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By George ! Legion of Three Worlds issue 4

In honor of Tom Welling´s 39th birthday we continue with THE best Legion series written by Geoff Johns and graphically adapted ( you can´t say he drew it, that is like saying Mozart played the piano ) by George Perez.

But before we come to the penultimate chapter in this saga there´s one I have to mention. You might have noticed that a post appeared Yesterday titled MY BIG YAYA HAN POST which has strangely vanished from the blog.

A few days ago I noticed that I totally forgot that this month TALES FROM THE KRYPTONIAN celebrated it´s 10th anniversary. That right, ten years ago on the 11th of April 2006 I started this whole shinding, back then just a little blog with no links, no animated GIFs, no videos, just a man and his dream. Or his frustration about german comic message boards. That depends on how you want to see it. Well, with all the stuff that has been happening lately it´s no wonder I forgot about this big day. Nevertheless I thought about the best way to celebrate this grand occasion and after I considered what my readers would like me to do and then going in a completely direction and thinking about what I would like to do, which posts I have putting on hold the longest and which could fit this occassion there was one one possible answer : to finally do MY BIG YAYA HAN POST.

But as readers know I can get a little carried away when I write about the queen of cosplay so I knew I could not tackle the subject right away and would have to write the post over a couple of days or even weeks with many cold showers in - between. So doing the post was already a given it was only a matter of time. Which brings us to Yesterday when the post first emerged. I was finishing up my two posts about the alternates for my JLA CASTING CALL series and was going to all my bookmarks to see which links and videos I could add. And because I don´t like to do things twice I put all the links and videos on Yaya Han in a post. Of course I could not finish the post Yesterday so I put it in the draft folder. I will be working on the post over the next weeks but it will not go online until I have finished it. And it´s high time to do this post because Yaya keeps coming up with new costumes so the ones I selected begin to look old.

Since it is impossible to do a recap of everything that has happened in the first three issues and do it justice we´ll just continue with the story in progress and if you have missed out on our previous installments here are the links for issue 1 , issue 2 and issue 3 . This time around we have plenty of inked black and white pages so fans of original artwork rejoice.

And now you know why I didn´t call this post TIME TRAPPING TUESDAY, I didn´t want to spoil the surprise cliffhangers. Do writers still do them ?

Anyway, there´s only one issue to go and like in STAR WARS - REVENGE OF THE SITH the question is how are they going to fit it all in ? Before we come to the obligatory birthday roll call with the links and videos I have to mention Tera Patrick who I wanted to include in the post I was planning to do on the 20th this month. One of the good things about my old boob blog is that there are a lot of birthday posts on hot babes and even if I don´t do a solo post on all of them like for Demi Moore, Erika Eleniak or Markie Post I try to at least mention in a short part them when there is a reason.

That´s the good part, sometimes I just have to copy paste. Of course with Tera Patrick who works in porn most of the stuff I posted is not appropriate for this blog so I went through all my old files to see what was left that was still safe to post. Turns out almost nothing on the laptop.

So I went to the internet and waded through the plethora of pictures you can find there to look for the rare ones which look classy and hot and are okay to put on the blog. I also scoured through ll the pictures of Psylocke since she is very often cast in that role by fans on the internet - being hot and of asian descend. All things considered I had all my bases covered.

Then I returned to the internet to find out how old she will be and found out that her birthday is on the 25th of July and not on the 20th of April.

Somehow I messed up the date when I did my first post on her and I never double checked it so the mistake was carried on every year. Talk about wasting a good day on that. And it´s on the day of my patron saint of all days. Well, the good thing is that when the day comes - and if I manage to make a post around that time - I have all things already lined up.

Okay, coming from women who´s birthday is not Today to the women celebrating an actual birthday our youngest one is Emily Wickersham. The 32 year old is best known as special agent Eleanor Bishop on tv hit NCIS. 

Very apropos she is the newest addition to the crack investigation team or like Anthony Dinozzo would say the " bambina ". On the show she´s always very buttoned up even though she has a lot more to offer.

Our next candidate also stars in a hit tv show, Stana Katic who turns 38 Today. This is one of those cases of " copy paste " I mentioned earlier because I did quite a few posts on her. Stana doesn´t fall into my usual type of women since I´m more of a boobs man but this woman has legs up to her chin and she could have made a fortune as a stripper. I didn´t find the GIF from CASTLE I was looking for but here are a few nice ones.

Stana also starred in THE LIBRARIAN - CURSE OF THE JUDAS CHALICE which is one of my guilty pleasures. What can I say ? I´m one of the people who actually watches these films. Sometimes there is just nothing better on tv and for an Indiana Jones rip - off I find them entertaining. To tell you the truth I would have watched the last one just to see Stana.

Here in Germany they are on a hiatus on new CASTLE episodes which my Mom finds great because since Rick and Kate got married the show has become " too ridiculous " for her. One character who has grown quite nicely on the show is Molly Quinn who plays Alexis on the show. The other day I was looking for clips from the episode where they pretend to be in the 70s and Tamala Jones is wearing a Pam Greer outfit but all I could find were scenes with Molly as a hot hippie. Should I be concerned about that ?

I don´t have to explain 40 year old Emily Booth to my british readers because she hosted a bevy of tv shows in the UK, from shows about gaming ( which is one of the reason why she´s well known to pop culture enthusiasts ) to morning shows and game shows. She also starred in a few movies, best known among them Quentin Tarantino´s Grindhouse. She´s the official poster girl for GoreZone Magazine, a supporter of the Classic Horror Campaign and the face of the Horror Channel since 2007. 

Today we really have two sections in the birthdays, first hot women who are on tv and then guys who have something to do with music videos. Our first candidate is Roger Taylor, the drummer for a band I´m very familiar with Duran Duran who turns 56 and is not to be confused with the Roger Taylor who is the drummer for Queen. There are a few songs I instantly associate with Duran Duran and Today I have chosen Wild Boys because this was never shown in full length on german tv when I was a teenager.

I already mentioned that the reason why a lot of music videos were not shown in full - if they were shown at all - in Germany was that before the advent of music channels like Mtv and viva tv shows that showed music videos were produced in the very catholic bavarian tv studios who for some reason were hellbent on getting every tv youth show under their control. Probably to control it. Anyway, they often censored music videos they deemed too raunchy and many female pop stars had to do live appearances because of that. In the case of Sabrina Salerno that ploy backfired because they hadn´t counted on her patented bouncing action which made her live appearance hotter than the actual music video.

One of these shows was Formel Eins which is still kind of around since the company who has the copyright to the name still puts out CDs. The best host on the show was Ingolf Lück who has his 58th anniversary Today.

Another name that is tied to my generations collective musical knowledge is 75 year old Giorgo Moroder one of the big names in electronic music who wrote such hits for Donna Summer like Hot Stuff, On The Radio and I Feel Love . His works on movies like Top Gun, Flashdance and Midnight Express has earned him the Music Oscars and he´s still working Today with the greats of the music industry like Kylie Minogue although to Today´s kids he´s probably best known for his musical contributions to games like Grand Theft Auto III, Grand Theft Auto : Liberty City Stories, Grand Theft Auto : Vice City Stories and Scarface : The World Is Yours.  

Our last candidate in the music category is Duane Eddy who has his 78th birthday. He´s most famous for the theme of the tv show Peter Gunn.

Although I was not aware of this and the first time I heard the song was the version Art Of Noise recorded in 1986 which won them a Grammy.

After all the babes and music here´s something for the mind : austrian - british philosopher Ludwig Wittgenstein who was also born on this day.

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