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It´s Webslinging Wednesday with Ron Frenz

Originally I wanted to wait until Tomorrow to make a special post in honor of Ron Frenz´ 57th birthday but then I asked myself : why wait another day ? And maybe I still can make a special THORSDAY post Tomorrow.

Like usual I went through all my folders because the Ron Frenz stuff was scattered all over the laptop and it very quickly became apparent that there are only two folders with a lot of Ron Frenz artwork : the one with the THOR stuff after Walter Simonson´s run and the SPIDER - GIRL stuff.

As I said, if I am going to do a post about Ron Frenz´ THOR run it will be on Thorsday and probably something with Eric Masterson. Because the Epic Collection THOR - IN MORTAL FLESH comes out in August I was thinking maybe one of the issues that are included but then I thought it would be better to post an issue I have already covered. Now I´m thinking maybe neither since what I really want to post is an issue with Eric Masterson like maybe his first issue as the new god of thunder or even the first issue of THUNDERSTRIKE. That was one of my favorite series from the 1990s. 

Okay, so now that I had decided not to do the usual selection of covers post I didn´t just want to post random pages from the SPIDER - GIRL series so the only full stories I have are from SPIDER - MAN FAMILY 5 and 6.

Longtime readers may remember that way back when the book was still fighting against cancellation I wrote a post about this cheap ploy. Ever since the Spider - Girl from the Marvel 2 universe hit the comic scene Marvel has done it´s best to kill it which is one of the reasons I have trouble swallowing this new all different, all diversified Marvel NOW universe. Because as much as everybody hates the 90s comics we DID have a female Spider - Man that was the best there is, the best there was and the best there ever will be. Marvel doesn´t have anything that comes near it, current, past or in the future and at it´s time it was one of the only two Spider - Man - related series you could still read. The other was UNTOLD TALES OF SPIDER - MAN which started out costing less than a dollar. All the other Spider - books couldn´t compete, not contentwise and definitely not where the price was concerned. Today they tell you that they can´t produce good comic books if they don´t cost five bucks but back then they did it all for under a dollar. Really makes you think.

By the way, in the Marvel 2 universe we had a female Thor, a female Captain America AND a female Wolverine. Just for all those readers out there who think that Marvel is now at the height of racial and sexual diversity. So if you thought having X 23 as the new Wolverine is a brilliant new idea they already tried this with WILD THING who at least was the daughter of Wolverine ( with Psylocke, no less. Logan gets all the babes ).

Coming back to Spider - Girl, after I set on posting her story from SPIDER - MAN FAMILY 5 I went looking if I could find some original art from the issue but like always I found more than I had bargained for which was dozens of pages from all the other series he has worked on. In any case I had already put back all the other stuff and it was much too late to change the post.

So here is the first Spider - Girl post which I promised I don´t know how many years ago and I hope I can do the second part of this next week.

There are just a few links I have to add before we come to the video section which has a plethora of hot celebrity sexbombs Today. As this post is in honor of his birthday I have to include MARVEL COMICS OF THE 1980s post on Ron Frenz´ cover for Fantastic Four Annual 20 . Also I have not visited many other blogs lately which is understandable keeping in mind the workload that is involved in trying to keep my own little blog afloat.

One of the blogs on the blog roll is DIVERSIONS OF THE GROOVY KIND and since Old Groove has a similar taste in comic books as yours truly it should be no surprise that he has covered a few of the topics from my last posts like John Romita Sr.´s 87th birthdaySal Buscema´s 81st birthday as well as other cool stuff like Captain Marvel issue 1 by the great Gene Colan.

We start Today´s celebrity birthdays with Lisa Marie Scott who turns 43.

This professional ballet dancer of japanese descent became Playmate Of The Month in February 1995 and was the first playmate to be featured on the PLAYBOY website. She also pursued a film career and you might have seen her in Friends, Baywatch Nights, Married With Children, Playboy videos or midnight classics Ringer with Shannon Whirry or The Corporate Ladder with Ben Cross, Talisa Soto ( whom we had in our last post as Vampirella ), Meilani Paul and Lorenzo Llamas´ wife, Kathleen Kinmont.

After her film career Lisa went back to college to study and majored in history summa cum laude. She then went on to law school but soon found out that it was not the job she wanted so she went back to modeling.

Next we have porn star royalty with ultimate blonde blow up sex doll Jill Kelly, who majored the porn star academy sukka cum louder thanks to her 37E - 24 - 36 measurements, superior oral skills and a relentless sex drive. The now 46 year old lesbian who derived her stage name from two of Charlie´s Angels and lied about her age to perform at her hometown strip club with 15 has retired after starring in over 50 b movies and more than 400 adult films - some of them produced by her own company Jill Kelly Productions - but she left with one of best performances in her farewell to her fans 100 % Jill about which she said : I wanted the movie to really define my sexuality since that's what being a performer in this industry is all about. It's a very sex - driven video. It's not big on dialogue and it's not big on plot. It doesn't waste any time in getting right down to the heart of what I like sexually. I'm really proud of it. It's the perfect send - off.

If there is one actor who definitely has german roots it is Brian Krause who celebrates his 48th birthday. He is best known for his longstanding role of Leo Wyatt on Charmed. In the show he was romantically involved with Holly Marie Combs´ character but in real life he dated Alyssa Milano ( who by the way just had her 44th birthday in December so you might want to check out her post which has links to previous Alyssa Milano posts ) and who wouldn´t ? Now can we cancel the whole stupid reboot idea ? 

Today we have a playmate Two - In - One party as one of my favorite centerfolds, the tall, buxom and brunette Donna Edmondson turns 51.

My days of reading PLAYBOY are long gone - especially since they don´t have pictures of naked women anymore what completely defeats the purpose - but I still kept my copy of the german issue in a secure place. Which by the way didn´t have Donna on the cover but german bunny Kirsten Schaefer. It also had an article on Falco - but we´ll get to him later.

Back to Donna Edmondson, I don´t know if she was predestined to take her clothes off for men´s magazines but in her high school yearbook she was voted " Most likely to become a bunny. " Which she did and thanks to her stunning 36F - 23 - 35 measurements she not only became Playmate Of The Month in November 1986 but was voted Playmate Of The Year in 1987.

Now since I read the german issues I had no idea how people in America react to certain playmates ( which is one reason why writing these entries is interesting - I learn so much ) and I had no idea about the controversy because Donna Edmondson was called The Virgin Playmate after it came out that at the time she did her nude pictorial for PLAYBOY she was still a virgin. Which got all the tv stations interested in interviewing The Virgin Playmate Of The Year from the Bible Belt which got all the politicians and religious zealots involved. I remember that at that time there were a lot of politicians who wanted to make a name for themselves by posing as paragons of virtue and decency by attacking the easy targets like movies, magazines and comics. People from my generation may remember how one politician furthered his career by driving the Volksverlag out of business while the other publishers did nothing. Because the money grubbing bastards were too busy thinking about which licenses they were going to bid for once the Volksverlag had to cease publication. According to what I read a report by the Meese Commission prompted all 7 - Elevens to pull the issue of PLAYBOY from their shelves and Joan Rivers ( who had an interview in that same issue ) did her best to rake Donna over the coals.

In the end all we have Today are fond memories of Ms Edmondson´s great pictorials and she hasn´t done bad for herself as she took a job as a tax accountant after the whole scandal where she met her husband with whom she has three kids. The best revenge is a life lived to its fullest.

We go back another decade with Karl Dall who celebrates his 76th birthday and first became known - I´m trying to avoid the word famous - as one of the founding members of comedy foursome / aged boy band Insterburg & Co in the 70s. I could swear I have written about him a few times but so far I could only find one lousy post with a video by Insterburg & Co.

With our next candidate we stay with comedy but add sex and a callback to the aforementioned sexbomb Alyssa Milano as Garrett Morris turns 80. He was on Who´s The Boss and for those who recognized him as the cab driver in Marvel´s recent Ant Man blockbuster that is another callback as he played Ant Man in a Saturday Night Live sketch ( which I included in an earlier post ). And if the name of Garrett Morris does not sound familiar you may recognize him as Earl from the hit comedy show 2 Broke Girls with 38E Power Girl Kat Dennings. Initially I wanted to post one of her GIFS but then I found the one below which fits the spirit much better.

Okay, GIFs are one thing and videos are something completely different so because I don´t want to repost the sketch here is Kat Dennings on The Late Late Show With Craig Ferguson where her breastacular ( I claim the copyright on this word ) wonder twins almost pop out of her black dress.

Now Elisabeth Sladen might have not been the Kat Dennings of her time but Sarah Jane Smith is the quintessential Doctor Who companion. She was the one who set the gold standard and if there is one incarnation of everybody´s favorite time travelling Timelord that is known around the world it´s Tom Baker with the fedora, the impossibly long scarf, the jellybeans, the tin dog K 9 and Sarah Jane Smith. We all loved her.

Which is one of the reasons why I was so bummed that they didn´t show the Doctor Who spin off The Sarah Jane Adventures. Not only is this a brilliant Doctor Who gateway drug for kids for those who haven´t seen it yet it is the chance to reencounter Elisabeth Sladen who aged very well. It´s almost like there are lost Doctor Who episodes with Jo Grant and Brigadier Lethbridge - Stewart as well as the tenth and eleventh Doctor.

Although the Insterburg & Co video is somewhat of a music video I want to give a shoutout to Rick James. Now while a few people out there might know his original song most probably first heard about him as the artist who got sampled by Mc Hammer ( I just had to mention him in a post about Ron Frenz ) for his smash hit U Can´t Touch This. But here in Germany I first heard his distinctive baseline in Falco´s Der Komissar. It was only years later that I heard his Super Freak on Mtv´s Greatest Hits.

I chose the last video because Ron Frenz did the cover for issue 20 and you can find more pages of Star Comics´ Thundercats on RAD UNIVERSE .

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