Thursday, December 18, 2014

Just some last day bargain book pimping

After Yesterdays post about Ghost Rider and Thor I want to do something I haven´t done in a long while, which is pimping the comic books in amazon´s bargain section. Christmas is not that far away and if you are like me you still have to do some gift shopping. As I know money is always tight here are some of my picks which may come in handy.


First up from DC we have SUPERMAN - MAN OF STEEL 8, a 240 page trade from the time when John Byrne was still writing the books. Normally this costs 17 dollars or 15 Euros but the current amazon price is 10.05 Euros.

The trade contains ACTION COMICS 598 - 600, the last one is an 80 page giant containing a story with Superman and Wonder Woman penciled by John Byrne and beautifully inked by George Perez that explains why Superman and Wonder Woman never were lovers in the post crisis era,

SUPERMAN 16 - 18 drawn by John Byrne and Mike Mignola which feature his first meeting with the Silver Banshee and ADVENTURES OF SUPERMAN 439 - 440 by Jerry Ordway. One of the best Superman books in collected form and one I buy myself because while I already have most of the issues sometimes I´m missing the crossover books and it´s nice to have them all ready to read in one nice format. Also the printing is much better than with some of my already slightly faded old issues. Speaking about Wonder Woman, my next pick really bugs the Dickens out of me because I already have the 4th hardcover of the current series WAR. So the fact that this 22 dollar hardback is now available for 11 Euros doesn´t really benefit me. I know it´s not the best volume if you want to start the series - the same goes for the Superman trade - but if you are already reading the best series currently going on with the NEW 52 and you haven´t gotten it yet wait no more. Cliff Chiang is magic and Goran Sudzuka is a close second.


Next up are my Marvel picks and I want to start with some ESSENTIALS. Like I have often mentioned I´m a big fan of the format and now that Disney has ended it in favor of their new Epic Collections here´s your chance to get your hands on some big chunks of reading material.

The usual cover price is 20 dollars ( around 18 Euros in german comic stores ) but you get volume 6 of DAREDEVIL for 10 Euros and volume 7 of DEFENDERS for 11 which is pretty cheap. I guess one of the reasons for that is that the issues are near the end of the run ( with Defenders ) and don´t have any big highlights. The Daredevil book has a lot of Bob Brown but also all the usual suspects like John Byrne, both Buscemas, Gil Kane while the Defenders is mostly Alan Kupperberg and Don Perlin with one issue by each Marie Severin and Mike Zeck. But I think the DEFENDERS was one of the better series at Marvel and Daredevil is a matter of taste.


And we are staying in that price category with the ASTONISHING X - MEN : MONSTROUS hardcover ( regular price 20 dollars / amazon price 8 Euros ) and AVENGERS : THE PRIVATE WAR OF DR. DOOM hardcover ( regular 30 dollars / amazon price 11 - 12 Euros ). The Astonishing X - Men hardback collects only 4 issues but it´s a great story that centers around the young mutant Armor. The story was begun by Jason Pearson and wrapped up by Nick Bradshaw with some pages by Sara Pichelli so it´s all good. And can you really go wrong with the X - Men battling giant godzilla monsters ?


Now The Private War of Dr. Doom is kind of a mixed bag. There are a lot of writers ( Stan Lee, Jim Shooter, Steve Engleharrt, Gerry Conway, Bill Mantlo and Scott Edelmann ) as well as a lot of artists. There´s some Herb Trimpe, some Jack Kirby but also Sal Buscema, John Buscema

and 2 beautiful issues by a young George Perez just starting on the book.

The book starts with a new team roster being selected and immediately follows the events of The Serpent Crown Affair until it ends in a three way battle between the Avengers, Dr. Doom and Attuma and his hordes with Triton from the Inhumans, Namor and Namorita ( I already mentioned her metal bikin in the issue ) in the middle. If you already have the Serpent Crown and The Bride of Ultron hardcovers this one is right between them.

The Vision plays a big part in this collection ( he convinces Dr. Doom to throw in with the Avengers against Attuma ) which means that the poor Scarlett Witch goes through the emotional wringer. Like in my favorite issue which naturally is the return of Simon Williams in issue 152. Man, this post is really not very cheery, first with the death of Susan and Thor killing Loki, then the Spirit of Vengeance followed by zombie Wonder Man.

Yeah, zombies were always big even if Marvel had to come up with the word " zuvembie " instead of zombie which couldn´t be used because of the Comics Code. Of course the story has to take place in New Orleans and if there´s one thing that never gets old in comics besides sewers it´s swamps. There is nothing like the Avengers dragging the lifeless corpse of Wonder Man through the swamp. We need more swamps in comics.

To learn more about the long and complicated history of zombie ( or zuvembie ) Wonder Man a.k.a. Simon Williams my spanish readers can consult the exhaustive post by Daniel from SUPER HEROES Y VILLANOS .


And we´re staying on the subject of Avengers with the hardcover edition of volume 14 of MARVEL MASTERWORKS : THE AVENGERS. Now so far I don´t own any of these hardbacks because at 70 dollars ( 60 Euros in german comic stores ) this is normally out of my regular price range.

But at 33 Euros you might really consider this especially if you are an Avengers fan. This collects issues 129 to 134 with layouts by Sal Buscema and finishes by Joe Staton - who made an incredible art combo - and issue

135 by George Tuska. Also contained are GIANT SIZED AVENGERS 2 and 3 by Dave Cockrum and issue 4 by Don Heck. In the regular issues the Avengers go up against Kang, Ultron, the Mad Thinker and a brainwashed original Human Torch, Frankenstein and The Legion of the Unliving - which at that point still included Wonder Man - and russian villains Crimson Commando, Titanium Man, Radioactive Man and Slasher.

The issues of GIANT SIZED AVENGERS had to be included because they tie in with the rest of the story which is one of the biggest epics in Avengers lore ever, The Celestial Madonna Saga featuring the Origin of Mantis, the death of the first Swordsman and the double wedding of the Vision and the Scarlet Witch and Mantis and the ghost of Swordsman by Immortus.

If you want to know more about the issues collected here SUPER MEGA MONKEY`S MARVEL COMICS CHRONOLOGY has their usual extensive post on it and it´s also covered by Steve W. at STEVE DOES COMICS or go to EARTH´S MIGHTIEST COMIC BOOK BLOG for their entry on The Celestial Madonna Saga . MENTOR`S CAMPER also covers this and you can check out 10 preview pages at the MARVEL MASTERWORKS RESOURCE PAGE. And if you don´t want to get this in color but still want to read it the issues are also contained in the sixth volume of ESSENTIAL AVENGERS.


Man, if I wasn´t so wiped out monetary wise I would buy this one myself. My next Marvel pick is INHUMANS : THE ORIGIN OF THE INHUMANS trade paperback, regular price tag 40 dollars, 35 Euros in german comic shops and a measly 16 EUROS at amazon. This are over 400 pages of Jack Kirby art from classic FANTASTIC FOUR and THOR issues. Unless you already own these issues in an omnibus collection you can´t go wrong with this.


Our last Marvel bargain book is from the MARVEL MAX line the SUPREME POWER - CONTACT hardcover ( regular price 25 dollars, 22 Euros at german comic shops and 10 Euros at amazon ) written by J. Michael Straczynski and art by Gary Frank. This re - imagination of Marvel´s classic Squadron Supreme for an adult audience is one of the best comics Marvel ever put out. I don´t know anybody who wouldn´t recommend it.

So I hope this was helpful with your Christmas shopping ( for my german readers ) and if not maybe you got some books for yourself. I shouldn´t have to stress that most of these offers go fast so don´t wait too long.

Before ending this post I have to mention Today´s celebrity birthday since I have gotten comments that the babe factor has decreased significantly over the last post. To help us change this is fitness model, Sexbombe and former WWF ( for me it will be always the real WWF and not this new WWE ) Diva Trish " The Dish " Stratus, celebrating her 39th birthday.

While Trish Stratus never won any fitness competitions, long before she stepped into the squared circle, a lot of us saw her in MUSCLE & FITNESS.

Trish Stratus ( born Patricia Anne Stratigias on December the 18th 1975 in Richmond Hill, Ontario ) is a former canadian fitness model and semi - retired professional wrestler ( on September 17th, 2006 after winning her 7th Women's Championship ). She´s the first in WWF history to have held the Women's Championship seven times, three more than the four reigns of Lita and the four recognized title reigns of The Fabulous Moolah. She is also one of only four women to have held the Hardcore Championship.

As a fitness model, Stratus has been on the cover of major health and fitness magazines such as MUSCLEMAG, FLARE, and TOTAL WOMEN´S FITNESS. She also released a calendar series called " Dream Team " with fellow model, Stacey Lynn. As a sports entertainer, she was proclaimed the " Diva of the Decade " on the WWF RAW X Anniversary Show . She was voted " WWE Babe of the Year " three times between 2001 and 2003.

For more about Trish Stratus check out The Best Of  Trish Stratus ( with more pictures ) on DIVALICIOUS , if you are really interested go to LETHALWOW where you can find a really long bio and various galleries and if that´s still not enough the only place left is ADAM´S WRESTLING BLOG ( Best in the World ). As for me I´m going to watch some of my favorite Trish Stratus videos ( which are not from the Divas DVDs but I don´t want to go into a long rant right now ) to get my Stratusfaction.

As most of this post was about Marvel here is the Doctor Strange movie from 1978. I´m not sure if this is a re - post but here it is in one part.

Today´s animated feature is WYRD SISTERS, from Terry Pratchett´s Discworld universe. I have to say that I can´t get through the books but I love all the movies and cartoons I have seen so far, like Soul Music.

Last but not least another Amy Dallen info dump, this time on the Comics Code for those who never heard of it ( I mentioned it in the post ).

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Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Spirit of Vengeance to come Wednesday

I don´t believe in coincidences. In my last post I wrote about the good comics that came out in the 90s and Today it´s  Mark Texeira´s birthday.

And it´s a fact that Mark was a big part of the reason why the relaunched Ghost Rider comic was such a huge success. Great, since nothing says " Christmas " like undead skeletons with flaming skulls on a vengeance trip.

So to keep with the season - not exactly the with the spirit of Christmas past, present or future but with another spirit instead - it´s once again time to fire up the old way back machine and reminiscence on one of the best series Marvel ever produced. I hope my readers are not bored with my last few posts since they all tend to look at old comics instead of the new breed of four colored funnybooks but as you are probably tired of hearing from me lately I´m much more interested in old comic books.

Even if they come from what most people refer to as the dark comic age - the 90s. Now I covered some of it in my last post and while there have been no comments so far I know that there must be a lot of people who think I painted the 90s too favorable. Because I did not mention all the bad comics that were out there - or at least didn´t talk much about them.

Well, if you have read one of the posts that addressed the mission statement of this blog you know that I always try to be positive. Not to the extend that I exclude all bad things but instead of focusing on it I prefer to concentrate of the positive aspects. And let´s face it : do we really need ANOTHER post about how bad the 90s were with all the big guns, big boobs ( which I think wasn´t that bad, drool ), big hair, special covers and a lot of Rob Liefeld ? Yes, that´s exactly what I thought.

This topic also ties into another recent post because at the height of Ghost Rider´s popularity he was guest starring in a gazillion books and while those were obviously just cheap sales ploys to get more readers on other books by Marvel it brought me back to reading THE MIGHTY THOR.

Now I don´t know why I stopped reading Thor and I´m not sure which issue was my last one since I have gotten some of the missing issues.

Maybe it was the whole " been there, done that " feeling I got from the book which was further emphasized by the new look Ron Frenz and Joe Sinnott were going for which greatly emulated the classic Jack Kirby look.

Maybe I had the feeling the book was going nowhere which may have been an error on my part because after the big climax of issue 400 things were supposed to be quieter and building up to something. Maybe I decided to cut down my pull list for monetary reasons and Thor was just one of the books that landed easily on the chopping block or it might have been that the comic shop skipped some issues - which happened a lot. Whatever the reason somewhere between Thor and Hercules´ fights against Doctor Doom, the Wrecker and his Wrecking Crew and the Juggernaut, the Black Galaxy Saga, the introduction of the New Warriors, the guest starring of Excalibur and the return of the Juggernaut I fell off the Thor bandwagon.

Until issue 430 which guest starred the Ghost Rider in a story called " The god, the ghost and the guilty ! ". When Howard Mackie reintroduced the Ghost Rider - or rather the NEW Ghost Rider - one of the main mysteries surrounding this spirit of vengeance was if and in which way he was connected to his predecessor or the underworld and its ruler Mephisto.

Ghost Rider had already made an appearance in issue 429 but since he wasn´t on the cover I jumped into the story with issue 430. I had hoped to learn something new about the Ghost Rider and while as always you just got another small hint that didn´t really reveal anything a subplot was going on that indeed had started long ago and would have important ramifications down the road. And especially for Loki. In the issue Loki paid Mephisto a visit and readers saw the mysterious soul shroud for the first time ( although it was not quite finished at this point ) and learned of its mystic ability to capture the sould of a dead asgardian. Loki struck some kind of bargain with Mephisto and at the end of the issue the finished soul shroud was revealed with the face of the mighty Thor on it.

The next issue was drawn by Herb Trimpe and I really didn´t dig the art. I think it´s one of the missing issues I will not try to find. And the only reason for me to buy it again would be if I found it for 50 cents or so to fill that gap in my collection. The story is just your run of the mill Thor versus Ulik brawl while Loki drains the Wrecker´s asgardian power, killing him in the process. I have never been a big fan of trying to humanize villains because I think that the basic make up of a person decides if they become a hero or a villain. Let´s face it : both heroes and villains have the same origin stories but their own nature decides if they turn their tragedy into something positive or not. So I don´t want to know what Freddy Kruger or Jason did before they became the psychos we all love to hate. And I sure don´t need a tv series like GOTHAM to tell me what happened BEFORE Batman happened on the scene. Because that´s boring.

You want to know why ? Because there´s no Batman in it. And because it changes continuity. Now I know that television series have their own way of handling comic book continuity. In SMALLVILLE they changed a lot but they stayed true to the core of the comic characters and always had some surprising twists that you didn´t expect. Or the new FLASH series. Not only do they have a great new take on the Flash ( I´m still bummed out that it´s not Wally West but that´s what is to be expected with the NEW 52 ) they pay credit to the comic continuity. And the tv series continuity by making John Wesley Ship Barry Allen´s father and have Amanda Pays reprise her role as Dr. Tina McGee ( she was in post crisis Flash issues ).

Another thing that´s different from GOTHAM ( at least that´s what I have heard from various sources since I haven´t watched one episode of GOTHAM ) is that on THE FLASH they have a very subdued subtle way of introducing characters and giving the viewers hints as to who they are.

When Caitlin Snow´s character is first introduced all we know about her is that her fiancee Ronnie died in the explosion of a particle accelerator. It´s eight episodes into the first season that we learn his full name is Ronnie Raymond which already tells DC comic fans what his ultimate fate will be.

But this post is not about the way characters are built up in GOTHAM which I hear is more connected to blunt force trauma than to pointed storytelling ( in german we call this way of beating or hammering something into your audience " with the wooden mallet " ) but about Ghost Rider. And his guest appearance on Thor. We only got on this tangent because of issue 431 which focused on the Wrecker´s life story.

Issue 432 was the big 350th appearance of Thor and to celebrate that Loki and Thor faced of in a final duel to the death. In what was their final confrontation ( or so I thought at that time ) Loki was unusually brutal and determined, even going so far as to trying to kill Eric Masterson´s son Kevin afterwards - whom he had take hostage to entice Thor to battle him - but instead slaying Eric´s friend and love interest Susan Austin.

Loki is ready to be taken back to Asgard and take his punishment but Thor just can´t take it anymore. Loki has crossed the final line so he does what he is never allowed to do : take the life of another asgardian.

Although Thor´s action was justified Odin´s decree stays true so Thor is whisked away to Asgard to be judged and Loki is dead for good. Or is he ? I don´t want to say too much ( especially since this will be explored in future posts about Thor ) but there are still many unexpected twists and turns waiting for us not the least one the surprise ending of this issue.

And now I want to come back to the subject of Ghost Rider and Mark Texiera since it is his birthday Today. I only felt that I should talk about issue 430 of THE MIGHTY THOR because I have now twice mentioned it in posts about Ghost Rider and my readers were probably going to kill me if I mentioned it a third time without explaining what the whole deal was.

The new Ghost Rider series written by Howard Mackie started right at the beginning of the 90s with pencils by Javier Saltares and inks by Mark Texiera who took over the pencils with issue 13. He also did the art on later series and is one of the artists most associated with Ghost Rider.

He also worked on other Marvel titles like THE PUNISHER

everybody´s favorite miniature mutant WOLVERINE

and Christopher Priest´s excellent Black Panther series - which funnily enough also started in the 90s although at the end of it. One of these days I have to continue with that topic, I have only scratched the surface.

He also did short stints like a 4 issue MOON KNIGHT series in 1999

and aside from returning to the books he´s best known for like Punisher or Ghost Rider on various occasions in the last years he also did much work on new books with Warren properties like PANTHA or VAMPIRELLA.

Oh, I almost totally forgot, there was a 5 issue HERCULES series in 2005 that was written by Frank Tieri with pencils by Mark Texiera and inks by Jimmy Palmiotti that was really a great read. Highest recommendation.

The book also ties in with my DEATH IN COMICS theme because in the first issue Hercules crashes the memorial service for the the Avengers who perished during the AVENGERS DISASSEMBLED storyline ( one of my least favorite stories ) and he is miffed that Thor wasn´t included.

Iron Man is a dick again by claiming he doesn´t know anything and that you never know with Thor´s frequent and long absences from the team. And it´s not like Thor always tells the Avengers what´s going on with him or when he´ll be back. Anyway, in the series Hercules stars in a reality tv show where he re - enacts his famous twelve labors. But to appeal to the modern audience they have been updated - one of his labors is to steal the shield of Captain America. It´s a really interesting characterization of Hercules that shows Frank Tieri´s vast knowledge of greek mythology.

It´s one of the first hints that a character like Hercules still has a lot of untapped potential and it may have been one of the reason why Marvel decided to give him a more prominent role during WORLD WAR HULK.

Okay, time to wrap things up for Today. In tribute to Mark Texiera´s anniversary you might want to pull out some of his most recent work like SPACE PUNISHER, PUNISHER NIGHTMARE or his creator owned PSCYTHE ( I have to admit I haven´t read any of them ) or you might go for more old school stuff like me. In any case, many happy returns to Mark Texiera !

Today´s first video is from LENSMAN, I think Terry Hooper posted some of them on his blog. I have never seen it so here is POWER OF THE LENS.

I mentioned the 1990s tv series THE FLASH with John Wesley Ship and Amanda Pays therefore I wanted to post a video. I couldn´t find any from the actual episodes - at least none that was a full episode - but for all you young geeks out there who have never heard of the television series JOEY`S REVIEWS gives you a pretty good overview and critique of it.

I also wrote about the new Flash series and Gotham so here´s the great Amy Dallen once again talking about all the new comic series on tv.

For all my german readers here´s a new edition of GEBLITZT where Der Blitz talks about the new tv series Gotham, Constantine and The Flash.

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Friday, December 12, 2014

The 90s - not that bad as a comics decade

A few posts ago - which with my post per month quota is a few months ago - I mentioned that I had moved my old desk and bagged some of my old comics that were in it and that I took some of them out to read again.

Especially the Paul Ryan run on FANTASTIC FOUR which I have now in it´s entirety thanks to the fine folks at ANDIS COMIC EXPRESS. And they really take the word express literally because I sent my order on Monday and I got them on Wednesday. So I got all the FANTASTIC FOUR issues from 356 to 414 which are 60 uninterrupted issues all done by the same creative team : Tom DeFalco and Paul Ryan. Yep, that DeFalco guy pops up again.

One of my favorite runs on a comic and again it starts in 1991 and goes on until 1996. There are many comic readers and historians who will tell you that the 80s where the best period in comics EVER and that the 90s were a dark and terrible period in which the industry only produced dreck.

To which I respond in true Walter Bishop fashion : Yes. And no. Let´s put things into perspective here. As someone who has lived this period of the comic industry and not only read about it in essay about that time I can affirm that the 80s were a great time to read comics. A lot of good stuff like Frank Miller´s DAREDEVIL, Alan Moore´s SWAMP THING or Walter Simonson´s THOR came out during the 80s. John Byrne was writing and drawing FANTASTIC FOUR, John Buscema was on AVENGERS, there were great independent books like TEENAGE MUTANT NINJA TURTLES, USAGI YOJIMBO or CEREBUS. And RETURN OF THE DARK KNIGHT, BATMAN YEAR ONE, V FOR VENDETTA and WATCHMEN revolutionized comics forever.

On the other side a trend was started that aimed comics at an older audience and went totally overboard with the whole grim and gritty stuff.

And we still have to deal with that fallout Today. Okay, I won´t deny that there were a lot of comics in the 90s which weren´t very good. And part of the reason for that was that there were a lot of comic book companies - period. iMAGE started and most of their books concentrated on the art while ignoring the stories completely. Or at least to a big degree. Other companies like VALIANT or MALIBU were also out there trying to become top dog in the comic pound with trading cards and chromium covers. A lot of chromium and gimmick covers. There are 6 gimmick covers in Paul Ryan´s FF run. The 90s were the decade when art was more important than story, chromium covers reigned supreme, comics became collector items. Everybody wanted a piece of the pie and Marvel went bankrupt.

But the 90s were also the decade when little comic companies could flourish because creator rights were finally acknowledged. One of the reasons why there were so many publishers was the old rules changed.

Comic creators could fully benefit from their intellectual property and work for hire was just another option, not the only game in town. And I say, if you knew WHAT to read the 90s weren´t so bad. CEREBUS was still coming out in the 90s and so were USAGI YOJIMBO or SANDMAN. In fact SANDMAN had just started at the end of the 80s and finished in 1996.

Most of the big VERTIOG books like PREACHER, TRANSMETROPOLITAN or THE INVISIBLES came out in the 90s and there were such great indie comics like MADMAN, BONE or STRANGERS IN PARADISE which nobody can deny are some of the best comics ever published. Dark Horse Comics Presents introduced us to CONCRETE, SIN CITY and HELLBOY and Dark Horse brought us THE MASK, BARB WIRE and John Byrne´s NEXT MEN.

At DC we had great comics like James Robinson´s STARMAN and Mike Grell wrote one of the best series with his version of GREEN ARROW.

Also Gerard Jones was writing the best Green Lantern series ever GREEN LANTERN : MOSAIC. Alex Ross brought his magic in KINGDOM COME and UNCLE SAM and there was the Legion double whammy of the Bierbaums taking over writing on LEGION OF SUPER - HEROES while Alan Grant and Keith Giffen took on L.E.G.I.O.N. ´90 to ´94 which turned into a triple whammy when the Threeboot Legion added LEGIONNAIRES ( also written by the Bierbaums ). The 90s were a really good time to be a Legion fan.

Or a FLASH fan. Mark Waid started on the book and I read it solid through the 90s. Not one bad issue in the bunch, all great stories and great art.

Another DC book - or rather various books - I read straight through the 90s were the SUPERMAN titles. We had the Death of Superman, World without Superman, the Return of Superman and the Zapp Superman.

And what about the other big DC franchise ? Batman got a new Robin with Tim Drake, one of the best Robins in my opinion, he got his back broken by Bane and got better and ended up in NO MAN´S LAND. Artistic highlights were a lot of issues by Kelley Jones and Norm Breyfogle.

I also have to mention the Titans or THE NEW TITANS since they started the 90s with one of my favorite storylines, THE WILDBEAST HUNT.

Over at Marvel Alex Ross was also present with MARVELS, Brett Blevins did one of my favorite and weirdest series with SLEEPWALKER,

I was still enjoying THE MIGHTY THOR and Eric Masterson as first the new Thor and then Thunderstrike as I already mentioned in my last post,

Jim Lee started on UNCANNY X - MEN, Mark Texeira did art on the new GHOST RIDER ( with Javier Saltares ) and WOLVERINE,

Peter David was still writing THE INCREDIBLE HULK and the title went into overdrive - or better visual overload - when Dale Keown joined the team.

He also wrote two of my favorite books in the 90s, SPIDER - MAN 2099 with art by the great Rick Leonardi and X - Factor, probably the only title where he left a bigger mark than on the Hulk. QUASAR of all books became a must read thanks to the fabulous art by Greg Capullo and a story that will be spotlighted in one of my next DEATH IN COMICS posts,

and George Perez brought us SACHS & VIOLENS ( again with writing by Peter David ), the first issues of INFINITY GAUNTLET, HULK : FUTURE IMPERFECT and the first 23 issues of what would become one of the greatest runs in AVENGERS history EVER ! And speaking about great Avengers stories of the 90s, I know that there were some stories that were just a big pile of excrement but what better way to end the 90s for the Avengers than AVENGERS FOREVER by Kurt Busiek and Carlos Pacheco.

Just take a look at this original art page from issue 10 of the series.

This is the end of Today´s post even if there are still lots of great comic books from the 90s I could mention. This post is just too long as it is. I hope it wasn´t too boring and the next time somebody tries to go on a rant about how awful the 90s comics were you can tell him what´s what.
Before we come to the video section of the post I have to confess that I couldn´t help but put some homage covers in the post. Here are the cliff notes : the cover of QUASAR 29 is of course an homage to Demi Moore´s cover for VANITY FAIR, the cover of L.E.G.I.O.N. ´91 issue 32 is one of the many cover homages to the Marine Corps War Memorial in Arlington, the cover for THOR 450 is an homage to JOURNEY INTO MYSTERY 83, the first appearance of Thor and the cover for FANTASTIC FOUR 391 by Paul Ryan pays homage to Jack Kirby´s cover for issue 49 of the same series.

Yesterday I posted a clip from THE RETURN OF THE INCREDIBLE HULK which I watched on YouTube after I finished the post ( well, as far as it was finished Yesterday since I did some work on it Today as you have without doubt noticed ). In any case I really enjoyed it and the characters of Doctor Donald Blake and Thor were not as bad as I thought back then which might have something to do with the fact that there have been a few versions of Thor since then that were even worse. Anyway, here is another Hulk tv movie, THE TRIAL OF THE INCREDIBLE HULK from 1989 which guest stars Daredevil played by STREETHAWK´s Rex Smith. Back then I thought their Daredevil costume looked silly but it´s practically the same as in the new tv series. Those Hollywood guys are so lazy they just swiped it from an old 80s tv movie. And watch out for a young Stan Lee who makes a cameo as part of the jury in Banner´s dream sequence.

Speaking about callbacks to older posts, some posts ago I posted the latino version of the BraveStarr movie, here is the german version.

And since not everybody speaks spanish or german here is BraveStarr - The Legend for all my readers in the UK and the United States. Enjoy !

I´m always happy to promote good comic podcasts, especially if they are from Germany. Here´s a new one that has started just recently which was brought to my attention by my brother ( you have to look for " geblitzt " and not just " blitz " on YouTube to find it ). This one is about GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY - which I have finally seen - and the comics on which they are based. A very good video with lots of information especially for those people who don´t read that many comics. And without spoilers. Danke !

Okay, one last video but this is just too hilarious to not post. She thinks she´s all that but her little brother totally video bombs her. He´s got some serious skills. I wanted to embed a YouTube video but of course it is blocked in Germany because it has music from Akon´s SMACK THAT.

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