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Top Ten posts

Like promised here´s the list of top ten posts from TALES FROM THE KRYPTONIAN. If you are new to this blog because you followed a link on the pages you usually frequent this is just a small selection of, what I believe, is the best of the best.

Because I still haven´t an archive section with the most popular posts this is for all who want to know a little more about this blog or about me.

You can go through the archives but if you do that please go by month and not by year because that´s killer on the loading time. I still haven´t found out how to reduce the number of posts that are shown in the selection by year and at the moment it´s on 50. If you find any typos or other errors please leave a comment or an e - mail. As I found out Yesterday as I was going over the old posts there are still many I didn´t see when I overhauled this blog the last time.

You can also navigate the blog by clicking the tags but I have to put a bit more of work on that. At the moment for example the tag " Green Lantern " not only leads to all posts that have Green Lantern as the main topic but also all posts that mention him. The general idea is that if someone reads any of the posts and wants to read more about Green Lanter he can do so by just clicking the tag. Of course that in turn leads you to an almost infinite numbers of posts when you click on the " Power Girl " tag but I still have to find the right balance in that regard.

So here are the ten lucky posts I selected. The number are by no means an indication of the quality and are only there to make the navigation easier. You can check out the ones you find interesting as they are by no means required reading but rather just some suggestions from me. I have put one or more links under each number depending on which topic it covers. There are some posts that can stand alone but others that turned into a series of posts. I also took the liberty to collect more than one posts that are about a similar subject and put them under one number.

1. What is this blog and what´s it all about ?

For this you better start with the first post I ever did which tells you a bit about me, how I came to read comics, how I came to read american comics and what was the reason for starting this blog : How it all began

2. What about german comics ?

Since I live in Germany it´s only normal to be interested in my relationship to german comics which is exactly what I covered in one of my posts. What about german comics ?

Of course you can´t talk about german comics without also covering the topic of translations. This topic is kind of a pet peeve for me and one of the age old mysteries in Germany. To shed a bit of light on the whole matter I made an extensive post about a particular bad translation. This is by no means an exception but sadly the grim reality of reading translated comics in Germany. Anatomy of a bad translation

More about german comics can be found in Ach du Lieber ! Meine german comic reads and my rant about tv series and german superheroes . This post is partially about german comic artist Gerhard Seyfried and the rest is about my recommendation of Stan Lee´s Amazing Marvel Universe, a book that talks. Literally ! The voice of Stan Lee

3. It´s all about Power Girl !

Based on the numbers of posts that mention her this would probably have been the number one on this list. I admit that I´m a bit obsessed with the kickass version of Supergirl which not only has to do with her physical appearance. There are much more qualities she has as you can find out in the big Power Girl 101 post. Which is kind of obligatory for every blog.

Yes, I´m a guy who reads comics and being way older than 40 I´m past the point where I´m ashamed of liking beautiful women especially in comics. Being always more of an art oriented reader instead of a story oriented reader I have always looked for quality art in comics first which for me includes the artists ability to portray sexy comic characters.

We all love Power Girl

Not much positive Power Girl news post NEW 52. I talked about this in What happened to the Maid of Tomorrow ? and this post which is more about old horror comics. But I wanted to include it because I wrote it with the new WORLD´S FINEST series already being beyond issue 6. And because the part about the old Warren comics is one of my finest efforts.

I also want to add this post with Power Girl cosplayer Vegas PG and a Deja Vue section about Action Comics 1 ( the first part can be found here ).

Another excellent post is Big Barda : Sex, Lies and Videotapes about another underused female character of DC comics. With big breasts.

Go figure. Now is it just me or does DC not know what to do with all the woman who have not the normal bust size ? I mean Power Girl, Starfire, Catwoman, Big Barda, they effed all of them up with their NEW 52. With Big Barda they effed her up so bad they destroyed all of the New Gods with her. Okay, some of them seem to be coming back in the pages of WONDER WOMAN but so far Big Barda is ( luckily ) nowhere to be seen.

4. The lives and times of Oliver Queen

Green Arrow has always been one of the characters that has managed to stir up controversy in- and outside of comics. He´s always the one hero who gets bashed in discussions about the roll call of the JLA at the same time being one of the characters in the best stories DC has to offer like HARD TRAVELLING HEROES one of the storylines that made DC comics grow up. After discovering Mike Grell´s brilliant GREEN ARROW series that followed LONGBOW HUNTERS ( here in Germany only LONGBOW HUNTERS was published ) I felt that he had gotten a raw deal over the years. Which in turn lead to my three part series that takes a look at the different series he starred in over the years and how they compare qualitywise.

The once and future Queen - Part One / Part Two / Part Three

5. Comicbabe battle !

One of the most popular series of this blog - at least judging by the numbers of comments - is COMICBABE BATTLE which is that thing where you rate female comic characters depending on their hotness. It´s a nice way for me to relax from other posts than can be a lot of hard work and I have discovered a lot of things because of it. Yes, it´s totally subjective and a cheap excuse for me to post picture of hot comic massitas but also a lot of fun. One of these days I have to continue the series. Here are the entries so far which are all about Marvel : Comicbabe Battle X - Babes

Comicbabe Battle Avenger babes part 1 / part 2

Comicbabe Battle Fantastic Four part 1 / part 2

Comicbabe Battle Spiderbabes part 1 / part 2 / part 3 / part 4 / part 5

The last ones have been about the hot babes of beat em up games : The Runners up and The Finalists . Hopefully I can continue it soon.

6. Exceptionally long posts and rants

Speaking of working hard here are three posts that I spent a lot of time on with many links to wikipedia and other websites. The first one is my rant about Captain America which lead to a lot of negative responses here in Germany since he never was one of the more popular characters.

Which I knew going in because back in May 2003 the storyline following the events of 9 - 11 had gathered a lot of negative sentiments towards Captain America. Since then time has vindicated me because thanks to Ed Brubaker´s incredible run on CAPTAIN AMERICA he´s one of the most popular characters right now in Germany. The post is rather long because back at that time I put the german version and the english version in the same post. And it also covers what I call " My Captain America story " about how a spanish guy living in Germany came to read Captain America of all the possible heroes at Marvel.

My big Captain America post ( american and german version )

To make it easier for my readers I have now divided the xxxtralarge Captain America post into the introduction with 1 / 2 / 3 parts and the main post of which there is also a german version available.

A post that I DID seperate into a german version and an english version is my post on the series SAVAGE DRAGON by Erik Larsen. I wrote it for a german comic messageboard to get readers interested in one of the most innovative superhero comics which I put on this blog for two reasons. The first was that posts on messageboards disappear faster than posts on blogs ( one of the reasons I started with this blog ) and the other was that because Erik Larsen had returned to the book this was a cheap way of recycling old material. Which turned out to be more work that I expected because I had to translate it.

My big Savage Dragon post - english version / german version

The last post is not really comic related but since I put a lot of work into it and it´s one of my best posts I just had to include it in the list. It´s about KRABAT a story that´s known throughout Germany and it´s neighbouring countries but quite unknown in the rest of the world.

KRABAT - hardcore Harry Potter

7. My convention diaries and travel logs

More about comics in Germany and Spain as well as my personal log from conventions. I´m not sure how interesting it´s for foreign readers but you can skip this part. These are my entries about the International Comicsalon in Erlangen which is Germany´s biggest comic convention and the Salon del Comic de Barcelona one of the biggest comic conventions in Spain. My first visit to the comic convention in Barcelona was rather wonderful while my return last year was more like a descent into hell.

Erlangen prologue / Erlangen 1 / Erlangen 2

Erlangen 3 / Erlangen 4 / Erlangen 5

Salon del Comic Year One part 1 / part 2 / part 3 / part 4 / part 5

Salon del Comic Year Two part 1 / part 2 / part 3 / part 4 / part 5

I continued my reports from the greatest comic convention in Germany in 2010 with My second Erlangen diary - day 1 and Day 1 continued . I never got to the second day but maybe I can still finish it since I found my notes on this comic convention and a few others just recently while cleaning up. And I didn´t have more luck in 2012 since I only managed to cover the 1st day ( I think ) in Suddenly : Erlangen ! and My Erlangen crash course . One reason why readers might like these posts are that apart from these posts about the Stuttgarter Comicbörse in 2009 , in 2010 , in 2011 in May and in November I don´t get to pimp current comics from Germany often.

Another area of interest are free comics so here are my posts from Free Comic Book Day 2009 : part 1 , part 2 and the the big finale .

With the german version - GRATIS COMIC TAG - I wrote about what really went down that day in my Top 10 things not to do on Gratis Comic Tag post and one about the Muppet Show comic by Roger Langridge that also has a recommendation for the DARK AVENGERS hardcover by Brian Michael Bendis and Mike Deodato. Back then it was offered at amazon at half price but the current price of 37 bucks is still not bad for a 50 dollar book. Another account of one of my odysseys on Gratis Comic Tag is Now that you´re naked, why don´t you jump into this field of cactuses ? a fun read ( well, not for me ). And here is a post about my one and only trip to the Comicbörse in Leonberg which didn´t go any better and in which I talk quite a lot about the old 80s POWER MAN and IRON FIST comic book.

Some readers seem to enjoy my travels so here are some posts from my last trip to Spain : Home again , Meanwhile in a little village in Spain - which for some reason is my fourth most popular post  - probably for the nice pictures of Elvira, Stacy Kamano, Anastacia or Jewel Santini.

Or it could be my review of the tv show Human Target. One more post from Spain : So many comics so little time
8. Coverstory

This is a series of posts that began with my opinion about comics with word balloons on the cover and lead into more posts on a trip down memory lane about the comics of my youth. People always say that comics were better when they were younger and I rant a bit about the comics I read as a kid and in which format they came out here in Germany.

DO judge a book by it´s cover / Coverstory 1 / Coverstory 2

Coverstory 3 / Coverstory 4 / Coverstory 4.5

9. I heart the Legion of Super - Heroes

One of the franchises I followed over the years is the Legion of Super - Heroes. This book combines the best elements of science fiction, superheroes and teen angst and here are some posts expressing my affection and explaining why it´s one of the best series.

At the moment it´s living a kind of renaissance which has to do with the fact that it has the potential to be a franchise as big ( if not bigger ) than the X - Men. This covers everything from my beginnings as a legion fan to the utter coolness of the subs and even why it´s not a good idea to hand out flight belts to legion audition losers. Plus : for my german readers links to watch the Legion cartoon. I remember the future

Superman and the Legion of Super - Heroes

Long live the Legion ! / Legion add on

More about the Legion. Plus : watch the cartoon show !

How the Legion of Super - Villains of the 21st Century was born dissects one of the big time period confusions of Legion lore , Rebuilding the future has some random stuff and my first Legion Deja Vue pictures and Mon - El spells Monday. Das ist M - O - N - D is another Deja Vue post.

10. 100 reasons

It was really hard to pick the last one. But as this is supposed to give a bit of information about me I just had to include the two " 100 reasons why we love comics " posts. The first one is just a collection of links about other people´s lists while the second one is my own personal list of 100 things to love about comics. And that´s what it´s all about - for me anyway. Comics and what a wonderful medium it is.

100 reasons why we all love comics / 100 reasons why I love comics

And that´s all for the first part. I will do another post about topics of interest but for now this is it. I hope there is something interesting for you on the list and the stuff is not too boring. I´m feeling a bit sick Today so - in old TALES FROM THE KRYPTONIAN tradition - I`m going to add a few pics to spice up the post later on.

Again, welcome to my new readers and for the old readers : maybe there´s something on the list you missed or you want to take a trip throught the great posts of this blog. In any case :  you´re welcome !

New to the blog ? Everything you need to know about TALES FROM THE KRYPTONIAN : more posts of interest

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