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Comicbabe battle Round 2 - Avenger babes

Again it´s the weekend - time for beer, chicken and the ever so popular hottie parade known as the comicbabe battle.

Here is the next installment of this eagerly awaited series. Now what took me so long ? There are just so many things to do in preparation for a post. And if that were not enough I just arranged all the pics for the posts in alphabetical order - after I spend 2 hours ( in words : TWO hours ) last night arranging them how I need them. So I just flushed two hours of work down the toilet.

But that´s life. And we´re not going to let such small things stop us. So here is the next part which is all about the avenging angels, the awesome avenger babes. Now I´m not going to put Polaris in this category but since I just know that there is one reader out there who is THE biggest Polaris fan.....and since I just know he´s not very pleased that I did not include her in the x - babes part here´s a little pic of her. Don´t say I never gave you anything.

But let´s get right to it. Since there is probably no other team in the Marvel Universe who had so many different members like the Avengers it was especially hard to narrow the hot babes down to a manageable number. There have been so many superb superheroines that it was nearly impossible to do. So there are some who didn´t make the cut based solely on the fact that they did not appear too often or they didn´t scale very high on the babe - o - meter. The first one is Silverclaw.

Now I instantly liked this spunky, feisty new member not only because her powers are really something innovative. Or because she speaks spanish like me.....or the fact that we have a part of our name in common. No, in Mark Waid´s and George Perez´run she was a breath of fresh air that just breezed through Avengers Mansion and I really hoped to see more of her ( no, not that least not entirely. Now get your mind out of the gutter, I think she´s underage anyway ) . But she´s not been used after Alan Davis´Avengers issues ( at least to my knowledge ) so I did not include her.

Up next is Sersi.

Now while it seems that this buxom Avengers partygirl was predestined to participate in this category the character always seemed kind of boring to me. She became a member with more personality in the GATHERERES storyline - yes, I not only remember the story I also liked it. Hey, Avengers from different realities where everybody dies ? I´m SO there, dude. Nevertheless she´s not very high on my ranking so I left her out.

Another woman I left out is Susan Storm, the Invisible Woman.

Yes, I know, you´re probably thinking : " What the f - word ? Why should Susan Storm be in the Avengers section ? "

Like I said probably 90 percent of all the marvel mamacitas have been an Avenger at one time or another. Case in point : the Invisible Woman was a member together with her husband when Gilgamesh and the Captain were part of the team. But since I´m going to put her in the " Four Fantastix " section I´m leaving her out of this one. And she would be too high in the ranking based solely on the fact that she´s like THE ultimate MILF of the Marvel universe.

Another one I left out and who falls in the same category is Crystal.

She was a member during the GATHERERS storyline I mentioned earlier. Man, now that I think of it do you remember the leather jackets ? I just loved them. I was just waiting for the collection and was very disappointed when Marvel did not sell them through their fanshops.

Like Susan Storm she will be in the FF section. Hmm, she´s also a MILF now that I think of. And with Crystal we come now to what I like to call my " yellow period ". Because she has three things in common with the next two women.

1. She´s hot. But that should go without saying.

2. She was also a member of a different team and may or may not come up in another ranking.

3. Her costume is mostly just a yellow bodysuit and she later changed her costume to a much more complicated but not always better looking design. Not that all these ladies don´t make the yellow talk - so to speak. Maybe there´s this one colorist at Marvel who makes all the women´s costumes just bright yellow when no one is looking.

Damn, another yellow costume. Artie must have gotten out of his cage again.

And before you wonder why I remember Crystal had a new costume during the Avengers - yep, GATHERERS storyline. Maybe that´s the last time I will mention it.

Up next is Hellcat.

As you can see she looks just absolutely ravishing in yellow. But while she was a member for a long time she was also a member of the DEFENDERS and I would like to put her in that category. Like Crystal she also changed her costume which I think had something to do with her dying, going to hell, coming back and marrying the Son of Satan if I remember the miniseries correctly. Or was it the other way around ?

Not that her new costume looks better. See what I mean ? Anyway, she´s not in this ranking.

The third one in the yellow period is the scorching sexiness Firestar - and in more ways than one.

Not only is she really hotlooking her microwave powers can also turn on the heat. More an Avenger - in - training than an actual Avenger Firestar was also a member of the New Warriors. And she was longer on that team than on the Avengers. Being a redhead is a plus - as is shiny, metallic yellow on a skintight costume but I think she belongs in the New Warrior section.

Along with Namorita who can now compete again after the x - babes recount. I´m not sure but I think like Firestar she was killed during the Stamford Incident. Sometimes it seems that Marvel wants to kill off all the superheroine superbabes.

She also got a different costume ( in fact various I think ) but I think they were not an improvement.

The last one who didn´t make it into this round up is the Valkyrie.

I had thought that she had been a member at one time or another since I remember her being in an issue by John Buscema in which the female members of the Avengers go up against the male Avengers but it seems I was wrong. Valkyrie is and was never a member of the Avengers. And since she was in the DEFENDERS I´m going to put her in that category together with Hellcat. But she´s definitely a contender in later rounds. You just have to wonder how much of those big metal cups she really fills out and how much is really for show.

So now let´s get to the ladies who DID make it to this list. At first I wanted to make a Top Ten list but that´s not really narrowing it down, is it ? Then I wanted to make a Big Seven list but that was also too long. So here is the first woman on our ranking of ultimate avenging awesomeness :

First Runner Up : Ms. Marvel

Oh, the pain, the pain. Not to be in the top five list. While Ms. Marvel or previously Warbird is sporting hot black leather with boots to match she never had the status she deserved. Right from the get - go Sharon Carter never was one of the big women in the team which is not a hidden commentary about breastsize. No, it seems that while she was in many incarnations and line - ups of Earths Mightiest Avengers she never was more than an also - ran.

Yeah, Ms. Marvel says : " What´s up with that, comic dudes ? "

She´s hot, she´s blond, she was even drawn by Fran Cho and Paul Pelletier ( although I have no idea from which issue this picture is ) so why is she not a superstar ?

edit : the picture by Paul Pelletier is from an issue of EXILES and is actually Proteus using Morph's body to take on the form of Ms.Marvel. Sounds pretty complicated but it isn't. I recommend the Paul Pelletier issues.....except the ones written by Chris Claremont like 100 %.

It seems Marvel was asking themselves the same thing which is the parting point for her own series.

Now having her own title you may think that a comicbook publishing company would use that to make her the new break - out charakter but so far the series has had a lot of sizzle and no spark.

And being on Tony Stark´s side of THE INITIATIVE doesn´t score her any extra points. I know she´s probably going to the A A meetings with him and they have a lot in common like they had to deal with a lot of army people in their past ( man, concerning Ms. Marvel that sounds dirtier than I wanted ) but that´s just taking it one step too far.

Like the girls in the yellow period she had a few different outfits like the one when Rogue stole her personality and she became an almost blank state that called herself Binary.

But I have to say from all her costumes I liked the red and blue one best. Maybe I´m just nostalgic or old - fashioned but that costume has definitely something.

Like an exposed midsection.

Which would score her some points if that would be still her costume. And while there is a lot of potential in this character and she has her own series that´s not enough. We all know that this ex - alcoholic party girl can mix it up with the best but she´s still not hot enough to make it into the Top Five.

Second Runner Up : Captain Marvel

No, I have not suddenly turned gay and this has nothing to do with genderbending. There is a dude who goes by the same name ( or who used to I´m not up on my current codename events ) but this got nothing to do with him. So you can just get that Aerosmith song " Dude looks like a lady " out of your head.The next runner up who almost made it into the ranking is Monica Rambeau or how I like to call her : O. C. M. or original Captain Marvel.

You´re down with O.C.M. ? Yeah you know them. You´re down with O.C.M. ? Yeah you know them.

No, seriously while I know she was not the only one going by that name in the Marvel universe ( or in the DC universe ) she´s the one I always connect to that name although she now goes by the name Photon. She has interesting powers a wonderful personality and she´s such a capable member she was even the Avenger´s chairwoman during one of my favorite Avengers runs.

She´s got the guts, she got the goods and she definitely has got the looks.

Monica almost made it into one of the top slots but since I wanted to make it short and since she sadly hasn´t been in the Avengers for quite some time she´s just in the runners up position.

And with that I end the post for today since it´s rather long even without reaching the actual Top Five.

Now as for the video clip of today if you are like me there´s nothing worse than having a song stuck in your head. And with some songs like " Dude looks like a lady " from Aerosmith the simple mentioning of the song is enough to have it playing nonstop in my head. The only thing that helps for me is hearing that song over and over again till I have enough. So if you suffer from the same sickness here´s the clip to play as often as you like.

And any excuse to put some Aerosmith on my blog is good enough for me.

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