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Sarah Louise Young uncensored

Like I promised in the Sarah Louise Young solo post in my CASTING THE JUSTICE LEAGUE MOVIE series here is the re - post of her birthday post which will return each year. At least until I can do a proper post on page 3 girl Samantha Fox who shares the same birthday - what a dilemma. When I have finished a post on the british sexbomb I can re - post both posts alternating or one on the actual birthday and the other before or after it.

Sarah Louise Young was born on April 15th 1971 in Sidcup, in the London Borough of Bexley, Southeast London, and raised in Hampshire, southern England, with a younger brother. Her mother was a seamstress and her father a structural engineer which account for Sarah´s solid structures.

Sarah went to an ordinary school, an A - student with the ambition of becoming a dentist. She was very shy and withdrawn and was scared of cameras that being the main reason why she would never let anyone take pictures of her when she was younger. Sarah was 10 when her breasts began to develop and, at school, was at first teased mercilessly about it.

This caused her to become embarrassed about her body and she took to wearing big sweaters and loose clothing to hide her rapidly developing sexdoll figure. At the age of 11 she was mentally way ahead of her class and her breasts began to draw the unwanted attention of male students.

She had to ask to be exempted from gym class because the boys always were reaching under her shirts which were too short to contain her tits and when she partook in strenuous physical activities where her big boobs were bouncing up and down the boys were distracted so much that quite a few injured themselves. Especially swim class was a disaster since she was almost sexually assaulted in the shower by the entire male part of her class after they saw her all wet in a bikini. After that the guys from her class ganged up on her every day during recess and shoved her into a secluded part of the school yard to take turns fondling her big breasts.

While her friends were interested in pop groups, she was more interested in men and soon she discovered what effect her huge torpedoes had on them. It was while she was on a family holiday in Yugoslavia that she had her first sexual experience at the age of 13 with a 22 year old local boy and the fact he was willing to risk a jail sentence for having sex with an underage girl tells you what a booming hardbody she must have had.

While the boy surely must have had the sexual experience of a lifetime deflorating the teenage Sarah it didn´t impress her much. It wasn’t until about a year later that Sarah Young became truly sexually active with the realization that she especially enjoyed having sex ( preferably with a stranger ) in public places : the prospect of being caught simply adding to the excitement; and Sarah Young was caught on numerous occasions.

On one such, two police officers who were returning from patrol found her having sex in front of the police station but instead of reporting it they hid and enjoyed the show, taping the whole thing with a camera. After Sarah had finished the police officers came out of hiding and - with a huge grin on their faces - let her off with a warning. During another run in with the police an officer caught her driving under the influence but Sarah convinced him to let her off easy in exchange for a three hour long full cavity search, a double breast dick massage and a deepthroat blowjob.

On another occasion, the ticket collector of the train she was traveling on interrupted her and her partner having sex in one of the compartments. But after seeing Sarah Young´s titanic tits he just checked their tickets ( he hid in the next compartment and watched the rest of the show ) .

By the age of 15 Sarah had, by her own admission, after a succession of boyfriends and one - night stands, become the school nymphomaniac. You know, men often use the term nympho but when a girl admits it it´s not a little, she´s a full on sexually - assaults - men - in - public sex nympho.

It was around that time that Sarah Young´s school class spent two weeks in a country hostel during a student exchange in Germany and her rampant nymphomanic urges were soon discovered by one of the male chaperones.

We had two male supervisors during our stay there, the Dad of my best girlfriend and our class teacher and they caught me on the first night when I tried to sneak into the boys sleeping area. Now our class teacher was giving it all night to one of our female chaperones, a blonde trainee teacher with legs up to her chin and huge boobs at least as big as mine.

They always made her do the Sex Ed classes much to the delight of the male students who always made rude remarks about her and tried to grab her boobs every time she made the mistake of coming too close to one of those degenerates. Most of the classes ended up with her clothes torn to shreds and her breasts hanging out and every time she wasn´t out the door quickly enough when class had ended she was sexually assaulted.

So our class teacher made sure she was safe at night from being hunted all night by her horny students although it meant she had to willingly give in to all of his sexual fantasies and become his living blow up sex doll.

Which was still better than having to endure the boys rigorous taming.

Her predecessor - an asian sexbomb with a hardbody like a playmate of the year - was rumored to have quit teaching after they broke her in.

Allegedly she was tied to her teacher´s desk with her legs spread wide open by a few of her students who then took turns at screwing her while filming it. And when she reported everything to the principal they said it had been a project for the film class.That the trainee teacher had come up with the idea of them tying her up and that the sex was consentual.

And because it was her word against them they went free and continued to sexually assault her on a daily basis. As if that wasn´t enough she also had to let the principal use her like a cheap hooker just to keep her job.

In the end she became a porn star so she would at least get paid much better for letting men abuse her. Unfortunately her employers became aware of her past as a school teacher and she had to film only movies where she was the hot teacher who got her brains banged out by her horny students thus reliving the sexual abuse again and again. So she also went and quit porn. I´m not saying her name and being a teacher does not appear in her resume. Just check which asian mega porn star quit.

Anyway, the blonde trainee teacher, let´s call her Annie Position, was being sexually tamed all night long by our class teacher for the entire two weeks which meant that the other male chaperone became my shadow.

He always made sure nobody else was around when I was taking a shower which of course meant he had to be in the shower with me and because he didn´t want to get his clothes wet he took them off. He also made sure I was very clean by applying the showering gel himself and he was especially thorough soaping up my breasts which could take a few hours.

Since we always ran out of showering gel at this point I returned the favor by applying what had accumulated on my boobs to his steelhard rod. Which only got bigger the longer I massaged it with my soft breasts. I managed to make him shoot his load a few times by deepthroating him but as he was still erect - and could not leave the shower without drawing attention - he ferociously impaled me until his rigid member subsided.

Of course he had to make sure there were no shenanegans going on at night so I had to sleep in his bed - naked - because it was so hot. We both knew that if we were caught there would be huge repercussions but in his defense I have to say that I already had the body of an adult woman - with much bigger breasts tham most women though - and as for me, well he was my best friend´s Dad but he also was hung like a freaking horse.

In January 1986 she met a man at a bus stop who suggested going to a photo studio to take some trial pictures for the famous page 3 of the Sun.

She was surprised because she found herself very unattractive. But Sarah thought that although this would never work, as the camera would only enhance her ugliness, it would be the ideal opportunity to overcome her dislike of cameras. After a talk with her mother to obtain her permission, the photo shoot took place in February 1986. The positive response to the pictures was enormous and from there on her work took off and she was invited to join a modeling agency, and for the first time Sarah began to realize that most men considered her to be beautiful. She admits that she is very shy, but when she's in front of a camera that disappears and she becomes a completely different person loosing all her inhibitions.

Reaching the age of 18 Sarah faced the next challenge. A friend phoned her and told her about a photo shoot taking place for PRIVATE magazine in the Costa de Sol. Sarah was in two minds whether to go because on the one hand the reports in England were all very negative about the porn industry, but on the other the friend was one of the best men's magazine models at the time and she could only tell of how well she was treated.

Sarah is very inquisitive by nature and could not resist to go and she soon came to the conclusion that all of the negative reports and comments about porn had no truth in them at all. She decided to pose for more photos with famous photographer Claus Alvin Vogel from Hamburg. Even at this stage, nobody in narrowminded England thought Sarah Louise Young would become the most accepted export in the erotic business.

In March 1989 her agent visited hardcore tycoon Hans Moser alias Sascha Alexander in Hanover at VTO. Hans had been married to Teresa Orlowski since 1982, whom he had made more famously known as ' Foxy Lady '.

Sarah's agent came to Hans Moser to make some bookings for his models. When he showed Hans the pictures of his girls he replied that there was nothing of his interest except this girl he said, " What's her name ? "

" Sarah Louise Young. " Hans took another look at the picture and he booked the girl for the next VTO production. Hans had immediately spotted the possibilities of this girl just as he had done in 1981 when he had plucked the photo's of Teresa Orlowski from another agent. For four years he had been looking for another ' Foxy Lady ', and had seen hundreds of pictures of girls until he discovered Sarah Louise Young.

However a few days later the production assistant Claudia informed Hans Moser that the appointment with Sarah had been cancelled due to illness.

Hans was very disappointed, finally he had discovered the new ' Foxy Lady ' and the appointment was called off. By this time Hans´ relationship with Teresa was going down hill rapidly and at the end of August 1989 Teresa took both his business and money from him. For 3 weeks Hans wanted to destroy everything around him, however luckily his brother Siegfried was there to stop him. But then Hans recalled Sarah and phoned her agent in London telling him that Sarah had to come to Germany so as he could make her into Europe's latest porn star. However Sarah's agent declined, as he wrongly believed that Sarah would not want to leave England.

Hans was devastated. However all was not lost. Two weeks later Sarah's agent called Hans in Hanover and told him that he had met Sarah at a photo shoot, "Imagine, I told Sarah about you and how I refused your offer and do you know what she said?" "Are you crazy, of course I'll go."

At the time Sarah had never even heard of Hans Moser, but Bill was quick to tell her of his reputation and showed her a couple of Hans' magazine's. Sarah was very impressed with the style and quality, but at the time she was becoming very tired of modeling, as she felt she was becoming brain dead for lack of its use and she needed more of a challenge. Her agent was reluctant to let Sarah go because she had just turned 18, meaning there would be a lot of new markets open to her with age restrictions such as America, France and Asia. So Sarah asked that if she took the job would she have the opportunity to work behind the cameras as well and Hans' reply was " Of course I'll expect you to ! " And so in September 1989 Sarah flew to Germany and met Hans Moser, one of the most influential Porn producers in Europe, who at the time was at his lowest ebb going through the most difficult, bitter and trying divorce with Teresa Orlowski.

However Hans was quick to notice that Sarah no longer looked exactly the same as she had lost a lot of weight after her illness, which had resulted in a fair reduction of her breasts. So Sarah was quickly rushed to surgery for a cosmetic correction to enhance her breasts to their natural size and beauty. The result was overwhelming. Her wonderful figure, the magical glow in here eyes and her natural charms were able to melt every man's heart and to burn every fuse just by seeing her. A new star was born.

After recognizing Sarah's talents Hans decided once again to make her a star in both the business and in his life and on January the 13th 1991 Las Vegas was once again the venue where Hans Moser celebrated his third marriage. The world of pornographic productions were laying at her feet.

She co - stared with the best known actors of the scene, won many important prizes for her outstanding performances and was highly honored with a cultural prize in Spain, for her last big film ' Hamlet '.

Meanwhile her beauty can be seen on over 150 video covers.

Executive producer, writer, director, yes, Sarah achieved everything in the business, but as time passed by she felt more attached to the comfort of her home and her dreams of a family. She wore comfortable clothes, read many books, many of them cooking books and indulged her guests with her cooking talent. Exactly these qualities allowed Sarah to be so creative and always discover new things. As very creative in graphics, she used her fantasy symbolically and proved to be commercially competent.

But the business was changing. Price wars began to make big budget productions practically impossible and the market became flooded with low budget and private productions. And the opening of the eastern block made the whole situation even worse. Actresses / actors from the east swamped the market for lower fees and the situation became intolerable for Sarah who being far too sensitive for the business could not stand to work with people who hated the work but only done it for the money and who had absolutely no respect or compassion for either themselves, each other or the business. This all lead Sarah to decide it was time to quit performing in front of the camera and so she began working on a new future, without her husband Hans Moser, from who she is now divorced.

Yep, she was a big star over here in Germany when I was old enough to rent porn videos. That shows you what an old geezer ( and old pervert ) I am. Also, she was the first one who made porn videos for a price that horny teenagers like me could afford. I mean, new tapes. Because back in those days you could buy used porn videos at the video store but those were watched hundreds of times and only seconds away from combustion.

Not only was Sarah Louise Young the first porn actress to agree a fee of $1,000,000 for a single film, in 1992 she also opened her first sex shop in Hanover, named Sarah Young Erotic Markt, and there would eventually be eleven such shops located in various German cities. I think there might have been one in Stuttgart but with all the movies she starred in and the ones she produced Sarah Young was very present in german video stores and sex shops around the time I was old enough to watch her movies. By the time she lived in Spain she also had one of the first adult magazines that were sold together with a videotape. Which in Spain were sold at newsstands next to comics or newspapers. Yes, some countries do not hide their porn under the table like it´s something to be ashamed of.

Even if Sarah is from England she got the greek look down to pat with the curly hair and even the nose. I know because when I was in middle school there was a greek girl I liked in our class who had a well developed body for her age. And we had a very busty form mistress I had the hots for.

Back to Sarah Louise Young there were rumors she planned on becoming a lawyer but nothing was confirmed. She made a lot of her movies in Spain because they were so hot she had to shoot them outside of England.

For a time when she was still married to Hans Moser she lived on Ibizia but I could not find out the exact time frame. In any case it was a big relief for Sarah Young because she didn´t have to go through customs anymore as the customs officials always took advantage of their position every time she had to fly in to shoot a movie as the former porn star vividly recalls :

Don´t take me wrong, I love my spanish fans because they are very loyal and very open about sex but the downside to that was that practically everybody knew that I was a porn star. And the security personal at the airport was always all male which meant they had seen all of my films and couldn´t wait to get their sweaty hands on my body. Normally when I met fans that meant having to sign a few autographs and maybe take a few topless pictures but not with these horny studs. No, they always started by fondling my breasts for a few minutes before insisting on giving me a full cavity search - with their giant throbbing members - and then tag - teaming to bang my brains out which always ended up in a wild sex orgy. I mean, I have been pounded hard by the best, the biggest and the most enduring guys in the porn business but those guys were all extremely enthusiastic and overdeveloped in the groin area so they really stretched me out. They used me as their private blow up sex doll. So you could say that every time I entered Spain a part of Spain entered me and I was really glad when I didn´t have to endure their merciless drilling anymore.

As far as her movies go the list would be too long to include here and you can find it on the internet but THE YOUNG ONE is the best of the best.

Sarah Louise Young is one of my all time favorite pornstars and with all the porn movies she made that were adaptions of famous stories like HAMLET, DECAMERON and NIKITA it´s kind of strange that she never did a porn version of Wonder Woman when she looks like her spitting image.

That would have been the best comic related porn parody of all times.

So this was this year´s Sarah Louise Young birthday post and hopefully I can finish the Samantha Fox birthday post before Today so my readers can get something new. Ah, the things I would have done to Sam if I got my hands on her when I was at my prime. It would have been sooo epic !


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Road to Flash Friday part 2 : Green Arrow

I know that posting has become rather sporadic - at best - lately but since I have already prepared everything for the big GREEN LANTERN / GREEN ARROW / FLASH crossover THREE OF A KIND here is the second part.

Going over this month´s posts you might wonder why there are so few posts and then three posts on the same day : the Sarah Louise Young birthday re - post, the first part of the brand new Samantha Fox birthday post ( which appears and disappears ) AND the Tom Sutton birthday post.

And then no posts again until Today. Well, if you have read the last few posts you know that I am currently doing a course for the jobcenter which takes up most of my time and energy. I had already done the new version of the Sarah Louise Young cult siren post in advance and as always I did the bonus round on the fly. And since I did not have that much material on Tom Sutton I had to go look for stuff on the internet. Which worked out better than expected and in the end I had to create a new folder for all the Tom Sutton artwork. So the Sarah Louise Young post was finished and went online as planned but I also realized that I had some free time that day and since I thought it would be a terrible waste to just keep all that gorgeous looking Tom Sutton art in a folder on my laptop I decided to do a second post for that day. Especially since Tom Sutton is really an unjustly underrated artist. Okay, so now we had two posts in the bag but the fact that I never got to do a Samantha Fox cult siren solo post began to weigh on me especially because I had always planned to do one so I wouldn´t have to re - post Sarah Louise Young every year. I mean after a certain amount of re - posts there is nothing new to add and I like to spice things up on the blog so it would be nice to have the possibility to alternate between Samantha Fox one year and Sarah Louise Young the next year.

Maybe even throw some Tom Sutton into the mix now and then and just put up links for Sarah Louise Young and Samantha Fox. Longtime readers know that once I get an idea in my head - even if it´s not a particularly brilliant one - I can´t concentrate on anything else until I have done it. So I made a post for Samantha Fox but for some reason blogger cut off some of the pictures. I couldn´t figure out the reason behind that no matter how hard I tried so the post went back into the draft folder. Then I had some free time and I started the post again from scratch and kept working on it off and on for a few days. But when I had finished the first version it was too long so I had to cut it into two parts. Now as I said I like to switch things up on the blog which means that I don´t like to do two posts of the same kind back to back. No matter if it´s two Marvel posts, two DC posts or two cult siren posts I always try to put something different on the blog with each post. So now that I am finally doing another quasi FLASH FRIDAY post the first part of the Samantha Fox birthday post is finally going online officially ( without the link to the second post which I can´t include until that post is finished ) but since I need the in - between posts part two will not go online until I have finished the next comic book related post.

But that´s already enough behind - the - scenes stuff for Today since you are probably going cross - eyed at this point and we continue our story in progress which started in GREEN LANTERN issue 96 and since I posted that way back at the end of March you might want to go back to that before reading on. Or if you haven´t read it yet you definitely need to go back. 

As I´ve already said I have been so busy this month that things got a bit overwhelming which is the only excuse that so far I completely brainfarted that cosplay queen Yaya Han celebrated her 35th birthday on the 10th of this month. You might think somebody who is so obviously obsessed with her would have that date more on the forefront of his thoughts but no.

I still haven´t managed to make much headway on finishing up MY BIG YAYA HAN POST and so I tried to do a post last year - which naturally turned out completely NSFW - to at least get that out of my system but this year I´m just too swamped with stuff. Maybe I can do another cosplay update post in the meantime because there are a few new costumes that are just too good not to feature like her Eliza ( which according to her website is from Tekken Revolution. God, I used to know things like this but I´m just too out of gaming ). Not only does it have a great cleavage ( no wonder with Yaya´s impressive 40D guns ) but it also let´s Yaya show off her sexy legs.

There´s also the matter of the covers of certain comic books or magazines I would love to see Yaya Han re - enact or at least see her wear the skimpy costumes on them in her next hot cosplay. About which I´m of two minds.

On one side it´s another of these things that I keep thinking about in the back of my head and which is driving me crazy. On the other I know that IF I really start this there will be no way to contain it to just one post so it´s likely to spin even more out of control than my Casting the Justice League of America movie series did. And it goes without saying this series would probably be even more NSFW which would be another reason not to do it.

Of course I´ve already thought about how to best group the covers I´ve selected so far and there is one all about Yaya doing male characters. Now I know that Yaya has said in some interviews that she doesn´t dress up as female versions of male characters but that is not completely true since I know that she DID dress up as the tenth Doctor. Anyway, while I know that it is probably for the best if I don´t do the cover posts there are some outfits I totally think Yaya should do. Well, I can still dream, can´t I ?

And speaking about costumes, since I can´t put all of Yaya´s cosplays of the last year in this post here is a video showcasing all of her great work.

Man, her craftsmanship ( Or is that now craftswomanship ? I´m never sure what the politically correct phrase is nowadays. ) is impeccable as always.

Coming to Today´s birthdays, our first candidate is James MacAvoy who turns 38. I already posted the video of his appearance on The Graham Norton Show where Jennifer Lawrence´s boobs almost fell out of her impressive cleavage here is the honest trailer for X - Men : Apocalypse ( whose only redeeming quality is seeing the sexy Olivia Munn as Psylocke ).

I know that it´s a bit late but so far I haven´t been seen Old Man Logan but I managed to stay away from any trailers or spoilers on the internet.

Tony Danza celebrates his 66th birthday who is best known - at least to people from my generation - for his roles on Taxi and Who´s The Boss ? where he played the Dad of movie cult siren Alyssa Milano. He also was the father of Ami Dolenz in She´s Out Of Control  which not only has one of the sexiest non - nude scenes in the entire history of cinema but is a quite funny movie and a must see for every father of a hot teenage girl.

I did a re - post of Alyssa Milano´s cult siren entry on her birthday last December which you might want to check out ( I also did one post with Alyssa´s best Charmed outfits since I couldn´t fit it all into one post ).

The comic related birthday of Today is in the Dearly Departed section with Michael Turner who passed away too soon. He is best known for his signature characters Witchblade, Lara Croft or Fathom but since this is kind of a FLASH FRIDAY post here is one of his great covers for The Flash.

Since I know that the DEJA VUE series is very popular with my readers I picked one that is an homage to all the Flash / Superman race covers.

Now I neither have the time nor the material to do a special post for Michael Turner but I did find this documentary about him on YouTube.

Usually I end the FLASH FRIDAY posts with a Flash video but since The Flash, Arrow, Supergil and Legends of Tomorrow are all on hiatus right now I´m using the time to catch up with the fourth season of Marvel´s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. or like I like to call it Marvel´s Babes of S.H.I.E.L.D.

I mean, even without Adrianne Palicki as Mockingbird we still have a pretty high babe quota on the show with Elizabeth Henstridge, my favorite, Chloe Bennet and hasian Ming - Na Wen and that´s not counting the many hot female guest stars. If you don´t rust my judgement just consult TheFran´s Sexiest Babes in Marvel´s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. article on GEEKSHIZZLE or feast your peepers on this snapshot of Ming - Na Wen.

Originally I wanted to post one of Chloe Bennet´s appearances on The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson but not only do we have the holy babe trifecta of Marvel´s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. in one clip but Ming - Na Wen looks absolutely stunning in her dress. What´s more, her cleavage made it really difficult for somebody who has a preference for asian women like me to concentrate especially when she is leaning over.

Speaking about the latest season of Marvel´s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. when I read on the episode guide that GHOST RIDER would make an appearance I was completely hyped but I was in for a rude awakening because what I got was not the GHOST RIDER but the new GHOST DRIVER. You know, this new guy with the flaming skull the execs at Disney came up with who drives a car so they can get some of that The Fast & The Furious money ? Okay, let me make something clear, the frikking GHOST RIDER does NOT drive. Maybe they got confused with the Phantom Rider or the Night Rider or all the other names they came up for the original cowboy GHOST RIDER vigilante but the real GHOST RIDER is a biker, make no mistake about it.

So to all the kids out there who think GHOST RIDER with a track suit is cool here´s some OGR 101. The Spirit of Vengeance does NOT carpool.

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When innocent blood is spilled a spirit of Vengeance is born and Danny Ketch finds himself transformed into the Ghost Rider.