Friday, July 01, 2016

Paul Ryan Flash Friday : Emergency Stop 2

After two detours we are back to Paul Ryan´s FLASH run with the second installment of Emergency Stop. So if you want to brush up your memory as to what happened before you might want to go back to my post on the first issue of the story or re - read the actual issue if you have taken my advice and gotten some FLASH issues since my last FLASH FRIDAY post.

After the events of last issue Wally is out of commission with two broken legs but can even the combined forces of Jay Garrick, Max Mercury and Impulse stop a supersuit on a rampage ? One of the things I always liked about the pre - NEW 52 DC universe was the sense of legacy with various generations of super heroes working together to support and teach each other and you got that in spades in the FLASH book. It´s too bad nobody at DC remembers why people liked their comics so much since they are all focused on earning the quick buck. We return to the story in progress. 

in a  flash


Liv Tyler 39

Missy Elliot 45

Strange coincidences : on my very first Paul Ryan FLASH FRIDAY post Tony Curtis celebrated his birthday who was the father of cult siren Jamie Lee Curtis and Today is the 64th birthday of Dan Aykroyd among whose plethora of movie credits is Trading Places where he starred opposite Jamie Lee Curtis. They also appeared together in Christmas with the Kranks.

I have already done a number of posts : the original post which mostly contains pictures with links to animated GIFsone post with all the pictures I could find and a re - posted version with a few GIFs added. 

What´s more, Jamie Lee Curtis is one of the candidates of my Top Ten Movie Stripteases as is Baywatch bombshell Pamela Anderson who celebrates her 49th birthday.

Alan Ruck 60 Ferris Buellers Day Off

Strange coincidences 2 : last Saturday was Carly Simon´s birthday and Today is the 66th birthday of her producer Tommy Mottola or like I call him The Mack because not only did he produce sexbombs like Diana Ross, Gloria Estefan, Destiny´s Child, Shakira, Anastacia and Jennifer Lopez he was married to Mariah Carey and is now married to Thalia. Respect !

thalia massita

premios billboard

Debbie Harry 71

Genevieve Bujold 74 Coma Dead Ringer

Earthquake with Victoria Principal

Leslie Caron 85 An American In Paris is my favorite musical you can find more GIFs of Leslie Caron from An American In Paris here , there a lots of GiFs and pics at the Leslie Charon appreciation tumblr THANK GOD FOR LESLIE CHARON and there is more stuff from the movie to be found on the internet

Sydney Pollack Jeremiah Johnson, Yakuza, Three Days Of The Condor, The Electric Horseman, Absence Of Malice, Tootsie, Out Of Africa, Bright Light Big City, The Fabulous Baker Boys, Presumed Innocent, Havana, King Ralph, The Firm, Searching For Bobbie Fischer 

Charles Laughton Spartacus with Kirk Douglas he was in all the movies that have been remade like Island of Lost Souls ( where he played Dr. Moreau ), Les Miserables, Mutiny On The Bounty, The Hunchback Of Notre Dame, The Canterville Ghost or Salome



the end

Thursday, June 30, 2016

It is Black Power Thursday with Gil Kane

I thought about honoring Christopher Priest´s 55th birthday by doing another post about his BLACK PANTHER run but since the time I did my last post in 2012 most comic readers have realized the greatness of it.

Also I would have to re - read the whole series - again - to write the post. So instead of repeating what everybody will probably write about Today I bring you another selection of Gil Kane covers with black characters.

Yep, that´s the pre NEW 52 politically incorrect overweight Amanda Waller who now looks like a centerfold although I have mixed feelings about this change. On one side it was nice to see a completely average person be such a badass but a fitter Amanda does have possibilities. Although I doubt we have scenes like this in the upcoming Suicide Squad movie.

Since there is only one other important birthday Today - and because I didn´t post Yesterday ( it may surprise my readers but even I have to sleep sometimes ) - I want to start the entertainment block with a few birthdays from Yesterday. In my last post we had a Doctor Who related anniversary and on June the 29th we even had two as Katherine Jenkins celebrated her 36th birthday - she was in my second favorite Doctor Who Christmas Special A Christmas Carol - and Maureen O´Brien turned 73 best known as Vicki companion to the first  Doctor, William Hartnell.

As fate - or the luck of the timelords - would have it I just found one of the DVD extra contents with Maureen O´Brien in it a few days ago.

Nicole Scherzinger celebrated her 38th birthday Yesterday and she started out as the frontgirl of the Pussycat Dolls. Is the group still around ? Since she was never the best dancer in the group I think they could continue.

To pay tribute airGbuzz ! has 17 more GIFS of Nicole Scherzinger stripping and here is a video from her appearance on Conan where he is distracted by her chest. Which I naturally missed as happens with most good things.

Our next candidate is Maria Conchita Alonso who is now 49 years old. She made appearances in Knight Rider, Predator 2, Chasing Papi, CSI Miami and Desperate Housewives although she´s best known for Running Man.

Another cast member of Predator 2 is Gary Busey who turned 72. Among his movie credits are Thunderbolt and Lightfoot, Lethal Weapon, Eye Of The Tiger, Surviving The Game and two movies alongside sexbomb Erika Eleniak : Chasers and Under Siege where she does her famous striptease.

Speaking about Eye Of The Tiger, I went to the cinema to see two other movies with those words in the title : Rocky III - which was called Rocky III Das Auge des Tigers in Germany - and Sinbad And The Eye Of The Tiger. The special effects in the last one were done by Ray Harryhausen and Yesterday was his anniversary. Besides cult classics like Clash Of The Titans, One Million Years B.C. with pop culture icon / sex symbol Raquel Welch Ray worked on two more Sinbad movies The 7th Voyage Of Sinbad and The Golden Voyage Of Sinbad with Hammer film´s Caroline Munro.

It´s one of her best know movies as the producers were business savy enough to put Caroline into various bright colored and tight fitting outfits that left little to the imagination and showcased her breast features.

I could not find that movie on YouTube but here is the adaption of Jason And The Argonauts from 1963 which has a few famous special effect sequences by Ray Harryhausen in it like the swordfighting skeletons.

Speaking about adaptions : Yesterdays last anniversary was french writer Antoine de Saint - Exupery and his book The Little Prince has been transformed into any kind of media from comics and audio dramas to musicals, movies and cartoons. Originally I wanted to post a trailer but since that was only a fanmade trailer and not the trailer to an actual movie here is an episode from The Adventures Of The Litle Prince.

The only noteworthy birthday Today is Schlager icon Peter Alexander who worked with all the greats like Wencke Myhre. Boy, did I have the hots for Wencke in the worst way since she was not only funny, she had a tireless body in her prime and her wardrobe could even rival Caroline Munro´s Sinbad outfit or the uniforms of the female members of the Legion of Super Heroes. Fashion went horribly wrong somewhere from being only one small step above lingerie in the 80s to what women wear now.

Naturally I picked a video with Wencke and Peter and the preview picture alone is worth the price of admission. I have no idea how she pulled it off but despite her stunning physique and always wearing mini skirts and plunging cleavages she never was typecast as a sex symbol in Germany.

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