Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Comicbabe battle Round 1 : recount

If you check out the comments section it has been pointed out to me that Namorita does not belong in the x - babe section.

Now while I´m neither confirming nor denying that Namorita is or has ever been a member of any of the various x -affilated groups I have come to the conclusion that the commentor was right.

So after a tedious recount we have a new top five that reads as follow :

Number 5 X - Babe : Blink

Yep, the first to benefit from the recount is Blink who now has moved one spot from the runners up position and is in the top 5.

Number 4 X - Babe : Rogue

She has also moved one number up and is now in the number 4 position.

Number 3 X - Babe : Storm

Like the others she has moved one place which for her also means that she is now in the top 3.

Number 2 X - Babe : Psylocke

The last one who has benefitted from the recount is Psylocke who is now the official number two mutant mamacita.

Number 1 X - Babe : Boom Boom

And here we come to the only one who has not moved from the number one position. The old and new number one x - hottie of all time still is Boom Boom. She´s still the bounciest of them all. ( By the way, anybody knows from which comic this picture is ? I mean the one above. )

With this recount we have now finally ended the x - section. Next are the Avenger Women and I hope that you will keep on commenting if I make any mistakes.

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    Anonymous said...

    Yow! If bitching like a jackass about fictional comic book beauty contests yields that many hot vids and pics of actual lovely women, I may have to do it more often. ;)

    Seriously, though, sorry about before. I was just in a crap mood when I came across your blog. Digging around, I really love all your videos and pics. Some of these ladies are completely new to me. Who, for instance, is the scorchingly hot woman in the pic under Rogue?

    As for future Marvel match-ups, there's Avengers naturally, women in teams that are neither X or Avengers, Spider-Man babes and the always popular potpourri.

    SUBZERO said...

    Hey, if bitching were a crime I´d be doing life. ;)

    Seriously, I´m okay. And you were right. By the way thanks for the category suggestions. I think I can use some of them.

    As for the hot woman under Rogue I guess I should put it on the blog since it´s always almost impossible to post links in the comments section.