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No sleep till solicitations

Another night without sleep. Yes, it´s so much fun with the german unemployment office that tonight I could not sleep. And to make matters worse I also had terrible pains in the stomach and spend most of the night ( when I was not trying to sleep ) on the crapper. Well, at least I got to reread SUPERMAN : THE DARK SIDE. So last night I wanted to post something about the new solicitations but I thought : " No, I´ll leave it for tomorrow. Otherwise I won´t be able to sleep. "

Brilliant idea. So now it´s 8.50 in the morning, I had no sleep and I have no post. I´m tired, I´m cranky and I´m broke. Story of my life. And on top of it all the appointment I was supposed to have with this job - application - coach tomorrow has been rescheduled to today at 1100 hours. So I have one hour to get up ( har har ) wash and eat breakfast and then it´s time to take the bus. But instead I will use the time to write a little about the new solicitations of Marvel and DC.

I wanted to make the solicitations a regular topic on this blog so I have to post when it´s time. So what´s comment - worthy this month ?

Action Comics 859

Another part of the storyline that´s supposed to put the Legion back in DCU continuity. I don´t have the series on my pull list but maybe my brother will get the issues. I mean it´s Gary Frank on art so that´s half of the rent - how the germans say. Although judging by the cover maybe I would like Andy Kubert to do the interiors.

Now a lot of people may be getting another stroke out of fear that DC is again " bringing back the Silver Age " but I have to say I always liked the idea of Superman ( or Superboy ) being a member of the Legion. It really felt good to read JSA and see Superman remember the Legion and not having no idea who those kids are.

It just remains to be seen why they don´t want Kal El to come to the 31th century. Now I would stay away if they told me but Clark being Clark....I just hope he doesn´t make too much of a mess.

Brave and the Bold 8

I´m along the ride with this title as long as George Perez is on art. Looks like the Flash is going to pay the DOOM PATROL a visit. I just wonder which one it will be, the new one John Byrne established or the old one. Or maybe another one that´s entirely different. You never know.

I kind of miss John Byrne´s Doom Patrol. I didn´t have the book on my pull list but whenever I was at the comic store and I saw an issue and flipping through it I decided to add it to my purchases. And everytime I read an issue I wanted to know how it continued. So before I knew it I was reading the series on a regular basis. And just when I grew accustomed to it it was cancelled. That sucked.

So, yes, I was one of those who read John Byrne´s Doom Patrol.

Not much to add to this one. I just like the picture of Robin getting totally smacked in the face by Aquaboy. Owned.

Ka - pow ! Right in the kisser. Man, times were rough back than.

Saga of the Supersons

Yes, that´s right. Thanks to relentless pimping of what must be considered the best Superman / Batman story of all time by yours truly on Germany´s best comicblog DC has finally seen the light and is reprinting it.

No need to thank me. Just send money. Really, I need some sponsoring.

Aside from that I´m just giddy with joy because I can now finally read all about DC´s greatest heroes being the worst parents ever.

Search for Ray Palmer - Gotham by Gaslight

So far I´ve not been paying too much attention to the 52 / COUNTDOWN spinn - off series because quite frankly there are just too many of them and I don´t have the money. If DC wanted more readers they should start the spin - offs AFTER they have finished with COUNTDOWN. I mean with Countdown alone you have four additional books every month. Now who is gonna afford 4 or 6 more ? Not me. I´m trying to get down to 10 books every two weeks and it´s hard enough with 4 Countdown issues every month.

So for the moment it´s not on my pull list but I´m going to keep my eyes open. If this series takes a trip through the new multiverse that could be interesting.

Search for Ray Palmer - Bloodrain

It seems another stop is the vampire Batman from the Kelley Jones trilogy. For me Kelley Jones did one of the best runs on Batman which sadly ended too soon. Here in Germany he was extremely unpopular among the Batman reades which again goes to show that germans are not as tolerant artwise as they like to believe. I guess they won´t have Kelley Jones doing the art but it could still be fun.

Avengers Classic 6

Since my last post about the solicitations I had the chance to flip through a few issues of this new book. The covers are really nice but basically it´s just reprints of old stories. And I´m not that big of a Michael Avon Oemig fan that I would buy the issues alone for that. It´s a nice package but for the time being I rather spend my 2 bucks 99 on Fantastic Four or Mighty Avengers.

And that´s all I have time for now. I have 15 minutes left to get ready for my appointment so I better wrap this up now.

* * * * * * * * * * * * *

Well, the appointment went better than I hoped . We finished reordering my curriculum and I should be able to have a typed version till the next meeting. I was sooo tired but I had to wait till CHARMED was on ( today aired the first episode where Phoebe gets turned into a mermaid, yummy ) . Than I went to bed and had almost two hours of sleep.

But now I´m awake again and I have to stay awake at least for the next two and a half hours to tape NUMBERS, THE UNIT and PRISON BREAK. Today I´m going to put NUMBERS and THE UNIT on the same cassette because I only have two left. And because the last few weeks it has been almost impossible to change the cassettes since my brother was always watching something on tv. So this time I´m going the easy way.

Since we´re not quite finished with the solicitations :

Avengers - the Initiative annual

Another book that´s not on my pull list due to financial reasons. So far it looks like a pretty solid series in which Marvel remembers some of their more interesting b - and c - list characters or the ones who have not been in the spotlight lately like Danielle Moonstar.

At first I didn´t like the art but when I saw the CIVIL WAR - RUNAWAYS / YOUNG AVENGERS trade that really changed. I had hoped to get it for my birthday ( or some issues of AVENGERS - the Inititative ) but no luck so far.

Captain Marvel 1

Not quite sure where I stand with this one. So far they found a pretty neat way to bring Captain Marvel back but the voice of the comic veteran inside me just keeps telling me that sooner or later Marvel is going to mess it up.

The last series written by Peter David was brilliant but normally you shouldn´t have to threaten your comic writers with cancellation to get them to write about the main charakter. You know the one who´s name is on the cover - and not some other cast members who most readers don´t care about that much.

At least the costume looks great and of course the cover by Ed McGuiness is spectacular.

House of M : Avengers 1

Another one for which I will wait till I get the chance to see some interior art ( in the comic shop or online ) before buying it. I didn´t like HOUSE OF M that much. For me it was more of an event comic or a storytelling necessity for other stories than a real crossover.

So it´s not that high on my priority list despite the neat cover. At least their line up looks interesting.

Howard the Duck 2

I´m not a big HOWARD THE DUCK fan but can you really go wrong with a M.O.D.O.K. / Howard crossover ?

Nova 8

I really wish I had this series on my pull list. With every issue I´ve seen so far the book seems to get better and better. Maybe I can get the trade or I can find some cheap issues in Essen this year.

Uncanny X - Men 492

Right now ASTONISHING X - MEN is the only x - book I read so I´m not up to date on the actual state of mutant affairs. I bought some issues by Humberto Ramos but I couldn´t for the life of me find out what was going on. So far I´m staying away from the x - titles but.....

I just had to comment on the brilliant Silvestri cover. If he does some issues I think I´ll sign on for another tour.

And that´s all about the solicitations this month.

Bonus Comicbattle babe : Android 18

Since they don´t really fit into the comicbattle babe category but I nevertheless wanted to write something about them I´m going to do a few post about all the hot girls in the " others " section which mainly fall into the cartoon section. The first one is the android 18 from Dragonball. Built primary for world destruction Krillin proved his superior ladies man powers when he - despite having to go up against her mano a mano - somehow managed to end up marrying her and having children.

Now that´s what I call chuzpe. You have to have huevos as big as those stones Obelix is always carrying around to check out the hot chassis of a mass murdering fembot. You have to wonder why the evil scientist who built them gave her the looks of a bikini modell but hey - if you were some old geezer who could build lifelike androids how would they look ? Maybe the better question is why not all his models looked as hot as her.

I always knew that from all the combatants in the Dragonball universe Krillin is the best tactician and he has proven time and time again that he can come up with brand new techniques under fire.....but that´s a whole new definition of fighting " under the heat of battle ".

Way to go Krillin. My hero.

Here are some clips with footage of android 18.

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