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Tales from the one legged man in Erlangen

After my last shameless comic shop pimping post it´s time to return to my time in Erlangen at this year´s Comic Salon 2014. Someone mentioned that I made a point ( without realizing it ) for easier access and maybe shuttle buses for older and ( maybe ) wheelchair bound visitors.

Which is right. You never think about these things unless you are affected yourself by it. So if anybody of the organisers of the comic event has read my last Erlangen post they might give this problem some consideration.

Now, continuing with my Erlangen 2014 Diary we already covered the trip to the city ( and back ), my hotel with the shower deathtrap, that I didn´t do much besides going to the con, that we arrived 3 hours late and that the table where I expected to spend most of my comic budget for the first day wasn´t there. As I said, this threw me off my game a bit and I spend the first hours wandering aimlessly through the convention hall. Not to say that I didn´t wander aimlessly around Erlangen at previous events but this time it was also a tough exercise because of my knee. So I did what any comic fan would have done in my position : go with what you know.

Which for me meant to frequent the tables of the usual suspects.


This is the part which is probably not so interesting for longtime readers of this blog. Because I have written about WEISSBLECH in previous posts.

But as every post is someone´s first I want to mention that it´s one of Germany´s finest providers for what you might call trash comics - and I´m using the term in the best sense here. Publisher, writer, artist, inker and basically one - man - band Levin Kurio is the driving force behind the best horror anthology title in Germany - HORROR SCHOCKER - and many other fine comics that blatantly pander to the basest instincts of the target audience. You will not find any artsy fartsy projects here but rather good entertainment at a reasonable price that always delivers. Who could forget such classics like PATER DRACULA - ER TRINKT DAS BLUT CHRISTI ( Padre Dracula - he drinks the blood of Christ ) or DIE ROTEN RÄCHER

the german version of Rough Cut Comics FREEDOM COLLECTIVE ?

And so one of the must - haves of any comic convention in Germany is the newest NOVITÄTEN - PACK ( Novelty Bundle ) which always contains the latest releases at a big discount. In most cases I try to change some of the issues of the Novelty Bundle for other Weissblech comics but this year I had none of the issues contained. The bundle didn´t have as many single issues as in previous years because one of the comics was their newest and first graphic novel but more about that in just a moment.

First I want to mention the other things that were in the bundle.

XXX - Comics issues 15 and 16 and as the title implies these are porn comics. Weissblech has a lot of titles that sound very raunchy but unlike other comic companies they don´t deceive their comic readers so if you pay for porn you get porn. I still haven´t read all of the stories ( I read one or two stories on my first night in the hotel ) but like always the stories are a bit tongue in cheek without skimping on the erotic parts.

Most of the art is done by the very capable Horst Dounichdy - Glokken, a pseudonym for an artist which most german comic readers will recognize.

Also contained are issues 35 and 36 of HORROR SCHOCKER.

Issue 35 contains the story UNSER DORF SOLL TOTER WERDEN ( Our village shall become deader ) by Carsten Dörr, the highlight of the issue and one of the stories in Weissblech´s 2014 GRATIS COMIC TAG comic.

The issue is rounded up with HASSO which is rather short

and MÜLLSCHLUCKER ( garbage disposer ) which is much longer on the other side. As usual reader views differ as to which one is the best.

Issue 36 is the big anniversary issue - 10 years of HORROR SCHOCKER - and to celebrate that it has expanded to 52 pages for the usual price. As befitting an anniversary issue it contains some of the best artists of the book like Kolja Schäfer, who starts the issue impressivly with DIE WOLKENSTADT DES MUMIENGOTTES ( The Mummy God´s Cloud City ).

Then Levin Kurio takes the art chores - he writes all the stories - with DER SCHATZ DER TEMPLER ( The treasure of the Knights Templar ).

Another of my favorite artists - The Lep - draws ÜBERLEBENSEXPERTEN ( Survival Experts ) based on an original idea he came up with himself.

And last but not least is the brilliant DIE LESENDEN TOTEN ( The Reading Dead ) which is another story from the GRATIS COMIC TAG 2014 issue.

Talking about free comics, Weissblech also had just finished their eight free mini comic which has preview pages from HORROR SCHOCKER 35´s MÜLLSCHLUCKER story and their big graphic novel. These are always great and I have to admit that I always pocketed one when I passed the table with all the info material and freebies opposite the entrance. I love to give them away and most of them will end up in the Christmas contest.

I also got the second issue of UNGEHEUER ( Monsters ) which focuses on one of Germany´s best artists, Klaus Scherwinski and while some of the stories have been published elsewhere it´s nice to have them collected.

UNGEHEUER is a rather new anthology and it focuses on a certain artist or a certain theme like issue 1 which was all about zombies - naturally.

They also had the 1st issue of CAPTAIN BERLIN but I already had that.

Which brings us to the best comic Weissblech may have ever published : the incredible BELLA STAR TRIFFT KALA ! ( Bella Star meets Kala ! )

With a price tag of 20 EUROS this is the most expensive comic in the novelty bundle but believe me when I say it´s worth every cent.

Not only is it in hardcover, it´s also 112 ( ! ) pages of uncensored sci fi / jungle adventure in the often imitated but never duplicated Weissblech manner. I called the comic a graphic novel and not only because it is all new material. As this is their first graphic novel ( of hopefully many more ) they have waited for a great story and what could be more epic than the clash of two of their greatest babes : Bella Star, the intergalactic nympho and Kala, the pre - historic amazon ? Of course topless mud wrestling ensues during this titanic tussle of the well endowed alpha females.

But while a big part of the comic is titillation - with a big emphasis on the tit part - the story is just awesome and has anything you could ever want in a comic like aliens, metal bikinis, dinosaurs or black holes. It´s one of Weissblech´s best efforts and I recommend it to all comic aficionados.

I also managed to get a Charon sketch by the master himself, although it wasn´t as elaborate as the one I posted below ( to give you an idea ).

So that was the first table and while I also passed by the folks from GRINGO COMICS and SCHWARZER TURM, I´m going to wait with writing about those parts for the days when I actually bought something there.


Well, I´m not sure if it´s really a mystery but it annoys me to no ends that you can´t find any good pictures of the comics Laska Comix sells.

It was the same last time I wrote about Erlangen and it was the reason why I stopped with the posts: I was spending too much time looking for pictures and in the end I didn´t get around to continue with the posts. I have since found a picture - although a tiny one - of the issue I got then

and I´m only posting it here because it is an homage cover.

I just don´t get it. They make such brilliant comics but their website is totally crap. I don´t know for whom they designed it but it´s surely not meant for people who want to buy their comics outside of comic cons.

Anyway, nevertheless I want to pimp Laka Comix - which is not easy without adequate pictures - so I want to mention the two comics I got at their table. The first one is another LASKA SAMMELSURIUM, number 11 this time ( sorry for the nad picture but I´m lucky that I found one at all )

and you could translate the word Sammelsurium with mishmash, smorgasboard or hodgepodge. So it´s a collection of short stories, sketches, pictures and drawings. All with the usual standard of Laska quality but I have to say I liked the last one better because it included a short story of LUZIE AUS DER HÖLLE ( Lucy from hell ). The other comic I got was WÄSCHER - PIONIER DER COMICS ( Wäscher - Comic Pioneer )

and it´s - of course - about Hansrudi Wäscher the german Jack Kirby who influenced the entire landscape of comics for numerous generations with his comics AKIM ( just your basic jungle guy ), TIBOR ( the jungle guy formerly known as Akim with a new name because of a legal dispute ),

JÖRG ( the adventures of a boy in the year 1633 during the Thirty Years´ War which featured General Wallenstein, a historic figure ),

 FALK, Knight in shining armor,

FENRIR ( which seems like another jungle guy but in reality it are the adventures of an outcast 8.423 years after the last atomic holocaust ),

ROY STARK ( a stuntman, not related to Tony Stark ),

NIZAR ( another jungle hero, this one more Mowgli than Tarzan )

NICK ( the only sciene fiction hero of the Hansrudi Wäscher universe )

and SIGURD ( we will come back to him in another Erlangen Diary post ).

Interesting trivia : Fenrir´s and Tibor´s female companions´ fur bikinis caused friction with the german board of censors and were toned down.

So WÄSCHER - PIONIER DER COMICS contains homages to this dyed - in - the - wool elder statesman of comics and the Laska guys produced it.

But I got a nice sketch nonetheless.


So my last stop on Thursday was on a vendor´s table with a lot of US comics for 1 EURO. Mostly old CONAN comics by John Buscema but they were not in very good condition and I wasn´t sure which of them I had.

I picked up a whole bunch of RED SONJA issues for my brother

and I also found Mike Grell´s SHAMAN´S TEARS 1 which I was still missing. If I ever find the other issues I can re - read the whole series - unless I´m missing the zero issue. I´m not so sure about that one.

Anyway, I was just ready to pay when I spotted the Power Girl mini bust at the back of the table. Now all jokes about using the words " Power Girl " and " mini bust " in the same sentence aside this was a really rare item.

For decades I have been on the lookout for one of the always elusive Power Girl action figures on german comic conventions and this was the first time one of the good ones was in reach. The downside was that it was priced at 50 bucks but you only live once and I wasn´t anywhere near my comic spending budget for the first day so I thought what the heck. So I clunked down the 50 bucks, the comic dealer was happy, I was happy and I still haven´t gotten around to unpack it. Mind you, I have taken it out of the box to see if it´s not damaged but it´s still in the box on my desk.

One of these days - when I have cleaned up - it will get a place of honor.

And that was basically the first day. I did eat something in - between because without that I would have probably fallen into a deep coma.

Like I said in my last Erlangen post, due to my bad knee I limited myself to restaurants that were on the way between the con and my hotel room which meant that I was trying out a lot of establishments I wouldn´t visit.

So on Thursday I picked the thai takeaway that was right outside of the Kongress Zentrum. I swear, for more than 20 years I have been going to Erlangen but I had never eaten there. Can you believe that ? And the food was surprisingly good. Not like some fancy restaurant from the Micheline Guide but really tasty and not too expensive. I got some of the food to go on Saturday but they forgot to pack a fork and knife so I had to go down the stairs ( and up again ) to freeload one from the breakfast room.

When I got to my hotel ( my brother drove me there using the navsat ) I showered and discovered the shower death trap. Then I was so tired that I went to sleep immediately and slept until a few minutes before ten o´clock which meant it was time for wrestling - on tv mind you, I was in no condition for any kind of sports activity. After watching wrestling I switched through the channels but the only thing that was on was a really bad monster flick with kind of a chimera creature and when I was pretty sure there would be no Länderpunkte ( longtime readers of the blog know what those are all others go to the Simona Ventura post ) I switched off the tv and went to bed. Tomorrow would surely be another strenuous day.

So that´s my log of the first day at this year´s Comic Salon Erlangen and as always I was tempted to cut it short since I really haven´t slept much Today.  But I wanted to finish it, otherwise I´ll never get them done before the end of  this month. I´m not sure what my next post is going to be ( probably something shorter, otherwise I´ll collapse in front of my desktop one of these days ) but I hope this was a little bit interesting.

Today´s first video is about Erlangen, this time from Geekplautze.


The second one is a request by a reader who complained that there wasn´t much Yaya Han content lately. In fact it´s been weeks.

I´m still planning to do the big Yaya Han post ( click here for my intro post ) but I have been distracted ( in more ways than one ) by lots of pictures of cosplayer Jessica Nigri and I got caught up in all the drama. Now I don´t want to go into too much detail here - if you know what I´m talking about it´s redundant to mention it here and if not it´s way to complicated to start the topic here - but I just have to say that I´m all for sexy women dressing up in hot costumes and maybe showing off a bit of exposed skin. I´ve always said flaunt it if you got it and we should be really thankful that there are still women out there willing to go to all the trouble out there considering the amount of trolls that are on the net.

If you don´t like it you don´t have to look at the pictures and if you are really such a needy person you can watch those special Jessica Nigri videos on YouTube ( I dare you to last longer than five minutes with the 25 minutes of Jessica Nigri video ! ). And about the whole thing with cosplaying as female versions of male characters I have to confess that in most cases I don´t know the original characters. If it looks good....

So, for my readers who can appreciate it, here is a new interview with the always lovely Yaya Han from Wondercon 2014 in one of my Top Five costumes EVER as everyone´s favorite Street Fighter : sexy Chun Li.

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edit : Yes, I changed the banner I had first posted for this one because I realised that the " I´m with free porn " Civil War banner directly under the Yaya Han Wondercon interview might send the wrong message. Sorry. 

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Comics for free ( or at least pretty cheap )

After one whole week you probably expected the next part of my Erlangen Diary but Today I wanted to write about my latest trip to my comic shop because I finally got some free comics from GRATIS COMIC TAG 2014.

I know that my Erlangen Diary will not be as interesting the longer it takes me to get to it but that also goes for the comics of GRATIS COMIC TAG.

Like always when the Comic Salon Erlangen looms on the horizon I stop buying comics because that money will be needed in Erlangen. And it´s easier to get issues you missed from your pull list then to have to miss a good opportunity to get a comic because you didn´t have the money. So Today will be about free comics and comics that were not free but cheap. Not cheap as in " not worth it because the comic is bad or the production is of a low standard " but cheap as in " bought at a very reasonable price ". I have mentioned it before but for all that don´t know : the comic shop that I frequent is the Sammlerecke in Esslingen and they sell comics by the pound. Or more accurate : by the kilo. It´s 10 EUROs per kilo and if you think that is too much you obviously never bought a kilo of comics.

Now the Sammlerecke had their usual table in Erlangen ( and when I say table I mean at least a handful of tables and as many comic shelves ) so if you were there this year you have probably bought some of their comics as they also had their comics per kilo offer there. I got there some new issues myself because whenever those guys go on convention they only take new inventory with them. That way even the regular customers get comics they haven´t seen in the shop. But that´s not what I want to write about Today since we will hopefully cover this in our next Erlangen post.

Okay, I know what you are thinking. Yes, this sounds like a lot of blatant promotion for my comic shop but I don´t get any money for this and it´s not like I haven´t done this before. While I post a lot of really good offers from amazon  - because I know money is always tight for comic readers nowadays - I also believe in supporting your local comic book store.

The second thing you are probably thinking is that who would buy comics per kilo since they are obviously not the best comics or in bad condition.

And while that is true for a lot of them it´s not the rule. Now I won´t lie, there are a lot of comics that are in bad shape or at least banged up a little so that they can´t be sold at the regular price. Most of these come from buying up collections or bundles of comics from comic collectors so they are not in pristine condition. But a lot of them are either brand new comics that were damaged during shipment or comics that are in very good shape but are not that high in demand. Because there are always hot books that have a very short half life period and what are you supposed to do with dozens of issues of the same comic nobody wants anymore ? And there is also the fact that there are comics in collections where it doesn´t pay to cataloguize them so you just throw them on the per kilo pile.

So you can find some really good comics there although there are some things you must keep in mind when you buy your books by the kilo. First off is that thicker books are not as cheap as thin books. Sounds weird but while finding one of these thin, overpriced books there is cool it can be deceiving to have one of those heavy books you always wanted to get only to find out that the per kilo price is almost as high ( if not higher ) then the regular price. So you have to weigh every comics as soon as you get it and not wait until you have a whole stack of them. And you will have a huge stack of them by the end of your visit of this section. I know that I do and I had to leave a lot of them there. Which for me is one of the signs of a good comic shop. In a good comic shop you will always have to leave some comics there because there are more good comics to buy than you have money for. I always have to leave some comics there and in most cases I haven´t the time to look in all the sections because the shop is just so huge. The Sammlerecke is most definitely bigger on the inside.

And the catacombs where they keep hundreds of back issues are also so dissolute that you better know what you want before going down there.

The guys from Splashpages made two short videos about the shop when they moved to their new premises in 2011 but sadly there is no embed code included. You can share the videos via facebook but I would have liked to embed them in this post. Nevertheless here are the links to the video about the shop where you get a good impression about how big the store is and the interview with Frieder Maier , owner of the comic shop.

And for those interested here´s a link to the history of the Sammlerecke which has become one of the biggest comic shop franchises in Germany and the comic shop with the highest sales in Europe with shops in Esslingen, Koblenz and Nürtingen ( where I first became a customer ). They have many artists from Germany, Europe and the United States signing at numerous dates throughout the year and a special highlight for german comic fans was Don Rosa who did signings in all three shops and who was very impressed with the Sammlerecke : " But I´ll never forget your shop ! That was the biggest comic store I visited on the tour.....and the second biggest warehouse of comic books I´ve ever seen in my life ! "

Coming back to the kilo comics, another thing you must keep in mind is if the comics are for your permanent collection or just something you want to read. If it´s just something that you want to check out because it has created some buzz and you are curious you will probably have no problem if the cover is wrinkled or there are some printing errors or some pages are damaged. You just want to read it cheap and you will probably get rid of it very soon afterwards. If it´s something you want to keep in your collection and read over and over again it´s probably better to not buy it cheap but in pristine condition. Which may not be a point because - as I have said - you might find something that you have been searching for a long time and it´s near mint. But let´s get to the comics per kilo I got.

DAREDEVIL 238 - by Ann Nocenti, Sal Buscema and Steve Leiola. At around 40 grams ( if I can believe my scales ) this comic costs 40 cents.

As you can see by the cover - by Arthur Adams and Klaus Janson to boot - it´s a MUTANT MASSACRE tie in and it´s in no worse shape than my other Daredevil comics. Sal Buscema has always been one of my favorite artists and Steve Leiola is just one of those inkers that were in all the books back in those days. I really have to do a spotlight on those comic book heroes of my youth. Speaking of which another reason I got this book is that it´s written by Ann Nocenti who did my favorite run on the book. I know it´s considered sacrilege by the comicdom at large not to list Frank Miller as your favorite Daredevil writer but this is when I came in as a regular reader and she wrote all those issues. She also was part of the Ann Nocenti / John Romita Jr combo that made the title so magical.

The comic also predates the oldest Daredevil issue I owned ( up to this point ) and which has a beautifully rendered cover by Mike Zeck.

Next up is the NEW YEAR´S EVIL - GOG issue that spun out of the KINGDOM COME storyline ( one of the best DC Elseworlds EVER ).

It has a big sticker on the cover, apart from that it´s in good condition.

I remember these were kind of annuals and there was a whole bunch of them coming out. It´s a tie - in to one of my favorite stories and since it is written by Mark Waid, drawn by Jerry Ordway and has a Jason Pearson cover this was a no brainer ( 40 cts ). The comic should already be mine.

Which I hope is not the case with the next comic I bought ( 1 EURO ).

My visit to Erlangen has rekindled my love for the Legion so I hope I don´t already have the 1990 Legion of Super - Heroes annual. It is written by the well known Legion fanboy - par - excellence tandem of the Bierbaums with art by Dough Braithwaite which is about the time where I came back into reading the Legion so it may be in my longbox. Nevertheless I just couldn´t pass up on this opportunity to get more Legion comics cheap.

Okay, I just bought this one on a whim and because I really liked the art.

It´s by Eddy Paape, who did the art on the sci fi comic series LUC ORIENT

well known to my generation for it´s installments in ZACK comics.

Sadly he passed away on the 12th of March in 2012 but he lived long enough to see his series make a comeback as a collected edition.

Now DER KLEINE GLÜCKSBRINGER ( Le porte - bonheur in french ) is a 36 page comic and slightly smaller than the regular US format. It is from the german comic company SALLECK PUBLICATIONS who also did the french version and there is a limited hardcover edition available. At 60 cents for the 60 grams this wasn´t very expensive. The story is a bit kitschy at times but I think it´s just the right comic for a Christmas present.

I couldn´t find a picture for the next one but I think I got tricked because while the DRAWN & QUARTERLY SPRING 2003 catalogue has some comic pages it´s not a real comic but a catalogue - D´uh ! Not that big of a loss money wise since it´s somewhere between 60 and 80 grams. But there´re some nice preview pages in it and what I found especially interesting is that it includes information for comic dealers like the key selling points, where to market it, who the target audience is and how to sell them.

I don´t know if the company still puts out these things but more comic companies should get these kind of information to comic book stores and not only a lot of hype for the latest mega crossover Scheißdreck. Really !

I already have the first album - I think I bought that one also for a bargain price - and apart from some cover indentations it´s in good condition.

With a weight of just a bit over 200 grams the 2 EURO something price is significantly lower than the original 15 bucks price tag. As most of the longtime readers of my blog already know I´m not the snow board / skate board or any kind of sports guy like the main character but I really like the art and Buche really has a knack for rendering the female form.

Now the comics get better as we go along and the next one is a real doozy : it´s U - COMIX PRÄSENTIERT STAN CAIMAN BAND 2 ( 2.20 EUROS ).

As a certified perv and lover of comics with big breasted women I should have this one in my porn collection but it may surprise you that I don´t.

U - COMIX was one of the few german comics I read on a regular basis while it was being published so I never felt the need to get the collected editions since I already had most of the stories. However now that I have most comics stashed somewhere where they are not that easily accessible it´s nice to have one of those handy. I didn´t find the first volume of this series though. For the price it´s a good deal and it´s fun to re - read the exploits of an oversexed, chauvinistic, perverted caiman with some style.

I did find both volumes of FRED & BOB ( multiple copies indeed ) but I was pretty sure that I already have those. They are just wonderful.

The next one is a comic I probably shouldn´t have bought but I couldn´t resist the gorgeous Mike Grell artwork in the big format ( 2.80 EUROS ).

When you are collecting comics for a long period of time there are periods where you kind of rediscover certain artists. I was always a big fan of his work ( I even got all the issues of his much underrated iMAGE series SHAMAN´S TEARS - I found the missing number 1 in Erlangen ) through his work on LEGION OF SUPER - HEROES, WARLORD, GREEN LANTERN or GREEN ARROW but SABLE is one of the books I still haven´t delved into.

I know that I bought an issue at a comic convention once and I have no frikkin idea where it is right now. I have the second omnibus on my comic pile but I will wait with reading that until I have the first part. The thing is that when I ordered the second omnibus I didn´t know it would be in the smaller pocket format. So seeing the art in this size is a real treat.

And speaking about treats the last comic I picked up was the hardcover edition of ATALANTE - DIE LEGENDE, BAND 5 : KALAIS UND ZETES.

The corners are a bit banged up on this one but the rest is just fine. And with something between 5 and 6 EUROS this was the most expensive one of the bunch but you can´t argue with that price for a 15 EURO hardback.

The series is done by Crisse who became best known to german comic fans with his series DAS KRISTALLSCHWERT ( The Cristal Sword ).

This is the first hardcover of the series. I have the first three volumes that CARLSEN COMICS published but those were in softcover format.

When SPLITTER re - started the series in hardcover format they added some new pages with additional drawings and sketches as an incentive for readers who already bought the first three books. And instead of the old covers they used some motifs from Crisse´s Atalante portfolio.

Didier Crisse is famous for his renditions of beautiful women so the fact that the main character of this series is also a hot girl is a plus.

What I didn´t like about the series is that he shoehorned this person into the exsisting lore of greek mythology in a way I found very unconvincing.

Let´s call a spade a spade : it´s a retcon. Now I´m not against retcons when they are used appropriately. But let´s face it, here it´s just a case of being overly political correct in that a woman has to come in and save all the male heroes from Jason´s crew of argonauts and the fact that she doesn´t appear in any of the stories is that she´s a woman and that the others are jealous. Now this is possible but there are a lot of women in greek mythology and some of them are fierce female warriors like the amazons. They weren´t edited from mythology. So the shoe doesn´t fit.

Aside from that the series is very entertaining and you can´t say anything bad about Crisse´s artwork. Just look at these pages from book three :

I´m not sure if the series has been translated in America, the UK or the rest of Europe but it´s available in french and german so my german readers should definitely check this out if they are not familiar with it.

So all things considered I got more than 70 EUROS worth of comics ( although used comics ) for 13 bucks. Not a bad haul for a day.

I was hoping we could also get to the comics of GRATIS COMIC TAG but it´s already time to wrap things up for Today and check if all the windows are properly closed as a storm warning has been issued for my area.

So this is the first post of this month and like always it´s not what I expected. You know, I keep forgetting the 4th of July even though I made a special folder for patriotic pictures ( mostly with hot women ) just for this occassion. The only important dates for July I CAN remember is the birthday of my brother, my own birthday and the day of my patron saint.

And I´m having problems with those because it still hasn´t registered properly in my brain that we now have July. It seems to me we just were in April and suddenly it´s three months later. The only good thing that comes with this is that if we continue at this rate the new episodes of Doctor Who with Peter Capaldi will be upon us before I can compute it.

Now one of the perks of this blog is that I find out a lot of things through doing the research. One of these things is that apparently there was a short lived tv series in 1987 about Mike Grell´s comic character SABLE.

It only lasted six episodes and one of the reasons why this failed - at least according to Mike Grell - was that the producers of the tv show wanted to be creative. In the comic Jon Sable is not your typical grim and gritty mercenary and he is really a nice guy who likes to write children´s books.

Mike did that because he wanted to make him different from all the other comic anti heroes. So in come the producers and say : " We got a great idea. Why don´t we make him different from the comic ? Let´s make him grim and gritty. That´s what all the kids love. This is our big meal ticket. " And with that they killed it. Anyway, here´s the first part of the pilot.

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We´ll draw lots for the job....excluding Saturn Girl, because it´s too risky a mission for a girl !