right behind the Black Knight is Captain America, always the master tactician who is probably already planning the next five moves anticipating his opponent´s strategies.

Now these three take up the bottom of the picture and to avoid empty space John put the two fliers of the team, Starfox and the Wasp in the top of the cover. The Wasp is flying in from the front while Starfox brings up the rear and to make it even busier Spider - Man drops by in his brand new black and white duds. If I remember correctly this is a crossover with the Spider - Man comic where Peter whupped Firelord´s ass. Yup, he did and he didn´t even have the power cosmic. Of course it couldn´t have happened to a nicer guy since Firelord was always kind of a dick and a tool. I never liked him and I guess the writers kept him around because of his cool visuals. Anyway, the epic battle with Spider - Man started because Firelord was on a rampage and this issue deals with the fallout of that

And speaking about epic battles and Avenger members who behave like a dick our next cover is one of those that already tell you all you need to know about the whole issue : Hercules versus Namor. It´s on, beyotch !

This for me is one of THE best issues of the run, one of the funniest that also shows Hercules in a different light than usual. Since I don´t want to spoil it for those who have not read I can´t go into more detail but for once he has a very good reason for starting his usual sheenanigans.

Not that you need much to pick a fight with the usual hot tempered Avenging Son. You know, it´s really strange that it took that long for someone called the Avenging Son to become a member of the Avengers.

Which would not have happened without Captain America which in turn shows you what a brilliant writer Roger Stern is. A lot of writers - especially Today - are afraid of continuity but Roger Stern used the continuity in which Captain America had already been team members in the Invaders back in World War II to bring Namor into the fold. I don´t think it would have worked if anybody else would have asked him to join but because of their shared history Namor became an Avenger. Which led to one of the best rivalries on the team between the uptight arrogant king of the seven seas and the brash, joyriding demigod from Olympus.

Namor is a good example that the right writer can make any character interesting and engaging. I mean, basically he is another version of DC´s Aquaman but while Aquaman was just a joke until the NEW 52 relaunch Namor has always been a badass nobody in his right mind messes with.

That´s right. Namor is a complete dick and he will sleep with your wife. Just ask Reed Richards. He will tell you. Susan won´t tell you because she lives in total denial. No, that´s true. I just recently got the FANTASTIC FOUR - ALL IN THE FAMILY Epic Collection against my better judgement and reprinted there is issue 305 in which Susan Richards has a talk with Cristal because she feels uncomfortable with the fact that Cristal cheated on her husband Quicksilver ( with a real estate salesman of all people ) and now will be on the team with Johnny Storm, her ex - boyfriend. Who Cristal dumped in the worst way in the entire Marvel universe so she deserves all the grief that came from her marriage with Quicksilver.

Pietro is even worse because he admits that he only married her because she reminded him so much of his sister. Which is creepy on a level beyond Superman making out with his cousin or Supergirl having a date with her super horse that walks like a three legged man. So for all of you out there who thought that Jeph Loeb´s ULTIMATES run was stretching things with Pietro and Wanda being more than just brother and sister it was all there in the comics. I never guessed that when they said that comics aren´t just for kids anymore they meant Pietro being " hands on " with his sister.

Although that would fit right in with the rest of Wanda´s disturbing family dynamic. Which was caused in great deal by retconning a lot of stuff. Like that Magneto was her father. That made AVENGERS 111 where Magneto had Scarlet Witch under his control and let her like dance for him sick.

Because even if Magneto hadn´t known that Wanda was his lost daughter he just went : " Wow, there is this hot chick who looks EXACTLY like my sexy wife and is about the same age as the daughter I lost. What a weird coincidence. I think I´ll let her dance for me, drool. " I mean, Wanda must be the ultimate sexbomb since she made an android become all hot and bothered and her sex appeal even brought Simon Williams back from the dead but that´s just ridiculous. They are just lucky Magneto didn´t make her do something else than just dance while under his control.

But I´m already going too much on a tangent here. The whole oversexed writing of the Scarlet Witch character deserves a long post of its own.

So back to Susan Richards. During the conversation she mentions that while she and Reed had their problems during their marriage she had never been with another man. Which is where I would have spilled my drink if I had been drinking something at that moment. Never been with another man ? Is she serious or does she not count Namor as a man ?

Or maybe it´s one of these " it doesn´t count because it was just oral sex " or whatever things. Just ask Bill Clinton. Come on, we all know that every time she had any kind of problems with Reed she went to Prince Namor and he´s not the kind of guy who just talks and holds hands.

That´s my story and I´m going to stick to it. Okay, back to Buscema´s best AVENGERS covers the next one also features the Sub - Mariner. Another cover with somebody just standing there but while Firelord was the embodiment of triumph Namor is the total opposite of that here.

With his arms and shoulders hanging, the drooping corners of his mouth and the uncharacteristic wrinkles on his forehead you can almost feel that this is not a good day for him. The banners already tell you why Namor is so apprehensive and John Buscema managed to depict various emotions from vexation to concern to suspicion on the faces of his fellow Avengers.

Not quite as pensive and introverted is the cover for AVENGERS issue 287. I´m sorry but if that is not one of the best covers ever I don´t know.

I just love this cover. I know, some people will say that it is too much " old school " but those are the best. The composition is so dead on with the Fixer at the center of the picture and the beams going out from him in which the Avengers fall totally under his control and are defeated. Here the Fixer reigns supreme and with the expression Buscema put on his face you can almost hear his maniacal laughter echoing from the walls.

Another cover with somebody standing at the forefront in this one Kang´s posture is a mix of triumph and defiance. You also have the Hulk, Storm and Colossus rushing in to fight him besides the Avengers which has to do with the story inside which is - of course since Kang is involved - another timey wimey time travel alternate world kind of thing we all love or hate.

Because let´s face it : while some of the best stories in Avengers lore like The Celestial Madonna Saga or Avengers Forever or the brilliant story Walter Simonson started in his final issues on AVENGERS and resolved during his run on FANTASTIC FOUR revolve around Kang trying to keep his continuity straight will give you a headache. Kang, Immortus, Rama Tut, Scarlet Centurion, this guy has almost as many identities as Hanl Pym and he appears everywhere. I just recently finished volume 4 of ESSENTIAL DOCTOR STRANGE which reprints DOCTOR STRANGE 53 in which Doctor Strange travels back in time to the events of FANTASTIC FOUR 19. Both of which are also in the second WEST COAST AVENGERS omnibus which I still haven´t had time to read. Now you might say that I have the same issue twice but I´m glad that I got both comics. Now it makes sense to include both issues in the omnibus because guess what - the West Coast Avengers are also on a time travel journey into which the events in the comics play into. So if you want a bit of background info on why Doctor Strange is doing what he is doing and what´s up with the Fantastic Four you can read those issues. I would even go as far as to say that they should have put those issues first because it´s a prologue to the rest.

On the other hand with time travel these stories all happen at the same time so the order in which you read them is not important so you can include them in the back of the book. Now besides being a crossover with the Fantastic Four and the West Coast Avengers DOCTOR STRANGE 53 is also the finale of a long story arc so if you want to know what the hell Doctor Strange is going on a time travel in the first place you can read all of it in the ESSENTIAL. Which has some of the best art on the title with such great artists like Tom Sutton, Alan Kupperberg and Gene Colan,

Howard Chaykin, Pablo Marcos and P. Craig Russell ( inking ), Paul Smith,

ASTRO CITY´s Brent Anderson and the incomparable Michael Golden,

one of my favorite Superman artists Kerry Gamill and Marshall Rogers.

Marshall Rogers is best known for his run on BATMAN with writer Steve Englehart but he also did some exceptional issues of DOCTOR STRANGE. 

Back to AVENGERS 267 it´s the first part of a three part story which was reprinted together with other Kang stories in the KANG - TIME AND TIME AGAIN trade around the time when YOUNG AVENGERS was a big hit.

You can also find it in the AVENGERS - THE ONCE AND FUTURE KANG trade which reprints AVENGERS 262 to 296 as well as AVENGERS ANNUAL 15 and WEST COAST AVENGERS ANNUAL 1. I skipped this new trade because not only do I already have all this issues as singles but I have the two annuals in the aforementioned WEST COAST AVENGERS omnibus volume 2, issues 265 and 266 are included in the SECRET WARS II omnibus hardcover and issue 263 is part of FANTASTIC FOUR VISIONARIES - JOHN BYRNE vol 7.

It´s incredible how long it took Marvel to reprint the Roger Stern / John Buscema run in chronological order. The first part is THE LEGACY OF THANOS and so far I have held off on buying it. I still hope we get more hardcovers from this run than UNDER SIEGE and ASSAULT ON OLYMPUS.

Speaking about AVENGERS 266, it almost made my top ten because it´s another great cover that tells a story. I only did not include it because there are a few others I just had to include and still two more covers with people standing around on the list. Man, John Buscema knew how to place them : notice how Hercules is already making a fist, ready to strike while the Silver Surfer has his board ready for action, Captain America is walking to the Molecule Man obviously expecting a decision, the Black Knight is in the background, as always, Namor looks impatient, his whole body language being closed while Captain Marvel is completely open. And you can see that the Molecule Man has to make a very difficult decision.  

And with that I have to wrap things up even if I only managed to do five of my Top Ten John Buscema covers from his second run. But it´s already too late to go on and we will have to continue this in the second part.

As usual a shout out goes out to the reliable guys from SUPER MEGA MONKEY`S MARVEL COMICS CHRONOLOGY who provided all the issue summaries linked to in the text for all those new comic readers who want to check out all the issues I talked about in this post. I also got most of the pictures from the inside of the comics from them except the final page of Cristal breaking up with Johnny that I found on this page from the website THE FANTASTIC FOUR ( 1961 - 89 ) WAS THE GREAT AMERICAN NOVEL . I would also like to thank the websites where I found the black and white art if only I could remember who it was. It´s been too long. 

Since I mentioned that Magneto was retro actively outed as the father of Quicksilver and the Scarlet Witch I thought it would be a good idea to post another video from COMIC MISCONEPTIONS that explains who was first presented as the father of Pietro and Wanda, how Magneto was fit into the continuity to become their REAL father and how the current issues of UNCANNY AVENGERS are already destroying that and introducing the REAL origin of Pietro and Wanda. Those two are like the Marvel version of Donna Troy who also gets a new origin story every few years.

I also mentioned spanish cult comic EL GUERRERO DEL ANTIFAZ about whom you can get more info on the official EL GUERRERO DEL ANTIFAZ website. At least Terry Hooper will get a kick out of this video.

We´re taking a break from the Doctor Who documentaries with DOCTOR WHO - LOST IN THE DARK DIMENSION, an animated fanfilm of a story that was never produced. As usual I haven´t had the time yet to see it.

Well, as promised here´s another video from a casting show, this time AMERICA`S GOT TALENT. I already posted one with a woman, a man and a group but so far no kids - which is the reason why I started watching these things in the first place. So here´s eleven years old Mara Justine.

Now usually the casting show videos are at the end of the post so they end with a nice song but this time I just had to put the last video by Comicbookgirl19 as the grand finale. Because after you have seen EPIC HISTORY X - MEN VOLUME 2, THE PHOENIX SAGA you can´t watch anything else. We have to support Comicbookgirl19 as much as possible because I want to see at least the third part of this ongoing series which will cover THE DARK PHOENIX SAGA, the best comic story ever written.

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