Monday, March 13, 2017

Monday with the Legion of Super - Heroes

After working on the Simona Ventura birthday post - which is not due until April - for the last few days I´m taking things slow to do a quick post.

Way back when I did the Tom Peyer post last month it was very hard to pick just one cover from his run on LEGION OF SUPER - HEROES and ever since I wanted to put more covers by the great Alan Davis on the blog.

A few of these covers are homages to other covers and as I know how much you like the DEJA VUE section I have included the original covers and some other homage covers where I deemed it necessary although I have not included all homage covers since there are a few very familiar among them who have been copied a dozen of times. And there are some where I´m not entirely sure if I have picked the right ones as originals. I still hope there are a few covers among them you have not seen before. 

Now those readers who don´t like my extra long celebrity birthday / entertainment sections will be glad to read that since there are no special birthdays of notice Today we make it short and sweet Today. On the other hand it means that I get to pick all the videos without the need to fit a certain topic so be careful what you wish for because you might just get it. Since the Legion of Super - Heroes is a science fiction comic I thought this video about how the future used to look does fit right in because the Legion also presented a different version of the future in each decade.

To keep with the theme of science fiction and how we tought the future would look I originally posted a song about the year 2000 from La Parodia Nacional but then I came across possibly the coolest music video in my entire life : True Survivor by The Hoff from Kung Fury. The music video was made for a kickstarter for a film and while the money they raised was not enough for a full length feature they DID make a 30 minute short film .

Since the Legion of this post has also been called the Archie Legion I wanted to include a cartoon video from that company. Like with Smallville a lot of people didn´t know that the tv series Sabrina, The Teenage Witch with Melissa Joan Hart was based on a comic book series. Although I have to say that they did turn Sabrina´s aunts from old hags into hot MILFs.

Now while we probably never will see WWE diva Ashley Massaro as Sabrina I wanted to include her in Today´s post. On her last birthday I could not include her in the post because I didn´t have very much on her but since I just recently found a few videos of her matches I want to correct that regrettable oversight. Unless the knockouts from TnA´s iMPACT Wrestling the WWE divas are picked more for their good looks than for their abilities as wrestlers - which is stressed by the fact that Ashley Massaro was in the Playboy issue of April 2007 thanks to her 36E - 24 - 32 measurements - but I have to say that she shows incredible muscle control during her warm up.

The match for which Ashley is warming up is against Jillian Hall who - at least according to the internet sources - has the same cup size as Ashley. Does anybody have more information on that ? I mean often you read that two women have the exact same breast size but when you see them next to each other one of them seems to have bigger breasts than the other.

I wanna end Today´s post with this fan made short because I want this to go viral so everybody can send this to Zack Snyder. So far I have managed to avoid all Justice League trailers but judging from Batman vs Superman - Dawn of Justice this is more fun than whatever crap Zack is cooking up.

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The portable vibrator you gave us worked perfectly, Fiddler.

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