Monday, October 22, 2018

It´s Marvel Master Monday with Ernie Chan

I know it has been a few months since Ernie Chan´s anniversary but as I have said so often these few weeks it will take me a while to get to all the comic book related birthdays I have missed - IF I can get to them at all.

But Today I am still reeling from the experience that was the Comic Con Berlin 2018 so I am posting something that was already in the pipeline.

For Today´s foray into the hyperborian age we have issue 29 of CONAN THE BARBARIAN from Marvel Comics with the story " Two Against Turan ", written by Roy Thomas, drawn by John Buscema and inked by Ernie Chan.

I thought if I should include the cover since it is not drawn or inked by Ernie Chan but you can never have too much Gil Kane art on your blog.

Yep, that´s right boys and girls. I found the complete original art on HERITAGE AUCTIONS ( I don´t know if the lot has been auctioned off in the meantime or if it is still available but even if it were so I could never afford it anyway and for those interested who have the necessary funds I´m sure it won´t be difficult to find out ) although getting the color pages that went along with them was a little bit trickier as usual. And like it is always the case I only found it after Ernie Chan´s anniversary but on this blog we only post pone things until a later time. But now without any further ado here is the story and you can easily why these guys ruined me for all following versions of Robert E. Howard´s most famous barbarian.

by crom


and the tribute post for Ernie Chan I wrote in 2016 which includes links to all the posts I wrote about his issues of The Incredible Hulk he did with Sal Buscema. I am still waiting for these issues to be included in the MARVEL MASTERWORKS series 

and for more black and white Conan goodness check out my post on issue 6 of this mag by Barry Windsor Smith and


missed birthdays

October 16th Joe Sinnott 92

I tried to write a special Halloween post back in 2015 which turned into my first Joe Sinnott appreciation post talking about all of my favorite series or parts of series he inked. In 2016 I even managed to do two Joe Sinnott posts, one with a lot of splash pages from german HIT Comics and a special THORSDAY post which included mainly splash pages from Tom DeFalco and Ron Frenz´ run on THOR about which I have written in numerous posts. Now, as I said I haven´t done a Joe Sinnott post for his birthday this year - yet - but his inks pop up in some posts I wrote about Jack Kirby´s Fantastic Four - obviously - and also other issues of The World´s Greatest Comic Magazine Joe Sinnott inked like in this post where you can find a linke to one of my favorite Fantastic Four stories of all times, The Overmind Saga

October 18th Steve Epting of course best known for his run on Captain America with Ed Brubaker so new readers ( as well as some regulars who want to refresh their memory ) might want to check out MY BIG CAPTAIN AMERICA POST that I wrote way back in 2007 and which also included the german version of the text. If you want to read it you probably should check out the re - posts I did in 2011 where I cut it up in shorter chunks for the english version ( intro part 1 / intro part 2 / intro part 3 / main part ) and the german version .

and last year I did a special post on one of my favorite story lines during his run on Avengers - although it is not beloved by many other Avengers fans - The Gatherers Saga - and

October 19th Lou Scheimer

October 21st  Christiane Hagemann 44

And speaking about stripper skills, our next celebrity candidate Christiane Hagemann is a callback to the aforementioned post about Flash issue 119 because that was the first time I mentioned the german tv series Die Rote Meile on the blog and Christiane, who celebrated her 44th birthday played Gitti so she definitely had to learn taking off her clothes in a sexy way.

The series was named after the red light district of St. Pauli in Hamburg and was a sequel to The King of St. Pauli. It follows the lives of strippers, prostitutes and their pimps but they are all portrayed like regular people not like in american tv series where people from this walk of life are always portrayed as bad people. I remember an episode of a series about beach cops on bikes ( that sounds as action packed as it was ) with people from the porn industry and they also made them killers because all people in adult entertainment are horrible people. Anyway, I watched every episode of Die Rote Meile because they had a very easy concept : one strip in every episode which was not interrupted by commercials. I don´t know if they could do that Today as they put commercials into everything.

Even if they did not go totally topless - sometimes they had pasties on - I was glued to the tv watching such hot sexbombs like Yasmina Filali above.

Daimn, that girl really has the prototype of the heart shaped ass. Now longtime readers know that one of my pet peeves is giving credit to the unsung actresses who upgrade movies and tv shows by getting naked on camera and there were sure some among them on Die Rote Meile as I found out when I tried to find the names of my favorite strippers. Yes, only the " real " actors are mentioned in the cast meaning those with a speaking part which tells you which place some women still occupy in Today´s society. So if anybody out there knows the name of the living blow up sex doll with the huge melons below put it in the comments.

Anyway, one of the best strippers of the regular cast is Sylvia Leifheit who has a secret identity in the series as she plays the typical devoted wife by day, secret stripper by night. Sylvia made me realize two things : firstly, while I usually don´t go for skinny chicks she is just oozing so much sex appeal that I would do her in a minute. And second, hair color can really make a difference because her character in the series is actually a blonde and despite having the same figure as a blonde she´s kind of a - meh - looking girl while as Luna with the black wig she´s a real firecracker !

A few years back I got the complete first season of Die Rote Meile on DVD at amazon at a pretty decent price and I´m glad I seized the opportunity because it really goes for ridiculous prices now. I can really recommend this show and Sylvia Leifheit alone is worth the price of admission.

Rags Morales 52

It´s back to comics as Rags Morales celebrated his own 52. He started out on such books as Black Condor and Hourman but his biggest hit was the Identity Crisis mini series which - let´s be honest - would have been just a cheap kill and rape fanfic without Rags stellar art. He also draws one heck of a Power Girl in the pages of JLA and Hawkman and he brought us the classic crossover issue 23 of the latter in which we see what the various members of the Justice Society of America do in their off time. Kara goes to town with Hawkgirl and Stargirl and after getting a handreading she is sexually harrassed by the Village People. Yes, Power Girl is so sexy even gay men are trying to hit on her. Although in this instance she hit on them.

It´s been quite some time since my last Power Girl - centric post so I DO have two links. I may have already posted the first link, which comes from FIRESTORM FAN and examines a possible romance between Firestorm and Power Girl that never came to fruition but I´m sure the post from JUSTICE LEAGUE : REVISITED about the brilliant JLA / JSA : VIRTUE AND VICE graphic novel is new. Carlos Pacheco was the artist on that and he too drew a very captivating Power Girl. There is another sexy moment and one wonders why this kind of stuff never happened in Power Girl´s own book.

Lex Luthor was still the President of the United States of America in that one and I guess when you think about the upcoming elections it´s not that far from reality. I remember that at the time Lex started campaigning for the presidency in the comics DC made a Vote Lex 2000 button which I had on my old business suit. Yep, I had to dust it off just last week to make the new pictures for the job applications and it doesn´t fit anymore. It´s frightening how 16 years can take their toll on a body.

Coming back to President Lex, while he was pretty ruthless in the comics they never showed the ultimate abuse of power - or better - abuse of Power Girl. Come on, if you were the US president and had the entire superhero community - male and female - under your thumb, tell me you wouldn´t coerce a hot chick like Power Girl into a few midnight olympics sessions in the oval office. I mean, the only thing we did get to see in the comics was Lex liplocking with Amanda Waller ( and we´re talking the 900 pound gorilla version here not the NEW52 Halle Berry lookalike ) but you just know that Lex went through all the hot Justice League babes like Big Barda, Starfire, Zatanna, Black Canary, Vixen, Huntress or Wonder Woman.

Writing about all these issues makes me kind of sad because JSA used to be such a good book ( I think there is at least one omnibus from DC that collects big part of the series ) and Power Girl even became the leader for a time but with REBIRTH you never know what her status is and if she´s even alive. What we DO know is that even if DC will give Power Girl her own book again they won´t get an artist who´s good at drawing women.

That seems to be one of the unwritten rules of comics as well as that they need to give her a new costume every time they retcon something about her. Power Girl had the most simple costume that was really easy to draw and they kept changing it making it more complicated each time. Well, here´s my proposal for the new Power Girl costume that incorporates the basic colors blue and white and is real easy to draw. What do you say DC ?

cult sirens of notice

todays birthdays

Steven Grant turns 65 who has written a plethora of titles from his creator owned character Whisper to Gil Kane´s Edge, DC´s Manhunter, Challengers of the Unknown and Marvel´s Avengers, Hulk and Spider - Man but is best known for bringing the Punisher back on track with artist Mike Zeck. check out the True Believers issue of Circle of Blood or buy the Epic Collection right away