Wednesday, September 07, 2016

Double XXL airbag birthday with Minka !

Today South Korean adult model / exotic dancer / porn star Minka a.k.a. the asian woman with the largest breasts in the world ( 55KK ) turns 46.

This post started out as part of the TOM PALMER THORSDAY : RAGNAROCK - PART 2 post but because it got too long I decided to give Minka a post of her own. Also don´t be alarmed if this post that I made as last doesn´t turn up on the top but I am going to date this for Minka´s actual birthday.

Minka was born in Seoul and she owes her exotic looks to her french, korean and vietnamese heritage. She became a skilled tennis player in college and came to America in 1993 to compete in the Asian Olympic in Chicago where she won the Gold Medal in women´s double with her partner. Minka took up residence in the US to become a tennis instructor but when she couldn´t pass the license exam because of her poor english skills she became a model which ALL her former tennis partner suggested. 

But Minka wasn´t always the XXXL MILF we all know. Back when she started her career she was a pretty decent average breast size. True, she had some surgery done but nothing as extreme as what came later.

Now don´t get me wrong : I won´t deny that I love big boobs and if somebody wants to have plastic surgery that´s their decision. But sometimes you just can´t help but wonder if it really is necessary.

The mega inflated hasian herself confessed that because of her titanic tits she knows all security officers in her vicinity on a personal basis as they always single her out to be strip searched at the airport, the bus terminal, where ever she is traveling or the mall by all available male personnel. The horny officers usually take turns savagely pounding her before tag teaming her two, three or four at a time turning these into impromptu sex orgies.

One of my favorite movies with Minka is where she is a nurse at a clinic that specializes in penis enlargement who constantly test the patients supersized appendages and has to give the chief surgeon the special XXL boob massage treatment to avoid being fired after he catches her giving the latest patient a test drive. So if I could direct an erotic movie with Minka I would make her a nymphomaniac night nurse and all the electronic equipment would be out of commission so she had to test the patients stamina the old fashioned way by giving them a special endurance test.

Of course the equipment would be sabotaged on a regular basis by her horny patients and they would all take lots of viagra so they could last all night long during  Minka´s special " midnight olympics " drainage sessions.

Between her shifts she would be double dildoing Angelique, the lesbian nurse from the night shift - of course. Another possible scenario is that she would be working in a sex clinic that specializes in the treatment of well hung patients who produce too much sperm by milking them dry.

With her giant XXL melons Minka would soon become the oral and breast massage specialist for the extra hard cases and she would have to make them shoot buckets of manjuice every other hour so they do not die.

Then, the rich patients of the area would pay the corrupt doctor, to be diagnosed with this illness so that Minka ( who is there to be cured of her raging nymphomania ) would pump them dry on prescription. Especially elder, terminally ill patients would pay huge sums to get a chance to kick the bucket while being service by a megahot MILF boobstar like Minka.

Or - my favorite - she works as a sex surrogate in a clinic for sex therapy and all the male patients have oversized, giant members and a constant hard on. They would be fixated on asians with huge racks and bikini tan lines and Minka would have to participate in role playing and dress up in uniform so the patients could vent their frustrations with female cops.

And no matter how often they had these sessions, they would always come back ( with no sign of improvement ) and specifically ask for Minka.

Of course the boss of the clinic would be some perverted old guy who would take advantage of Minka and since she doesn´t have the right papers, she would have to let him pound her every night in the shower.

Or else he would sic the immigration on her and her underage daughter ( who already has a pornstar body at the tender age of 15 and would be played by Akira Lane or Miko Lee since Yaya Han probably won´t do nude scenes ). So she has to be his sex slave and obedient blow up sex doll every night to prevent him from sexually assaulting her poor daughter.

On the weekends he would take sex drug overdoses so he could ravage her body again and again, turning the time from Friday night till Monday morning into one long sex orgy marathon with a few breaks for resting, drinking alcohol - and taking more of the sex drug. He is doing his own experiments trying to find a better viagra and he´s testing it on Minka.

Then some day a few rapists who escaped from prison would assault the clinic, but the nymphomanic Minka would bang them into submission. One after the other. Think DIE HARD but with lots of sex - kind of DRY HARD.

While she hasn´t gotten naked in front of a camera yet ( hope springs eternal ) singing South Korean sexbomb Kim Hyuna is quite impressing with her 34B - 25 - 34 measurements and on stage stripper pro moves.

Speaking about strippers, after I posted the last video of Lisa from Dead Or Alive showing her pole skills there have been a lot of requests for more and because I don´t like to repeat myself here she is in the best outfit.

Apropos outfits, not only does the hot blonde fromthe first episode of Golden Boy wear one of the best outfits in anime series, there is also a plenty of bouncing action to provide sufficient fanservice for viewers.

Because I really liked the anime I went looking for the manga but the art was not as good. Since most people can read english here is a video with english subtitles but I also found the german and spanish dubbed versions.

Japan does not only have the best cartoons but also the best game shows like this one where the limbo skills of Hitomi Tanaka and Okita Anzunashi are tested. Who says that good entertainment has to be expensive ?

What is expensive is making a cosplay costume like Scarlet Witch ( as always I´m a bit late to the party as there are already posts on BLEEDING COOL and SUPERHELDENKINO about this )  but I am sure you agree with me that in the case of Yaya Han it is totally worth it. What people also seem to agree on with me is that Yaya Han´s 40D breasts are spectacular as most of the commenters on the video are so mesmerized by them they totally ignore her flawless costume. Now as somebody who would love to britzky Yaya´s funbags myself I cannot deny that I echo some of the comments.

But please, can´t somebody step up and delete the most insulting ones ? And how about some originality here ? If " boobs " is the best you can come up with maybe you should keep your thoughts to yourself. I think Yaya´s best reaction to all the haters is at the beginning of the video where she acts like she is falling over because of her big breasts. Just ignore the hype and keep on doing your brilliant cosplay costumes, girl !

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No man is poor who has busty wife that is like ocean adventures - give itch to many boys. In Korea melons grow big and ripe, even in shade and woman´s lips make man like sword that never gets rusty.


Ja D said...

Great post. Btw, Hyuna looks to have been enhanced recently, good times.

SUBZERO said...

Well, I haven´t seen enough of her performances too really have an opinion about that but I like what I see. I swear in almost every video she looks different. I can´t remember if I have already posted the I´M THE BEST video but like the title says .... I think Hyuna is the only one who can pull off being cute and funny and extremely sexy in the same video. I have seen videos of people´s reaction where even women get totally overwhelmed at fancrushing on Hyuna.