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Flash Friday : Race Against Time - part 3

Originally I wanted to finish the two parter with Major Disaster which we started last week before returning to Race Against Time because I didn´t want to leave my readers with a cliffhanger but seeing as that also ended with a cliffhanger I decided to continue with this story and then doing all the remaining Paul Ryan issues - well, unless I have to do a special edition.

We are finally - pardon the pun - back on track with Race Against Time after doing the second part before the first part. But hey, things won´t get easier continuitywise in the third part Speed Metal from FLASH 115.

Because while we have already met John Fox, the Flash of the 27th century this is the first time that Wally West meets him. Also he is wearing a different costume than the John Fox that is currently in our time. Or the time when this story came out. Anyway, in the story John Fox has been retired from being the Flash and the events of this issues prompt him to travel to our time to take over as the new Flash. Worst decision ever. But I don´t want to go into too much detail here since all these things will be explained in more detail in the following issue - and you can see by the issue´s cliffhanger that things don´t work out very well for Wally West. 

Today´s post links are all about the celebrity birthdays which is no wonder because after so many Flash Friday posts there are only a few things left and those are reserved for specials like the upcoming Death In Comics : The Last And Final Death Of Barry Allen in Crisis On Infinite Earths ( until DC decided to bring him back in Flash Rebirth ) post which I hope to do next month if things are a bit less hectic on Tales From The Kryptonian.

On Monday we had the 35th birthday of Christina Milian who played Kali in Ghosts Of Girlfriends Past ( although uncredited ) while Today Lacey Chabert turns 34 who played Sandra in that movie. Lacey Chabert is best known for Party Of Five where her chest already started to develop and since I never watched the show I missed out on all that teen boobage.

Another big hit Lacey Chabert is associated with is Mean Girls with then teenage Busenwunder Lindsay Lohan ( who got her own entry as Supergirl in my Hollywood Edition of Casting The Justice League Of America Movie on her birthday which I somehow forgot to mention this year, sorry ) which I still haven´t seen. Probably because I am not sure if I already bought the movie on DVD or not. Man, I´ll have to go through my files. It is weird that I haven´t seen that movie because a. ) from what I hear it´s pretty funny, b.) there are some important messages in that movie which is one of the reasons why it has become a cult movie, another being that c.) Lindsay still had her real breasts back then. I mean, her big breasts.

She still has breasts and they are still real but it´s never going to be like in those early days when every horny shutin wanted to put her body to the test and there was even a countdown on the internet for when it was legal to have sex with Lindsay Lohan. Oh, how the mighty have fallen.

Speaking on mighty things and big racks, Lacey Chabert also played Penny Robinson in the otherwise forgettable Lost In Space movie from 1998.

In the movie her character has a huge crush on the ship´s pilot played by Matt LeBlanc who´s only interested in her bigger sister played by Heather Graham - who naturally doesn´t give him the time of day and is very abusive towards him without any reason. I recently re - watched that movie and when I saw the poor guy being put down by Heather Graham I wanted to scream : " Forget that snobby woman. Stick to her little sister. She´s utterly fallen heads over heels for your so just stay on her good side and wait a few years. You´re stuck here for a long time anyway and believe me SHE will turn out so much hotter than her uptight sister. "

I can´t say that I´ve seen a lot of Chasey´s movies, I only know that she is in a lot of Hallmark Christmas movies, like A Royal Christmas where she co stars with Dr. Quinn, Jane Seymour or A Christmas Melody which was even directed by Mariah Carey, her co star in that movie who naturally also sings. Talk about your hot sexbomb / mega MILF sandwich. Oh, Mama !

Besides movies Lacey does a lot of voice acting and she´s probably best known as the voice of Meg Griffin on the first season of Family Guy ( due to her workload at school and on Party Of Five she left to be replaced by Mila Kunis ), a show my brother doesn´t tire to tell me how funny it is. I always wondered who comes up with the kind of sick stuff that happens on the show but recently I saw an episode of The Graham Norton Show with Seth MacFarlane as a guest where he said that he never runs out of story ideas because he went to high school with many Peter Griffins.

Lacey Chabert also was the singing voice of the young Anastacia in my favorite Don Bluth movie, Tanya Mousekewitz in the An American Tail movies, Calista in Disney´s Hercules cartoon ( we keep coming back to Hercules in these posts ), two different characters on Gargoyles : The Goliath Chronicles, Gwen Stacy on The Spectacular Spider - Man, Daisy Johnson a.k.a. Quake on Avengers : Earth´s Mightiest Avengers - altough I´m not sure if that´s the same character the mega hot Chloe Bennet plays on Marvel´s Agents Of S.H.I.E.L.D. - and Zatanna Zatarra and Isis on Young Justice. And you can find more sexy Lacey Chabert GIFs on 95 ROCK FM .

Last Saturday we had April Hunter celebrating a birthday, Today playmate, erotic movie star and wrestling diva Candice Michelle ( she really has done it all ), the model who put GoDaddy on the map with her commercials that were so hot they were strongly censored celebrates her 38th birthday.

But not only did April Hunter and Candice Michelle both pursue a career in wrestling, I cast Candice Michelle as Catwoman in my Wrestling Babes and Swimsuit Models Special Edition of Casting The Justice League Of America which also includes April O´Neil, Cori Nadine, Tylene Buck a.k.a. Major Gunns ( another wrestling sexbomb ) and mega busty hasian LeAnna Scott who were in the same Ironman Swimsuit Spectacular with April Hunter.

Jenna Elfman turns 45 who is best known for her role of Dharma on the sitcom Dharma & Greg alongside Thomas Gibson who is now playing Aaron Hotchner on Criminal Minds which is just a surreal experience. I never watched many episodes of Dharma & Greg because I didn´t find her or her relatives really that eccentric - at least not compared to my family - but she did look mindblowing hot in Keeping The Faith. I lost track of her a bit after that and one of the reasons why I like doing this section is that I now know I have to check out her new sitcom Accidentally On Purpose.

Originally I wanted to post a clip from her appearance on The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson where you can see the whole sexy scene - and also because Jenna Elfman wears a strapless black dress and flaunts her new and improved bigger pregnant boobs in front of Craig Ferguson - but then I found one where she looks even hotter in a strapless silver dress.

Earlier I mentioned Jane Seymour who played a Bond girl in Live And Let Die and Today Monica Bellucci celebrates her 52nd birthday who became the oldest Bond girl with 50 in Spectre. Which I found very disappointing because it just followed the plot of so many other movies at that time and the director just didn´t know how to make Christoph Waltz menacing. Somehow the Mission Impossible movie that came out in the same year Mission Impossible : Rogue Nation managed to adapt the premisse of fighting against a secret organisation much better although it wasn´t as good as Mission Impossible : Phantom Protocol. Let´s just hope Daniel Craig doesn´t get too frustrated over the failure of the movie because his performance was perfect and I want to see him in another Bond movie.

And speaking about James Bond, against all odds I managed to get all issues of Mike Grell´s out of print three part prestige format Bond series Permission To Die in my latest order from the comic shop. I haven´t had time to read it yet but I couldn´t help taking a peek and the art looks gorgeous as always. It´s too sad that they are never going to reprint this. 

Coming back to Monica Bellucci, originally I casted her as Wonder Woman in the finale of the Hollywood Edition of Casting The JLA Movie series.

I can´t believe that Eric Stoltz is older than Monica Bellucci whom I remember from such 80s movies like Some Kind Of Wonderful and Mask ( the drama, not the adaption of the Dark Horse comic series ) but he´s turning 55. He has something in common with two of the other celebrity birthday candidates since he played Tom Cassidy on Will & Grace and Theseus and The Grim Avenger on Disney´s Hercules cartoon series.

As far as I know our next birthday babe was never in any James Bond movie although she does have the typical Bond girl porn name with Angie Dickinson. With a name like that she should have made a career in the adult movie industry but instead she acted in such classic movies like Rio Bravo, the original 1960s Ocean 11, Rio Bravo, Point Blank, Dressed to Kill and Charlie Chan And The Dragon Queen although she did show some skin in the Big Bad Mama movies and Sam Whiskey with lucky Burt Reynolds.

Angie turns 85 and there is a post longer than Lex Luthor´s rap sheet about Pretty Maids All In A Row on THE LAST DRIVE IN ( and you thought my posts were long ) in which she plays a nymphomanic school teacher.

We start Today´s Dearly Departed section with beloved german Schlager super star Udo Jürgens who still did such little jobs like doing the title song for a cartoon series after gaining international fame and fortune.

Another shoutout goes to Deborah Kerr who was in the original 1967 Bond movie Casino Royale and she also starred in such classic movies like King Solomon´s Mines, Quo Vadis, The Prisoner Of Zenda or Julius Caesar. The role she is best known though is that of resolute teacher Anna Lenowens in The King And I opposite Yul Brynner and LES ICONES DU 7ÈME ART has also a very long post with lots of pictures and GIFs about the movie.

I really would love to put videos with all our birthday people on the post but then we would have like ten videos and most of them would be interviews and talk shows and that would get really boring really fast. So apologies to all who have to wait their turn until next time and to bring some of that diversity here´s another video about graphic novels.

As always I´m ending this post with a Flash video. There is a new review I found about the 90s Flash tv show with a lot of material from that show but since the next season of the new Flash show starts in a few days I want to post the trailer as long as people are interested in seeing it.

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