Friday, July 29, 2016

Paul Ryan Flash Friday : Presidential Race 2

This week the ratio of babe centric post definitely improves - at least if the posts about cult sirens Elizabeth Berkley and Leslie Easterbrook go online as planned - but lest you forget that this is first and foremost a comic blog here is the next FLASH FRIDAY installment with FLASH 121.

This time of the year is always especially stressful and if you add all the celebrity birthdays to the mix - you might have noticed how they have increased the last weeks - you know why I have written some posts in advance. I don´t know if that is the reason for the increase of daily clicks but I must be doing something right because the number has broken the 2,000 mark twice this week with 2,268 and a breathtaking 2,660. And that´s without the updates on facebook which I haven´t done for a long time. Anyway, this is the continuation of Paul Ryan´s run on FLASH and the second part of Presidential Run. You can use this link right here if you have missed part one and otherwise let´s join the story in progress.

Today´s birthday list is rather short beginning with the hottest reason to watch Smallville, Allison Mack who turns 34. Since she was on the show from the get go I always found it strange that Clark was so hung up on Lana when Chloe was ten times hotter but I guess you have to make concessions to the comic books. Speaking about comics, one of the things I liked about Smallville was that they invented their own history without which there would not have been a Chloe Sullivan in the first place. I mean, who wants to see everything he has already read in comic books in a tv show ? But Allison has more going for her than just a sexy body as she the voice of Power Girl in Superman / Batman : Public Enemies.  

We are staying with tv shows as Wil Wheaton who celebrates his 44th has been in quite a few. So no matter if you saw him in Star Trek : The Next Generation, Eureka or The Big Bang Theory you have an idea who he is.

Apropos Adele, the very sexy Adele Stephens turns 47 and when I saw the first pictures of her I had no idea who she was. I didn´t even know her name because the first thing I saw her in was one of those nudie mags you get at the gas station where they don´t give the model´s real name.

There was no such confusion with Alexandra Paul who celebrates her 53th anniversary as she is known worldwide for her role of Stephanie Holden on Baywatch. She was in Christine, 8 Million Ways To Die, Dragnet and Perry Mason and you can see more of her in Spy Hard and Gospel of Deceit.

Speaking of mags you could buy at the gas station, one such mag was Teresa Orlowski´s Foxy Lady and she is turning 63. I mentioned her in my posts about german porn superstar Sarah Louise Young and she was the first wife of Hans Moser. Which sounds like the title of a porn movie or a thriller. Anyway, as you can see from the cover she was the first female publisher of a porn mag and there were other first times with her. Not what you think, get your mind out of the gutter. I mean where technology is involved. She did the first porn mag that came with a CD Rom and I think she also had the first adult games. Teresa also was the first one who had a sex channel you could get via satellite - when that was a new thing - and I remember the newspaper headlines from the german press Teresa Orlowski corrupts german men with sex rays from Outer Space.

Now you might think that there are not a lot of videos about her since she worked in porn but that´s how it is on german tv : politicians talk about religion, priests talk about sex and porn stars talk about politics. I chose the clip from the Koschwitz Show because he was just a regular guy without an overinflated ego who treated people like people and because Dolly Buster is in it. You have to fast forward the part with Nina Hagen.

Our last birthday of the day is William Powell, best known for his role of Nick Charles in the Thin Man movies opposite Myrna Loy. Since I couldn´t find any long clips from the movie series that was a big inspiration for Elongated Man becoming a detective with his wife Sue Dibny here is a movie with a role he played a few times : foppish dandy Philo Vance.

Since I can´t finish the post without a comic related video here is one for my german viewers from the vault about mangas and bande dessinee.

Okay, I didn´t post this on Brian May´s birthday, I didn´t post it on Roger Taylor´s birthday but I´m not going to wait any longer. It´s too good. 

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