Friday, March 04, 2016

By George ! Logan´s Run 3 : Sanctuary ?

This should have been posted Yesterday but because of severe stomach pains I just couldn´t do it. As the first post of the month I wanted to do something I didn´t get around to last month because of all the celebrity birthdays, namely posting issue three of George Perez´s LOGAN`S RUN.

As our last issue this one is written by David Kraft, penciled by George Perez and inked by Klaus Janson. I won´t bother you with a summary of what happened so far but you can go and read issue 1 and issue 2 .

As I always like to include a little sumthin, sumthin for my faithful readers I want to include some original art pages from George Perez´ AVENGERS vs JLA series. Now here´s the thing : I went through all issues to see from which issue these pages are but I could not find them in any of the issues. This is because - apparently - the pages are from the original AVENGERS vs JLA series that was slated to come out in the 80s but was canceled because of a pissing contest between the editors of DC and Marvel at that time. So I thought this was to good a find not to share it with the world. And speaking about find, I´m not sure where exactly I found these pages but thanks to the original poster, whoever you may be.

This post´s musical part of the video section could be summarized under " The soundtrack of my life " as all these artists have made a symphonic impact starting with Shakin Stevens who turns 68. For a lot of people he always was a cheap Elvis knock off but for me he´s the guy who kept Rock and Roll in the charts when Mtv and music shows became big in the 80s.

Speaking about Mtv, one artist that was always played - back when they actually showed music videos - was Chris Rea who celebrates his 65th anniversary and the video I initially wanted to include here, On The Beach was always in their Greatest Hits show. For me the song always reminded me of that longing we fell for the open sea and it´s one I like to play and think back on my trips home to Spain and the endless days of my youth.

Now if I told you that Today is Steven Weber´s 55th birthday you would probably have no idea whom I´m talking about. On the other hand if I told you that it´s the anniversary of the actor who plays the bad guy Vaughn Du Clarke, the evil mastermind behind the MAX RAGER on the hit tv series iZOMBIE you would instantly know whom I´m talking about. After FABLES has ended it´s run VERTIGO is better known as producing comics that are successfully adapted as tv series and iZombie has definitely hit it´s stride in the second season which is in no small part thanks to such charismatic but evil antagonists like the one portrayed by Steven Weber.

From zombies to other cult horror movies, today is the 63rd anniversary of Kay Lenz who has appeared on every tv show there is from Gunsmoke to Petrocelli, Hill Street Blues, Magnum P.I., Cagney & Lacey, The Fall Guy, Murder She Wrote, MacGyver ( she´s a guest star on the PHOENIX FOUNDATION´s podcast of the episode Last Stand in which she appeared) , Riptide, Starman, Mr. Belvedere, Moonlighting, Hotel, Houston Knights and Simon & Simon where she appeared as four different characters. Kay Lenz also became pretty famous to the Mtv generation as the girl from Rod Stewart´s Infatuation video from 1984. She also appeared in an episode of Lois & Clark : The New Adventures of Superman and did the voice of American Maid on The Tick and Bird Woman on Adventure Times.

To Today´s audiences she may be best know for he appearance on shows like ER, Law & Order : Special Victims Unit, JAG, NCIS, Cold Case, The Closer, CSI : Crime Scene Investigation, Bones or House M.D while I remember her from another House, namely the movie by Roger Corman.

I have been meaning to do a post on him for ages but never came around to do it so in the meantime here´s one horror movie that really scared the s - word out of me. The sequel was not as well received by the movie audiences as it went into the horror comedy direction but this is straight horror and I take any excuse to put more cult horror stuff on the blog.

This being a comic blog I should probably mention Simon Bisley who turns 54 Today. IF I had more material on him AND I wasn´t so taxed out from my grueling ordeal last night this post would have probably been about him so I guess I owe it to him to at least put him in the video section.

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Terry Hooper-Scharf said...

You HAD to mention Simon Bisley and spoil things, didn't you?

SUBZERO said...

Come on, don´t be mean. He has done some nice comics .... I suppose. And it´s his birthday. Don´t be a hater.