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Friday Fright Night : The Tomb of Dracula

I should be finishing up my latest posts but while doing some research for BART SIMPSON`S TREEHOUSE OF HORROR I came upon this page from TRI STATE ORIGINAL ART with the full original art from TOMB OF DRACULA 41.

Now I don´t know if I have posted the link before but I definitely haven´t posted the full original art. Probably because back then finding the color pages in good quality was not that easy. But now that the complete series has been reprinted in omnibus hardbacks as well as in trades that is much easier so I decided to give my readers the old one - two punch. Who has seen these BLACK AND WHITE posts knows I prefer the original coloring but as long as I find a scan in good quality that you can read I am happy.

To give those who haven´t read TOMB OF DRACULA a bit of background information : Quincy Harker and his team of Nightstalkers are finally rid of the menace of Dracula only to find out that the guy - or better living brain floating in a tank - who killed him, Doctor Sun, is even worse. So to save the world they must find a way to resurrect the King of the vampires.

Today I have only one link which I may have posted before but just in case I didn´t my german readers - especially those who have not read fanzine Das Sagte Nuff ! which sadly had to cease its print version but is still alive and kicking as a blog - might want to check out MONTY ARNOLDT BLOGT which has two posts about Gene Colan and four about the series The Tomb Of Dracula in the series Die Marvels wie sie wirklich waren. I´m sure there are also plenty of other posts you will find worthy of your attention.

Once again I have give the list of celebrity birthdays another go and we have some new entries which I have overlooked or ignored in previous years. We start right out of the gate with one such cult siren who has been the victim of not enough space and time on February the 18th and Julie Strain´s 58th birthday. Now one of the reasons why I have not done a cult siren post on her yet is that I do not have a lot of good material about her - or at least good material that is safe to post - another is that her birthday falls between three other Andy Sidaris related anniversaries.

So whenever her birthday came around I had already done an Andy Sidaris related post or was preparing to do so. In fact attentive readers known I covered Andy Sidaris recently will all the usual pics, GIFs, links, videos, bells and whistles ( I will include the link later on ) so I am trying to keep Julie Strain´s part here shorter than usual. But don´t worry, even if Julie Strain is not getting her own post this year she will be popping up a lot on the blog. To somewhat make up for that here is an episode of Around The Town Live with Julie Strain where they talk about some of the amazing things about Julie Strain. Like that she entered the world of erotic pictures and movies at an age where most girls in the business start to think about retiring or that she got a lot of roles because she is very tall.

Julie Strain debuted in FIT TO KILL, where she played the evil Blue Steele, then she portrayed bad girl Jewel Panther in ENEMY GOLD and bad girl Black Widow in THE DALLAS CONNECTION . The movie is also known under the title DEADWORKS and features two sexbombs who were in a few of Andy Sidaris´ later movies : Julie Strain and Julie K. Smith a.k.a. Julie & Julie the double rack attack. There are two great scenes ( among others ) in DALLAS CONNECTION : in the first one Julie Strain is tying a guy to a chair and stripping to make him ultrahorny - before killing the poor guy.

And because she wanted a recurring role in DAY OF THE WARRIOR and RETURN TO SAVAGE BEACH Julie Strain became federal agent Willow Black.

And for those that moan about me bringing up Julie Strain in a comicbook blog and think it is only because of her connection to Andy Sidaris movies I want to mention that the 41D Penthouse Pet Of The Year 1993 not only starred in over 100 movies, she was also married to Kevin Eastman who created the TEENAGE MUTANT NINJA TURTLES with Peter Laird and was Editor in Chief of HEAVY METAL.  Plus she was the inspiration for the main character in the 2000 animated HEAVY METAL movie sequel F.A.K.K. 2.

Staying with comicbook we have Doug Mahnke who turned 65. At least I think so. You see, apart from imdb database where he is listed because of his involvement with THE MASK video game and SUPERMAN VS THE ELITE and BATMAN : UNDER THE RED HOOD no site seems to know his birthday.

No comicbook website, not even Google. When you google Doug Mahnke you come up with zilch. Anyway, the reason why I wanted to include Doug Mahnke Today is that I just mentioned him in my post about Rich Buckler´s Wonder Woman since he illustrated one of my favorite Batman stories written by Judd Winick, UNDER THE HOOD, not UNDER THE RED HOOD like most people think. This is what you call The Mandela Effect. The great majority of people distinctively remember a certain thing even though that is not true. Well, let me tell you I was reading the Batman book when the original story came out and it was called UNDER THE HOOD. One of the reasons for that was a clear reference to WATCHMEN but the other was not to spoil who the main villain was. Back then comicbook companies were really careful not to ruin the reading experience for their customers. Oh, how different things have become where comicbook companies can´t be fast enough with spilling out as much spoilers about a story as possible so the poor readers are not offended by anything that might disturb them in a story. Anyway, the animated movie was called BATMAN : UNDER THE RED HOOD because by then the cat was already out of the bag and the title was also used for the trade paperbacks collecting the storyline. But the title of the original story within the Batman books was UNDER THE HOOD. Which brings us back to Doug Mahnke. As I said I had just recently mentioned him because of Judd Winick´s birthday so I thought this was a quick done in one but it seems that I have lost the folder where I put all the art from UNDER THE HOOD so that´s that for the best laid plans of mice and men.

While I haven´t written a spotlight post for Doug Mahnke I mentioned his runs on JUSTICE LEAGUE OF AMERICA in my favorite Justice League of America series . Especially the two part Obsidian Age mega story which is in my top five Justice League stories because it´s not only epic beyond compare, has a huge impact on the team´s history and its members but it also manages to do what few Justice League of America stories manage : bring Kyle Rayner across as a non - annoying, human, likeable character. 

February 19th William Messner - Loebs 71 one of the forgotten comic creators though THE MAXX which he co - wrote with creator Sam Keith was a mega successful comicbook that was adapted as a cartoon series for Mtv he is still struggling with financial troubles after years of limited freelance work and the loss of his and his wife´s home while I wasn´t a big fan of his work on THOR I mentioned his contribution to the post Crisis Flash in many of my FLASH FRIDAY posts and even posted issue 54 titled Nobody Dies which is according to many one of the best Flash stories ever written.

I still haven´t gotten around to do my spotlight post on his controversial run on WONDER WOMAN with Mike Deodato but it´s still in the pipeline. 

February 20th Rihanna 32

a real cult siren in every sense of the word as the sexsational Rihanna celebrates her 32nd birthday.

Now despite Rihanna´s many wardrobe malfunctions thanks to her carefully selected outfits I still haven´t done a cult siren post on her but I posted a lot of GIFs and DJ Khaled´s video Wild Thoughts in this post.

I have however posted many animated GIFs and videos of her sexy dance performance in Luc Besson´s comicbook adaption Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets in my 2018 BIRTHDAY POST FOR HASIAN 40D COSPLAY BLOW UP SEX DOLL YAYA HAN , my MEGA POST ON ONE OF THE BEST COMICS OF THE WORLD François Walthéry´s NATASCHA and this FRENCH CONNECTION MOVIE RUMMAGE TABLE special . The second one also features the wardrobe malfunction prone queen of explicit nude scenes , french ( in every sense of the word ) blow up sex doll Sophie " Tits Out " Marceau ( whom readers might recognize from my very first post of CASTING THE JLA MOVIE where I cast her as JUSTICE LEAGUE EUROPE´s Catherine Cobert ), french mega MILF Monica Bellucci ( whom I put in the finale of the Hollywood Edition of CASTING THE JLA MOVIE series as Wonder Woman since she would have no problem filling out the role with her huge 37C Wonder Twins ), sci fi cult siren Marina Sirtis who played ship counselor Deanna Troy ( or better ship consolation officer since in the original version she was supposed to be telepathic blow up sex doll, an orgiastic sex priestess from the planet Betasex to be used and abused by the male crew for stress relief ) on Star Trek - The Next Generation as well as Star Trek sexbombs Jeri Ryan who played the inflatable 36DD Borg playmate with the big melons and a skin tight bodysuit sexborg Sex With Nine on Star Trek : Voyager and recurring pop culture cutie Jolene Blalock who is of course best known for her role as the horny alien everybody in Starfleet dreamed about having a close encounter of the sexual kind with vulcan babe T´Pol, the sex massage addict with the inbuilt automatic Pon Farr nympho mode, And last but not least french sexbombs Severine Ferrer and Vanessa Demouy whom I cast as french superheroine Crimson Fox in the same CASTING THE JLA MOVIE post that also features Sophie Marceau.

Coming back to Rihanna there are especially many GIFs from the movie in this Gil Kane post and her hot part alone is worth the price of admission.


February 20th Gail Kim 43

my favorite knockout, canadian professional wrestler, wrestling valet, model and actress of korean descent blow up sex doll Gail Kim - Irvine about whom I have already written five cult siren posts .

And I don´t want to resort to racial stereotypes but they just have the extra oomph that works better than viagra and makes you hear " Me so horny me love you long time ! " in your head. Gail Kim is a very gifted athlete - and I mean that without any pun - but when I see how worked up she gets in the ring, the fire in her eyes when she plays the heel or the kind of punishment her body can take and especially how flexible she is.

I mean which red blooded potent male doesn´t want to see Gail Kim as a naughty school girl, in a wet t - shirt or wearing her ass in a tiny thong ?

Now the name " Gail " sounds like " geil " the german word for horny. So you can imagine that she´s only known in Germany as die geile Kim ( horny Kim ). Like Kylie Minogue who has been christened die Geile Minogue.

Speaking about asian sensations, besides her in ring abilities one of the main reasons why I miss Gail Kim are the photo shoots. Like Taryn Gail has done some nude pictures but I don´t think she has posed for PLAYBOY yet.

gail kim photo shoot

gail kim vs awesome kong street fight by the way that´s not gail kim in the preview picture but her younger sister just in case you are wondering

February 20th Mike Allred 51

My first post was in 2006 about the X - STATIX presents DEAD GIRL mini series and the fact that it looks much better in printed form than in the previews you could see online. In 2007 I did three posts about the main X - Statix series which I guess were pretty popular with the readers since the third one of the series ended up in said top ten of popular posts. There is my obligatory big Madman comic extravaganza post and just last November I posted the complete original art of Sandman issue 54 - at least the main part that was drawn by Mike Allred.

February the 20th is also the anniversary of cult director Andy Sidaris birth but since he was featured heavily in our latest spotlight on Sal Buscema´s INCREDIBLE HULK run because of Playmate Of The Month November 1984 Roberta Vasquez who celebrated her 57th birthday I am going to skip it.

Also no longer with us is Dwayne McDuffy, best known for his work on the animated Justice League cartoons ( anyone who reads this and only knows the recent Justice League Action cartoons do yourself a favor and seek them out ) and the Milestone universe titles like Hardware, Icon or Static Shock. I remember that when these comicbooks first came out I didn´t pay them much attention since I thought that as a white man ( even one with spanish roots ) I was clearly not their intended target audience and I also was more interested in the more mainstream superhero comicbooks.

Well, as longtime readers might remember I bought a whole bundle of 42 comics for 19.49 EUROS in 2016 which included my first Milestone issues from Hardware, Icon and Static. One of these days I have to do the follow - up with the full reviews of the Valiant and Milestone comics I bought.

The interesting thing I learned about Milestone Media is that it was not a label or imprint of DC Comics but its own company that produced comics which were then licensed to DC Comics. Which is a fancy way of saying that they retained creator rights on all of the characters and if DC was not pleased with the content Milestone was not obligated to compromise.

one cartoon series I missed was static shock

and you can find more celebrity birthdays from February the 20th in our JOHN ROMITA UNCANNY X - MEN spotlight from 2018 and my birthday post for the aforementioned korean knockout Gail Kim from 2017 and from 2016 and


I swear I didn´t plan this but just a few days ago I looked up Charlotte Church 34

Many years ago I found her music video Call My Name ( which was only shown in Germany after midnight and only in shows like Nachtsicht which showed the really raunchy music videos because of Charlotte´s booming 38C - 24 - 38 pornstar body, especially her giant boobs that spilled out at all sides of her tight corsage ) online but have since then deleted from my laptop. Which was a huge mistake because it´s very hard to find now.

Jennifer Love Hugetits 41

I saw her in a few of her movies like I Know What You Did Last Summer but it wasn´t until Ghost Whisperer that I became completely entrapped in her charms.

If you were a ghost and you needed to communicate with the living, you could choose to speak through a medium such as Crossing Over host John Edward, or you could choose a lithe young stunner with breasts the size and consistency of honeydew melons. The choice is clear for the spooky spirits of Ghost Whisperer, who use Jennifer as their ghostly go between.

You can say what you want about Jennifer but she knows exactly why guys watch her shows and she made sure there was plenty of that on Ghost Whisperer or like the general populace called it Boob Whisperer. Heck, Saturday Night Live even made a sketch about the fact that the main focus of Ghost Whisperer was Jennifer Love Hewitt´s ample cleavage.

Speaking of fan service there was plenty of that on The Client List with which Jennifer Love Hewitt returned to tv screens. On the show she plays a hot housewife moonlighting as a hooker and her famous 38D funbags are practically her co - stars. Sadly the show only got two seasons but I still haven´t had time to watch it anyway. As one of the producers Jennifer had a big influence in casting her massage clients but of course some people complained that she casted too many hunks. Now I know acting is a job and heaven forbid we forget we are not supposed to have fun at work but if Jennifer has to put her hands on a guy what is the harm in making sure he´s good looking ? I don´t watch tv for realism and what would you rather see ? A fat, unattractive slob ( and I speak as one of the many fat, unattractive slobs ) getting a happy ending massage from a big breasted mega MILF like Jennifer with her hating every minute or Jennifer giving some hot stud a rub down and forgetting all of her inhibitions ?

38D mega MILF bra buster Jennifer Love Hewitt, affectionately called Jennifer Love Huge Tits by her fans, came by her anatomically accurate nickname as she soared to stardom on Fox's Party of Five in the '90s.

While still electrifying as a boob tube tease Jen has also ignited the big screen with her enormous talents. She provided the screams and launched a million cream dreams in I Know What You Did Last Summer ( 1997 ), and we all know what you did when you were alone with a copy of that flick.

Now one of Jennifer Love Hewitt´s most memorable performances was in Heartbreakers with Sigourney Weaver where she nearly bursts through her barely there wardrobe especially when she´s wearing a french maid outfit.

and you can find more celebrity birthdays from Today in this DAREDEVIL DONNERSTAG MIT FRANK MILLER post and


the vampire bat from 1933 with fay wray

leave it to japan to come up with the craziest version of dracula

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