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Because I´m sick : more recycled covers

As I spent most of the day in bed with stomach cramps I can´t do a long post ( yeah, like that ever worked before ) so I thought to mix things up a little I could do another post with recycled GESPENSTER KRIMI covers.

This time around I have picked some of the covers that were reused most often. The one above is from JOHN SINCLAIR, not GSPENSTER KRIMI but it was also used for the 20th issue of the spanish horror magazine RUFUS.

For issue 323 of SILBER GRUSEL KRIMI from the Zauberkreis Verlag the cover was changed quite a bit and instead of a hand rising through the earth we have a man sitting at a campfire waiting for Hell´s Emissary.

In a previous issue they used just the devil but they gave him a beard and changed him from a devil to a flying demon terrorizing hapless women.

And on the cover of GEISTER THRILLER 16 even the woman is gone.

Next up is a cover of GESPENSTER KRIMI that is a mash up from two different sources. Here we have issue 314 by Ivar Jorgensen titled Gefangener im Totenreich ( Prisoner in the Realm of the Dead ).

The same cover appears on TONY BALLARD issue 106, The Ghoul Empire.

As well as on an issue of spanish horror magazine DELTA.

Now I´m not sure where the winged creature comes from but it is also on another cover of GESPENSTER KRIMI and in quite better looking company. 

The vampire on the other hand was copied from a Dracula movie poster.

This Dracula also appears on The Literature of Terror, volume one.

As well as on a whole slew of audio dramas from EUROPA.

And the last one - because I already get the feeling I have outstayed my welcome - is what I like to call the wandering skeleton because it´s like this relative you find in all the family pictures. Here we have him on the cover of GESPENSTER KRIMI issue 74, The Island Of The Skeletons.

The same picture can be found on the cover of spanish mag HORROR.

We find the same skull in different surroundings on the mag PANICO.

Here it is on DR. TERROR`S HOUSE OF HORRORS by John Burke.

Which is a movie starring Christopher Lee, Peter Cushing and Donald Sutherland. Here is the poster, the skeleton man appears in the movie.

Here we have the skeleton with a full body on Duel With The Satan.

Adult mag SOS, relatos de mysterio, fantasia, suspense y terror.

The third time on a cover for GESPENSTER KRIMI this time with a scythe.

A cover of SPOKENJAGER JOHN SINCLAIR from the Netherlands.

They also used Dr. Terror for the story The Vampire Of Manhattan.

Here we have both on JOHN SINCLAIR 1122, The Prophet Of The Devil.

And that´s all for Today. Tomorrow we will continue with Neal Adams´ Marvel post but until then I have to catch up on my sleep and it looks like our pal skeleton man has some reading to do. Good night and good fright.

Before we start with the entertainment block I have to give a special thanks to CLAUDIUS BRACK , HOERSPIEL and EUROPA - VINYL for providing the audio drama covers and GRUSELROMANE for the covers with Dr. Terror. You can also find reviews of Dr. Terror´s House Of Horror on the websites PARLOR OF HORROR and TRAILERS FROM HELL .

Our first celebrity birthday is Robert Rodriguez who turns 48 and I think I have already mentioned enough times that Jessica Alba should have been naked ( she IS playing a stripper ) and that Robert should get a move on with the next Sin City movie as even Rosario Dawson is getting restless and has already said that her twins won´t stay firm and bouncy forever.

If my mother was telling me that Nicole Kidman has her 49th anniversary she would be no doubt be inclined to tell me for the 100th time that she did not make many films during the time she was married to Tom Cruise. Which according to my Mom was because he didn´t want an independent woman and wanted her to be the mother and housewife instead. I´m not sure if that´s true or if there just was no financial necessity for it. Unlike what many people believe it is still work. In any case she has done a lot of excellent movies since and she was the only good part in Batman Forever.

And I´m not trying to make any kind of statement here but I had this video already bookmarked and I´m already working too long on this post.

Which is also the reason I do not give you the complete litany of John Goodman´s tv roles and movies in lieu of his 64th birthday. You can already guess my favorite movie with him is The Flinstones with sex goddess Halle Berry ( yes, I tried to make one GIF with the complete scene but apparently the strain was too big for the GIF maker ) OMG !

Is it just me or does she look absolutely hot in EVERY movie she´s in ?

Anyway, I think The Flinstones was the movie when I became fully aware of Miss Berry and she became a member of my Top Five Sexbombs Of All Time. And this was still a few years before she showed her amazing stripper qualities and her incredible bubblebutt in The Last Boy Scout.

To celebrate Lionel Richie´s 67th birthday I wanted to post another video from a casting show when I came upon this. Here he is doing a concert at the Festival de Vina del Mar 2016 which I haven´t seen yet but usually the spanish music festivals are amazing. So I hope you enjoy this one.

A bit older is Danny Aiello who turns 83. He has been in a multitude of movies and tv shows too long to list but the first thing I always think about when I hear his name is that he played the father in the Madonna video Papa Don´t Preach. Ah yes, she was young and had a booming body back then. I remember staying up after midnight to see the version with her nippleslip ( sorry, there is an animated GIF for that but it´s NSFW ).

So let´s find out what Today´s kids know about 80s music.

Our oldest candidate is Martin Landau with 88 years and he has starred in a lot of western tv shows and movies like Maverick, Lawman, Tales of Wells Fargo, RawhideJohnny Ringo, Wagon Train, Outlaws, Bonanza, The Rifleman, The Big Valley, the original Wild Wild West, Branded, Gunsmoke, Buffalo Bill and The Hallelujah Trail. He also appeared on The Untouchables, the original Outer Limits, both versions of Twilight Zone, The Man From U.N.C.L.E. , Mission : Impossible, Get Smart, Columbo, Murder She Wrote, The Return of the Six Billion Dollar Man and the Bionic Woman, Ed Wood and The X - Files but to people from my generation he was best known as Commander John Koenig on the series Space : 1999

It must be fate that I found The Hallelujah Trail and the german version 40 Wagen Westwärts on YouTube. It´s one of my favorite westerns and one of those movies you watch every time when it´s on tv even though you have seen it a hundred times. Now even though I´m used to the german version I picked the english one because I´m not sure if the german version is uncut. To make matters worse there are different lengths given at imdb which go from 165 to 156 to 146 minutes. I´m not sure if that is because scenes were cut or because there are parts of the movie where you have a black screen with music because that were the intermissions - which movie theaters used to do in dem olden days.

Today is also the day Errol Flynn was born who was the very definition of the word swashbuckler and captivated generations of movie goers. His most famous role is probably Robin Hood which has influenced creators of other movies, tv series, books or comics. There are traces of him in every archery super hero but the most apparent in DC´s Green Arrow.

Mike Grell is one of the artists who heavily drew on the Robin Hood inspiration for Green Arrow in his brilliant Longbow Hunters and the following series. Fans of the ARROW tv show should definitely check out his work. The series is finally being released in trades and while there is no hardcover of Longbow Hunters DC would be stupid if they did not include it in the upcoming Green Arrow : A Celebration Of 75 Years.

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