Sunday, February 23, 2020

Fighting Fury February with Doug Moench

A wise man would probably finish the Tom Peyer birthday post before starting a new one but since Today is also Doug Moench´s 72nd birthday I am going for the old one - two punch with another spotlight on one of Marvel Comics best series of all times SHANG - CHI, MASTER OF KUNG FU.

For those who came in late and missed out on all the kung furying / karate chopping martial arts action I wrote two posts about the series in general and did five spotlights : one for each of the artists, Gene Day , Paul Gulacy and Mike Zeck , a special post on Gil Kane who provided a lot of the early covers and one for all the other artists who worked on this great book.

Now if all Doug Moench did had been writing THE HANDS OF SHANG - CHI, MASTER OF KUNG FU it still would have been enough to secure himself a place in the comic olymp but he didn´t and I wrote a special post about all the series he worked on in 2016 . What I appreciate much more now then when it was coming out is his writing during Gene Colan´s tenure on the Batman titles since I really didn´t get Gene Colan back then. I became a bigger admirer in recent years which led to these three posts about that.

Now longtime followers of the blog know that my favorite artist on this book is Mike Zeck but unfortunately I don´t have enough original art by him in good enough quality to keep up the standards I set for myself in the BLACK AND WHITE posts. But one´s misfortune is someone else´s lucky streak and there were other great artists on this book. So instead our focus Today is the late Gene Day who sadly passed away much too soon. He had a knack for storytelling and page layout but also kinetic action that was astounding and one of the reasons why this book stayed on a high level. Anyway, without any further ado let´s start chopping. 

karate chop



We start Today´s very short celebrity birthday list with retired mega porn star Dylan Ryder ( sometimes billed as Dylan Rider ) who turns 39. Because of her stunning physique ( 38E - 27 - 36 ) she became very popular in the MILF genre and there is no male who would not love to discover that she´s My Best Friend´s Hot Mom, My Wive´s Best Friend, My Dad´s Hot Girlfriend or My Fist Sex Teacher. Born as Shannon Lybarger she was a drug and alcohol rehab counselor before working in the adult movie industry.

She took a break from movies and became a correctional officer in Arizona but once word got out about her porn past it made life uncomfortable.

Dylan finally became fed up with her male colleagues and female superior judging her for being a whore on camera and went straight back to the porn business. I put Dylan as Janet Van Dyne in my Casting The Avengers movie post ( which I still have to transfer to this blog ) and you know that depraved Hank Pym would do more to her than just slap her around a bit.

It´s not discussed much in the comic books but he probably assaulted her sexually too and there´s a reason why somebody who can shrink suddenly has the urge to get bigger. Speaking of Avengers movies Dylan also starred as The Poser in XXX Avengers and played the lead role in Katwoman XXX which delivers on all the bases Halle Berry´s Catwoman fiasko didn´t. That movie could have benefit from a few special 18+ action scenes with Halle.

And to think that one of the best sex scenes in film history almost didn´t happen. The director Marc Forster originally didn´t cast Halle Berry in the female lead role because he thought she was too beautiful and while he knew the natural born blow up sex doll could easily deliver some Last Boy Scout type strip action and had already bared her boobs in Password : Swordfish he didn´t think she would be willing to do explicit sex scenes.

Thankfully Halle´s manager secretly slipped her the script and Halle got in contact with the director and had several talks and long, private meetings with him. We do not know exactly to which kind of depraved hardcore midnight sex olympics Halle Berry subjected Marc Forster during these meetings to convince him that she had the necessary skills to believably portray a prostitute but she must have dicktamed him six ways to Sunday to wear him down and let all of her nymphomanic urges out because after the third weekend long ejaculation sex marathon Halle Berry got the role.

And according to one of her ex - lovers this is her second nature : Halle Berry is a kinky sex freak. She used me as her boy toy. She deepthroated me for hours to give me a giant erection and then rode relentlessly on my rock hard member in a dentist´s chair with her huge breasts pounding against me until she had multiple orgasms. Sounds like my kind of woman.

In the bedroom I take control because looks are not enough to make a fella stay faithful : you must bang his brains out. You have to be a friend, be independent , be a lady and shy but you need to be a total sex freak in the bed and milk his dick - make him squirt until he´s completely dry.

Longtime readers know that Halle Berry is one of my all time wet sex fantasies so not only does she appear in my Justice League of America movie casting she had even four solo posts . But of course it was only a question of time before I added some new ones so in 2018 I wrote four more : the first one about Halle Berry in her best movies , the second one on Halle Berry´s comic book movies , part three about my dream comic book movie casting with Halle Berry and the unexpected bonus round .

meg milf andrea sawatzki 57 was naked in playboy in 2003

Andrea Sawatzki's career began rather slowly. After studying at the acting school in München, the redhead performed at several theatres from 1988 to 1992 before debuting on the small screen in the legendary series Tatort where she had three appearances between 1991 and 1994. Andrea's big break came one year later when she was chosen to play the hooker with a heart of gold in A.S., a rather short-lived crime-series opposite Klaus J. Behrendt, another Tatort veteran.

This sexy mother of two kids has been busy ever since appearing in more than 50 made for tv as well as cinematic releases. The most positive thing about the redhead, however, is her generosity. Not only does Andrea have a lot to show, she also does so quite frequently. Her truly gigantic ( and absolutely real ) 36D monster bazookas premiered in the aforementioned series Polizeiruf 110 and gained further screen time in Das Leben ist eine Baustelle , Das Experiment which does contain some distant full - frontal nudity and she was also baring her terrific breasts in the film Harte Jungs .

Though already in her late fifties, she doesn't show any signs of slowing down so there's still a lot of hope for additional views of this magnificent German twin version of Mount Everest ! Just try to compare Andrea's earlier efforts to her newer works and note that her rack has become even more impressive after having a baby back in the late nineties.

Our final birthday of the day is german author Erich Kästner who was a big part of the reading at school - at least when I was going to school - and many of his books like Emil and the Detectives, The Flying Classroom or Three Men in the Snow that we had to discuss in class had been adapted as movies ( in some cases more than once ) which made homework much easier. One of them is Lottie and Lisa ( Das doppelte Lottchen in german ) - or The Parent Trap like Hollywood renamed it - and it´s one of the films I can watch all over again mainly because the then cute as a button Lindsay Lohan played the title role. Of all remakes it´s the most entertaining one.

I was disappointed when I found out that Lindsay wasn't a real twin and this was all Hollywood's magic at work. I remember when she had real boobs and every man, teenager and prepubescent boy used her underage rack as jerk - off material / viagra substitute. Her body was out of control.

She was every male´s wet fantasy and there was a website dedicated to her that had a countdown to her eighteenth birthday. I bet she helped a lot of young kids hit puberty a few years prematurely through her films. I always thought Disney threw away a huge opportunity when they didn´t cast her as the lead in a life action movie of Kim Possible. Think about it : both Lindsay Lohan and Kim Possible were at the height of their popularity around the same time. It´s really mindboggling that nobody ever made the connection between those two up and coming teenage girl idols. A Kim Possible movie with Lindsay Lohan ( when she had big boobs ) would have totally rocked especially with some bikini scenes with Shego thrown in.

Although Disney shrank her perky peaks in the Herbie Reloaded movie. 

Here are some of the breast scenes with the fully loaded Lindsay Lohan.


intro from the last dragon

master of kung fu

the legend of the 10 warriors of tokio


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