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Post 200 !

I thought I could continue with my look at the best of 2008 but as always something else came up. I thought I could do a post for this blog and something else at the same time.

As it turns out I had to prepare the other thing first which took me an hour and then I wanted to get on with the post for this blog. But the other thing got more and more complicated, then I had to download things and suddenly my computer started shutting down applications so I had to stop everything and restart the computer. To make sure that there´s nothing wrong I´m running a virus scan right now but since I had to stop the other thing I was doing I thought it´s about time to post something on the blog.

After all I´m doing all this pimpin to get more readers but then I also have to put something on the blog. I already did the " top ten posts " thing - even if it ended up being mote than ten posts. But there were a few posts on the lists that didn´t make it into the first selection so I thought that´s quicker than starting a new post about the best of 2008. And what better for the 200th post than to take a look back ?

The first post is about my favorite comic podcasts which is only just a small selection and to which I plan to do an update in the future.

My favorite comic podcasts

Following this are two more personal posts with which we enter the " X - Zone ".

The first one is what I call " my X - Men story " which is no fanfiction ( don´t worry ) but the story how I began to read X - Men. At the time I wrote it there was something like " X - Men week " at the now resting DAVE´S LONGBOX and everybody was commenting how he began to read X - Men so I did the same...on MY blog.

My X - Men story

The second one is my pick for a X - Men team that had a similar genesis although I think in the end I ended up with the Exiles instead of the X - Men. I couldn´t pick Power Girl for the team but with Boom Boom I had a close second since she´s Marvel´s version of Power Girl.

My pick for a X - Men team

More X - Men goodness. The next three posts are my reviews of the Nightcrawler miniseries THE WINDING WAY and the Kitty Pryde miniseries SHADOW AND FLAME that I read in the trades as well as the WOLVERINE CIVIL WAR tie in story by Marc Guggenheim and Humberto Ramos.

Nightcrawler ! Mein Gott ! / Subzero and flame / Best Wolverine ever

Last but not least in the x - departement is my X - Statix trilogy. Again, what should have been a quick post turned into a series because surprisingly I had more to say than I thought about this comic that didn´t interest me in the least the more I read about it in magazines like WIZARD. I even invented my patented " x - speak " for it.

X - Statix 1 / X - Statix 2 / X - Statix 3

More posts, this time about comics in general. My thought on such stuff like the death of comics that was proclaimed by the german magazine DER STERN this time around, what soundwords are for in comics ( maybe Bendis should have read this ), retcons and continuity. Also how different comics see homosexuality regarding who writes it, a list of comics that you should not buy and the shocking truth that girls are comic geeks too !

Stern kills comics The death of comics all over again

The importance of soundwords in comics

Retcons and continuity in comics and adaptations

Is Warren Ellis Gayer than Erik Larsen ?

Comics not worth the money / Girls are Comicgeeks too

White is black, black is white and gets run over at the next zebra crossing  about Perry White being black in the next Superman movie and the new black / hispano Ultimate Spider - Man Miles Morales. Another topics is the neverending discussion about comic prices, what´s appropiate and what´s too much. I voiced my own opinions in The 3.99 Dollar question when the last price increase occurred. Always an issue are digital comics and the file sharing thereof about which I voiced my thoughts in Read ne now - buy me later . Marvel was also the topic of two articles, MARVEL.1 - not as stupid as it sounds ?  which was more favorable than Best time to quit Marvel ? Right NOW ! . The title says it all. As does My Fanboy rant  ( german version ) a rally to arms.

Still interested in more old posts ? Here are two series I started on this blog. The first one is rather recent and I really have to continue it. It´s all about my love for the late Jim Aparo and comics that were fun without being campy in CLASSICOS DC - THE BRAVE AND THE BOLD. As the title implies it takes a look at the spanish edition that collected the Jim Aparo issues on the title.

Classicos DC 1 / Classicos DC 2 / Classicos DC 3 / Classicos DC 3.5

Classicos DC 4

Best League ever. Well, not completely. That would cover a lot of ground so I sticked the rather unpopular Joe Kelly run which in my opinion was one of the best. Not only did it produce such JLA milestones like THE OBSIDIAN AGE and TRIAL BY FIRE ( which I must have read at least a dozen times ) but it also lead to the fantastic JUSTICE LEAGUE ELITE.

It also covers PAIN OF THE GODS a story about the humanity of the league which is strangely unpopular in Germany although the german readers always clamor for more human stories in superhero comics. That just goes to show you that asking for something and getting it are two different things. And I also added a post with links to watch all episodes of the Justice League cartoon since they only showed the first and the third season on german tv.

Best league ever 1 / Best league ever 2 / Best league ever 3

Best league ever 4 / Best League ever - watch the cartoons

In Cry me a River . . . . Cry me some Justice I recommend the brilliant CRY FOR JUSTICE series by James Robinson and Mauro Cascioli ( as well as for Jim Starlin´s Death of the New Gods series ) and one of the best Justice League series was the topic of my GENERATION LOST post which was for some unfathomable reason mangled beyond recognition and I had to rebuild the entire post again. Still one of my best ones.

And we´re coming to an end with a few more select posts. Here are an overview of the awesome ALL STAR SUPERMAN series up to issue 11, an overview on the new Blue Beetle book that´s soon to be canceled by DC even though it´s one of their best books right now and a look at the Green Lantern series after YEAR ONE - which is when the book really took off - followed by a post about what happened after that.

We have a post about Jim Lee´s WILDC.A.T.S. number 1 ( that has not been continued so far ) and a post on a JLA CLASSIFIED / JSA CLASSIFIED crossover that badmouths the superheroine Gypsy ( and gypsies in general ), my confusion about the mini series NEXTWAVE ( apparently I wasn´t the only one since the book was cancelled ) and last but not least an overview of CASE CLOSED. I really don´t write about manga very often but when I find an exceptionally good one I just have to.

All Star Superman up to issue 11 / Blue Beetle series overview

Green Lantern after One Year Later / Green Lantern Part 2

Gypsy ist Verwirrung ! / A look at the NEXTWAVE series

Case Closed feature

So again, I hope that my new readers find something interesting and for my old readers this might bring back a few memories. I hope that we can get to some new content in the next post.

New to the blog ? Everything you need to know about TALES FROM THE KRYPTONIAN : top ten posts

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