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Happy showgirl birthday Elizabeth Berkley

Today one of the hottest screen cult sirens, showgirl Elizabeth Berkley who reached cult status for baring everything in SHOWGIRLS celebrates her 44th birthday so I thought it´s about time I gave Elizabeth her own post.

So far she was part of a birthday post on Tiffani Amber Thiessen where as baffling as it may seem I actually wrote about Tori Spelling - okay, mostly about her sexy dance in a leather hooker outfit on Beverly Hills 90210.

If you can call her wild fertility inducing movements dancing. She really was just shaking her big boobs in the general direction of the camera. But that she did very effectively. I never was a big Tori Spelling fan but in that scene she really squeezed her breast into a tight leather top and just pushed them straight in your face. Now that´s what I call entertainment.

What I find a bit strange is how did such a scene get approved when her father was producing this ? Should I be concerned that Daddy dearest put it in the script or does this say more about his employees. Maybe some disgruntled writers just decided to put his boss´ daughter into a hooker outfit and let her dance for him as payback for sleeping with his wife.

" Okay, Tori, do you think you can move more like a prostitute ? And we need to make the outfit sluttier. This is supposed to be a rock video. " 

I started watching Beverly Hills 90210 on the basis of Tori´s growing boobs which was a product of her Dad´s financed surgery and Tiffani Amber Theissen´s exploding chest which was a product of nature. It helped a lot that Tiffany was often in bikinis or leather hooker outfits.

Those directors got it made, they just go " Okay guys, in the next four episodes Tiffani dresses up as a prostitute. And she has to do at least one striptease and two nude sex scenes in each episode. Which is really necessary for her character. Oh yeah, and send her to my trailer for .... extreme rehearsal. We have to go over the scene ... orally. " Those horny perverts are to thank for that Tiffani was so often in bikinis on that show.

Coming back to Elizabeth Berkley I wanted to do another of those posts I can either link to or re - post every year which really makes things much easier for me. Because aside from the post about Tiffani Amber Thiessen and Tori Spelling she was also one of my alternatives in my CASTING A JUSTICE LEAGUE MOVIE series as the evil nymphomanic twin of Supergirl.

She could be Kara Fok - Me, the Nympho Supergirl from Earth XXX. She could have a different origin in which her rocket was bombarded by the radiation of pink kryptonite which turns all female kryptonians into super horny blow up sex dolls. Because of the month long exposure to the pink kryptonite the effects would be permanent ( instead of only temporary like usual ) and Nympho Supergirl would have different powers like sex strength, peep vision, erection vision, perv hearing, orgasmic flight, ovaric speed, tantra healing, kama sutra flexibility, olympic stamina, multiple position memory, fellatio breath and deepthroat breath. I would say she also has the power to make all men horny as soon as they look at her but with Miss Berkeley´s super sexy stripper moves that´s a given.

Besides her part of Nomi Malone on SHOWGIRLS Elizabeth Berkley is also famous as Jessie Spano on SAVED BY THE BELL and she was the student body every red blooded male wanted to tap. Sadly I didn´t watch many episodes of the show even if both she and her co - star Tiffani Thiessen developed into supersexy bombshells. I remember my younger brother always watched it - they did marathons on Saturday mornings during the summer vacations in Spain - but I think I was always too busy with important stuff like reading comics or drawing superheroes or such.

Speaking about marathons with such a pair of incredibly hot sexbombs on the show it´s no wonder their male colleagues mimiked the relationships on the show by relentlessly banging their brains out behind the scenes.

Word is Tiffani was at times tagteamed by actors and even the producer and Elizabeth was especially needy about becoming her substitute in those marathon sex sessions where she was used like a blow up sex doll by all male actors. Like she had a lot of catching up to do, maybe because she played such a good girl on the show she needed them to relentlessly drill that part of her into submission to let the inner nymphomaniac free.

In any case it´s a big part of pop culture I never had access to so I don´t have fond memories of Elizabeth Berkley and Tiffani Thiessen from that.

Man, who could have known they would turn into such ultimate sexbombs ? Boy, getting them at the same time, now that would be a hot sandwich !

Especially Elizabeth Berkley who showed some very impressive skills in SHOWGIRLS. She not only can lick the chrome off your steelhard pole she also has the all important " pumping pelvic thrust " move down to pat. I bet that comes in handy with that portable casting couch she allegedly has and I would not mind being at the receiving end of that a few hours. 

Although widely labeled a " flop " the movie more than made its money back on video and DVD sales. I mean who is going to see a movie in the cinema where you want to rewind or see some scenes in slow motion ?

Besides Elizabeth the movie also features Rena Riffel who was also in such erotic classics like STRIPTEASE ( number two on my strip Top Ten ),

BOUND CARGO, DARK CONFESSIONS or the fantastic UNDERCOVER HEAT starring sexbomb extraordinaire Athena Massey as a sex starved cop.

Even if the story is nothing new - a female cop has to go undercover as a callgirl to find a serial killer - UNDERCOVER HEAT is one of the best erotic movies I have seen because it has the perfect blend of crime, suspense, erotic and humor that few directors of this genre achieve. It also has a nice pacing of 5 minutes of story followed by 5 minutes of erotic scenes and so on. But the biggest reason why this movie is so entertaining is the stunning Athena Massey and her spectacular body. The character she plays is a somewhat repressed woman who never had much time besides her police work to explore her sexuality but as she goes undercover she makes up for that in spades. The plan going in is that her superior will send her clients so she can keep her cover and give him regular status reports. But as they sometimes come to late the sex depraved bombshell is already busy sexperimenting with the potent studs. There is even a threesome with a client and his big breasted wife so this movie has it all. 

So this is my recommendation for the day and if you haven´t seen it yet you need to check out UNDERCOVER HEAT. But coming back to Elizabeth Berkley even as SHOWGIRLS was considered a really bad movie by critics ( yeah, and we all know how much they know about movies ) when it came out it was still shown constantly on television the following years and landed on the top ten list of best movie striptease which made it one of the top guilty pleasures of movie fans. Due to a fan following that has only grown wider with the years it has even reached trash cult status.

I really have to thank Paul Verhoeven for discovering Elizabeth Berkley´s dormant stripper qualities. We always knew she was absolutely hot but who could imagine what a natural born pornstar she would turn out to be ?



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Sunday, July 24, 2016

Happy birthday Lynda Carter

Today the one and only true Wonder Woman celebrates her 65th birthday so I thought it´s about time to do an updated version of her post.

As with all reposts I have shortened it a bit but I´m afraid I have to take a short break before I can finish the post ( as well as the two about Kelley Jones ).

Lynda is best known for playing the lead character Wonder Woman in the tv series. I would like to say that I first saw it as a little kid and that this experience shot me right into puberty......but that's not true. You know when I was young I didn't watch Wonder Woman on tv because they quite frankly didn't show it. I don't know if that was because of her revealing outfit that could corrupt young impressionable males or that the germans mostly appeared as evil Nazis in the show - fact is there were only two tv stations at that time and none of them showed Wonder Woman.

Being a comic fan I watched everything comic related like the HULK series with Bill Bixby and Lou Ferrigno or even the awful Spider - Man movies. I would have loved the Wonder Woman series. But I had to wait till my military service because that was when private tv stations started in Germany. 

You know, I think it´s kind of sad that Today´s Youth are not forced to defend Germany with totally useless firearms because - well, not because it´s such a great idea but because I had many life changing experiences during that time. I found my first real comicstore where I discovered most of the american comics I loved later on and cultivated my taste for independent comics there. I saw my first shows of Tutti Frutti, Catch Up, Wonder Woman and many others there.

I think I really wouldn´t be the man I am Today if things would have turned out different. You know, the road not taken......

Back to when I was doing my military service in Munich : before that all tv stations were regulated by the government but then private tv companies started and they sometimes were desperate for content so they showed everything that was cheap and not too new. They emitted around the clock and they had to fill the early afternoons and the nights with something and luckily for me one of the shows was WONDER WOMAN.

If you compare the show to Today's tv series it is kind of campy and naiive and the special effects were primitive but Lynda Carter - she was hot. When I saw the first episodes of WONDER WOMAN I wasn't sure if this was really aimed at young kids. For one part Lynda Carter looked extremely hot. In the beginning she is a bit skinny but over the course of the show she begins to fill out the costume much better.

There are some rumors that she wore an artificial butt - which would explain why it looked a bit weird in some scenes - but here's a clip of her as Diana Prince in a bathing suit that shows that it was probably just padding for the stunt scenes.

And there's some serious bouncing action going on.

In the scene Diana Prince was attacked by two guys who tried to drown her but she kicked their asses to escape then transformed into Wonder Woman - and came back to kick their asses some more.

As I said, Lynda Carter started to fill out the costume much better but it looks like it took some time to change the costume because in some episodes she still has the the small top and she´s almost spilling out.

Which was extremely sexy in the scenes of Wonder Woman running.

I guess gazillions of young boys worldwide reached manhood prematurely through strange dreams of Wonder Woman Lynda Carter running.

I guess the producers also caught up to what was the best part of the show because from then there was much more running and jumping.

But that was not the epitome of Wonder Woman exuberance. That was in one of the few episodes I watched at home ( later when we also had cable tv ) where she helped a catburglar steal a diamond or something.
She was dangling upside down from a rope and while she was trying to open a safe or something her breasts followed gravity and slowly slid out

of her top. I waited to see them totally uncovered but every time they

 showed the cat burglar and then zoomed back they were in the top again.

Then they kept on sliding out but in the next shot they were back in.

Damn you, evil tv censorship. Well, despite that it is a really sexy scene. And Lynda Carter DOES have an incredibly sexy set of gams on her.

Of course as a woman Wonder Woman had to wear the perfect outfit for every ocassion. First there was the blue swimsuit.

Now it was just a skintight blue rubber suit but I think it might even be hotter than the usual outfit.

I'm sure she started some boys´ obsession with latex that way.

Then there was motorcycle Wonder Woman which was basically the same blue suit like the swimsuit one but with a helmet. That's right, kids. Safety first.

And speaking of safety notice the padding on the elbows and knees on skateboard Wonder Woman. Like I said an outfit for every occasion.

And let's not forget Wonder Woman's horseback riding outfit.

Now I don't know what was the reason of the different outfits. Maybe it was that they tried to avoid showing a wet Wonder Woman in her regular outfit. Or maybe they were into marketing and wanted to sell some toys.

Well, one aspect that made me doubt that the Wonder Woman tv show was for kids was the costume but after all Lynda Carter couldn't help it if she was hot. Another thing was that Wonder Woman was constantly tied up or put into chains. Now either they took that right from the old Wonder Woman comics - in which this happened a lot - or someone on the show had a rather kinky taste.

And speaking of kinky stuff Wonder Woman was also very often manhandled by thugs who she would overcome very easily. Now I think that they all knew they had no chance against Wonder Woman.

Everybody with half a brain knows that. No, what they tried to do was grab her and trying to britzky her ( private expression ) or rubbing themselves against her body. That's like the dying man's last wish. If they had to go to jail at least they tried to take this memory with them.

There were some changes in the tv show from the original comic book which I just recently discovered because of some episodes I hadn't seen before. On most days I would just switch through the channels but on Sundays I watched the two episodes of TALES FROM THE CRYPT and one episode of Wonder Woman. Watching Wonder Woman in spanish has it's own charm because when it is shown on german tv everybody speaks german but on spanish tv only the Nazis do. That's like a bit of home sweet home right there.

One of the first episodes I saw was with Wonder Woman's sister Drusilla which I didn't know she had. I also didn't know that Wonder Woman's sister was Debra Winger and that she was quite........gifted as a young woman. Holy wonderbra, Batman.

Another new fact I discovered was that Wonder Woman's braceletts were made of Amazonium ( or was it Feminum ? ), a special alloy only known to the amazons. In the comics they were just given to Wonder Woman by the gods and could deflect bullets because of magic. But since the gods never appeared in the tv show they needed another explanation. The episodes with Debra are really quite funny because of the clash of cultures and Wonder Girl's fixation on ice cream. One of my favorite scenes is when Wonder Girl is amused by the idea of Wonder Woman taking orders from a man. " He tells you what to do and you do it ? " Another plus of the episodes is seeing John Saxon as an evil Nazi masterspy. And he could SO be an evil Nazi masterspy although he would probably be called Johann Sachs instead of John Saxon.

Other changes were for example that she needed her magic belt to stay strong when she was away from Paradise Island. Of course this was an easy way to sap her strength whenever the bad guys got the jump on her - they just had to take away her belt and they could start again with the ropes and the chains.

And speaking of ropes : naturally she also used her magic lasso to bind the villains and force them to tell her the truth.

I guess that also sparked some fetish fantasies among young viewers.

But Wonder Woman was not only beloved by kids worldwide. Even animals liked her. I don't know if that's something that was also in the comic but in the tv show she could communicate with birds. But not all her dealings with animals were of such a peaceful nature. There was one episode I saw in which a gorilla named " Gargantua " is trained to attack and kill Wonder Woman and of course a woman had to come up with that plan.

Useless men. In the end even the gorilla couldn't resist Wonder Woman's charm - who could ? - and Wonder Woman helped him to return to his jungle but before that they really got it on.

" Steve ! What are you doing here ? This is not what you think ! "

Who never got it on - at least not with Diana Prince - was Steve Trevor who was so fixated on Wonder Woman that he never realized he had a classy woman right next to him.

Of course all the other men in the show had no such problems and always tried to score with her which made the whole situation even more unbelievable. For me this was always the realistic part because that also happens in real life. It's the whole " Lois Lane - Clark Kent " thing. I think that's one of the reason why they gave her this huge glasses because without them she was often hotter than Wonder Woman.

" My, Diana, I never noticed how big your........glasses are. "

All in all I think the show was great. In fact Lynda Carter was so successful as Wonder Woman that she is still associated to that role by most people and Hollywood hasn't managed to find an adequate replacement for her.





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