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JLA casting - Jamie Chung special edition

Another post is finished which means it´s once again time for my Justice League of America Hollywood casting. This time it´s another solo post.

Now some people may cry foul to me including the Cassandra Cain Batgirl in this countdown since she was never an official member of the Justice League but as I already included the female Dr. Light just to have another asian actress on the cast as well as the original Batgirl - who also never was a member of the League I can also include the Batgirl I didn´t like. 

I didn´t hate her or anything - that was reserved for Stephanie Brown - but I just never managed to connect with her which for me is one of the main reasons to read a book. You have to connect on some level with the main character or he´s not going to be relatable to you. Which equals boring. And it doesn´t matter what it is. There is no one hundred percent match with an idol of millions but you may know how it feels to be an ugly thing shunned by humanity. You may not be the strongest one there is but you have your days where you just want to be left alone. And you may not be the daughter of the greatest magician and defender of Devil´s Echo but I bet anything you did was never good enough for your father either.

So you need this kind of connection with the main character and some readers may have been able to get that with Cassandra Cain - like my younger brother - but I never got past the bad writing and the wonky art. And I´m not even mentioning the disturbing masturbation Batgirl cover.

Of course in the movie she would stay mute. Talk about ruining Batgirl after the first few issues. If at least they had managed to give her some kind of personality. But everybody was written badly in the series even Robin Tim Drake. If you only realize that there´s a hot chick underneath that skintight latex costume when she drops that costume and instead wears Barbara Gordon´s old Batgirl costume - which is not as formfitting as Cassandra´s regular costume ...... you´re not a very good detective.

Maybe this was an american thing or something for the Batfans but you can´t tell me that you don´t notice how hot a woman is who wears a skintight latex costume - until she dons an unbecoming grey thing.

And then the ridiculous scene where she trips over her high heels. If that is supposed to show anything than it only demonstrates what a real badass Barbara Gordon really was as Batgirl. Yes, she took names and kicked ass with her long legs and she did it all in high heels, beyotch !

Anyway, I don´t want to go into the real Batgirl at length now because I already had her in this countdown. There are a few things I have to add but that will be done in the special Subzero edition but if you want to see more of Cassandra fooling around with Babara Gordon´s old costume here´s a post about it on SCANS DAILY . Thanks guys for providing this.

Longtime readers of the blog may already know about my predisposition for asian girls but this time the post has nothing to do with cosplay queen Yaya Han or other oriental sexbombs I mentioned on the blog before.

The simple reason why Jamie Chung got her solo post was that when I first made this post her entry was rather small. But then I added a few pictures because I wanted to pimp it a bit and then the usual happened.

The usual being that I found out a lot of interesting things about Jamie which make the post that much more interesting to read. But it likewise made the post longer and longer and combined with the usual tangents about things - comic related and not - in the end I had no choice but to give this it´s own post. Believe me, you absolutely don´t want to read the megalong posts these turn into before I cut them into parts. Yes, this also means that this series gets more and more installments but I can put em between my other strictly comic related posts. Well, if I had any strictly comic related posts. You know what I mean. But here I am, talking about not wanting long posts and still writing this longwinded introduction. So before you get too bored, here is our next - little - part of my Hollywood casting for a Justice League of America movie with a few additions.

Jamie Chung as Batgirl ( Cassandra Cain )

Like with casting Dr. Light it was difficult to find an asian actress for the Hollywood version. With the other edition it´s no problem : Miko Lee, Lena Li, Tera Patrick, Akira Lane, Christine Mendoza, Sasha Oagata, Minka ( !!! ), Jasmine Mai, Gail Kim, Yaya Han....the list is just endless .

Here it was not as easy but after doing some research I found somebody. It seems I am one of the few on the planet who waited a few years before finally watching DRAGONBALL EVOLUTION when it was on tv and my braincells are eternally grateful for that. But it seems the real reason why guys went to watch the movie was to catch a glimpse of Jamie Chung.

I don´t know if she got the martial arts skills to pull off the mute master assassin turned vigilante but  she was very believable as SIN CITY´s Miho.

I´m still miffed that Jessica Alba got the role of Nancy Callahan even though she refused to go topless. I mean, what the f - word was the producer smoking here ? Not that Jessica Alba is not sexy as all get out and knows how to move her blowup sex doll body like a professional. 

But she plays a stripper. Hello ? And what always pissed me off are movies with strippers who don´t take their clothes off. That´s just ridiculous.

There´s a simple rule to avoid all this : if you don´t want to take your clothes off DON´T PLAY A STRIPPER. Halle Berry played a stripper in THE LAST BOY SCOUT and she didn´t go topless but did a great striptease.

Demi Moore played a stripper in STRIPTEASE and she DID go topless.

Erika Eleniak played Playmate of the Month AND stripper Jordan Tate in the Steven Seagal movie UNDER SIEGE and her scorching hot topless striptease scene is the only reason the movies is still on television. 

And last but not least Elizabeth Berkley played a stripper who became a showgirl in SHOWGIRLS and not only went topless but got totally nude.

It´s true, some actresses play strippers and do not go topless but it is not very realistic. I know, I never have been one of the greatest advocates of realism in comic movies but I DO believe in staying true to the source material and in the SIN CITY comic Nancy is topless in every other scene.

That is how her character was written by Frank Miller and if you want to play her but you don´t want to go topless it´s simply not going to work.

Well, I hope the directors of SIN CITY, Frank Miller and Robert Rodriguez at least had some fun with Jessica Alba auditioning on the casting couch.

Coming back to Jamie Chung on SIN CITY she was very believable in her role as deadly Miho but in my opinion she was underused in SIN CITY 2.

But Jamie Chung has even more comic book cred. Besides playing Chi Chi in DRAGONBALL EVOLUTION and Miho in the SIN CITY movies she also is the voice actress for Gogo Tomago in Disney´s version of BIG HERO 6.

And I´m saying Disney´s version of BIG HERO 6 because she looks quite different in the Marvel comics. As do all of the BIG HERO 6 in the movie.

I mean I can understand why Disney decided to do an animated movie with these characters but for my taste the story was too generic and would have probably worked with any group of characters. It is a good movie and quite entertaining but they totally wasted the potential here.

And on that note we return to our Justice League casting. Originally I picked Jamie Chung because she is hot but in hindsight it´s a really good choice because she has a lot more to offer than just her good looks.

And with that we wrap up another part of the JLA casting even if it was only a drop in the bucket. I mean we only managed to do ONE candidate. But as they say : one is better than none. So I hope this long post was as entertaining for you to read as it was educational for me to write this.

Todays video section starts with clips from my favorite Late Night show. At the moment I have no other place where I can find them so I have to watch it on YouTube. Here is the first one with Jamie in a gorgeous dress.

Another Craig Ferguson clip, this time she is promoting SIN CITY 2.

And if that´s not your thing here is a Jamie Chung interview in a bikini.

Since this is a Justice League movie I wanted to post the trailer for Bruce Timm´s new animated movie JUSTICE LEAGUE : GODS AND MONSTERS. When this was announced I was all exicted because I thought he was the right man to do a Justice League movie how it ought to be done. But judging from the trailer this is not really a Justice League movie at all.

So to have SOMETHING with the real Justice League in it here´s another 1967 cartoon from Lou Scheimer´s legendary FILMATION studio. This time it´s the first episode of The Atom : Invasion of the Beetle - Men.

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Marvel Visionaries - Chris Claremont part 1

In my last post about the Marvel Visionaries hardcovers I wrote that it took me five hours to get all the necessary pictures for the post. Well, that was super fast compared to this post because it took me ten days.

That doesn´t mean that I was working non - stop on preparing the stuff for the post the last ten days. There are many other things I did as well.

Like working on my JLA casting posts which I do inbetween normal posts. I usually work on them late at night when I can´t sleep because of the heat and in those cases I really put a lot of sweat into them because I do nothing but. It´s really insane how hot it gets. It used to be that the heat didn´t bother me as much since I always said the hotter the better. But I don´t know what it is now, if it´s the age finally catching up to me or if it´s my health faltering these last months but on some days I don´t get anything done. I can´t sleep all night long, during the day I´m trying to get some sleep but sometimes the neighbours are very loud doing some construction or what not and I can´t catch a wink. Every other day I have physio and on the days I don´t I´m too wiped out to do much of anything.

And so on some days the computer stays off and on some days I just don´t have the brain capacity to work on a real post so I fidget with my JLA posts. Which means I write some stuff, read it a few days later, erase it again because it was not safe for work, add a few pictures, add some more stuff, put up the videos that go into the post, write the text for the videos, now the post is much too long so it has to be split up, then I have to split up the videos, add some new ones, rearrange a post because it was all asian girls, put up header pictures for all posts, look for some comic relevant things I can add, write the intro and repeat it all again.

So I´m not working on one post, I´m kind of working on all of them at the same time which means I can pick the one I´m in the mood for. Maybe one day I want to work on the Janet Jackson post or the post with Akira Lane, the next time I just want to work on the videos while the next time I try to finish the posts where the main text pieces are already done and I only have to go over the video section and the comic book related intro.

There are also days when I am looking for material for my next post and with this post it was because I wanted to do it right. When I write a post the normal procedure is that I look what kind of pictures I already have on the laptop, then I do a quick search for reference on the internet or look for more pictures as the need arises. But I quickly realized that this time that was not going to do it because if I had started looking for stuff while writing the post it would have taken me those ten days to finish the post.

Because there were just a few pictures I had before and when you really want to pimp this book ( which I´m mostly doing for my german readers since you can still get it at for 16 EUROS ) you have to show some of the amazing art of the high caliber artists Chris Claremont has worked with during his career like the incredible Barry Windsor Smith. 

Or the often underrated Alan Davis. I can´t for the life of me understand why he is not a superstar artist or why EXCALIBUR was so neglected by fans. Maybe it really was ahead of its time with it´s combination of funny yet serious mutant mayhem and character driven epic adventure stories.

Or how about Bill Sienkiewicz on NEW MUTANTS ? I have to admit I wasn´t his biggest fan when he started out because I thought he was just lazy scribbling all over the place and when I started reading NEW MUTANTS they had already gone to various fill in artists followed by Butch Guice who at that time still went by Jackson Guice. But come on, you have to show a little something something of his artistic genius in a book review, right ?

So I waited with this post until I felt I have enough material together to do it properly and any extra stuff I need I´ll just have to do it on the fly.

Like I said in my last post about the Marvel Visionaries hardcover books these posts are not me trying to pimp Marvel or Disney. The way they are going about right now you can´t even recognize the characters anymore. I´m writing the posts because I think that these books have an excellent comic value for money ratio and if Disney would be doing them right now they would probably go for much more than thirty bucks. And at sixteen bucks that´s an even sweeter deal. Also like I mentioned in the other post most of the guys who jump the comic bandwagon just to be cool may know who Stan Lee is and maybe Jack Kirby but have no idea who Chris Claremont is. But you can be sure that once they find out these books are going to demand the same astronomic prices the omnibus hardcovers are going for right now. So you better buy them while you can afford them.

Like with the MARVEL VISIONARIES - JOHN ROMITA JR book these are all reprints and I have read most of the stories in some form or another but there are also a few I haven´t read before. If you are only interested in the Disney NOW universe this is probably not the right book for you. It also is not very suited to give you a lot of background information since it contains stories from many series divided by decades in some cases. But if you want a nice collection of some of Chris Claremont´s best and best known stories for your bookshelf to take out now and then it delivers.

In the last Marvel Visionaries post I went back and forth with the stories but here I´ll do them in the order they are printed in the book because that shows you not only an evolution in Chris Claremont as a writer but also the evolution in the x - universe which is a big part of this. As I have no insider at Marvel I don´t know for sure why these stories were picked but that hasn´t stopped me from speculating before. It´s really hard to know but on the other side it doesn´t really matter because are there really any bad Chris Claremont stories from this period ? What I do know is that a lot of the stories are standalone issues or at least issues that can be read without knowing other stories, there are a lot of fan favorite stories in here and stories that are not reprinted anywhere else. And there are no stories that will pop up in any other Marvel Visionary books.

The first story is DAREDEVIL 102 and as far as I can tell it was included because it was Chris Claremont´s first issue writing for Marvel Comics.

It´s the next issue when things get interesting, MARVEL FANFARE 11, where the combo of Chris Claremont and John Byrne first teamed up. 

Which is one of the reasons why this book might get up in price : it´s got Star Lord in it and ever since the GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXIES movie everything with the Guardians or Star Lord in it sells like hot cupcakes.

And this story not only has the original Star Lord in the cool costume - not the Grifter rip off with the facemask he wore in the movie - but it also is his origin story. I read this first in the german edition of Ehapa´s DIE GROSSEN PHANTASTIC COMICS but I could swear the comic was in color.

I have no idea why they chose to print the black and white version - if they wanted to stick to the original or they didn´t have the color version and this is the one comic missing in Ralp Macchio´s Marvel collection - but it is kind of a violent break in the book since the rest is in color.

The next issue is IRON FIST 14 where the creative team of Chris Claremont and John Byrne went next to work their combined magic.

If you can trust the internet gossip - and we all know how accurate that is - there´s an Iron Fist series in the works which together with the Netflix Daredevil series and the Luke Cage series will culminate in an Heroes for Hire series which is another reason why this book might rise in value.

As for the story itself, no disrespecting Ed Brubaker, Matt Fraction and David Aja but Chris Claremont´s and John Byrne´s IRON FIST series is a thing of beauty. Chris really grabs you with that second person narrative and nobody draws kung fu fighting like John. If you want to do yourself a favor you got to get the ESSENTIAL or MARVEL MASTERWORKS of this.

IRON FIST 14 is one of the most reprinted comics - it even had a Marvel Milestone edition - because it´s the first appearance of Sabretooth. Who was created by Chris Claremont and John Byrne. In the story Daniel Rand ( who is not a teenager like in the terrible ULTIMATE SPIDER - MAN cartoon which just shamelessly tries to pander to the non comic reading masses ) and Coleen Wing are on the run, get caught in a blizzard and a snowblind Iron Fist has to go up against Sabretooth which means he can´t use his Iron First power. Which is basically what the readers were waiting for in each issue. You knew that it was just a matter of time before Daniel opened a can of whup ass on his opponents by summoning his chi — the essence of his spirit and strength, channeling its raw power down into his arm, into his hand until that hand becomes LIKE UNTO A THING OF IRON.

Which brings us to UNCANNY X - MEN issue 137, the death of Jean Grey. Can you make a book about Chris Claremont and NOT include this ? His run on the book with John Byrne is still the gold standard, the best stories are The Dark Phoenix Saga and Days of Future Past and the best issue from that is the death of Jean Grey issue. Even the covers are so iconic that both will be featured in upcoming DEJA VUE posts. Now they could have chosen to reprint the original version from PHOENIX - THE UNTOLD STORY ( if you don´t know what this is I covered it in this post ) but I guess they wanted to stay with the version everybody knows and loves.

I don´t want to comment too much on the issue because I still hope I can do a DEATH IN COMICS : THE DEATH OF JEAN GREY post on of these days but this one has it all. You have the band coming together one more time in a battle against the Legion of Super - Heroes ( which the Shi´Ar´s Imperial Guard basically is ) for the life of one of their beloved members.

The epic battle takes place in the blue area of the moon which leads to Wolverine paying a visit to the Watcher´s crib, you have fastball specials on the moon and Jean Grey making the ultimate sacrifice in the end. It still holds up - even after Jean Grey´s death had been retconned by John Byrne - and there´s a reason why it´s THE classic Uncanny X - Men story. 

Let´s continue. With our next issue in the book we leave the confines of the x - men universe, or better said we go to the point where it connects with the Avengers universe in the famous AVENGERS ANNUAL number 10.

Why is it famous ? For three things. First up it´s the debut of Rogue who went on to become on of the most popular X - Men members. So this also raises the value of this collection for geek speculators. Originally she was slated to debut in MS MARVEL 25 but the series was cancelled so she first appeared in AVENGERS ANNUAL 10. That´s just one of the things I can´t understand. MS MARVEL 24 was finished and MS MARVEL 25 was half done but they decided to cancel it with issue 23. It´s the same crap as with Jack Kirby´s KAMANDI series that was cancelled although there was one more finished issue to be published. Anyway, in 1992 Marvel DID publish the final issues of MS MARVEL in MARVEL SUPER HEROES 10 and 11 and you can check out some of the pages in SCANS DAILY post on the history of Mystique´s and Ms Marvel which fills you in on the events leading up to Rogue absorbing Carol Danvers powers, personality and memories and leaving her basically a braindead vegetable. Which is reason number 2.

AVENGERS ANNUAL 10 is where this pivotal moment happens - not only in Rogue´s life but also in the life of Carol Danvers - that leads to everything that followed like her gaining new super powers and adopting the persona of Binary. As well as hanging with the X - Men for a while before becoming a members of the Starjammers and her long journey to becoming human again and finally returning to the Avengers active roster under the name of Warbird during the AVENGERS series by Kurt Busiek and George Perez.

Kurt Busiek picked up on the clusterf AVENGERS 200 in LIVE KREE OR DIE ! and later on she met another version of Marcus in THE KANG DYNASTY. 

Can you also hear the comic geek chique cash register go KA - CHINK ?

Last but not least AVENGERS ANNUAL 10 is Chris Claremont Sticking Up for Ms. Marvel as the guys from CBR put it so eloquently in their Meta Messages post that also goes over the events of AVENGERS 200 where Ms. Marvel gave birth to the guy who had impregnated her - time travel can be tricky - and the Avengers´ reaction to this was to sent her off with him to another dimension basically to be raped without much consideration.

If this infamous story is new to you ( right now the comic bandwagon hopping hipsters are probably having an orgasm ) check out the link above and you can read the final pages of AVENGERS ANNUAL 10 - which has absolutely gorgeous artwork by Michael Golden - on SCANS DAILY .

And with this I´m ending this post since it would get too long otherwise. Next up is another JLA casting post that oddly enough touches on Frank Miller´s SIN CITY and afterwards we will return to MARVEL VISIONARIES - CHRIS CLAREMONT where we may talk about Frank Miller on the first Wolverine series but definitely about Bill Sienkiewicz on NEW MUTANTS, Barry Windsor Smith on UNCANNY X - MEN and Alan Davis on EXCALIBUR.

Before wrapping up I have to mention two posts, CBR´s Top Five Most Heroic X - Men Deaths which includes the death of Jean Grey and MARVEL COMICS OF THE 80s post on John Byrne´s AVENGERS WEST COAST .

I´m starting Today´s video section with two videos that I should have posted in my DAYS OF FUTURE PAST post but didn´t want to insert after the fact, the first one explains everything you need to know about it.

The second one goes over the two issues that make up the story.

Our next one is an interview with the master himself from THE DRAWN WORD TV where he talks about - among other stuff - writing the X - MEN.

I had to compromise with Today´s cartoon video as it seems that you either have a video with no huge border around OR good quality on YouTube. But you can´t have both. So I opted for better quality and hope you don´t mind the giant border on part one of THE PHOENIX SAGA.

Last but not least here is the trailer for the newest Bond movie which I lifted off Terry Hopper´s COMICBITS ONLINE blog. I made the mistake of watching it and was so psyched I had to re watch SKYFALL. Be warned !

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My JLA movie cast goes native ( american )

It´s time again to gird your loins and prepare the kleenex as another part from my casting for the Justice League of America movie is finished.

This has really turned into a longer series as I thought but the JLA IS one of my favorite subjects and this way I get to wax philosophic about that and post lots of pictures of hot women at the same time. Maybe now you see why I thought so long about IF I should post this on my comic blog.

Today we visit - or revisit as I already wrote about it in a few posts - one my favorite periods on the book : the run by Joe Kelly and Dough Mahnke which never really has caught on with the broad Justice League fanbase. Which is something I never understood because I really liked those issues.

I mean some people say that the best run on Justice League is the one by Grant Morrison, others swear it´s the Post Crisis relaunch by Keith Giffen, J. M. DeMatteis and Kevin Maguire and there is a lot of truth to that.

Some like the Justice League with Ed Benes ( I´m not citing a specific writer because there were several of them ), heck I have even heard arguments for the runs of James Robinson and Mark Waid - short as they were - but it seems there is not much love for Joe Kelly´s tenure on JLA.

Maybe I´m biased in this regard but - as I already wrote in my BEST LEAGUE EVER posts - 2 of my alltime favorite Justice League stories, as well as one of my favorite Justice League maxiseries are from that run.

And I was already out the door at that time. Grant Morrison had ended his run with WORLD WAR III, Mark Waid had also left the book and I had just waited until the last story arc Brian Hitch had started penciling wrapped up to jump ship. His issues were so late. I mean this was as good as it was going to get since really I liked Doug Mahnke and was a big fan of his art on MAJOR BUMMER but how good could this Joe Kelly guy really be ?

So I kicked JLA from my pull list and the first issues of the creative team didn´t generate much of a buzz. But that all changed with the next arc THE OBSIDIAN AGE. I have gone back and re - read my old BEST LEAGUE EVER posts because I thought about pimping them but I decided against it. So I will probably write more about this at length - as well as other significant periods in the team´s history - down the line. Anyway, during OUR WORLDS AT WAR Aquaman and the city of Atlantis had disappeared and AGE OF OBSIDIAN revealed that they had landed more than 3,000 years in the past. During the story the Justice League confronted another team of superheroes of that period ( Raven Manitou was a member of that team ), were killed by them and came back to continue the fight, another Justice League team was introduced in the present day and the story was so big it had to be put into two trade paperbacks. Not bad, eh ?  

But they were only getting started because after the much shorter RULES OF ENGAGEMENT and THE WHITE RAGE came another blockbuster, TRIAL BY FIRE which was basically the Martian Manhunter against everybody.

You might say that´s not much of a story since J´onn J´onzz´ weakness is fire and that is easy to exploit but what if he was not vulnerable to fire anymore ? A lot of people don´t realize this but the Martian Manhunter is one of the most powerful members of the Justice League. Just think : he has all of Superman´s powers PLUS telepathy PLUS shapeshifting PLUS the ability to become transparent and walk through walls. He´s unstoppable.

But to really do this justice it deserves a post of it´s own so let us dive right into my next candidate for the Justice League of America movie :

Rachel McLish as Dawn ( later Manitou Dawn )

I´m not sure why I included her in my list since I´m not a fan of forced racial diversity. It´s not like she spent that much time with the JLA or I have that many candidates who can play a native american woman.

So I went with somebody who had already played the part in RAVENHAWK.

Rachel Mc Lish was one of the main fitness models who did swimsuits and lingerie photos when I was in school so I wanted to include her in the list.

She had a few minor movie roles like in ACES : IRON EAGLE III due to her impressive physique but I don´t think Hollywood was really ready for that kind of movies with - physically - strong females. They didn´t know what to do with her so she never achieved her full potential as an action star.

Since Rachel McLish had been such a prolific fitness model with so many photoshoots under her belt you´d think it would be easier to find some quality pictures on the net but it seems Mr. Weider´s prudeness has its effects even on the internet and it was extremely difficult to find these.

Dawn is the wife of Raven Manitou, one of the coolest League additions from the AGE OF OBSIDIAN, based on SUPER FRIENDS´s Apache Chief.

Raven married Dawn after she was raped by one of her tribe's elders after which she was called the " kicking goat " and declared unclean. Talk about having double standards : this elder violates her and she gets the rap.

In any case, Dawn journeyed with her husband to the 20th century but when her husband started to neglect her Green Arrow, the old horndog, was there to console her. After Raven Manitou sacrified his life to save Green Arrow Dawn inherited his magic powers and became Dawn Manitou.

Coming back to Rachel McLish I think the first Ms Olympia would be perfect as the native american from Joe Kelly´s much underrated JLA run.

And here´s where I end this post because as I have already said, this deserves a way longer separate post. For now I´m wrapping this up and we will talk more about my casting for the JLA movie in the next part.

If I had done this casting call ten years earlier german movie starlet Sibylle Rauch sure would have been a shoo in for the role of Power Girl.

Sibylle played in a lot of the erotic movies that swept Germany in the 80s but her most famous roles were in the israeli series of erotic comedies EIS AM STIEL ( Lemon Popsicle in english ) that were among the most watched movies in Germany at that time. The movies follow a trio of friends on a quest to loose their virginity and as usual hijinks ensue.

Sibylle used that popularity to further her film career and start as a singer ( this was the time when women with big breasts like Sabrina Salerno, Danuta or Samantha Fox became big stars thanks to the predominance of music videos ). She later became a porn actress with one of the biggest german porn companies and her movie BORN TO LOVE even guest starred british porn superstar Sarah Louise Young. But Sibylle topped the success of this with SISTERS IN LOVE where her sister Sylvie Rauch appeared.

Sybille also was the publisher - as well as the face - of the german edition of HUSTLER from 1992 till 1995. She did a lot of cocaine and I thought she had died in 1997 but apparently she survived her suicide attempt. 

Another sex icon from my misspent youth is Ingrid Steeger who also played in a lot of erotic comedies of the 80s although she became best known for staring on the german variety / cabaret cult show KLIMBIM.

I remember the show was must see tv ( not only because Ingrid wore really skimpy outfits and sometimes even went topless ) and it´s really indicative of the kind of tv program we have Today that a show from the 80s has more political commentary and social critique than most german tv productions from Today. You can find some episodes on YouTube but since it´s been over 30 years since I watched them I have no idea which ones are the best. In any case here´s a short clip with Ingrid Steeger.

Ingrid was never quite happy with her image as a sexbomb / jokester girl but I have to say that being sexy AND funny is no small feat to pull off if you consider how many of Todays young actresses try at this and fail.

Anyway, Ingrid most stuck to what she did best and she did not only bring a godgiven natural sensuality but also a kind of naiivitee to her roles.

One of her most famous series was ZWEI HIMMLISCHE TÖCHTER ( Two Heavenly Daughters ) with co star Iris Berben who played the straight girl to Ingrid´s crazy girl. If you don´t know Iris Berben, she is one of those actresses who don´t seem to age as she looked like 20 when she was already 50. Anyway, it´s a funny series that has some famous german actors on it like Dieter Hildebrandt and if you watch it Today it´s hard to understand why it was only on tv after midnight. So I wanted to post the episode EINE PRINZESSIN NACH HOFTENSTEIN where Ingrid plays two roles and Dunja Rajter appears in a black dress with an awesome cleavage.

But - as seems to be the case with almost any video I want to post from YouTube - it has been blocked. Maybe that´s for the best since there may be some topless scenes with Ingrid in it which could have been trouble.

Instead I´m posting EIN SARG NACH LEECH which is more of a horror episode. I remember this one fondly but not so much for Ingrid Steeger´s exciting curves but because of Der Pfeiffer ! The video looks a bit strange but that´s because the episodes were shot in the old 14 to 9 tv format.

Due to my busted knee I´m having physio therapy twice a week but if my instructor looked like this I would go every day and twice on the weekend.

I have no idea who she is but I think she would be a good Power Girl.

To close this part of the post I decided to add a cartoon video. I struggled a bit with this since these posts are the only one where I can post all the sexy videos but I´ll just have to put the prank video with the hot women eating a banana in public in the next post. So here is the first episode of the Justice League of America cartoon from Lou Scheimer´s Filmation studio. There are a few more which I am going to post in the next weeks.

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