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Man Without Fear Friday : John Romita Jr.

Granted, this post is not only about John Romita´s fabluous DAREDEVIL run with Ann Nocenti but you try to come up with a better alliteration for this post in honor of his 62nd birthday. Plus I don´t want to repeat myself and I already did an all DAREDEVIL post for Al Williamson back in March.

Not that I couldn´t talk without end about that series, but one thing I do when I prepare these posts is go back and check out the old posts and so far I have done a lot of John Romita Jr. post about particular series. So this year I wanted to switch things up and post some of the art from various series - some which I have already covered and some to which I may or may not come in future posts. So there will be some of the usual suspects like DAREDEVIL or UNCANNY X - MEN but also some unexplored ground.

Since the work of John Romita Jr. is kind of an ongoing theme here there was some art that I will need for new posts but I have tried to select the best art pieces I have at the moment, starting with what I don´t need for said posts. Like always I tried to include the color version of the inked original art but there were some where I could not find a version of high enough quality that it merits being posted. There are also unpublished covers so there is not color version available. For my newer readers I want to add that I am not going to add links to posts about John Romita Jr. so you have to use the tags on this one. After all that´s what they are for.

Surprisingly we even have a link as THE AVOCADO waxes philosophic on Uncanny X - Men 302 ( the issue with the Storm double page spread which you can find above ) which introduced him into comic book geekdom.

There have been only a few days since my last post - or better series of posts - so the only birthday I missed was Paul Gulacy on August the 15th. Regular readers may be surprised that I did not take the opportunity to post something from my favorite series ever - The Hands Of Shang - Chi, Master Of Kung Fu - but I already did that post . So for my next Paul Gulacy post  I want to showcase the other series he worked on over the years - which are a lot - but I am still missing a few good pieces to do a full post.

We start the countdown of Today´s celebrity birthdays with David Conrad who turns 51. And while the name may not sound that familiar you know him as the husband on Ghost Whisperer where he got to run his hands all over Jennifer Love´s huge tits and the rest of her body. Lucky b - word !

You can say what you want about Jennifer but she knows exactly why guys watch her shows and she made sure there was plenty of that on Ghost Whisperer or like the general populca called it Boob Whisperer. Heck, Saturday Night Live even made a sketch about the fact that the main focus of Ghost Whisperer was Jennifer Love Hewitt´s ample cleavage.

Speaking of fan service there was plenty of that on The Client List with which Jennifer Love Hewitt returned to tv screens. Sadly the show only got two seasons but I haven´t had time to watch it anyway. As one of the producers Jennifer had a big influence in casting her masseuse clients but of course some people complained that she casted too many hunks. Now I know acting is a job and heaven forbid we forget we are not supposed to have fun at work but if Jennifer has to put her hands on a guy what is the harm in making sure he´s good looking ? I don´t watch tv for realism and what would you rather see ? A fat, unattractive slob ( and I speak as one of the many fat, unattractive slobs ) getting a happy ending massage from a big breasted mega MILF like Jennifer with her hating every minute or Jennifer giving some hot stud a rub down and forgetting her inhibitions ?

As one of the producers Jennifer had to promote The Client List and here is one of her breast interviews as Craig has immense problems making eye contact for obvious reasons. It´s also one of her funniest interviews.

Coming back to David Conrad he was also Ian Quinn on Marvel´s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. , the rich guy from the famous episode where Chloe Bennet shot the ratings through the roof with her bouncing action in a red dress.

Chloe Bennet is undeniably prime grade - a future wife material as you first fall in love with her character, then you begin to realize her hotness and it´s as early as episode three of the first season where she becomes this ultimate woman where you go : " Bathe her and bring her to me. She will make a wife AND a mistress and I think I will tame this one myself. "

But Chloe Bennet is not the only hot babe on that show - or the only hot asian woman on the show for that matter - and am I the only one who thinks Ming - Na Wen who plays Special Agent Melinda May is totally hot ?

Here is a short clip from the 2016 San Diego Comic Con where Ming - Na Wen is wearing a stunning white dress and obviously she loves to see Iain De Caestecker squirm. She just keeps needling the poor guy on and on.

Right now I am behind on watching Marvel´s Agents Of S.H.I.E.L.D. - I missed my chance to start the fifth season and now I probably have to watch it on DVD or BlueRay ( I keep hoping the first season will go down in price ) - but here are the top five Ming - Na Wen GIFs I could find.

I also want to include THE best Melinda May fight ( at least as far as I can tell ) since we get two Melinda´s for the price of one in this one. Okay, one is an impostor but Agent 13 is not that bad and we are probably never going to get nearer to the real thing. Also the real Melinda May is in her underwear the whole fight so it will be difficult to top this. By the way, as unbelievable as this sounds Ming - Na Wen was 50 when she shot this.

One of my pet pevees is giving props to the actresses who upgrade dull or otherwise unwatchable movies by taking their clothes off or at least show what their Mama gave them and who never get the credit they deserve - as any longtime reader knows - so I just have to mention hot PaSean Wilson who turns 57 and is best known for playing Sabrina Hepburn in Striptease. Her part is very short but you can see more of PaSean in the making of. Which for some strange reason is not included in the extras.

Now while I haven´t done a special post for PaSean Wilson I have done two posts for Demi Moore (   a re - post with a lot of high quality GIFs like the one below and her original cult siren entry ) since she is in my Top 10 Movie Stripteases thanks to her spectacular performance in Striptease .

PaSean sounds almost like Sean Penn who celebrates his 58th birthday and speaking about sexbombs who boosted their careers by showing skin, he was married to Madonna back when she had a tireless body and scandalous music videos with wardrobe malfunctions like in Papa Don´t Preach.

Speaking about 80s pop icons Belinda Carlisle turns 60 and I have to admit I discovered her after her Go Go phase. Usually my father and my music taste never overlapped but he did constantly borrow my Heaven On Earth cassette ( ask your parents what that is or better yet ask your grand parents ) and when I say " borrow " I mean just taking and keeping it.

It´s back to Mavel Comics as Alex Saviuk celebrates his 66th birthday. He was the regular artist on Web Of Spider - Man back when I first started reading american comics and while I wasn´t too thrilled by his art at that point in time I was not very picky about my reading material. Don´t get me wrong, I didn´t buy just any book but it was more a question of availability instead of personal preferences as you could not get all the books that were available and sometimes you just picked up what the newsstand had. That said he was not so terrible that I regret buying the comics and I was just happy to read an additional Spider - Man book.

Which is not such a big deal now as we have at least two dozen Spider - titles every month but back then they only had Amazing Spider - Man and Peter Parker, Spectacular Spider - Man in the german Die Spinne comics so the ability to read another Spider - Man book was like hitting a gold mine and it took a few years before that title made its way to german readers.

Since then I have of course come to appreciate Alex Saviuk´s artwork more and sadly he´s one of those comic guys who ought to do more regular work but because of the milkshake crew at Disney that won´t happen. Coming back to Spidey, SPIDER - MAN CRAWLSPACE has three unpublished covers Alex Saviuk did for Spider - Man : Parallel Lives which was originally going to be a three part story but then turned into a graphic novel so the three covers never saw the light of the day - until now !

Because of the title I wanted to include a video about John Romita Jr´s Daredevil but I already posted the last one in one of my plethora of post about this series. Another great series he worked on was The Sentry even though I found the big, shocking reveal in all of those series disappointing.

I do have a video of the Daredevil movie with Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner ( massita ) and I have to say I don´t share the Nostalgia Critic´s assessment which probably has something to do with the fact that I first saw the extended version which makes a lot more sense. I saw the regular version on television and that is really just one big mess as they have cut out most of the character moments and almost all scenes that explain things you need to know to understand the plot. I still like the movie.

I wanted to include a Daredevil cartoon but all we got so far are some guest appearances on other shows. There was a time when I was pining for a Daredevil cartoon but with the huge success of the excellent tv show that seems unlikely. Plus after the absolute crappy cartoon shows Disney now puts out for the Avengers, Spider - Man or the Guardians of the Galaxy I am relieved they didn´t get their hands on Matt Murdock.

Since the video above is really short here is El Hombre Lente which I assume has something to do with Lensmen. I don´t know, I haven´t had time to watch it yet. Or the Lensmen video I posted some years ago.

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