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A DD Donnerstag with Hugh Hefner - part 6

This is the last installment of this year´s homage to real feminist Hugh Hefner, the man, the myth, the legend and if you have missed any of the previous posts click here for part 1 , part 2 , part 3 , part 4 and part 5 with more playmate puppies and giant gazongas than you can shake a boner at.

Although I might do a bonus round with some of the cult sirens that appeared inside the pages of PLAYBOY magazine I haven´t featured yet.

Because as always I found some of the best pictures while doing the research but we´ll have to see if it is enough for a post of its own.

We are starting this final lap of sensational sexbombs by bringing out the big guns ( both figuratively and quite literally ) on November the 4th with megabusty Petra Verkaik, Playmate Of The Month in December of 1989 also known as the most published woman in PLAYBOY´s entire history.

Petra who was also voted Playboy Lingerie Readers´ Choice Model of the Year 1997 not only could have easily starred in a Russ Meyer movie with her - all natural - 37HH ( !!! ) bust she DID actually star in a movie with Kevin Bacon. But her biggest claims to fame are her Lara Croft video that was all the rage on the internet and serving as a blueprint for John Byrne´s version of Jennifer Walters a.k.a. the Sensational She - Hulk.

Which was the last good version of the comic we got. Back then She Hulk was a fun character who was having real relationships and real sex but it was not always so emphasized like it was in later versions. There were some instances where it was a big part of the story like in the famous issue where a sleezeball managed to get some nude pictures of She Hulk while she was sunbathing topless and printed them in his adult magazine.

Or when John Byrne put the graphic in graphic novel when a bunch of S.H.I.E.L.D. goons kidnapped her and forced her to strip by putting a gun to her boyfriend, Wyatt Wingfoot´s head. But that was just the realistic part of the story about what happens when a bunch of horny secret agent rogues get hold of an ultimate sexbomb like She Hulk with giant melons.

They also made her undergo various physical exams and it is pretty clear that they took turns putting her body to the test after several full cavity searches. I mean although SJWs have done their best to turn her into an unattractive men hating propaganda tool for their war where she almost looks like her cousin she IS supposed to have the body of Petra Verkaik.

The current writers at Marvel just don´t get the character of She Hulk and when somebody tells me they are doing an okay series I quickly remind them that under John Byrne´s penmanship it was one of their bestsellers.

In fact this was one of the first series I had on a subscription. Because before that I didn´t even have a subscription. My faithful readers have heard the story a few times but for all who are new on the blog I first discovered that there was something called the international press which sold american comic books in bigger railway stations in Germany during a trip to an aunt. Soon afterwards I found one in Stuttgart and I went there to buy as many american comic books as they had and my budget allowed.

Well, I was always asking about if the newest titles had come in or why some of my favorite books were missing and I pestered them so long that they finally decided to give me the contact information of the comic shop where they got their comics. So I made my first comic subscription which at the beginning were two titles, The Sensational She - Hulk and West Coast Avengers, both written and drawn by John Byrne. Ah, good times.

Yes, the art on the book has not always been as good as it could´ve been over the years but that´s Marvel´s own fault because if you ask any artist which female Marvel character he would like to draw She Hulk is always in the top five. And all the writers keep changing her constantly : she went from a woman who enjoys sex to a hussy who has sex with the Juggernaut and then into a nun who denies her wild sex orgy with the Juggernaut.

If writers proclaim in interviews that She Hulk looks like a prostitute ( I am always surprised what big experts where hookers are concerned Marvel´s writers are ) and that she was only created to have sex with Hulk - who is her cousin mind you - I get the impression that maybe Marvel should not hire so many hillbillies for whom it is natural that guys have sex with their relatives to write their books. In the last She Hulk series I read she looked like she was made out of legos and Dan Slott didn´t understand her either.

Because that man has some deep problems. He tried to convince the readers that Jennifer Walters is mentally ill because she prefers to be the She Hulk instead of Jennifer Walters. And let me ask you : if you had the chance to be a better stronger more attractive version of yourself with no negative side effects - like Bruce Banner has when he is the Hulk - would you really stay like you are ? And then he comes up with a crazy story that somebody else used She Hulk´s body to have sex with the Juggernaut .

And dont get me started on the can of bs where he turned longstanding Avengers member Starfox into a sexual predator. I mean, I have enjoyed a few of his stories but recently I was looking for a good pre - SWJs - turning - Squirrel - Girl - into - a - chubby - dyke picture when I came across some issues of his first Great Lakes Avengers series and I was appalled by the amount of verbal abuse he heaps on other comic companies, his readers ( which are the people who pay his bills ), his employers and comic writers in general. Which means he hates himself since he is a comic book writer.

Coming back to Petra Verkaik, writing this section always reminds me of things and sometimes younger readers can learn a thing or two. Like that - coming back to SJWs - before she was remodeled to her new politically correct look Lara Croft used to be megastacked to the point where her boobs could easily put the lead actress in a Russ Meyer movie to shame.

Which is one of the reasons why Petra Verkaik´s Lara  Croft video made such a big splash on the internet. Lara Croft had giant gazongas in the video games but we hadn´t seen something similar in real life and the plot of the video - a goon ( or maybe more than one goon because Lara could probably overpower one easily but if there were more than one she had to give in to their demands ) gets the drop on Lara and makes her strip - is what we all dreamed about. Come on, just like we would all make She - Hulk undress who would not seize the chance to get Lara Croft naked ?

Besides over a dozen PLAYBOY videos and her appearance on Married with Children buxom Petra Verkaik starred in rather obscure movies like Pyrates, Speedway a.k.a. The Last Road or Love Potion Number Nine.

Continuing on November the 18th we have 34E - 22 - 35 Playmate Of The Month in October 1991, Cheryl Bachmann and besides being featured in various PLAYBOY videos and mags she appeared in an episode of Renegade as a Ring Card Girl and was one of the contestants in the Bikini Open 4

Next we have two of the biggest sex goddesses not only of Hollywood but also in pop culture. The first one on November the 20th is buxom Bo Derek who was the wet sex dream of entire generations of men and her perfect 36C - 23 - 36 measurements set the bar all other women tried to achieve.

She appeared in a few movies when I was a teenager but the one that really put her on the map and forever cast her as the true gold standard of bodily perfection all other women strove for was of course " 10 " the comedy with Dudley Moore in which she played - well, a perfect 10 .

I don´t know how common it was to rate women on a scale from 1 to 10 before the movie but afterwards ALL men were doing it. Only from that moment on 10 meant Bo Derek. Yes, when I was in school she was the biggest erotic movie star with photos in in all the men´s magazines like PLAYBOY or LUI. I remember that I went to see BOLERO in the cinema which back then all guys in my class did. The movie was not that great in hindsight but it was all Bo Derek all nude. What more could you want ?

I´m not sure if I also went to the theater to see that awful TARZAN movie which was in full effect of the downward spiral of her career. I mean Bo Derek was also fully naked in that one but unlike BOLERO the rest of the movie just dragged it all down. Strangely enough what was the beginning of the end for Bo Derek was the start of Miles O´Keeffe´s movie career.

Now you might not think that there are many connections between perfect 10 Bo Derek and comicbooks and least of all Chris Claremont´s mutant universe but she almost starred in a Dazzler movie as Alison Blaire which was nixxed because of the financial desasters Bolero and Tarzan by her husband and director John Derek. And no matter what the story of the movie would have been or the film´s quality getting to see Bo Derek in a silver bodysuit alone would have been worth the price of admission.

We have our second silver screen sex goddess on November the 22nd with Jamie Lee Curtis, one of the entertainment section regulars and besides her cult siren posts I listed below I also mentioned Jamie in my MOVIE RUMMAGE TABLE special with Arnold Schwarzenegger and most recently in my MOVIE RUMMAGE TABLE WITH EDDIE MURPHY SPECIAL post . Her topless scene in Trading Places earned her the nickname " freezeframe " as her scenes in such movies like Perfect became the most paused on the vcr thanks to Jamie´s erection guaranteeing 34C - 22 - 34 measurements.

But Jamie was not always a sex symbol and started out in horror movies like Halloween and The Fog ( which also starred cult siren Adrienne Bareau about whom you can read more in this brand new spin - off post ) where she quickly became very famous for her impressive set of lungs as one of Hollywood´s premiere scream queens. Although she later became quite literal famous for her impressive set of lungs as her boobs had busted out.

Today she´s best known for her incredibly hot striptease in True Lies, the best striptease in movie history - at least according to a poll from 2007.

Which is all the more impressive if you keep in mind that Jamie Lee Curtis was 36 at the time. So she did her best movie scene when her body was in remarkable shape - she exercised every day for this - and I cannot even begin to imagine how epic it would have been if she hadn´t kept on her underwear and gone full monty frontal nudity. Because James Cameron had seen her in A Fish Called Wanda and wrote the role of Helen Trasker specifically to see her nude body. A lot of other actresses auditioned for the role and while I could definitely see Demi Moore in that part ( who is the number one in my  Top Movie Stripteases thanks to her spectacular performance in Striptease ) or even Kim Basinger, Michelle Pfeiffer, Geena Davis, Rosanna Arquette, Madonna, Jennifer Jason Leigh and possibly Lea Thompson or Sharon Stone I thank God that it wasn´t given to Emma Thompson, Melanie Griffith, Debra Winger, Anette Benning or Joan Cusak.

I have already done a number of posts on JaMILF Lee Curtis : the original post which mostly contains pictures with links to animated GIFs , one post with all the pictures I could find , a re - posted version with a few GIFs added and the post I did on her in 2016 which has lots of spectacular GIFs.

We are bringing the latin heat on November the 24th with cuban MILF sexbomb Aylin Mujica, star of such telenovelas like Marina or Sin Tetas No Hay Paradiso ( Without Tits There Is No Paradise ). Like all latinas Aylin is especially well endowed in the butt area and thanks to her 36C - 23 - 35 measurements and an ass that just won´t quit she was destined to fame.

I did a lengthy post about her four years ago but I never did a re - post.

Mainly because I already said all there is to say about this hot tamale and while I still have a plethora of pictures that I still have not posted I am not sure if that warrants a new post. I have however added a lot of bigger and better animated GIFs to her old post so you might want to check it out.

Things stay exotic on November the 27th with Playboy's Playmate of the Month in June 1986 Rebecca Ferratti who is of panamanian, spanish, italian, french, english, swiss and german descent. I wrote a bit more about her movie career in my post about Joe Staton´s GREEN LANTERN .

Thanks to her 34C - 24 - 34 measurements Rebecca was in quite a few PLAYBOY videos like Playboy Fantasies - Femme Fatales but she mostly kept her clothes on in her movies so her nude sex scenes in Hard Vice - where she stole the scene from Shannon Tweed - are rare exceptions.

She was especially wasted on the GOR movies because you think that you can´t do much wrong with Rebecca Ferratti in the lead role of a scantily clad barbarian chick on John Norman´s planet Gor which is mainly dealing with subjugating women to be perfect sex slaves through BDSM practices.

Speaking of sex slaves, one of the things I love about writing these posts is that I always learn something new and life is stranger than fiction as while doing the research for this post I learned that Rebecca Ferratti joined one of the sheik´s of Brunei´s harem as the new main attraction.

According to some girls they were given high doses of illegal sex drugs and dicktamed during marathon sex orgies by giant monstercocks but Rebecca Ferratti has denied all such claims. And while she admits that the sheikh was trying to play mind games with her and tried to break her spirit she says that during the sheikh´s parties no sex was allowed. Now she never claimed that she never had sex with the sheikh or one or more of his guests. Nor did she elaborate further how he tried to break her spirit or if it wasn´t also her hardbody he tried to break. Or better tried to break in.

In any case, I´m no expert on these things and according to what I read there are some things that lend credibility to Rebecca´s version of the happenings. First up, Rebecca loves riding - not only riding well endowed studs and making them squirt until they are dry but also horses - and she played polo while she was in Brunei. Which is considered a very manly sport down there so as strange as it may seem to us a lot of the sheikh´s invited guests who had heard about this saw her as manly - even though she is a playmate with a body that can get any breeding stallion erect.

Secondly Rebecca Ferratti is a very athletic woman with a martial arts background so it is highly unlikely somebody could force himself on her - unless it would be more than one person or if they pumped her full of sex drugs without her notice. In any case, you can read more details about the whole scandal in this article by Jeane MacIntosh at THE NEW YORK POST but I don´t think anybody pays this much for a woman and doesn´t have sex with her. Especially if he pays her to become part of his harem and the girl in question is a living blow up sex doll like Rebecca Ferratti. 

We continue with men who pay playmates for sex with our first candidate for November the 28th in 1967 which is Anna Nicole Smith who was a prime candidate for my Search For Power Girl series at my old boob blog.

She did get naked in her PLAYBOY videos and the skin flicks Skyscraper and To The Limit but I would have loved to see her giant gazongas in a movie with Dolly Parton. That would have been pure double D heaven. It could have been a spin - off from The Best Little Whorehouse In Texas with Dolly Parton as the Mom and Anna Nicole Smith as the nymphomanic daughter.

With her 41E - 26 - 38 measurements Busenwunder Anna Nicole Smith was born for porn and daimn, she would have been a heck of a Power Girl !

Which must have been what 89 year old billionaire J. Howard Marshall was thinking when he married the then 26 year old Playmate Of The Month of May 1992 and Playmate Of The Year 1993 in 1994. His family was probably not very thrilled about this since they assumed she only married him for his money which she planned to inherit as soon as possible by having lots of freaky sex with the old guy in as many positions as you can think of.

Of which horny J. Howard Marshall probably was aware from the get - go.

This must be the absolutely best way to go : after getting filthy rich you marry a young and flexible blonde Playmate Of The Month with giant 41E boobs whose only goal in life is to kill you with sex. Who knows to which endurance testing hardcore sex orgies the overinflated living blow up love doll submitted the lucky guy - we only know that it took her thirteen long months to succeed. Man, that was probably the best year of his life !

Anna Nicole Smith didn´t last much longer either with her untimely death in 2007 but instead of engaging in all the negative gossip and rumors about the steady decline of her film career I want to remember her at her best.

It´s back to exotic beauties as our second candidate from November the 28th - this time in 1971 - is the buxom and shapely 34E - 23 - 34 stunner Karin Taylor, Playmate Of The Month in June of 1996 a multicultural mix of jamaican, brazilian and chinese descent. The astonishing fashion model / dancer is one of the few actual lifeguards that appeared on Baywatch .

We are closing the month of November on the 30th with Dian Parkinson, a recent addition about whom I wrote a feature in my first post about the Hostess Fruit Pie ads from Marvel Comics . I had absolutely no idea who Dian Parkinson was or that she provided the breast two reasons why most viewers watched The Price Is Right between 1975 and 1993 religiously.

And the reason why I didn´t know her is that like the Hostess Twinkie fruit pies The Price Is Right is something I never experienced - like a lot of other game shows with ultimate sexbombs and my only chance to discover them is purely by accident and through the wonders of the internet.

And it´s not like I can say that much about Dian Parkinson since up until Yesterday I didn´t know she existed. So I have to rely completely on what I found out on various internet websites and I have to say I am really disappointed with imdb because you might think that as somebody who had one of the longest tenures on The Price Is Right they would have more information but they don´t even have a decent biography for her.

So I am trying to piece one together here for future reference. Born in Jacksonville, North Carolina Dian won the Miss District of Columbia USA title at age 21 and competed in the Miss World USA 1965 pageant where she placed fourth runner - up. The same year she won the Miss World USA contest and went on to represent the United States in the international Miss World contest and was first runner - up to Lesley Langley of the UK.

That year she also traveled with the Bob Hope USO Show performing in Vietnam during late December and served as the Queen of the Bob Hope Desert Classic golf tournament. But Dian´s big break came in 1975 when she landed the coveted position of one of Barker´s Beauty model on The Price Is Right. I did a little research and apparently there was a plethora of well shaped hostesses ( man, Today everything is about hostess one way or another ) although double D Dian was one of the most popular ones.

Which must have had something to do with the fact that the producers of the show knew pretty well why people watched The Price Is Right and used every excuse to put Dian´s booming ( one hundred percent all natural !!! ) 36D - 23 - 37 beachbody in a bikini or at least a swimsuit.

I mean, there really were a lot of jacuzzis, whirlpools, tanning lamps, sail boats or just bikinis that were given away as prizes and every time there was a trip to an exotic locale - or just about any place on the world - they just whipped out another tiny bikini which often could not fully contain Dani´s impressive talents, much to the delight of her numerous male fans.

The bikini barrage continued until 1993 when she left the show and in 1994 she sued The Price Is Right host and executive producer Bob Barker for sexual harassment regarding daily forced sexual acts in the late 1980s.

According to Dian Parkinson she had to spread her incredibly long and perfectly shaped legs like a fillipino hooker and let Bob use her as his personal blow up sex doll if she wanted to keep her job and he dicktamed her hard for three years, slam - banging her brains out six ways to Sunday.

Now some writers on the internet make it seem like this didn´t happen and that Dian made the whole thing up as a revenge because she was fired from The Price Is Right but I don´t think that the women who come forward with these kind of claims make them up. For that they still have to endure too much humiliation and also it wouldn´t be too far fetched.

With such a sex goddess like Dian Parkinson being constantly in tiny bikinis who wouldn´t take the opportunity to put her porn star bod to the test ?

In any case, the lawsuit was withdrawn in April 1995 because it became too costly for Dian and had already taken a heavy toll on her health. But The Price Is Right´s loss was PLAYBOY magazine´s gain as they decided it was time for a 47 year old nude model and the rest is history as they say.

Parkinson was the cover girl of PLAYBOY in December 1991 and again in May 1993, appearing in nude pictorials in both issues. She also appeared in a feature newsstand publication entitled PLAYBOY Present Dian Parkinson which led to taped appearances in PLAYBOY Celebrity Centerfold : Dian Parkinson in 1993 and PLAYBOY´s Celebrities in 1999, both featuring Dian.

Okay, I said this would be the last part and I really tried to squeeze all the remaining sexbombs into one final, orgiastic squirt session but we already are at the limit and we only covered the month of November. So there will be another post and maybe the bonus round. We will see how this goes.


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