Friday, February 24, 2017

Surprise : Flash Friday with Greg LaRoque !

You probably expected to see my post on FLASH 133 - which I had to post pone to do the birthday post for Curt Swan last week - or the special FLASH FRIDAY I mentioned Yesterday ( you know, the one for which I went all the way to the Sammlerecke in Esslingen to prepare for ) but since Today is Greg LaRoque´s 63rd birthday we´ll have to do the special FLASH FRIDAY next week and FLASH 133 .... when I get to it. It´s been delayed since January so one more week is not going to make a big difference.

Greg LaRoque has worked on a plethora of titles both at Marvel and DC but the two books he´s mainly known for are LEGION OF SUPER - HEROES and FLASH. As everybody who has followed this blog for some time knows I´m a huge fan of the Legion and any excuse to put more Legion content on the blog is fine by me. But we had a lot of Legion of Super - Heroes covers in Yesterday´s post in honor of Tom Peyer and to tell the truth I am not so up to date with Greg LaRoque´s Legion issues as I am with his Flash issues. And it IS Friday so FLASH FRIDAY with Greg LaRoque it is. We will have to do another post with his work on the Legion of Super - Heroes at some other day. But don´t worry, as I have already proven over the last weeks nothing gets shelved indefinitely here on TALES FROM THE KRYPTONIAN.

Now that it was settled that I was going to make a special FLASH FRIDAY post for Greg LaRoque´s birthday the question was about what it should be ? The special FLASH FRIDAY post I had planned to do is a review of the recently published THE FLASH - A CELEBRATION OF 75 YEARS and how it compares to the german counterpart FLASH ANTHOLOGIE - 75 JAHRE ABENTEUER IM ZEITRAFFER. But the thing is that there is no issue from Greg LaRoque´s FLASH run in the US edition. So I thought about finally doing one of my long post poned FLASH posts - either DEATH IN COMICS : THE DEATH OF BARRY ALLEN or THE RETURN OF BARRY ALLEN - but then decided against it. For one, I still need to put a lot of work into the posts and I have to finish Yesterday´s post so I don´t want to spend all day on this post. Also these two posts are like my FLASH FRIDAY trump cards so I want to hold on to them a bit longer. And then there is the thing that writing about the last one involves one huge spoiler so I want to do that as late as possible. So instead I was just going to post one issue of FLASH.

Okay, all that was left to do was to pick one issue from Greg LaRoque´s entire run of FLASH that showcases his great art, Jose Marzan´s fantastic inks, William Messner - Loebs wonderful writing and also shows what a great character Wally West as the Flash was. No pressure there, right ?

Luckily for me it was not as difficult as it had been since there was one issue that came up in all the reviews of THE FLASH - A CELEBRATION OF 75 YEARS on amazon as the one issue that should have been included, the same issue that IS included in FLASH ANTHOLOGIE - 75 JAHRE ABENTEUER IM ZEITRAFFER. I don´t want to completely shoot my bolt here because I still plan on doing the review post but I think a lot of people who bought the US hardcover were disappointed because they came in with a wrong premise. It is not THE BEST FLASH STORIES FROM 75 YEARS nor GREATEST MOMENTS FROM 75 YEARS OF FLASH HISTORY. As it says it is meant as a celebration although if you look at the way how disparate the selection of stories is the word acknowledgement would be more appropriate. Anyway, we will discuss all this and more at length in another post. For Today I give you Nobody Dies from FLASH issue 54 which is not only a big fan favorite but also William Messner - Loebs´ favorite issue from his entire FLASH run.



and DIAL B FOR BLOG has a post on Simpsons Super Spectacular 12 in which Milhouse becomes the Golde Age Flash and also Hawkman, Black Lightning and a bunch of other super heroes and

and speaking of Jay Garrick, Dennis E. Power has an extensive post on WOLD NEWTON UNIVERSE : A SECRET UNIVERSE about one of the oddest DC super hero groups, The Inferior Five. You may ask what this has to do with the original DC universe speedster ? Well, one of the members of the Inferior Five is Herman Cramer who was adopted by Jay Garrick and there are more ties to other super heroes / pulp heroes like Superman, Wonder Woman, Tarzan or Ellery Queen throughout the teams weird family and history


Wade Von Grawbadger age unknown

Sophie Howard 34

Billy Zane 51

and I think I have already posted this link but just in case I have not you can find Sal Velluto´s blog THE GHOST WHO DRAWS and

and check out THE ART OF SAL VELLUTO and

Teri Weigel 55

Ray Cokes 59

Edward James Olmos 70

Ricardo Rinaldi 2006



rock and rule

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Maybe this Agamotto dude just wants his eye back.

Thursday, February 23, 2017

Totally unexpected Tom Peyer Thursday !

You probably thought you were getting the next installment of THORSDAY WITH ERIK LARSEN or - at least - another post singing the praise of SHANG CHI, MASTER OF KUNG FU as it is Doug Moench´s 69th birthday and I had planned something similar when I read that it´s Tom Peyer´s birthday too.

Now the name Tom Peyer has probably not come up very often on my blog and you won´t probably see it on any Best Of or Favorite Writers lists so I may be forgiven for not knowing which comic books he had written from the top of my hat. I then did what anybody with half a brain would do : I went to the internet to improve my superficial knowledge with half - truths and unverified facts. And surprise, surprise, Tom Peyer has written or co - written some of my favorite series. Because I spent most of the day preparing Tomorrow´s super special FLASH FRIDAY post I am just going to post some covers - kind of like the highlights of his career - but don´t think I made it easy on myself because I started with over 200 covers and had to bring it down to 23. So here are the covers I selected and each of them has the Subzero seal of approval. Oh, you might notice that some of the books are covering a certain area or time frame of the DC universe.



and YOU ARE COMIC ? has a post on the L.E.G.I.O.N. series and

and Tom Bondurant in his column Grumpy Old Fan at COMIC BOOK RESOURCES talks about how the NEW 52 deprives itself of a lot of what made the DC universe such a complex and well crafted world by erasing and replacing the Legion of Super - Heroes with Justice League 3000 and

and for more on the Reboot Legion - as well as anything else Legion related - check out THE LEGION OF SUPER BLOGGERS and

and to read an actual Legion of Super - Heroes comic you can depend on our trustworthy friend Old Groove over at DIVERSIONS OF THE GROOVY KIND who not only serves up his usual mix of far out retro comic art and timeless four colored greatness but on top of Murder Most Foul by Jim Starlin and Josef Rubinstein from Superboy and the Legion of Super - Heroes 239 but also the behind the scenes scoop why Jim Starlin never continued working on the Legion and what Steve Apollo has to do with all that and


Dylan Ryder 36 before working in the adult movie industry she was a drug and alcohol rehab counselor and a correctional officer XXX Avengers as The Poser Katwoman XXX

Doug Moench 69

marvel comics presents

Erich Kästner 1974


conference of the animals

pünktchen und anton


legends of tomorrow

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