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Comicbabe battle Round 3 - Four Fantastix

Welcome to another eagerly awaited installment of comicbabe battle, the competition of comicdoms hottest ladies.

This time we come to the section I have dubbed " four fantastix " because it revolves about all the women of the Fantastic Four. Now when most people hear about the Fantastic Four they immediately think about ( of course ) Susan Storm a.k.a. the Invisible Woman, Crystal and some may also think about She Hulk.

But there are a lot more women who have been a part of the Fantastic Four in any of the various incarnations or who had other dealings with them. Some were friends, some were enemies, some were enemies who turned friens and some were enemies....well, who stayed enemies. But you get the idea.

To stay true to the name of Four Fantastix I decided to have only four finalists this time which made it all more difficult. But like in the other rounds let´s first have a quick rundown of who didn´t make the cut.

She Hulk

Despite the fact that She Hulk has been a longtime member of the team and also one of my favorites I have decided to have the participants of comicbabe battle competing only in one category.

Except if they are disqualified or if I do have to recount the votes - like for Namorita who is still a contender. But if I don´t stick to one category per hottie than it´s utter chaos because Susan Storm and Crystal will be in two categorie, She Hulk and Hellcat also, the Wasp in three categories and so on and so on. There will be a possible excemption from the rule for intercompany competitions if I do something like a " savage jungle babes " section or the planned " horror´s horniest hotties " round but for the time being it´s one category per contender.

Especially if that contender already won one category like She Hulk did in the Avenging Angels round.

So She Hulk will not be competing in this one but for anyone who is curious she would have been in the number 3 position. This now has the effect that one participant will climb up one spot while another one who would not have been in the top 4 becomes a finalist. So everybody wins.

Frankie Raye

Not the first one to go by the name of Nova in the Marvel universe Frankie always was a character that was boring to me. At first she had her personal problems then she turned into a cheap imitation of the human torch and then she became Galactus´new herald. Somehow I found the torch´s other girlfriends much more interesting like Juliette D´Angelo or Sharon Selleck ( I wonder where John Byrne got the inspiration for her last name ). And her costume is not that interesting either. It looks like the yellow guy at Marvel has struck again. So she´s not in a higher position.


She began her career as a member of the Frightful Four, the Fantastic Four´s evil mirror image but soon turned into She Hulk´s personal nemesis. She is the ying to She Hulk´s yang, the shadow to her dark, the bark to her to say.

While she has a similar build to Jen she always lost because she never was more than second class. Mainly because she always blamed others for her own shortcomings.

And most of all She Hulk. That´s why she often sabotages her own plans and loses it all to get revenge for some imagined slight.

Well, if you have read Dan Slott´s issue of the She Hulk´s first volume ( the good one with the Paul Pelletier issues ) that recounts her origin you know that it´s all her own fault. Yes, maybe another person would have lied too to appear more interesting. And yes, she became kind of an outcast in her hometown because later the truth came out that she was not Spider Woman. But the truth is that while her life had turned in an unplanned direction and things did not look very good for her there was still the chance to become what she once admired above all - a true hero.

There was still a point in her life where she could have taken another decision. So it´s all her own fault. Of course rather than accepting that and taking responsibility for her actions Titania always lashed out at others who had more success than her. Which resulted in some memorable fights of which she won one or two. She´s a good villain for She Hulk but as a character she´s kind of one - dimensional so she´s also not on a higher spot.

Sharon Ventura

While this longlegged modell, former pro wrestler and girlfriend of the Thing was a much more likeable character and even became a member of the FF for a while her fate was even worse than Titania´s. First she was raped by the Power Broker´s henchmen in CAPTAIN AMERICA and then she was turned into a female version of everyone´s favorite blue - eyed Thing.

What a revolting development !

Anyway she later was cured ( although I don´t exactly remember how ) tried to commit suicide on various occassions and mutated again. It´s all very confusing. Her history is just full of selfhatred, hatred for men, betrayal and cosmic rays. And her costumes also look a bit on the technicolor side.

Now you may think : Are there any women left ? Yes there are. And on that note we finally come to the top contenders.

First Runner Up : Thundra

This awesome amazon warrior woman also was a member of the Frightful Four but for whole different reasons than Titania. She came from an alternate universe somewhere in the 23rd century that´s ruled by the the matriarchy of the Femizons. When her home planet was under attack by a male dominated race she did it like the Terminator and went back in time. But instead of trying to kill Sarah Connor she wanted to defeat the mightiest man of the past.

Somehow the Hulk was busy and the Wizard managed to trick her into fighting the Thing. Which was a big mistake because Thundra ( who always called men the weaker sex ) found a nobility and strenght in Ben Grimm that made her doubt her mission. She later on became an ally of the Fantastic Four and ended up marrying Arkon the old horndog.

Is it just me or does he try to score with every skirt he comes across whenever he´s in our dimension - to save his own planet from total destruction by the way. Maybe he should concentrate on that a little instead of flirting with the earth chicks. First the Scarlett Witch and then Thundra. Somehow I have the sneaking suspicion that he endangers his own world just to get some earth tail.

Now while there´s no denying her sexy yet muscular physique and she does have a really striking costume design it seem a lot of writers don´t know what to do with her. So apart from the occassional appearance like in the mindblowing AVENGERS FOREVER she doesn´t get much screentime. Definitely a character I would like to see more of but the chances of that happening are very slim with her being stuck in another dimension at another time and.....being married.

Second Runner Up : Huntara

Originally this alluring alien came to earth as part of a quartett of visitors form another planet who wanted to terminate the Fantastic Four. It was later revealed that she was actually Franklin Richard´s aunt from an alternate future. Talk about some tough loving. Later on she was a member of the shortlived FANTASTIC FORCE book.

And if I had read more issues of that series not only would I know why her skin tone chaged form alien orange red to normal earth pink but she would possibly have a higher ranking. As it is she looks very tough and sexy but I just don´t know anything about her. So she´s also not in the top four.

And that´s again all for today. Next time we will come to the actual four finalists but for now comicbabe battle is at the end.

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