Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Man of Tomorrow Tuesday : Grant Morrison

Initially I wanted to do another post about Stan Sakai´s brilliant USAGI YOJIMBO series ( because I used one of the covers in my last post and realized that I haven´t written nearly enough about it ) but while doing the research as always I was going through the celebrity birthdays of the day and I had just to do one in honor of Grant Morrison´s 57th birthday.

If his birthday had fallen on a Friday I would have done a FLASH FRIDAY post but it´s not and also I wanted to do something different. For those who want to sample some of his FLASH issues I have already posted issues 130 , 131 , 132 and 134 in my FLASH FRIDAY Paul Ryan appreciation posts with more on the way. We will eventually get to all of them although it may take a while for me to post those issues not drawn by Paul Ryan. 

So instead of posting a particular issue from a series I´m doing one of the ever popular cover posts. As always these are personal favorites and series I have read and by no accounts meant as the ultimate representation of his work. So don´t be offended of your favorite series or issue is not to be found but if you are so inclined you can tell me which one that is in the comments. After all one of the reasons for making these posts is to remind readers of the oeuvre of certain creators and point them in the direction of stuff they haven´t read and might want to try out - which of course includes myself. All of these books are highest recommended and you can easily find a plethora of posts singing their praises so I won´t even try it. Some of the series have even had a big influence in pop culture like I do not know if there would have been a MATRIX trilogy without Grant Morrison´s INVISIBLES and if what it would have looked like. Without further ado here´s a sampling of the best of the best of Grant Morrison. 

Now you might have noticed that there are no Marvel covers among my selection and before there are wild speculations on the internet I want to say that it´s not that I think Grant Morrison didn´t do great work there but after two Marvel - centric posts my readers might want a little break.

Speaking about taking a break, after our last long birthday - centric video block Today we are taking things light and easy starting with Batman & Robin. It´s one of the few NEW 52 series I actually enjoyed and there are still a few chapters I have to read. But before Grant Morrison took the dynamic duo under his wings there was an animated version which was much less gloom and doom which influenced a lot of creative people.

Which is our segueway to Animal Man, one of Grant Morrison´s first big hits which I discovered while on vacation in Spain. During that time I had already started to read a lot of american comics so it was not always easy to find spanish translations of comics I hadn´t already read which meant a lot of Vertigo stuff. So it was more the fact that I desperately needed something to read that made me pick up this book. Because I would not have picked it for the art. But after reading a few issues I was hooked so if you haven´t already picked this one up do yourself a favor. You can get the back issues from the dollar bin, find the trades or even the omnibus.

This video is actually a re - post but it´s already been long enough that it bears another spotlight on the blog. Also : Flex Mentallo is just the best !

I really have a knack for going from one extreme to the other and since Grant Morrison also worked on Vampirella here is one of the worst comic book adaptions ever with former Bond girl Talisa Soto and Roger Daltrey.

I always have a hard time deciding which music video I´m going to post so I chose one with 3 incredible performers from different casting shows.

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Superman loves everyone. He's like Jesus except he punches people.


Terry Hooper-Scharf said...

Grant Morrison peaked with Zenith. He and Warren Ellis were always in the UK small press publications talking about wanting to destroy American super hero comics "from within". I reckon they did a good job.

SUBZERO said...

Well, then I´m glad he didn´t stop when he peaked or I never would have read anything from him. Seriously, if works like ANIMAL MAN, FLEX MENTALLO, THE INVISIBLES and ALL STAR SUPERMAN is what we get with a Grant Morrison in decline I hope his downwards spiral lasts a good long time.

As for his and Warren Ellis´ plan to destroy american super hero comics from within I don´t think they have succeeded and for all he might says otherwise Grant Morrison can´t escape his inherent love for the genre.

And american super hero comics are perfectly capable of destroying themselves via Marvel and DC now. Funny how things turn out, isn´t it ?