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Paul Ryan Flash Friday : Presidential Race 1

I know you can´t wait for your weekly Flash fix but better late than never. As there have been no requests otherwise we are continuing with the next issue of Paul Ryan´s Flash run, issue 120 part one of Presidential Race.

Speaking of Paul Ryan, as I hinted in my last post I just got the AVENGERS BY JOHN BYRNE OMNIBUS hardcover Yesterday and besides the WEST COAST AVENGERS issues by John Byrne it also contains a lot of AVENGERS issues by Paul Ryan. You can really see the art team of Paul Ryan and Tom Palmer evolve as they don´t really go well together in the beginning but after a few issues they start to mesh combining into a perfect blend.

Even though I already have a lot of the content as single issues - and the John Byrne issues as trades - I don´t regret buying it. Plus my old issues are a bit faded so seeing them with good coloring is definitely a plus.

But let´s get back to Flash. The story features the Pied Piper, one of the first Flash Rogues to cross over to the other side, as a former villain going straight and as a person coming out as not being straight so to speak. I think he was the first openly gay character in the DC universe and I don´t think there was such a big hype about it as they do Today.

We start the birthday countdown with Yesterday´s celebrity birthdays since I did not do a post on Thursday and first up is filipina slash chinese sexbomb Francine Dee who turned 38 and who is a 38 as well, a 38H that is ! According to her current listing but it is difficult to get Francine´s exact breastsize since she had it augmented six times before reducing it again. Francine is most famous for her appearance in import auto tuner magazines, car shows and paraphernalia videos like Hip Hop Honeys.

Speaking about hip hop honeys, I went back and re - watched 50 Cent´s P. I. M. P, video and Francine Dee really is in it. So it´s understandable that when you ask about the hasian in the video with the big milkshakes most people will tell you that´s Francine. But I know who she is. The woman I want to know more about is the one below and she is in the uncensored version of the video. So far all I know is that her name is most likely Angel Maya and she may be a model. Can anybody deny or confirm that ?

Apropos uncensored videos Yesterday adult movie icon Racquel Darrian celebrated her 48th birthday. She was one of the biggest star during the 90s ( she was active from 1989 to 1999 ) first doing exclusivly girl on girl scenes and later working mostly with Derrick Lane whom she married in 1994. Raquel always had the cheerleader look and the most beautiful woman who ever worked in porn has done pictures for PLAYBOY and Penthouse, Hustler and Velvet. You can find a longer biography at imdb

Jon Lovitz turned 59 and from all his movies my favorite is High School High which might have something to do with the female lead Tia Carrere.

Finally a comic related birthday as Romeo Tanghal celebrated his 73th birthday who has worked on many titles for Marvel and DC but who is best known for inking New Teen Titans where he had a big influence on the look as he gradually went to doing finishes on George Perez´ layouts.

In our dearly departed section we start with Robin Williams who was in one of the first comic book adaptions I saw. Compared to Today´s comic book movies it looks a bit low budget - ish but the casting was top notch.

Last but not least we have the anniversary of Ernest Hemingway who besides getting the Nobel Prize For Literature and having many of his classic stories turned into movie also managed to make an appearance in Silvestri´s Wolverine issues when Wolverine was still alive. And a guy.

The first of Today´s birthdays is Selena Gomez with 24. A few days ago I finally managed to watch Spring Breakers and I have to say what an awful waste of time, money and boobies. I don´t want to say all movie critics are drug addicts but the only people who can really appreciate the movie are those with a history of substance abuse. I missed the first 10 minutes and was waiting and waiting for the movie to start until I realized half an hour later that this disjointed, shaky intro that constantly went back and forth between what was happening, had happened and what was going to happen and kept repeating the same lines of dialogue over and over again already WAS the movie. Not only have I never seen such a cliche ridden pile of dung but the director also managed to waste four perfect babes. I can only warn you not to watch this and spend your time with any Andy Sidaris movie. At least he knows how to film women in an erotic setting. 

Franka Potente celebrates 42 years who is known beyond the borders of Germany for her roles in Anatomy, the Bourne movies and Run Lola Run.

The name of Colin Ferguson who turns 44 was not one I recognized right from the bat as the main character from Eureka. He plays the - well, not exactly dimwitted - chief of police but he´s probably the least intelligent citizen. The stories always follow the same pattern, the super intelligent scientists invent something that causes trouble, he comes in and says " but could this and that experiment not be causing this " and then one of the scientists says " only if this and this would happen " and then they find out that exactly that HAS happened and then he comes up with a solution that none of the big brained scientists has thought of because it´s too dangerous. Besides this often repeated plot the series is quite entertaining but I lost track after one too many time travel paradox changing everything. One of the cooler aspects of the series is that it has crossovers with Fringe as Massive Dynamics is one of the main companies that conducts its experiment in this secret enclave and Warehouse 13.

Movie chameleon John Leguizamo celebrates his 52nd birthday and the zenith of his cineastic oeuvre  are Mario Bros and Spawn. All kidding aside back when I was still reading every issue of Todd McFarlane´s comic the movie was a big deal as it was a big blockbuster movie production with the best special effects of that time. I even ordered the video tape of this ( and later on the animated SPAWN series ) through the diamond catalogue even though I could only play it in a special video recorder.

Willem Dafoe turns 61 and he also had to suffer uncomfortable costumes in a comic book adaption with the Green Goblin´s Power Ranger suits. Anyway, my secret cult movie to watch is Streets Of Fire, a brilliant rock opera with great music and Michael Pare as the hero who has to go up against crazy Willem in the two - fisted no holds barred showdown.

Otto Waalkes is now an incredible 68 years old and I wanted to post a show of the man who can only be adequately described as part of the german cultural heritage from the time when I first became aware of his genius. He has done movies and a tv series that has completely ruined all Edgar Wallace adaptions for whole generations of viewers but he is always at his best when he is doing live shows and on the spot improvisations.

Danny Glover turns 70 and I just saw Bad Ass 2 and Bad Ass 3 this month which they showed back to back on tv. I´m not going to list all the movies he´s been in but my favorite is Grand Canyon which you have to watch in a big movie theater. A cineastic gem that is overlooked by many is Predator 2 which you need to check out if you haven´t seen the movie.

Another german pop culture icon is internationally renowned recording artist Mireille Mathieu who also celebrates her 70th birthday. For decades she has provided the soundtrack for generations in Germany and France but even though I am most familiar with the german versions of her Evergreens she sounds best in her native tongue. Originally I wanted to post her version of New York but this video has a much better quality.

I´m not sure if the cover below is safe to post but I´m willing to risk it to commemorate the great, late Vaughn bode´s 75th anniversary. I think I saw his work in the pages of SCHWERMETALL before Carlsen Comics put out a special about him in their comicArt line and I was instantly hooked.

I always prefer videos where you can see comic artists at work but the only one I found with Vaughn Bode was almost impossible to watch. Here is a better one even if it shows his son Mark Bode instead of him.

I was a bit hesitant to post this one because there are some spoilers for future FLASH FRIDAY posts ( no pun intended ) but since time travel paradoxes are a big part of the new Flash tv series I thought my readers who are not so familiar with the comic book might find this interesting.

As I don´t have a cartoon video for any of the celeb birthdays I get to pick a freebie and I chose one I couldn´t fit into one of my previous posts where I spoke about the DC series Amethyst. Apparently they did a whole slew of shorts for the DC Nation series and here they are all in one video.

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