Friday, April 29, 2016

Cést le Strange deja vue - encore une fois

Longtime readers may remember that I already did a post on french comic covers but since Terry Hooper over at COMIC BITS ONLINE has done a post on it I have decided to revisit the topic if this is what the public wants.

We can´t have those islanders show us up now can we ? Anyway, to get to a workable selection from the over 550 french comic covers I had I have decided to stick to the french magazine STRANGE. If my readers are interested in more of these posts I can do posts on NOVA and TITANS too.

To further narrow it down I have stuck to the painted covers because I didn´t want to post covers you already know from the original version only with a new logo. There are some covers which are not painted and which I believe are not original covers but I´ll leave that for an extra post. But I DO like the french comic covers with word balloons, though.

And I just have to include this cover because of Spidey´s black costume. I just recently read the Epic Collection : Sins of the Past Spider - Man trade and I have to say I miss the days when he was switching back and forth between the new black costume and the original and was married to MJ.

But before we come to the 18 covers I selected can anyone explain who in tarnation Prince Epsilon is ? I have never heard of this comic in my life.

Any information about this ( french ? ) comic will be much appreciated.

Today´s first birthday is Uma Thurman who turns 46 and you probably expected me to do a post on Power Girl in honor of Uma´s magical boob window worthy cleavage but I already did that in 2012 and there has not happened anything worthy since then that I haven´t already covered.

To prove that the photo above isn´t faked I wanted to add a video from the 2002 Oscars but since there is none where you can see much of Uma I made a GIF instead so I can add one more comic book related video.

The paparazzi and journalists have totally blown it on this one. How is it then can get footage of everything people DON´T want to see like celebs without make up or panties but when there is a sexy woman with big breasts and a huge cleavage - and we are not talking about an unknown starlet here - at a public event - and we are not talking about the opening of the local mall in some small town here - nobody is able to just point the camera at her and let it roll ? Even when they are interviewing Ethan Hawke and Uma Thurman they don´t manage to get her in focus. The same with Denzel Washington´s acceptance speech for the Oscar as Best Actor ( here´s the longer version if you can stomach more Julia Roberts ) there is only a short moment where Uma is sitting down. The best you get is in this docu about Ethan Hawke and even there that part is a bit short.

One of Uma Thurman´s most famous movies is KILL BILL by Quentin Tarantion who was inspired to make the movie by LADY SNOWBLOOD.

The action thriller by Toshiya Fujita starring Meiko Kaji in the lead role in turn is based on the manga series LADY SNOWBLOOD ( Shurayuki - hime in japanese ) written by Kazuo Koike ( who wrote series like LONE WOLF AND CUB and CRYING FREEMAN ) and illustrated by Kazuo Kamimura.

Our next birthday is Michelle Pfeiffer who is probably the last legit Catwoman we got in movies. She celebrates her 58th anniversary and after two really bad Christopher Nolan Batmovies the old Tim Burton Batman movies with Michael Keaton look better and better to me.

Because as much as I like Halle Berry´s costume in CATWOMAN she didn´t really play the character from the comic books. This is what happens when the beancounters have control and don´t want to pay for the Bat connection and think they know better than dozens of comic book writers.

Speaking about train wrecks in pop culture, our next birthday is Kate Mulgrew ( 61 ), best known for her role of Captain Kathryn Janeway on the worst Star Trek series ever, STAR TREK VOYAGER. The series was only watchable for the holographic doctor, the hot half klingon B´Elanna Torresand the 36DD drone of borg Seven of Nine played by Jeri Ryan

Jeri´s boobs were so huge that they made her skintight suit darker and darker so you couldn´t see them as good but to no avail. Seven of Nine is THE cyborg sex machine every sci fi fanboy wants to assimilate and the only one who could hold a candle to her was Jolene Blalock as T´Pol, the sex massage specialist with the inbuilt Pon Farr automatic nympho mode.

One year older is comedian Jerry Seinfeld who created the cult show SEINFELD of which the best part was the funny and sexy Elaine Bennet.

Even though it was not shown to the general public in Germany ( they always aired it when most people were asleep ) I managed to catch a few with Elaine´s best scenes. SEINFELD has been in amazon´s bargain section a few times now but as always I didn´t have the money to spend.

To show you that there are more reasons why Julia Louis Dreyfus pulled off the sexiness than just some impressive cleavage here is a short clip.

Our music video of the day is in honor or Duke Ellington´s birthday.

Today´s post was about french comics so I wanted to add this video from ALIX based on the french BD series which I just discovered Yesterday.

Normally I have a " five videos per post " limit but since I count the LADY SNOWBLOOD videos as one I am adding this video. It´s in french - sorry - but it mentions the comics by french publisher LUG who also published STRANGE. And Terry Hooper would be cross with me if I didn´t post a video that talks about MYKROS or how it is called in french PHOTONIK.

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Terry Hooper-Scharf said...

Would I be cross? Only if you confused two characters -Mykros and Photonik as one and the same. Grrrrrr.
And you need to visit a site like Cool French Comics because.... "Epsilon's story takes place in the year 2086. Epsilon is told that he is the teenage son of Psi, Mikros' old arch-enemy, now the despotic ruler of the self-dubbed "Eden", a futuristic Pan-European city-state. But the super-powered Epsilon revolts against Psi and becomes a rebel. He teams up with Foxie and the robot Mentor to fight Psi and search for his unknown mother. It eventually turns out that Epsilon is, in reality, the son of Mikros and Saltarella."
Nuff said?

There are MANY French comics that I'd be out buying if I had the cash....or room. THANKS toyou I now have a full set of German Mykros even if Bastei ended them weirdly.
Isn't it odd, though, that we can turn up all these French comic covers -and even characters- but German......

SUBZERO said...

Okay, Mykros and Photonik are not the same. I hadn´t watched the entire video before posting it.

And thanks for the link. Now if we could only get those cool french comics somewhere ......