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It is Man of Steel Saturday with Curt Swan

I am still working on the special Valentine´s Day post but when the name of your blog is TALES FROM THE KRYPTONIAN it is kind of obligatory to pay homage on Curt Swan´s anniversary since he helped to build this house.

Initially I wanted to do a post just about his work on the Legion of Super - Heroes because they seem to appear more and more on Supergirl and there are rumors of a possible spin off series. But even though I made a special folder for Curt Swan I just don´t have enough good material so I have instead selected the best pieces. But don´t fear, the Legion is still involved in this post as well as Supergirl who goes up against her cousin.

Today´s link section starts with Deejay Dayton on BABBLING ABOUT DC COMICS who has a few more pages from Action Comics 378 and you might have noticed that Supergirl wears a different costume than her classic one in The Feud Of Titans from Action Comics 403. As a matter of fact the Maiden of Steel has worn many costumes throughout the decades and since Today´s readers are probably only familiar with a few ones - including the new suits from THE NEW 52 and the Supergirl tv show - METROPOLIS PLUS brings us The Amazing Outfits Of Supergirl - A Continuing Saga.

Speaking of Supergirl´s costumes, SUPERGIRL : THE MAIDEN OF MIGHT has Princess Of The Golden Sun from Superman Family issue 165 in which Kara wears my all time favorite Supergirl costume, the one with the puffed sleeves and the hot pants. One thing I always found strange is that this is probably the costumes that gets used for cosplay the least when it lends itself much better to cosplay than any other Supergirl costume. I mean with this one you can incorporate regular everyday clothes like a shirt and hot pants while you have to make a bodysuit for most others. Go figure.

We are staying with Supergirl as JESS`S ( SOMEWHAT ) GROWN - UP TYPE BLOG - sheesh find a shorter name next time - presents The Three Super - Heroes from Action Comics 267 a tale in which the founding members of the Legion travel through time to offer Supergirl membership. But because of red kryptonite that gives her the body of an adult woman she can´t join the Legion. The effect wore off after a while and I´m sure Brainiac 5 would have been only too eager to study Supergirl´s booming adult body in his lab. It´s just too bad that he hadn´t joined the team at this point.

Today´s links section is all about Supergirl and since I just mentioned Brainiac 5 I think it´s time for some Legion of Super - Heroes 101. As the regular visitors of this blog know I watch a lot of reaction videos for the CW super hero shows on YouTube because I can´t watch the shows with my brothers. And one of the things I have noticed is that while a lot of the people doing the reaction videos claim to know a lot about comics most of them are lacking in even the most basic comic book knowledge.

Okay, when I say basic comic book knowledge I am speaking of things that comic readers of my generation know which is quite different from what Today´s comic readers might know. For example the Legion of Super - Heroes was one of DC Comics biggest sellers when I was reading comics but it has been three years since you saw then in any DC comic book.

So if someone has only read comics for the last three years for instance he can´t know a thing about the Legion. With that said I was quite surprised how little most of the people from the reaction videos on YouTube know about the Legion which is next to nothing. I mean, any Legion fan worth his salt became very excited when Mon - El returned on Suoergirl and stated that he had been exactly 1,000 years in the future. Because in the comics the Legion was always situated exactly 1,000 years in the future - not 999 years and not 1,001 years - and Mon - El was a member. Anyway, since it´s better to light a candle than to curse the darkness you might want to check out Caitlin Bush´s article on INVERSE that explains that a romance between Mon - El and Supergirl was never canon in the Legion comics ( where she was always romantically involved with Brainiac 5 ) and ULTIMATE COMIC CON has 15 Lost Facts About The Legion. Last but not least we return one last time to the actual comic books with PELLUCIDAR OFFERINGS which has The Maid Of Menace from Action Comics issue 304.

Speaking of reaction videos, it has been a while since I posted any videos from Teens React or now Adults React and that is because it has become a little bit pervy on my part with all the animated GIFs of female reactors.

Which is not entirely my fault because I can´t help it that girls like Sydney, Marlhy or Brooklin have such developed bodies despite their young age.

And just Yesterday I said to myself that I am not going to make any new animated GIFs of the react girls no matter how hot they are - which lasted exactly five minutes. Which is how long it took me to come across a Teens React video where Becca has some incredible bouncing action - at age 14 !

Anyway, the jury is still out on if I will continue doing the animated GIFs or not in the meantime Ed Sheran´s 27th birthday is a good excuse to post another react video that is entirely safe for work. I don´t know that much about him because he´s one of the musicians that I have on an imaginary list whom I always want to listen to more often but every time I am at a CD shop or ordering some CDs online I draw a blank. As it is I still have to listen to the last two Dami Im CDs as well as to Alicia Keys´ As I Am CD.

Hammer studio cult siren Yvonne Romain celebrates her 80th birthday. Since I wrote my cult siren post on her I have managed to watch The Brigand Of Khandahar and Captain Clegg a.k.a. Night Creatures and it really seems that The Curse Of The Werewolf is Yvonne´s best work.

Since I could not find a good video with Yvonne Romain here is a rare find where bikini contest videos are concerned. Although this is not a bikini contest. I have posted a few Bikini Open videos and the best parts are always from the California Girl Bikini Contest and the California Foxhunt Bikini Championship. Now just Yesterday I found a few videos from the California Foxhunt Bikini Championship as well as some other and I´m starting with this one. I´m not sure what exactly a Flashdance Contest is but this one has the best picture quality although not necessarily the hottest contestants. It seems with these videos you either have great contestants or great picture quality but not both. Anyway, I picked this video because compared to the other ones the girls wear relatively much clothing and while there are not that many girls that get me excited they start out with the best Jamie Ortlieb. She was a regular on these contests and if you watch the video you know why she was so popular with guys.

Now the advantage of doing this annual birthday posts is that since I covered most of the celebrity birthdays in last year´s post I can only pick those where I have some new stuff ( which also helps in not repeating myself ) and add some videos of my own choice. So because we have already started with schooling the comic muggles in regards to the Legion of Super - Heroes here is more info about the best comic book ever. How can you beat alien teenagers with super powers in space ? In the future !

I also want to include a cartoon video that relates to Today´s topic so since all videos from the Legion of Super - Heroes cartoon ( which has my absolute recommendation, best Legion cartoon EVER plus I even made a post about it ) are immediately erased from YouTube here is part two of a featurette about the Filmation Superman cartoon from 1966 which also incorporated a lot of elements from the Curt Swan Superman adventures.

The disadvantage of foregoing the celebrity birthdays of the day is that it can be difficult to select the videos. It has been a long time since I posted an episode of Faerie Tale Theater and I picked Rip Van Winkle because I already included it in an earlier post but had to take it out again. I was completely unfamiliar with the story and it kind of involves time travel.

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I know I promised I wouldn´t waste my intellect on kryptonite robots and super death traps but three months ago I looked in the mirror at those nasty little spiderwebs around my eyes and I realized something. I´m getting older and .... and he isn´t.

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