Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Happy belated birthday to Brian Bolland !

Since there are no other important birthdays to consider Today I can finally put the pictures I selected for the Brian Bolland tribute on the blog.

As I expected the visit to the Karlshöhe threw me back another day so that I´m now two days behind with posting but I´ll try to catch up by doing two posts Today. So there will not be as much text by yours truly in this post which might be for the best. Not all readers might enjoy my incompetent and arbitrary musings but I hope the pieces I selected speak for themselves and show why Brian Bolland is not only one of my personal all - time favorite artists but one of the great masters in the comic book medium and why it´s so sad that he doesn´t do interior work more often. 

So this is my 845th post and I would have liked to write a bit more to make it even more special but the next birthday post - which will be about Marc Silvestri - is already in the wings so let´s start with the obligatory links.

The color version of the cover from Adventure Comics 475 is courtesy of DAYS OF ADVENTURE where you also can find some interior pages from that issue and there´s also a post on Adventure Comics 449 which has a wonderful Aquaman splash page by Jim Aparo and a Martian Manhunter solo story by Mike Nasser and Terry Austin. For more Jim Aparo Aquaman goodness from Adventure Comics 451 head on over to THE AQUAMAN SHRINE and speaking of Terry Austin you might want to check out Perilous Plan Of The Plant Master and Fury Of The Floronic Man by Denny O´Neil, Dick Dillan and the man from The Flash 245 - 246 on DIVERSIONS OF THE GROOVY KIND . Also for more Jim Aparo art THE DORK REVIEW has his Who´s Who pages for The Outsiders. The original black and white art for the cover of Superman Annual 12 was found on DC COMICS OF THE 1980s which also has posts on Brian´s cover for Elvira´s House of Mystery 1 , his famous Black Canary cover for Action Comics Weekly 609 or his pin up for DC Heroes Annual 1982 as well as lot of other great original art posts. 

You might have noticed that I didn´t include any covers from The Flash and that´s because I´m thinking about doing a FLASH FRIDAY special edition with Brian Bolland´s Flash covers. At first I was not sure if there were enough covers for a post but then I stumbled upon this post on IT`S A DAN`S WORLD that convinced me. Speaking of Brian Bolland covers, THE UNSPOKEN DECADE which takes A Look At 90s Comics has some Animal Man covers and there are more Brian Bolland covers on ABDUZEEDO .

Today we have only two birthdays I want to include and the first is Peter Hsu who turns 64. There is not much information on the web about him so I´m mostly from this gallery on COMIC ART FANS that has a lost Peter Hsu portfolio which is - naturally - NSFW but if you know his art you already knew that. I knew that the name sounded familiar and back in the 1980s there was a big black and white boom in underground comics other than the mainstream brands of Marvel or DC such as Trollords, Nexus, Grendel, Red Foxxx, Usagi Yojimbo, Samuraii, Albedo, Shuriken, Miami MIce, Adventurers, Quadrant, Gauntlet, Elf Warrior or Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. Well, Peter Hsu was part of that era. His stuff could be considered good girl art, he studied under Wally Wood and tried to emulate a Richard Corben like feel in his art and was influenced by Frank Frazetta and Boris Vallejo. He seemed to disappear from comics altogether after his stink on the Adventurers and in the 1990s only did a few covers for small press comic books. It seems Peter Hsu is doing good but doesn't paint anymore. He does small editorial cartoons here and there for a local newpaper in British Columbia Cananda but these cartoons are definitely not like his good girl art that made famous in the comic books. He concentrates on his other profession of photography and 3D computer animation mostly now.

The second one is the late Walter Neugebauer one of the founders of comics in Croatia which might be enough of an accomplishment but knowing me you probably suspect that´s not all he did. He earned his entry here because in 1954 Walter met german publisher Rolf Kauka and became the artist on Fix und Foxi which he made into the most popular comic in Germany. In 1972 he formed a new studio focusing on advertising art and he created the Goldbär for Haribo and Hubba Bubba for Wrigley´s.

Since I mentioned cult siren Elvira in this post I wanted to add a video from my long list of Elvira videos. This is a pilot for a show on the coattails of the Elvira, Mistress Of The Dark movie that sadly never was syndicated.

Yesterday I could only include one video about Mariah Carey so here is another one, I Don´t which I haven´t heard before. I´m really not up to date on all things Mariah Carey and I hope it isn´t deleted too quickly.

Coming from my number three sexual obsession to the second place on that list, since I mentioned hasian Yaya Han in my last post you probably expected a video about the cosplaying sexbomb with the titanic twin torpedoes but don´t worry boob lovers instead I´m going with another fan favorite, Angie Griffin whose bulging one hundred percent natural 41E bustline even eclipses Yaya´s surgically improved 40D made for porn oppai.

Here is her Agent Alice cosplay and Angie looks mas bueno que el pan.

Speaking of hot sexbombs built for starring in adult movies to double your fun ( and by double your fun I mean increase the size of your erection ) watch the spanish version where Angie even sounds like a pornstar.

Since Brian Bolland also did covers for Shade, The Changing Man and I wanted to include something Vertigo - related in this post here is the cartoon short from DC Nation. Every time I see one of those I can´t help but wondering if this was the whole reason why the NEW 52 was started.

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Terry Hooper-Scharf said...

There is a reason Bolland does not do interiors. Covers etc pay better and it took a year for an issue of Camelot 3000 to appear! If you see the Image book The Art of Brian Bolland grab it!!!!

SUBZERO said...

I know that covers pay better but I would still like to see him do a full comic now and then. And thanks for the tip about the book.