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It´s a Spider - Man Sunday with Ross Andru !

It´s been a really long time since my last post because currently I am trying to make some progress on issue three of my new comic book so I am really behind with comic book birthdays. But I just had to make a new post for one of comicdoms most underrated artists, the great late Ross Andru.

Now longtime readers of the blog know that one of the main topics here are writers or artists that I think are underappreciated or at least are my personal favorites and which I think deserve more attention. And I have done posts on Ross Andru before. In 2016 I did two posts in homage for him, one about his work on the Superman titles which I read as part of the german SUPERMAN / BATMAN issues by Ehapa Verlag and one for his five year run on AMAZING SPIDER - MAN where he co - created the Punisher.

But that Spider - Man post was just splash pages so I wanted to do a black and white post for Ross Andru. Since I already went into the publishing history of Spider - Man in Germany in this post I don´t want to bore my readers with all the details again. Let me just mention that Ross Andru was the artist of the last issues that were published by the Williams Verlag and also the first issues Condor Verlag brought to german readers when DIE SPINNE finally became a monthly title in Germany again back in 1980.

Besides accompanying me on a long stretch of my comic reading another reason why I wanted to make this post is I still haven´t seen THIS version of Peter Parker on the big screen. I know that I have done a number of posts about " my Spider - Man " which for someone like me who has been reading comic books for over 40 years now have been different versions of Spider - Man at different times. Naturally I started with the early Steve Ditko issues but the thing that kept me reading the title was that with each issue and each new artist it just kept getting better and better.

There were some periods I did not enjoy as much but from John Romita to Sal Buscema to John Romita Junior to Ron Frenz to Todd McFarlane to Erik Larsen etc. there are a lot of periods that I thoroughly enjoyed. So it´s hard to pick one favorite and say : " That´s the one Spider - Man artist for me, the end - all - be - all of Spider - Man artists. " Coming back to Ross Andru, while I can´t say that he is my favorite Spider - Man artist he definitely is the one who defined the alter ego of Peter Parker for me.

Which may sound strange but for me that was the Peter Parker that was as interesting as Spider - Man ( if not more interesting ) because it was the guy that grew up with me. He lost the big love of his life ( there is still a DEATH IN COMICS : THE DEATH OF GWEN STACY post in the works ) and his relationships to the whole supporting cast changed - especially to Mary Jane ( who is back in Peter Parker´s life although it took Disney forever to reach that realization ), he graduated from college and he became more confident moving away from the puny bookworm Parker image.

What´s even more important is that Ross Andru had such a knack for drawing backgrounds and especially Peter´s bachelor pad that you really had the impression that this was a guy you really knew and visited once a month. There was the busted sofa he got from the trash together with the wooden indian and all the other stuff in his apartment. Plus the signature sweater. I remember that one Christmas my mother got me a sweater as a present and she thought I would not like it because I would have preferred a toy. Little did she know that it became one of my favorite sweaters because it looks just like the sweaters that Peter Parker was wearing in those Ross Andru issues of AMAZING SPIDER - MAN. By the way, I still have the sweater and it´s one of the few that still fits me.

Anyways, in the movies Peter Parker is getting younger and younger and his evolution has been from socially awkward but good looking nerdy guy to funny but moody hottie to annoying millenial so I don´t think we will get to see this version of Peter Parker on the big screen any time soon.

Before we come to the art I selected for this post another thing I have to mention is Ross Andru´s storytelling. As somebody who is trying to get his ideas on paper that part is especially frustrating but looking over Ross Andru´s pages is like getting a master class because no matter if you like his art or not one thing that will never happen is that you are confused what is happening. He lays the pages out in such a way that you can understand the most complicated plot without reading a single word.  

missed birthdays

May 20th Gardner Fox

links to the Gardner Fox posts I did in 2016 : I did one about his superhero DC comics and also a second post about his science fiction comic work and

in 2017 I did a post that was all about DC´s super hero comics and last year it was all about western comics so

women who have provided wank material for entire generations with Sylvie Rauch who turned 57. She appeared in a few erotic movies before doing porn together with her older sister Sybille Rauch which were her most successful ones. She also starred solo in a few flicks.

Before becoming one of the most successful porn stars with one of the biggest german porn companies ( her sales records breaking movie BORN TO LOVE even guest starred british porn superstar Sarah Louise Young ) Sibylle played in a lot of the erotic movies that swept Germany in the 80s but her most famous roles were in the israeli series of erotic comedies EIS AM STIEL ( Lemon Popsicle in english ) that were among the most watched movies in Germany at that time. The movies follow a trio of friends on a quest to loose their virginity and as usual sex hijinks and breasts ensue.

Sibylle used that popularity to jump start a singing career ( this was the time when megabusty singers like Sabrina Salerno, Danuta, Angela Cavagna, Fanny Cadeo or Samantha Fox became big stars thanks to the predominance of music videos ) and she was the publisher - as well as the face and body - of the german HUSTLER from 1992 till 1995. She did a lot of cocaine and I thought she had died in 1997 but apparently she survived her suicide attempt. 

Sibylle Rauch turned 59 on the 14th of June

Speaking of chestful women raven haired MILF Lisa Edelstein celebrated her 53rd birthday on May the 21st who is best known for playing Dr. Gregory House´s foil and main sexual obsession Dr. Lisa Cuddy on the medical show House.

I used to watch the series with my Mom but after a while she lost interest and stopped following it so I´m not up to date. Maybe when I have watched all the series I have currently in my to watch pile I can get the series on DVD but if I do I will probably start with season 4 in which Lisa has her ultra sexy pole dance that leaves very little to the imagination.

May 22nd Herge and I did a post on his series Tim und Struppi in 2016 .

two blonde sexbombs starting with the german´s favorite Fräuleinwunder next door, the charismatic Linda Hesse who turned 32. She became quite successful in a short period of time thanks to her signature tight pants / t - shirt and suspenders look ( okay, and her banging physique ), her smile that can melt steel and her overall cheerful personality. She has stayed a down to earth which you can´t say about most people who made it in Germany.

Usually I´m not a big Schlager fan but I´m making an exception for Linda.

one of the reasons for making this section is that it is sometimes the only way for me to find out what I have missed like that Linda Hesse had a wardrobe malfunction on Carmen Nebel ( see animated GIF above ) or that she got naked for the german PLAYBOY last year holy moley she really has a banging physique

she used to be on everybody´s ears now get ready for an earful after her new album she couldn´t get out of her clothes fast enough with 30 years ( or like Linda calls it her dirty thirty )

initially Linda never wanted to pose for PLAYBOY because she´s not the type of girl who does nude pictures but in the end it took less to let it all hang out thankfully for her fans because she does it like a real pro

Our second blonde sexbomb is page 3 legend and nude glamour model Katie Price a.k.a. Jordan who celebrated her 41st birthday although she has had phases where she was a brunette. She had also enhanced her breasts to a whopping 32FF but she later reduced them to a 32D size.

Like Janet Jackson she felt insecure about her body which was the reason why she did it. Katie started her career as a model at the young age of 13 for a clothing line and unbeknownst to her the project´s photographer was a convicted paedophile who insisted to shoot her in underwear.

Aside from being inside and on the covers of countless men´s magazines like FHM, Maxim, Nuts, Front, Zoo Weekly, Sky, Esquire, Loaded, Ice, Elle and Vogue she appeared in six volumes of Playboy's Book of Lingerie from 1997 to 1999 and in 2002 she was shooting a cover to run in PLAYBOY when Hugh Hefner invited her to spend three weeks at the Playboy mansion.

Her competing for the right to represent the UK at the Eurovision Song Contest 2004 was not as successful as her autobiography, Being Jordan, which got surprisingly positive reviews and became a massive bestseller and the 4th bestselling autobiography of all time in the UK. Jordan : A Whole New World, her second autobiography, was released January 2006 and has so far sold nearly 400,000 copies. Her first autobiography has sold 500,000 copies so far, while the second sold 300,000 within just the first 6 weeks of its release. In Summer 2006 the novel Angel, a work of fiction, by Katie Price was published and hit the bestselling lists across the country.

We are staying with megabusty bombshells as Tracy Brookshaw a.k.a. Traci Brooks, the real t and a of TnA ( we´re talking 40DDs here ! ) turned 42.

Since it has been a long time since I watched wrestling I don´t know if " the private secretary I always wished I had " is still active - or if there still IS a TnA wrestling federation for that matter. The last thing I heard was that Traci was used and abused by Eric Bischoff ( how I envy that lucky S.O.B. ! ) and not only figuratively speaking. Apparently she paid him " sexual favors " on three occasions in the hopes to get promoted to boss of the knockout division but after he used her as his personal blow up sex doll in every imaginable position ( and boy did he ever ! ) he gave the position to Karen Jarrett. Since Traci always used her pornstar body to get what she wants I couldn´t really feel sorry for her but I always enjoyed seeing her in the ring and she even got naked for PLAYBOY magazine.

Apropos appearing nude in PLAYBOY, celebrating her 49th anniversary was supermodel Naomi Campbell ( does she own a cape, by the way ? ).

Naomi also was in a few music videos during the 80s and 90s like George Michael´s Freedom that also featured Linda Evangelista, Tatjana Patitz, Christy Thurlington and Cindy Crawford. As usual Mtv only showed the full video after midnight and even though I have seen it a hundred times I´m not sure if you can see nipple in the parts with Naomi Campbell or not.

We also have to thank Michael Jackson for letting Naomi strut her stuff In The Closet. Yes, besides being a music icon and making the best music videos ever he brought the hottest sexbombs into out homes like Ola Ray, Lisa Dean, Tatiana Thumbtzen, Lisa Mary Presley, Iman not to forget his sisters LaToya and Janet. When the video was shot there was a lot of speculation about if there really was something going on between Naomi and Michael ( you can read some of it in this post ) but as always when a music video treads the line between softcore and porno and has such sex goddesses in it only the involved persons know what really went down.

Speaking of softcore, Fiona Gélin turned 57 who made quite a few erotic movies in the 80s and 90s but most important Scirocco a.k.a. Sahara Heat.

Who sadly never did softcore movies - although she certainly had the right measurements for it - is spanish singer Monica Naranjo, our first birthday for May the 23rd on which she celebrated her 45th anniversary. So far I have only posted one video of Monica Naranjo because I am still hoping against hope I can find her live performance of Desatame from the gala show A Galicia Gente Va where she pushed her breasts all the way up to her chin and they almost spilled out of a tight red wonderbra. I have it on some of my old videocassettes but so far I could not find it on YouTube.

next best thing

May 24th Carmine Infantino who got a neat little nod on season three of The Flash and I also did write my tribute to him in 2016 . I wish I had more time so I could have done another

Sybil Danning 67

we make the transition from dead comic book creators to living sexbombs with Sybil Danning who turned 67. She got her own cult siren entry - as it couldn´t be any other way - also in 2016 and among her plethora of movies she also appeared in Andy Sidaris second Boobs & Bullets movie Malibu Express.

Andy Sidaris was probably THE BEST director of action movies for adults and his cast read like a WHOS´S WHO of playmates : Roberta Vasquez , Ava Cadell , brunette Cynthia Brimhall, Dona Speir , Pandora Peaks , Julie Strain , Shae Marks, Samantha Phillips and Julie K. Smith to name just a few.

Usually I just copy / paste the part about Becky Mullen into the posts but I am trying to keep this one short so I will skip it. For those who haven´t read any of my previous Andy Sidaris posts there is the main post where I wrote a bit about one of my unsung heroes , the Casting the Justice League of America movie Andy Sidaris special with a lot of stuff about Dona Speir, Roberta Vazquez, Cynthia Brimhall and the Tutti Frutti girls, the Ava Cadell solo post , the Dona Speir post ( with reposts in 2017 and in 2018 ) and last but not least the Becky Mullen post ( which I reposted in 2016 ) where you can find tons of links to other cult sirens like bikini blow up sex doll Janet Jones Gretzky and big breasted 40C real live Power Girl Leslie Easterbrook who had her most famous scene in Police Academy 4 : Citizens On Patrol in which she emerges from a pool in a wet t - shirt , the annual re - posts of italian mega soccer MILF Simona Ventura , blonde sexsation Monique Sluyter and of course the obligatory Tutti Frutti girls .

Shae Marks June 1st 47 Ava Cadell June 15th 63

May 25th Sal Velluto 63

And in 2016 I did just a quick overview of all the series Sal Velluto has worked on

Now I already did a lengthy post on Christopher Priest´s BLACK PANTHER run way back in 2012 and everything I did not mention in that post I covered in a special Black Panther black and white post that I did in 2017

and last year´s post was all about Justice League Task Force and

Stan Sakai 66 it is one of my favorite comic series EVER I already did a lenghty post on Usagi Yojimbo back in 2010 and I did a black and white post in 2018 and

space usagi cartoon

Barry Windsor Smith 70

and a black and white post in 2016 and last year I did a post with the complete original artwork for issue 6 of Conan and

May 26th Pam Grier 70

pop culture icon and blaxploitaion star Pam Grier - who was the inspiration for the secret identity of the Avenger´s Tigra - had her 70th anniversary.

The nubian sex goddess and her giant 38D double chocolate shakes appeared in a whole plethora of cult movies where she displayed her stunning physique and I was thinking about doing a Foxy Brown / Coffy double feature.

Pam really knows how to fill out a bra in Foxy Brown with her huge melons practically jumping out of her top at the slightest move showing almost her full naked nipples. But you have to try to get the version with the old picture format. Because in the new version her nipples are almost completely cut off in the scene where the bald horny pervert who shoots her full of drugs to turn her into his willing prostitute rips off her bra and takes Pam for a test drive

I am not one hundred percent sure but I always had the suspicion that the scene in Chris Claremont and John Byrne´s UNCANNY X - MEN where Storm gets rid of her cuffs only using her mouth and tongue was inspired by the scene in which Pam Grier does the same in Foxy Brown to escape her captors - sans the naked boobs of course. 

May 27th Harlan Ellison and I did a post about his work in the field of comicbooks in 2016 and

returning to nubian sex goddesses May 29th Latoya Jackson 63

On May the 29th Latoya Jackson celebrated her 63rd birthday and back in the 90s everybody thought she would become the sex icon of the Jackson family that is known all over the world since she was naked in PLAYBOY.

A few times. Now it´s my number one sex fantasy of all times, the best body in showbiz, Janet " All Night - Don´t Stop " Action Jackson - the living blow up sex doll that walks - whom we all lust after so the post I did is mainly a comparison between her and Janet. The outcome should not surprise any longtime readers of this blog.

After all Janet has three solo posts besides three entries in my JLA cast . Despite this I only wrote about some comic book casting for which sexbomb Janet is just perfect in my most recent posts about her.

Kevin J. Taylor´s The Girl series based on her quasi audition for that role in Jermaine Dupri´s mega raunchy music video Gotta Getcha where Janet plays one extremely busty stripper dressed up as a school girl / teacher .

If the teachers on our school would have looked like that I never would have skipped classes. I would even have gone to detention if Janet was the supervisor. I really wouldn´t mind getting a long oral exam from her !

It´s what I call casting at it´s best because Janet Jackson was just born for that role. Not only is she predestined to play a stripper because of her incredibly fit and flexible pornstar hardbody which could have earned her a fortune as a big super star in the adult entertainment industry she has some incredible stripper moves that make real striptease pros envious.

I don´t know if the script said explicitly " busty stripper " but with her huge melons it´s the only kind of stripper Janet can believably portray.

And because it´s an adult title Janet can even use her stripper moves and live out her sexual urges. Like during her Velvet Rope tour where she tied down male audience members and used them as her personal sex toys.

I always knew that Janet was a sex freak ( Janet admitted to joining the Mile High Club and is a well known size queen ) and although the rumors that Bobby Brown banged her in the 80s might not be true it is much more believable that she used Justin Timberlake as her sextoy and dumped him after a month of steamy sex marathons . According to Justin it took Janet an hour to get in my pants after we first hooked up and she was so wild in bed that I didn´t know how to handle it. I was falling in love with Miss Jackson but during our get - togethers she only wanted to have sex.

Some months ago I found a Making Of from that video and I have to say I´m not sure how I feel about the fact that originally Janet was supposed to play a nymphomanic dominatrix but they skipped that because it would hit too close to home according to Janet herself. Say what ? So Janet is a nymphomanic dominatrix in the privacy of her own bedroom ? Daiiiiimn !

I don´t think of myself as sexy but I am a very sexual being, I always have sex on my mind. I feel very comfortable with it and I think it´s great if a guy has a good sized package. I know the effect my body has on guys so I sometimes use it to get especially well hung guys into my bedroom where I tie them to the bed and bang their brains out in a marathon sex orgy.

I go completely crazy and make them squirt again and again until they are completely drained. I regret doing it but I´ll turn around and do it again.

I still wanted to give props to Latoya for the times of joy and arousal she brought me and since I could not find a good version of Ain´t Nobody Loves You Like I Do here is

From the 90s we are traveling back even further to the 80s which is when U - Comix was published in Germany and it was in this magazine that I first saw such historic comics like The Fabulous Freak Brothers or Wonder Wart - Hog by Gilbert Shelton who turned 79 on May the 31st. I don´t get to write about a lot of comics outside of super hero books and much less about seminal underground comic artists but I managed to do a post here .

Brooke Shields 54

Our next birthday babe is model / actress Brooke Shields and she´s much better at acting. The 54 year old massita was one of the most lusted after sexbombs during my teen years and there were many contemporaries who would have liked nothing more than to re - enact The Blue Lagoon with her which was quite the scandalous movie when it was first released.

back then I didn´t know it but this was not the first version of the blue lagoon and you can read all about the various adaptions hollywood did of that material plus paradise the only movie where Phoebe Cates did full on nudity apart from her famous scene in Fast Times At Ridgemont High in this post and

Brooke Shields even starred in a comic book movie where the main character had the same initials as her : Brenda Starr. This was a very successful newspaper comic strip ( ask Dad what a comic strip is, then ask him what a newspaper is ) which was reprinted in comic format.

This movie is often overlooked as far as comic adaptions go because the source material is a bit older but fans of Brooke Shields should check it out because she looks really gorgeous in it and Timothy Dalton co stars. Plus there is this scene where Brooke almost has a wardrobe malfunction .

And we are staying with sexbombs from my youth who have starred in not so successful comic book movies with Lea Thompson. She celebrated her 58th birthday and she had the misfortune to star in the comic book movie everybody wants to forget. Poor Howard the Duck, nobody loves him.

Now those who DO remember Howard the Duck most definitely remember Lea Thompson because her body was the only good thing in that movie.

Lea also starred in another movie and this was much bigger in geek culture. Or rather pop culture since it has become part of the cultural mainstream. In Back to the Future she was the hot Mom who made the timetravelling Marty McFly sweat bullets to finish his secret mission.

She almost turned him into a MF before the term MILF was invented !

June 4th Wendy Pini

Wendy Pini who celebrated her 68th anniversary on June the 4th. Today we are really going through my old list of reading material - Avengers and Hulk issues by Harlan Ellison, U - Comix and now Elfquest ( or Adventures in the Elf World as they called it here ) - although I am currently reading Elfquest - The Final Quest. I thought about closing the gaps in my Elquest collection but they released the avalanche of mini series that followed the original series in such a confusing way here that I am not sure which issues I do have and which I don´t. I have to make a list some day but for that I would have to go through all of my comic collection. Just last month I moved my original issues by Bastei Verlag ( which was the first publisher who did a german version ) and the later albums by Carlsen and they are a bit weathered but I can´t bring myself to replace them with the new collections since those are in black and white. Which may be nearer to the original but I am just accustomed to the color versions so it would be a step back. Maybe some day it will be collected again but for the moment I am spending my comic book dime elsewhere. Anyway, I have written in various posts about how I first discovered Elfquest but for those who need their fix just click here .

We are still stuck in the 80s as we continue to June the 7th when Larry Hama turned 70 who wrote many comics but is best known for basically building the comic world of G. I. Joe from the ground up. And while I was an avid follower of Elfquest I have to confess that I never got much into G. I. Joe - the toys or the cartoon show - and the only reason I did a post on the comics at all is that Mike Zeck did some covers who has been one of my favorite artists ever since I got my grubby paws on a spanish issue of The Hands of Shang - Chi, Master of Kung Fu. Sacrilege, blasphemy, I know.

We go further back in comic book history with C. C. Beck´s anniversary on June the 8th and like with Larry Hama this is a subject where I don´t know that much about the original source material. Because I have not read many original Captain Marvel comics by Fawcett Comics and so my first encounters were with Marvel´s Kree warrior Mar - Vell and DC´s knockoff Captain Thunder but you can read all about that in this post I wrote in 2016 . So far I have not found enough material by C. C. Beck himself to do a full post and I am more familiar with later incarnations anyway. Like The Power Of Shazam ! ( I think at that time there were once again restrictions by Marvel that prevented DC of using the name Captain Marvel on the cover ) which I am constantly pimping and you can find some of Jerry Ordway´s wonderful covers right here ( this guy is so underused Today ). I also did a special post for the series interior artist Peter Krause. He did solid art but I have no idea what he´s doing now.

sadly this is what most people think now is captain marvel

the real captain marvel

Among all the birthdays I missed my faithful followers were probably the most surprised that I did not do a post on June the 9th since we had three birthdays concerning my favorite subjects on the blog. The first and most important one of course being George Perez´65th birthday. As any body knows who has read this blog for some time I am a huge fan of him and though I am a bit bummed out that he has now officially retired from comic books I am still continuing with my posts on him and the series he worked on. If anybody has deserved a rest it´s George. Now usually I just put up a link to previous posts but in the case of George Perez there are just too many posts to list them all. So instead I am putting up the links for one of the posts ( either the latest one if the series is still going or the first one if I have concluded the series ) on THE NEW TEEN TITANS , THE BRAVE AND THE BOLD , FINAL CRISIS : LEGION OF THREE WORLDS , THE AVENGERS or LOGAN`S RUN and you can follow the links to the other posts. As far as George Perez comics I am currently reading, after finally watching the Wonder Woman movie I read the first omnibus of George´s post Crisis revamp of the title and it was an excellent read. I am however undecided if I should get volume 2 since that will have less George Perez.

The second anniversary on June the 9th is sorbian Jurij Brezan who wrote the original version of Krabat. Here in Germany the version by Ottfried Preußler is the best known as it is a book you read in schools. Now the only reason why I even am familiar with Jurij Brezan´s work is that I made a mistake. During Realschule ( which is like german middle school ) I was at the library and without looking at the author I borrowed this book called Krabat because I had seen the animation film by Karel Zeman ( I learned his name many years later ). Anyway, when I read the book it was nothing like the movie I remembered and the story was more epic rivaling J. R. R. Tolkien´s The Lord Of The Rings trilogy. Still I did not think much of it but when I wanted to read it again I could not find it. For months or better years I kept looking for this book in vain until I was convinced that I had just imagined reading it. Well, I was a kid with a very vivid imagination and could not always trust my memory. Fast Forward a few years with me now writing for a blog when I decided to write a post about one of my favorite books growing up and lo and behold while doing the research I found out that I had not imagined it but rather that I did chance on one of the three Krabat books Jurij Brezan wrote. Which are apparently very rare so it was a stroke of luck that I got my hands on a copy. Now if you want to read more about Krabat - or have no idea what Krabat is - you can check out my Krabat Reloaded post from 2016 or my original Krabat post which I wrote way back in 2008 since I have nothing new or important to add.

The third anniversary from the 9th of June is the one my readers were probably most expecting - at least a quick repost - since it was the 37th birthday of hasian megasexbomb Akira Lane and as obsessed with asian women as I am it is hard to wrap your head around the fact that I let a chance pass by to put more unadulterated asian persuasion content on the blog. In the case of Akira Lane it is not the end of the world since she not only got her own cult siren entry but also keeps popping up in any comic book casting posts involving asian characters not to mention the posts about Yaya Han or the ones where Yaya Han is only mentioned.

One reason why Akira Lane kept popping up in the posts about Yaya Han is that I needed a body double for Yaya´s more explicit scenes I had in mind.

Which is not ideal since Yaya Han has a 40D bust and Miko Lee is nowhere near in that league. Thankfully it looks like hasian talk show host Jeannie Mai is auditioning for the part and while she also is a bit smaller than Yaya in the chest area she does have an impressive skill set. I am convinced.

This hot sexbomb is of vietnamese descend and even though she is " only " a 37C and not a 40D like Yaya I think she could be a body double for her.

At least it would be fun to put her body to the test for the sex scenes.

Now I have gotten some comments that I should ease down with over - sexualizing Jeannie Mai but that´s not easy when you keep in mind my obsession about asian women and the fact that Jeannie has never made a secret about what a sex freak she is and how much she enjoys having sex.

I mean, literally the very first thing I found with her was the video with her boob exercises in which she admitted to doing them not only to make her breasts look better because she enjoys men drooling all over them but with the specific intent of getting guys harder than unto a thing of iron !

The topic of sex has come up quite frequently on THE REAL TALK ( I´m just glad that I have not found a source for it because I would watch it 24 / 7 just to get some glimpses of Jeannie ) so we know that Jeannie just loves to dress up be it for Halloween or in the privacy of her bedroom.

On top of that she has the perfect bubblebutt - like most asian women so it´s no wonder her ex hubby always tried to persuade her to wear a thong ( remember the thong incident ? ), she admitted to frequently using all kind of toys to spice up her sex life and she has gone on record that her favorite location to let her inner nymphomanic really loose is a hotel room because : " There are certain things I just can´t do at home. I eat at that table. " So you tell me, am I really exaggerating here or am I falling short ?

And there just has to be a way how we can get Yaya Han to wear the same outfit as Akira Lane here. Can you imagine Yaya Han´s king sized XXL breasts with the areolas of the nipples being totally visible in that mesh shirt and her naked butt only covered by a tiny string of dental floss ?

In 2016 I finally managed to do another post about Darick Robertson in which I mentioned the BREAKDOWNS storyline that introduced Power Girl´s famous coconut bra costume. And I just want to say that I still have not given up on a Yaya Han Power Girl coconut bra cosplay ( with the tiniest coconut shells you can find although compared to her huge 40D oppai all coconut shells probably look small no matter how big they are ) as she has already shown that she does a terrific Power Girl cosplay and she certainly has no problem filling out the magical cleavage window.

So far I had written six posts on Yaya - two of them are pretty safe but the other four are absolutely not safe for work - and I keep mentioning her on various JLA casting posts and any other posts involving asian sexbombs like Kiana Tom, Ava Cadell, Akira Lane, Miko Lee, Gail Kim or Minka and I swear the completely NSFW BIG YAYA HAN POST is still in the pipeline. In the meantime I have made two new posts about Yaya which showcase a part of her incredible anatomy that I have ignored too often - her legs.

Initially I wanted to skip the part with Yaya Han but then I found a new video that I have not posted yet and DAIMN ! she should have a permit for her cleavage as her weapons of mass seduction can cause a lot of trouble.

June 11th Ivan Reis 43

Days of Births Past with Ivan Reis from Brazil who turned 43 on June the 11th. I first took notice of his art when he was working on Lady Death for Chaos Comics and longtime readers of the blog may remember how excited I was when he took over Green Lantern. Back in the day I wrote that DC should make sure they keep this guy and I do not know if the big execs really read my blog of if it´s just a coincidence but he has stayed with the company until now working on such big stories like Blackest Night. Of course he also did a lot of stuff during the New 52 period ( how glad on a scale from one to ten are you that it´s finally over ? I always said we were going to get through this ) which made it difficult for me to get the same kick out of the comic books he draws like before.

Nevertheless I wrote a special Ivan Reis birthday post but I don´t have enough material to warrant a new post and I haven´t yet read the new Superman book by Brian Michael Bendis for which he is doing the art. I have seen some great reviews of it as well as some catastrophic ones so I am going to wait a little longer with checking those out. From what I have seen the art looks great as usual but as long as the jury´s out on whether it is really worth it I have enough other reading material on my plate.

Adrienne Barbeau 74

who has been in such cult movies like John Carpenter´s Escape From New York and The Fog and the first Swamp Thing movie which I prefer to the second one. I know that there are people who like the second one better because of the campy atmosphere and the better special effects but give me Adrienne Barbeau over Heather Locklear any day. Granted, they had Penthouse Pet of the Month Monique Gabrielle in the second one who catapulted herself into the top ranks of cult sirens with her performance in Emanuelle 5 but they didn´t give her much to do. Would it have hurt so much to have a scene where the two annoying boys we have to stand the whole movie peek at her naked ? Or at least let her wander around in her underwear or a bikini. What a blatant misuse of grade - a babe material.

Speaking of which, while Adrienne Barbeau appears in Creepshow her performance is sadly not as sexy as in Cannonball Run where she played one of the Lamborghini Babes and her main function was to show her deep cleavage as often as possible. Now that director knows his job.

Which doesn´t work on this hot lady cop played by Valerie Perrine.

Speaking about Cannonball Run, one of my pet pevees on this blog is celebrating all the brave actresses who turn insufferable dreck into bearable entertainment by taking their clothes off or at least show what their Mama gave them and who don´t get enough recognition for that.

Now if you have seen Cannonball Run you will remember the hot waitress with the extra - large double whoppers in the opening scene whose name is not in the opening credits, in the end credits or on any internet page ( and believe me fella, I´ve looked ). Well, just recently I found a clip with some scenes of Farrah Fawcett from the movie and her scene is also in there. So far I just called her The Busenwunder Waitress but now I can tell you that her real name is Vickie Reigle. Now in Germany Vickie is not really a good name for a woman - just ask german singer Nikki who had to suffer a lot of dirty jokes because of her name ( what rhymes with " Nikki ? " ).

June 12th Len Wein

When I wrote the post in 2016 Len Wein was still alive but I am glad I got to give props to one of the greats in his time. He has done everything, from writing classic moments in comic book history like the first appearance of Wolverine or the new X - Men team for that matter ( people forget that he got the book started and then handed it over to Chris Claremont ), or the brilliant Swamp Thing series with Bernie Wrightson. He also edited THE NEW TEEN TITANS written by Marv Wolfman and drawn by the aforementioned George Perez.

I always wanted to do a proper Swamp Thing post but it´s still difficult for me to compute that Bernie Wrightson is no longer with us. As is Len Wein now. It seems like all the great comic book creators of my youth are slowly fading away or not being used in comics anymore because of the SJWs and I don´t know what´s worse. Which I´m mentioning just to give you an idea what made me think about trying to make comic books myself again.

June 13th Kat Dennings 33

Kat " Double D " Dennings who turned 33. She is best known for starring in the comedy hit show 2 Broke Girls and the Thor movies where she appeared alongside Stellan Skarsgard who plays Erik Selvig and oddly enough celebrated his 68th birthday on the same day.

When I did my first posts on Kat she had done her first Thor movie and 2 Broke Girls had just finished its season one. Now that show took off even if she didn´t show off her magnificent 38DDs as often as she could have. I´m never quite sure on which season I am, I think I have started with season five but it has been so long that I will have to start from the first episode of that season again.

Speaking of tv cult sirens with huge DD boobs, originally I didn´t want to mention Ashley and Mary - Kate Olsen, who also turned 33 but I have to thank them for bringing mega stacked Jodie Sweetin to my attention.

Three years ago I had no idea who she was since I had not seen that many episodes of Full House but thanks to all the brouhaha about how she puts the fuller part in Fuller House with her 36DDs and parent groups dissing the reboot because of references to sex and drugs - and because of Jodie Sweetin´s überdeveloped chest which is totally inappropriate for family viewing - I am aware of this. One of these days I have to start watching the episodes if there is really so much inappropriate boobage in them.

And we are staying at the 80s with Tim Allen who celebrated his 66th birthday and who is best known as the voice of Buzz Lightyear in the Toy Story movies and Home Improvement where he introduced us to some pretty hot women like Pamela Anderson and Debbe Dunning. I still have seasons 6 and 7 of Home Improvement on my to watch pile and I admit I only got them because of Debbe Dunning´s incredible muscle control . Debbe Dunning was destined to become a sex symbol as the double D is not only in her name. I cast her as Knockout in my JLA Redux post and she is also a top contender for the Top Ten Jessica Rabbit Lookalike Babes if I ever get around to write that post.

Debbe first had a guest appearance with a name that´s impossible to pronounce and a stunning blue dress before she became a permanent cast member, taking up the mantle of Pamela thanks to her bikini hardbody .

Pam is always portrayed as a dumb blonde but she and Debbe Dunning had the same starting conditions. Which were a certain degree of fame due to exposure on shows like Baywatch and Home Improvement and a body that could cause the number of sold copies of men´s magazines to skyrocket.

Still somehow Pamela has managed to make a successful career out of it while Debbe´s artistic highlight is Jessica Rabbit in Misery Brothers.

The most famous of a veritable plethora of incredibly hot women that went through the revolving casting doors of BAYWATCH is without any doubt Pamela Anderson and it is beyond belief that so far I have only mentioned her in the first ever Casting the Justice League of America movie post where I naturally cast her as Power Girl ( a role she was born to play ). Because Pam An was not only the very first candidate in my hugely popular SEARCH FOR POWER GIRL series over at my old boob - centric blog.

No, she also is on my TOP TEN MOVIE STRIPTEASE list thanks to her boner inducing wet & wild opening scene from the movie adaption of Dark Horse Comics BARB WIRE. Most of this was cut off in the german version which is one of the reason why the movie flopped so much in movie theaters while the video cassette of the original US version became such a huge success.

Anyway, I still intend to do posts for all of the striptease babes on my list but every year I have to postpone Pamela Anderson´s cult siren entry.

And for more on such baywatchable babes like Erika Eleniak ( who is of course most famous for her incredibly steamy striptease in UNDER SIEGE ), Krista Allen ( best remembered for getting her freak on as french blow up sex doll EMANUELLE in eight made for tv movies ) or natural born go go dancer Carmen Elektra check out my latest BAYWATCH SPIN - OFF POSTS.

debbe dunning video

June 14th Jordi Bernet I have written about him and the series he worked on JONAH HEX or TORPEDO in various posts and two posts last year, part one which contains the riskier artwork and part two which has all the stuff I would label under boys adventure comics and

torpedo video

June 15th Brent Anderson 64

Continuing with the comic related birthdays on June 15th Brent Anderson turned 64 best known for his work on Marvel´s Strikeforce : Morituri and the original graphic novel X - Men : God Loves, Man Kills ( which was the template for the second X - Men movie ), Eclipse Comics Somerset Holmes and the long running Astro City. The last series being the only one where I did a special post for Brent Anderson but you can find more about Kurt Busiek´s brilliant series under the Astro City tag. As usual last year I still hadn´t read any issues of Strikeforce : Morituri but now that I not only have read the first two trades - which to my knowledge contain all issues done by Brent Anderson - and I have enough material for a good post I don´t have the time to write it. I also still hope to cover X - Men : God Loves, Man Kills one of these days and hopefully I will have enough decent material for a proper post until then. Anyway, is it just me or did Marvel put out the best graphic novels at that time ? It could be that it was because they did stories they did nowhere else and they also put their top creators on top projects.

Neal Adams 78 and I also covered him previously, in fact I did two posts on him : one about his work at DC Comics and one about his work at Marvel Comics .

Herbert Feuerstein 82 a special MAD spotlight post in 2016 and



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