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Thorsday with Erik Larsen - and She Dragon

This post has been on my agenda for quite some time but for one reason or another I have not been able to do it. Even Today I spent most of the time not feeling in the mood to write a post. But since another FLASH FRIDAY with Paul Ryan post is in the works - and I do not have enough material to properly honor Edgar Allan Poe´s birthday - I will try to do this.

Now longtime readers know that I already mentioned the plan of doing this post a few times in previous posts without giving specific details and since I also do not like those people who drop hints but never deliver the payoff I thought it important to delve into the genesis of this post first.

The whole thing started last year at the 8th of December which was Erik Larsen´s 54th birthday and also a Thursday. At first I was not sure if I should continue with part two of THORSDAY WITH JACK KIRBY : THOR 173 or do a Savage Dragon birthday post for Erik. And then as a Doctor Who fan I stupidly asked myself : why not do both ? I knew that Erik Larsen had done some issues of THOR when Dan Jurgens was writing his Superman with a hammer stories so I went looking for those. But I could not find much from those issues except for two covers and a double page spread of Thor and The Warriors Three doing their best Beatles impression. So that was not going to be an option. Then I remembered that there IS a Thor in Erik Larsen´s brilliant SAVAGE DRAGON series so I could still do a THORSDAY post even if the Thor would not be the Thor from Marvel Comics like in all the other posts. Which would actually be a plus because usually there is always a DC post followed by a Marvel post, followed by a DC post and so on on the blog rarely interrupted by posts about artists or the occassional cult siren. And that way I could have an iMAGE post between two Marvel posts or two DC posts if needs be. So now that I knew what kind of post I wanted to make the only thing left was find some pages from SAVAGE DRAGON with Erik Larsen´s version of the God of Thunder. Which was not easy to do because the biggest part of my SAVAGE DRAGON comic book collection is in a place where I just can´t easily reach it at the moment.

So I mostly had to rely on stuff I had on the laptop and the internet. There were one or two pages I had where the red - bearded, twisted Thor that Erik Larsen had envisioned appeared but for the most part that was it.

So I thought about putting all the pages from the different issues into one post but after putting them all into one folder I noticed that most of the pages were from the same issue. And since I didn´t have the necessary resources to do an apt overview / history of Thor within the pages of SAVAGE DRAGON I decided to give it one more try and see if I could not find more pages from that issue. Which to my surprise was pretty easy.

Which should have been the first warning sign. But I - like a stoopid fool - was happy as if I had just won a holiday on a deserted island with Yaya Han and kept going. Because I managed to get this done on Sunday I thought that I had enough time to go to the Sammlerecke in Esslingen and get the latest issues of SAVAGE DRAGON to celebrate Erik Larsen´s 54th birthday in style. The plan was to first do the post and then spend the rest of the day catching up on what was going on in the Dragonverse. I was so hoping for more crazy sex Shenanigans with Malcolm Dragon and Angel Dragon.

I don´t recall why I didn´t manage to go to the Sammlerecke Esslingen before Thursday but in order to follow through with my plan I didn´t sleep on the night before Thursday and thought I could just soldier on, get the new SAVAGE DRAGON issues, get a few hours sleep and then do the post and read the comics for the rest of the day. If push came to shove I could read just the first issue and the rest later. But things were not that easy.

Ever since my knee operation the long trek to Esslingen has become more and more taxing especially if I have not had the necessary minimum of eight hours of rest so my knee works properly. Additionally the lack of sleep had a negative effect on my concentration which led to me taking the wrong subway and having to make a detour that took one hour. So when I finally got back home with the new comics I was so tired that I could not write the post. The next day there was the monthly paperwork to do for the job agency but I was so burnt out from Thursday that I just could not get out of bed and for the next days I tried to do that but things just kept preventing me from doing that including the internet connection being on the fritz. In the end I also had to work through the night to get everything ready to hand it in under the wire which only delayed this post further. But that was not the end of my problems.

Just a few weeks ago it looked like I could finally do the post but being the perfectionist I am I tried one last time if I could not find any original art from Erik Larsen´s THOR issues. Well, as a cruel joke of fate I did not find that many original art but stumbled upon all three issues Erik Larsen had done for Dan Jurgen´s SuperThor. So I was once again faced with a dilemma and since I could not fit all three issues into one post which meant that I would have to do a THORSDAY WITH ERIK LARSEN series anyway I was back to my original plan of starting with an issue of SAVAGE DRAGON that featured his version of Thor. Who is more like the Thor in the norse mythology : with red hair, a beard and a bad temper. Anyway, we are finally starting the series and - unless something else comes up as usual - next week we will dive into Erik Larsen´s THOR issues for Marvel Comics. Which as bad as things were back then at least took place in a recognizable Marvel universe where Thor is still a guy ( even though Dan Jurgens had to go back to the unnecessary crutch of giving Superman his Clark Kent alter ego .... I mean Thor a new alter ego with Jake Olson - not related to the Olsen Twins ) and Jane Foster part of the supporting cast.

You might think that Today´s entertainment block might have something to do with Thor or Savage Dragon but for some reasons it goes in a totally different direction. The only connection that occurs to me is that our first birthday babe, Jodie Sweetin, who turns 35 would be a hot Angel Dragon.

One year ago I had no idea who she was since I had not seen that many episodes of Full House but thanks to all the brouhaha about how she puts the fuller part in the new show Fuller House and parent groups dissing the reboot because of references to sex and drugs - and because of Jodie Sweetin´s überdeveloped chest which is totally inappropriate for family viewing - I am aware of this. One of these days I have to start watching the episodes if there is really so much inappropriate boobage in them.

Apropos inappropriate boobage, Joe Staton has his 69th anniversary who was the artist who first defined the look of The Green Lantern Corps for me since he drew most of the stories in Grüne Leuchte Hefte - the Green Lantern comics by Ehapa. Fun fact : Green Lantern was one of the only DC titles german publisher Williams Verlag had in it´s repertoire although it was called Grüne Laterne ( it is a word much nearer to the english word Lantern than Leuchte which is therefore still used by comic afficionados from my generation ). Anyway, back to Joe Staton, he also drew a lot of Earth - 2 stories involving the Justice Society of America, the Huntress but most importantly Power Girl. And we all know the story of how artist Wally Wood made her breasts bigger in each issues to see how far he could go. At this point it has gone into the realm of fiction or legend but I don´t think it really matters since DC is not using the real Power Girl anyway.

For those of you who remember the good old times when the Huntress was the daughter of Batman and Catwoman and BFF with Power Girl - or those comic book newbies who want to know more about them - Diane Darcy from HELENA WAYNE HUNTRESS has numerous posts on Joe Staton, too many to post them all here, so I´m just going to mention the ones I came across during my research for this post which is The Best Of The Huntress which has the Huntress back up stories from Wonder Woman issues 274 , 275 , 276 , 284 and 285 and The Best Of Power Girl : Showcase Presents Power Girl 97 - 99 Review . BEACH BUM COMICS has another post on Joe Staton and the different series that showcased Power Girl over the years and please check out QueenRiot as Power Girl on DAILY COSPLAY .

Speaking about huge power girls, if there ever was a real life blow up sex doll born to playing a whorehouse matron in a musical it´s the aptly named singing double D sexbomb Dolly Parton who celebrates her 71st birthday.

She is famous for being the original singer of I Will Always Love You which Whitney Houston covered in The Bodyguard and which became a favorite on casting shows since then. She also holds the Guiness Book world record for a woman with the biggest breasts in a non r - rated movie ( which have been reported to be anything from 38CC up to 48E !!! ) in Nine To Five.

It´s a testament to her personality that she managed to retain a clean andwholesome and image despite looking like every guy´s dream girl.

Dolly always patterns her look after the town tramp but still had a very successful career during which she kept her clothes on for the most part.

I think another big factor is that she lives in America because in Germany a blonde with such huge knockers would most definitely have ended up in the adult movie industry like her cousin Julia Parton a.k.a. Nina Alexander.

People always wonder what convinced Sylvester Stallone to take on the role in Rhinestone and while he has said in interviews that it was because his agent told him if he´s not going to do it Arnold Schwarzenegger would do it I bet there were two big reasons provided by co star Dolly Parton.

Now back when I had my boobblog Dolly Parton would have been a prime candidate for my Search For Power Girl series but country music is only now starting to become popular in Germany so I have really no idea how big of a super star she is. For her video I wanted to play it safe and chose one from a talk show since all her music videos I had bookmarked were deleted by YouTube. Although her appearance on the Late Night with Jay Leno show I posted last year has been deleted and I had to re - post it.

Now another reason why I didn´t want to post a music video of Dolly was that I wanted to keep that option to give a shoutout to Robert Palmer. As usual things did not work out as planned because I was again trying to kill two birds with one stone and so was looking for the version of Simply Irresistible Rob Morrow had done in an episode of Northern Exposure. I did not find that clip but instead a full episode. And because they are deleted so fast I had to put it on the blog as quickly as possible. I will post a Robert Palmer video some other day and don´t worry, while the title is in spanish the video has the original english audio. Although it has subtitles which is distracting no matter if you can understand the language or not.

So far we have had gods of thunder and demigods, super heroes, savage dragons and cops, young Power Girls, older Power Girls, cosplay Power Girls and the real comic book Power Girl, cult tv series and rebooted cult tv series so the only things missing are cartoon and horror. Which as unlikely as it sounds comes courtesy of Edgar Allan Poe. Since I already used up most of my stuff about him in last year´s post you can go back and read that or if you have already done that you can read The Oval Portrait by Richard Corben from Creepy 69 on DIVERSIONS OF THE GROOVY KIND .

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