Friday, February 05, 2016

Friday Fight Night : Amazing Spider - Man

In honor of Tony Jaa´s 40th birthday I wanted to post something and since I already promised to post issues 108 and 109 of Amazing Spider - Man in my John Romita birthday post I thought now is as good a time as any.

Now you were probably expecting something along the lines of Shang Chi but as usual I´m starting very late on this post because I have been trying to go back to a normal daily routine. Or at least what it normal for me.

This week I was either going on for days without sleep or trying to sleep throughout the day so I can get up early the next day. Which didn´t work out as hoped because I either got very tired a few hours after getting up or I was so awake that I pulled another all nighter with the usual stuff.

Which - as blogger Terry Hooper already suspected - involved cosplayer Yaya Han, among other things I probably shouldn´t mention on this blog.

I swear, sometimes I think he has bugged this place out and there must be cameras here somewhere. If you´re wondering, I´m smiling at the moment while typing, just in case. You never know who´s watching.

Okay, before we start there are two more things I have to mention. First up, I´m almost finished with the Epic Collection IRON MAN - STARK WARS ( mostly called ARMOR WARS ) so you know another Bob Layton Iron Man post is coming. But as a small teaser here´s a little out of context panel from the " It wasn´t funny when they wrote it but it´s now " department.

The other thing is that as usual I didn´t want to just post the stories so I went looking for some original pages and don´t pin me on where I found them because I don´t remember. What I know is that I found a lot on - naturally - ROMITAMAN and some on HERITAGE AUCTIONS . Now the thing is that while I didn´t find many original pages for AMAZING SPIDER - MAN issue 108 I did find quite a lot from issue 109. And one thing I noticed is that the pages from the story I found are different from the original art.

The version from the original art is what you will find in the MARVEL VISIONARIES : JOHN ROMITA book I pimped but somehow the version I found online is different. I tried to find the pages that correspondent with the Visionaries version but the only ones I could find are from a foreign edition. Nevertheless I included all of this. So without any further ado let´s start with our fighting mad one two sucker punch tag team story. 

No changes so far. The next issue is where things begin to get weird.

I remember when Bildschriftenverlag tried to translate the names of superheroes as accurate as possible to german. It was not a good idea.

Here comes the first deviation. This is the original page :

And here is the page I found online :

What happened here is that two pages were turned into one.

But let´s get back to our story in progress.

The next page is where it goes off course again. These are the next two pages in their original version ( with Gwen chewing Aunt May out ) :

In the online version this was turned into one page with less drama.

Again, here is the color version in the right sequential order :

I have no idea why the version I found is different. I know that with foreign versions sometimes this was done to stay within the page limit but this is clearly an american version although I don´t know if this is from the original series or some reprinted version like MARVEL TALES.

Yes, kids, before trades and hardcovers and omnibus books became so popular we had to look for reprint series to read the issues we had missed.  And sometimes you bought the issues you already had because of the nifty cover by Mike Zeck ( who did 14 covers ) or George Perez.

Now most people think that french comic god Moebius a.k.a. Jean Giraud only did the SILVER SURFER graphic novel PARABLE with Stan Lee and some posters for Marvel but he also did the cover for MARVEL TALES 253. 

But let´s finish our story. Is Flash Thompson going to die ( you wish ) ?

Both for my german readers as well as for my readers abroad I decided to post more videos about german comics from now on. So one of the things I did since my last post was look for german videos about comics and I want to start things of with GESPENSTER GESCHICHTEN. Just for Terry.

Since Today would have been a FLASH FRIDAY here´s Wally West in one of his greatest battles against Vandal Savage from FLASH issues 1 and 2. Which means that I can´t watch this video since I still hope to find issues 1 and 70 somewhere so I can complete my FLASH run. Yep, I went there.

From one of the greatest battles in comics to the most epic battle in movies. Bruce Lee vs Chuck Norris. It doesn´t get better than this!

Speaking about epic battles, Today´s music video just had to be another edition of lip sync battle. This time Spider - Man 2 actress Emma Stone ( see ? there´s a comic reference, well comic movie ) challenges Jimmy.

Since today would have also been H. R. Giger´s 76th birthday - and also because I mentioned Moebius in the post - I wanted to post another video from Comicbookgilr19 about the project they both worked on that never came to pass and which then turned into one of the most famous sci fi movies ever where H. R. Giger invented his signature alien creature. 

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